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Conspiracy Theories

The 1812 Aponte Rebellion in Cuba and the Struggle against Atlantic Slavery (Envisioning Cuba)

The 1812 Aponte Rebellion in Cuba and the Struggle against Atlantic Slavery (Envisioning Cuba) Lowest new price: $27.84
Lowest used price: $7.62
List price: $32.50
Author: Matt D. Childs

In 1812 a series of revolts known collectively as the Aponte Rebellion erupted across the island of Cuba, comprising one of the largest and most important slave insurrections in Caribbean history. Matt Childs provides the first in-depth analysis of the rebellion, situating it in local, colonial, imperial, and Atlantic World contexts.

Childs explains how slaves and free people of color responded to the nineteenth-century "sugar boom" in the Spanish colony by planning a rebellion against racial slavery and plantation agriculture. Striking alliances among free people of color and slaves, blacks and mulattoes, Africans and Creoles, and rural and urban populations, rebels were prompted to act by a widespread belief in rumors promising that emancipation was near. Taking further inspiration from the 1791 Haitian Revolution, rebels sought to destroy slavery in Cuba and perhaps even end Spanish rule. By comparing his findings to studies of slave insurrections in Brazil, Haiti, the British Caribbean, and the United States, Childs places the rebellion within the wider story of Atlantic World revolution and political change. The book also features a biographical table, constructed by Childs, of the more than 350 people investigated for their involvement in the rebellion, 34 of whom were executed.

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Hitler Was a British Agent (True Crime Solving History Series, Vol. 2)

Hitler Was a British Agent (True Crime Solving History Series, Vol. 2) Lowest new price: $43.09
Lowest used price: $48.43
List price: $49.95
Author: Greg Hallett

This is the most comprehensive and honest Hitler Biography, offering a whole new and unique look at all the old chestnuts surrounding Adolf Hitler's rise to power. The author uses the personal assistance of a Spymaster in marshalling much new material surrounding Hitler's origins, his sexuality, and his British Training, long hidden by a conspiracy of British and American political leaders. He takes an in depth look at the British Royal Family and finds them wanting, full of spies, perverts, and morons, with the morons being the least dangerous.

He delves into the James Bond myths and finds the true James Bond was a lot younger and more homicidal than anyone had previously thought. He interview James Bond III on one of the last 'hits' on Adolf Hitler, well after his official death.

He also provides a new take on the mystery surrounding Rudolph Hess. An amazing thought-provoking study from the already detail history of Hess. State secrets abound on nearly every page.

Greg Hallett: I interviewed the KGB in Moscow in December 1989 at a point when they were open, due to lack of pay. At the time you could buy information for the price of a meal. This led to some psychological information being supplied which led to international contacts and meeting with a Spymaster. The Spymaster and other intelligence operatives have been briefing me for the past three years resulting in ten books. This is book five of ten (and just to confuse you) there are four books in this immediate series.

Hitler was a British Agent covers Hitler's incestuous parentage, his training in Britain, his sex with men, his bizarre sexual habits with women, including fake suicides and murders made to look like suicides. It delves into Hitler's psychiatric condition and how, during his missing year, he was manipulated by 'deconstruction' to perform as a British Agent, that is, an agent for the British war machine.

The book covers Hess and doppelgänger Hess' simultaneous flight to Britain, Anthony Blunt's conception by a royal, Wallis Simpson's sexual practises with King Edward VIII and how she leaked British secrets to Hitler.

Hitler was a British Agent covers Operation JAMES BOND to remove Martin Bormann out of Berlin and exposes for the first time Operation WINNIE THE POOH to remove Hitler out of Berlin. It reveals that the origins of the Cold War were in the hunt for the missing Hitler from 1 May 1945 and this became the excuse for surveillance in virtually every country in the world. Hitler was a British Agent leaves an air that everything that happens now, happens because of 1945.

In the 18 chapters it covers the masterful deceptions of war, the creation of war, the training of top level double agents, the repeated faking of their deaths and their escapes, making this book something of an illusion-buster with applications to the analysis of war now and formulas for the time in between wars. The book explains how the 'real' history applies to the 'real' present.

Many intelligence officers were interviewed in writing this book and they have given the low-down on what really happened in the many wars from 1936. In some cases, they, or their fathers, were the main players in the vignettes. These personal histories date back to the Spanish Civil War with George Orwell and redefine the origins of Animal Farm.

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Secret Societies and Their Power in the 20th Century

Secret Societies and Their Power in the 20th Century Lowest new price: $277.44
Lowest used price: $122.58
Author: Helsing Jan Van

A guide through the entanglements of lodges with high finance and politics, trilateral commission, Bilderberger, CFR, UN.

Angels & Demons

Angels & Demons Lowest new price: $35.95
Lowest used price: $1.99
Author: Dan Brown

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Da Vinci Code comes the explosive thriller that started it all. An ancient secret brotherhood. A devastating new weapon of destruction. An unthinkable target. When world-renowned Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon is summoned to his first assignment to a Swiss research facility to analyze a mysterious symbol -- seared into the chest of a murdered physicist -- he discovers evidence of the unimaginable: the resurgence of an ancient secret brotherhood known as the Illuminati...the most powerful underground organization ever to walk the earth. The Illuminati has now surfaced to carry out the final phase of its legendary vendetta against its most hated enemy -- the Catholic Church. Langdon's worst fears are confirmed on the eve of the Vatican's holy conclave, when a messenger of the Illuminati announces they have hidden an unstoppable time bomb at the very heart of Vatican City. With the countdown under way, Langdon jets to Rome to join forces with Vittoria Vetra, a beautiful and mysterious Italian scientist, to assist the Vatican in a desperate bid for survival. Embarking on a frantic hunt through sealed crypts, dangerous catacombs, deserted cathedrals, and the most secretive vault on earth, Langdon and Vetra follow a 400-year-old trail of ancient symbols that snakes across Rome toward the long-forgotten Illuminati lair...a clandestine location that contains the only hope for Vatican salvation. Critics have praised the exhilarating blend of relentless adventure, scholarly intrigue, and cutting wit found in Brown's remarkable thrillers featuring Robert Langdon. An explosive international suspense, Angels & Demons marks this hero's first adventure as it careens from enlightening epiphanies to dark truths as the battle between science and religion turns to war.

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A Taste of Heaven: Worship in the Light of Eternity

A Taste of Heaven: Worship in the Light of Eternity Lowest new price: $29.01
Lowest used price: $3.85
List price: $15.00
Author: R. C. Sproul
Brand: Brand: Reformation Trust Publishing

Rare book


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Meet Me at the Well: Take a Month and Water Your Soul

Meet Me at the Well: Take a Month and Water Your Soul Lowest new price: $3.76
Lowest used price: $1.99
List price: $13.99
Author: Virelle Kidder

Noted speaker and author Virelle Kidder recently found herself at the end of her rope following a year of crises with her children and her mother. The end of that rope led to the well of Living Water! What started out as a drought in her life became the impetus for drawing deep. Virelle's candid, and oft-times humorous, reflection on the power of the Living Water will lead women to a month-long time of refreshment. She encourages all women to Meet Me at the Well.

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How Did it Really Happen?

How Did it Really Happen? Lowest new price: $2.50
Lowest used price: $1.06
List price: $35.00
Author: Editors of Reader's Digest

The editors of Reader's Digest explore a host of mysteries, from the lost city of Atlantis to the identity of King Arthur, using powerful images and compelling facts to keep readers turning the pages.

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Admiral Byrd's Secret Journey Beyond The Poles

Admiral Byrd's Secret Journey Beyond The Poles Lowest new price: $19.87
Lowest used price: $11.19
List price: $21.95
Author: mr Tim R. Swartz
Brand: Brand: Global Communications/Conspiracy Journal

THE CONCEPT OF A HOLLOW EARTH IS A THEORY THAT REFUSES TO DIE! Explore the bizarre world under the Poles! Journey with renown researcher Tim Swartz as he attempts to unravel Admiral Richard E Byrd's mysterious journey to find a secret subterranean world! Here is evidence that the great adventurer actually ventured beyond the poles into a rich land inhabited by a race of superbeings as well as possibly refugee scientists and SS members of Hitler's dreaded Nazi regime. EXAMINE MANY CONTROVERSIAL IDEAS, INCLUDING: 0 How the world was formed. 0 The existence of the mythological lands of Hyperborea and Ultima Thule. 0 The development of the Flying Saucer. 0 The mysterious lands and people of the Far North. 0 Operation Highjump - Antarctic Attack! 0 Did Hitler Escape to Antarctica? 0 Britian's Secret War at the Poles. 0 Did an Inner World race give the German's UFO technology? This is a large size - 8.5x11 -- book with easy to read text and contains many important illustrations, art work and documents for the serious student to study.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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The Digital Hit Man: His Weapons for Combating the Digital World

The Digital Hit Man: His Weapons for Combating the Digital World Lowest new price: $175.34
Lowest used price: $13.98
List price: $6.99
Author: Frank M. Ahearn

The Digital Hit Man is the only book that teaches people how to create and use deception for the purpose of combating sites that violate your on-line privacy, be it scandalous information, negative information or the long-lost skeleton that digitally stepped out of the closet, now making your life miserable.

The Tools of Online Deception

  • Digital DNA: Locating all of your online information and preparing for combat
  • Corp-Distort-Delete: Distorting your online accounts
  • The Pretext Solution: Pretexting website to remove your online information
  • Digital Distortion: Creating same name websites with different extensions and then stripping negative information and replacing it with positive or neutral information on your sites
  • Fake Digital Identities: Creating websites, blogs and social sites that all share your name
  • Photo Distortion and Photo Doubles: The utilization of fake photos
  • Propagation: Marketing the shit out of your online information
  • Total War: When all else fails, Total War means going head to head with the websites
The Digital Hit Man is written by the author of the bestselling book, How to Disappear: Erase Your Digital Footprint, Leave False Trails, and Vanish without a Trace.

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Secret societies and psychological warfare

Lowest new price: $99.18
Lowest used price: $34.00
List price: $238.73
Author: Michael A Hoffman

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