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Human Traffic and Transnational Crime: Eurasian and American Perspectives

Human Traffic and Transnational Crime: Eurasian and American Perspectives Lowest new price: $87.24
Lowest used price: $77.94
List price: $107.00
Brand: Brand: Rowman Littlefield Publishers

Human Trafficking is a growing transnational criminal phenomenon—conservative estimates put the total number of persons trafficked annually at two million. In this first in-depth study of human trafficking in Russia and Ukraine, scholars from the European, Siberian, and far-eastern parts of Russia offer groundbreaking analyses of the motivations behind and reactions to this horrifying trend.


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A Time to Die: The Untold Story of the Kursk Tragedy

A Time to Die: The Untold Story of the Kursk Tragedy Lowest new price: $74.22
Lowest used price: $5.00
Author: Robert Moore
Brand: Brand: Random House of Canada Ltd

On a quiet Saturday morning in August 2000, two explosions--one so massive it was detected by seismologists around the world--shot through the shallow Arctic waters of the Barents Sea. Russia’s prized submarine, the Kursk, began her fatal plunge to the ocean floor. Award-winning journalist Robert Moore presents a riveting, brilliantly researched account of the deadliest submarine disaster in history. Journey down into the heart of the Kursk to witness the last hours of the twenty-three young men who survived the initial blasts. Visit the highly restricted Arctic submarine base to which Moore obtained secret admission, where the families of the crew clamored for news of their loved ones.

In August 2000, explosions rocked the Russian nuclear submarine the Kursk, killing most crewmembers instantly and leaving the sub stranded in the Barents Sea where the remaining personnel would also soon perish. When the story was reported worldwide, it was met with considerably more questions than answers: What caused the explosion? Could the men be rescued? And why was the Russian military being so secretive about the incident? Journalist Robert Moore has gathered extensive information regarding the incident to answer those and numerous other questions in this exhaustive account. Moore pieces together a harrowing narrative of the events leading to the two on-board explosions that instantly killed 88 men while sparing, temporarily, 23 others. Soon, the story spreads beyond the Arctic Circle as the book offers tales of frightened families searching for information, international rescue teams attempting to reach the crew in time, a Russian government whose disorganization or obfuscation may have hampered those efforts, and American submarine crews poised just outside Russian waters. Where the book succeeds most is in the details: the fact that the rubber-wrapped Kursk was nearly impossible to detect on sonar, the speculation that the tapping noises often reported may have been tales invented by the Northern Fleet to add urgency to the rescue efforts, and the transcripts of notes left by the surviving crew members after the explosions had already occurred. --John Moe


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India: A Wounded Civilization

India: A Wounded Civilization Lowest used price: $112.47
Author: V. S. Naipaul

In 1964 the author Naipaul wrote "An Area of Darkness", his semi-autobiographical account of a year in India. Two visits later he came to write "India: A Wounded Civilization" in which he recapitulates the feelings that the vast, mysterious and agonized continent aroused in him.

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Risk-Taking in International Politics: Prospect Theory in American Foreign Policy

Risk-Taking in International Politics: Prospect Theory in American Foreign Policy Lowest new price: $86.22
Lowest used price: $17.62
List price: $80.00
Author: Rose McDermott

Risk plays a dramatic role in international relations as leaders make decisions about such issues as war and peace, disarmament, and about lowering economic barriers to trade and investment. How a country's leaders think about risk in making foreign policy decisions is important in understanding why and how they make decisions.
Rose McDermott applies prospect theory, a theory developed by psychologists to understand decisionmaking under conditions of risk, to four cases in American foreign policy. Prospect theory suggests that decisionmakers who are confronting losses are more likely to take risks than are those decisionmakers who are satisfied with the status quo. The cases used to demonstrate this dynamic include: the Suez Crisis, the U-2 affair, the decisions surrounding the admission of the Shah of Iran to the United States in 1979, and the attempted rescue of the American hostages in Iran in 1980. McDermott shows how prospect theory enables us to understand cases that are otherwise inexplicable.
Risk Taking in International Relations offers a unique application of a sophisticated psychological model to international relations theory. The book will be of interest to political scientists and psychologists interested in decision making, in international relations and in American foreign policy.
Rose McDermott is Assistant Professor of Political Science, Cornell University.

State Learning and International Change

State Learning and International Change Lowest new price: $6.20
Lowest used price: $1.16
List price: $80.00
Author: Andrew Farkas

Explaining change in the behavior of states and other international actors is at the core of the study of international relations. The proficiency with which states respond to changes in the international environment has important consequences for world peace and the world economy as well as domestic politics and well being. One way to understand changes in behavior is to consider whether and how states learn. Key to understanding this is considering how the groups responsible for making decisions learn and make decisions.
Andrew Farkas presents an evolutionary theory of how states adjust their foreign policies in response to international changes. Employing both formal models and computer simulations, Farkas explores the relative efficacy of a wide range of alternative strategies for dealing with unanticipated changes in the international environment, and goes a long way toward reconciling the success of rational choice modeling with criticism from psychological studies of decision making.
Farkas looks at the way small groups charged with making policy decisions work. He explicitly models the process of search and policy selection. He demonstrates how a group of disparate individuals can act as if it were a unitary rational actor and provides the first endogenous account of when and why groups curtail their search for satisfactory policies. Farkas uses the general model to explore the effects of different institutional designs on the decisionmaking process.
This book will be of interest to scholars of international relations, learning models and group processes.
Andrew Farkas is Assistant Professor of Political Science, Rutgers University.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Modern China

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Modern China Lowest new price: $11.15
Lowest used price: $3.00
List price: $18.95
Author: Vanessa Lide Whitcomb

You're no idiot, of course. You know that China has emerged from a long, turbulent history to become a major force in the global community. To know today's China you have to know its past. But you don't have to memorize every dynasty! The Complete Idiot's Guide to Modern China will show you exactly how China has survived - and even thrived - after the end of imperial rule through the reign of Mao and into the twenty-first century. In this Complete Idiot's Guide, you get the complete story behind China's shaky relations with Taiwan and its harsh rule in Tibet and Xinjiang, a look at important Chinese cities including Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, a complete rundown of the movers and shakers in China's People's Communist Party, and critical insights into environmental, health, and welfare issues facing China today.

The No-Nonsense Guide to World Food (No-Nonsense Guides)

The No-Nonsense Guide to World Food (No-Nonsense Guides) Lowest new price: $8.00
Lowest used price: $2.97
List price: $13.95
Author: Wayne Roberts
Brand: Brand: New Internationalist

Covering fast food, organic food, junk food, institutional food, and more, this guide shows how “real food” has become increasingly scarce, with production and distribution increasingly dominated in the West by agri-business. The guide goes on to present the alternatives that are emerging based on the concept of community food security.

Wayne Roberts is a leading North American writer, activist, and practitioner in community food security. An author and columnist for NOW Magazine, he’s on the board of the Community Food Security Coalition and Food Secure Canada, and coordinates the Toronto Food Policy Council, the most respected city food group in the world.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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The Future of Israel

The Future of Israel Lowest new price: $10.39
Lowest used price: $1.99
List price: $27.95
Author: Devin Sper
Brand: Brand: Sy Publishing

In his new book, THE FUTURE OF ISRAEL, Devin Sper, scholar and passionate Zionist, offers a timely examination of Israel’s current crisis and answers the increasingly desperate question, "Where does Israel go from here?" In THE FUTURE OF ISRAEL, Sper explains:

· Why pursing the peace "process" is not in Israel’s interest.

· Why both the cause of, and the solution to, Israel’s problems and historical Jewish suffering are one in the same.

· The three things Israel must do immediately to insure her survival and provide security for her people.

· How and why a small fringe group hijacked Judaism and led the Jews to one tragedy after another.

Sper maintains that Israel is today without a vision of her future, her economy is in shambles and her people in despair. "Their hopes for peace have collapsed and there is a complete vacuum of ideas among Israel's leaders on a new direction, which will lead the country out of her seemingly endless tragedy." To end two millennia of Jewish suffering, Sper argues, Israel must reverse the course her leaders chose at Oslo and resume a commitment to the accumulation of Jewish power she began so promisingly in 1948. Sper presents a vision culminating in Israel as a major power and lays out a long-term plan for achieving this goal. Only by making this journey, argues Sper, can a permanent end to Jewish suffering be realized. With its radical new vision for the future of Israel and the Jewish people based on a remarkably realized plan for a country in turmoil, The Future of Israel is the rightful heir to Theodore Hertzl’s ground-breaking The Jewish State.

Sper bases his new vision on an ancient and once mainstream Jewish philosophy. It is a dynamic Judaism flowing from the Bible itself, a Judaism unafraid to engage and challenge the world, which the ancient historian Josephus called the "Fourth Philosophy." Sper explains how the abandonment of this genuine form of Judaism has led to centuries of tragedy for the Jewish people and why a return to this authentic Jewish philosophy is the only path to a secure Jewish future.

Meticulously researched and compellingly argued, this brilliant and original work boldly reinterprets Jewish history and theology to offer the Jewish people and Israel a strategy to reclaim its place as a great nation.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

Iran & America: Rekindling A Love Lost

Iran & America: Rekindling A Love Lost Lowest new price: $15.90
Lowest used price: $3.04
List price: $19.95
Author: Badi Badiozamani
Brand: Brand: East-West Understanding Press

Iran & America: Rekindling A Love Lost provides extensive information about: The love affair that started in 1830, The young American who gave his life for Iran, Iran's "father of modern education", Iran's contribution to the U.S., Iran as a super power, Similarities between Iran and America, Why relations should be resumed, And much more...


  • Used Book in Good Condition

21st Century Complete Guide to Bioterrorism, Biological and Chemical Weapons, Germs and Germ Warfare, Nuclear and Radiation Terrorism - Military ... Medical Treatment and Survival Information

21st Century Complete Guide to Bioterrorism, Biological and Chemical Weapons, Germs and Germ Warfare, Nuclear and Radiation Terrorism - Military ... Medical Treatment and Survival Information Lowest new price: $25.00
Lowest used price: $10.00
List price: $25.00
Author: U.S. Government

This electronic book on CD-ROM provides the best, most up-to-date and comprehensive collection available anywhere of official information and documents on the threats posed by terrorism and weapons of mass destruction: bioterror agents like anthrax, smallpox, and plague; chemical agents including nerve gas; military and improvised nuclear weapons; radiological weapons; and radiation from nuclear facility sabotage and accidents. This encyclopedic collection of manuals, handbooks, self-study courses, government plans and programs, and reference works includes virtually every public domain document pertaining to every aspect of the risk to civilians from terrorism, and military personnel in warfare.

Over 30,000 pages in 146 documents (occupying over 600 MB) from all major Federal agencies, including the Department of Defense, U.S. Army, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Dept. of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Dept. of Energy, Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), EPA, and GAO give detailed, useful, practical, current information on the NBC (nuclear, biological, and chemical) threat:

Full descriptions of biological and chemical agents * History * Agent Delivery Methods * Environmental Detection * Prevention * Protection * Symptoms * Treatment * Military Equipment and Hardware * Civilian Emergency Plans and Preparedness * Technical Details * Nuclear bomb radiation patterns * Radiation and bomb effects

Please see the Table of Contents link on this page for additional content details.

Our CD-ROMs are designed to provide a convenient user-friendly general reference work, utilizing the benefits of the Adobe Acrobat format to uniformly present thousands of pages that can be rapidly reviewed or printed without untold hours of tedious searching and downloading. Vast archives of important government information that might otherwise remain inaccessible are available for instant review. The documents are reproduced using Adobe Acrobat PDF software - allowing direct viewing on Windows and Apple Macintosh systems. Reader software is included on the CD.

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