Halloween Night

Halloween night when the witches fly, the ghosts come out and the goblins sigh.

The moon is up, the werewolves howl, you hear an owl, the monsters growl.

All hallows eve you're walking out at night. Suddenly a sound freezes you with fright!

You try to run away but your legs are stunned with fear. There's snarling all around you. Something sneaks up from the rear.

You find that they have taken you high into the trees. They bind you to a limb that is swaying in the breeze. Below starts the dance of the ghosts and the ghouls, witches, and men with grave digging tools.

Black cauldron fire with dark thick smoke. Frogs and toads are thrown into a kettle as they croak. Green flesh simmers, boils and bubbles in the brew. The ooze begins to reek as it congeals and turns to stew.

A circling of spiders. A gathering of rats. They join with snakes and scary things as well as vampire bats.

From every side the horde of things all stop and at you stare! Not knowing why they brought you here is part of your despair.

The spiders come much closer. You can see their tiny eyes. The rats seem to see through you and it's you that they despise. The witches gray green skin seems to crawl around they're bones. As they are approaching they shriek in deafening tones.

You try to scream but from your mouth there is nothing, not a sound! You're frightened there with clenching teeth and oh so tightly bound!

With all of that the conclusion of this scary night begins. You wake up in your bed and the nightmare ends!

halloween night