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War & Peace

God's War on Terror: Islam, Prophecy and the Bible

God's War on Terror: Islam, Prophecy and the Bible Lowest new price: $8.00
Lowest used price: $2.22
List price: $29.95
Author: Walid Shoebat
Brand: Shoebat, Walid/ Richardson, Joel

God War on Terror is one of the most important boks ever to be written on End-TImes prophecy. As Walid says, I wasted my college days taking courses on Psycholigy 101, English 101, and Sociology 101 but I never imagined Futurology 101! The bible, as I found it, is not simply a book on personal devotion as is commonly thought; it is a detailed roadmap with mountains of evidence that God exists. His design from time immemorial, regarding man's destiny, is filled with countless details about the future, especially the coming war with an Islamic coalition against Christianity and Israel. In fact, all of the references in the Bible to nations, against which God declares His war in End-times, you will find, are all Muslim.


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The Little Book of Dialogue for Difficult Subjects: A Practical, Hands-On Guide (The Little Books of Justice & Peacebuilding)

The Little Book of Dialogue for Difficult Subjects: A Practical, Hands-On Guide (The Little Books of Justice & Peacebuilding) Lowest new price: $4.02
Lowest used price: $3.00
List price: $5.99
Author: Lisa Schirch
Brand: Brand: Good Books

          The word "dialogue" suffers from over-use, yet its practice is as transforming and as freshly hopeful as ever. Authors Schirch and Campt demonstrate dialogue's life and possibilities in this clear and absorbing manual: "Dialogue allows people in conflict to listen to each other, affirm their common ground, and explore their differences in a safe environment."           Schirch has worked throughout the Southern hemisphere in peacebuilding projects. Campt has focused on racial and class reconciliation in American cities.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Biosecurity in Putin’s Russia

Biosecurity in Putin’s Russia Lowest new price: $85.93
Lowest used price: $90.43
List price: $89.95
Author: Raymond A. Zilinskas

In March 2012, at a meeting convened by the recently reelected Russian president Vladimir Putin, Minister of Defense Serdyukov informed Mr. Putin that a plan was being prepared for “the development of weapons based on new physical principles: radiation, geophysical wave, genetic, psychophysical, etc.” Subsequently, in response to concerns expressed both in Russia and abroad, the Russian government deleted the statement from the public transcript of the meeting. But the question remains: Is Russia developing an offensive biological warfare program? Raymond Zilinskas and Philippe Mauger investigate the multiple dimensions of this crucial security issue in their comprehensive, authoritative survey. Ranging from the Soviet legacy to current doctrine, from advanced weapons-development networks to civilian biotechnology research, from diplomatic initiatives to disinformation campaigns, they document and analyze the build-up and modernization of Russia’s biodefense establishment under the Putin administration.

 • Putin’s Direction in the Biosciences.
• The Legacy of the Soviet Biological Warfare Program.
• Biosecurity and Military Modernization.
• Biodefense and High-Technology Research and Development.
• Civilian Bioscience and Biotechnology Since 2005.
 • Addressing the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention.
• Policy Suggestions and Possible Future Collaborations.

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On the Origins of War: And the Preservation of Peace

On the Origins of War: And the Preservation of Peace Lowest new price: $8.80
Lowest used price: $1.67
List price: $20.00
Author: Donald Kagan
Brand: Anchor Books

A brilliant and vitally important history of why states go to war, by the acclaimed, award-winning author of The Peloponnesian War

War has been a fact of life for centuries. By lucidly revealing the common threads that connect the ancient confrontations between Athens and Sparta and between Rome and Carthage with the two calamitous World Wars of the twentieth century, renowned historian Donald Kagan reveals new and surprising insights into the nature of war and peace. Vivid, incisive, and accessible, Kagan's powerful narrative warns against complacency and urgently reminds us of the importance of preparedness in times of peace.


  • Anchor Books

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Three Guineas

Three Guineas Lowest new price: $5.08
Lowest used price: $1.02
List price: $13.95
Author: Virginia Woolf
Brand: Harvest Books

The author received three separate requests for a gift of one guinea-one for a women’s college building fund, one for a society promoting the employment of professional women, and one to help prevent war and “protect culture, and intellectual liberty.” This book is a threefold answer to these requests-and a statement of feminine purpose.


  • Great product!

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The Future of Strategy

The Future of Strategy Lowest new price: $11.20
Lowest used price: $11.20
List price: $14.95
Author: Colin S. Gray

Strategy is not a modern invention.  It is an essential and enduring feature of human history that is here to stay.  In this original essay, Colin S. Gray, world-renowned scholar of strategic thought, discusses the meaning of strategy and its importance for politicians and the military as a means of achieving desired outcomes in complex, uncertain conditions. 

Drawing on a wide range of examples from the Great Peloponnesian War to the Second World War, Vietnam, and the ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, Gray ably shows how great military thinkers of the past and present have acted strategically in their various ideological, political, geographical and cultural contexts. Looking to the future, he argues that strategy will continue to provide a vital tool-kit for survival and security, but that the global threat posed by nuclear weapons remains an on-going challenge without obvious practical solutions.  As Gray boldy asserts, there is no promised land ahead, only hard and dangerous times that will require us to master the theory and practice of strategy to secure our own future.

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Nation Building: Why Some Countries Come Together While Others Fall Apart (Princeton Studies in Global and Comparative Sociology)

Nation Building: Why Some Countries Come Together While Others Fall Apart (Princeton Studies in Global and Comparative Sociology) Lowest new price: $34.00
Lowest used price: $53.46
List price: $39.95
Author: Andreas Wimmer

A new and comprehensive look at the reasons behind successful or failed nation building

Nation Building presents bold new answers to an age-old question. Why is national integration achieved in some diverse countries, while others are destabilized by political inequality between ethnic groups, contentious politics, or even separatism and ethnic war? Traversing centuries and continents from early nineteenth-century Europe and Asia to Africa from the turn of the twenty-first century to today, Andreas Wimmer delves into the slow-moving forces that encourage political alliances to stretch across ethnic divides and build national unity.

Using datasets that cover the entire world and three pairs of case studies, Wimmer’s theory of nation building focuses on slow-moving, generational processes: the spread of civil society organizations, linguistic assimilation, and the states’ capacity to provide public goods. Wimmer contrasts Switzerland and Belgium to demonstrate how the early development of voluntary organizations enhanced nation building; he examines Botswana and Somalia to illustrate how providing public goods can bring diverse political constituencies together; and he shows that the differences between China and Russia indicate how a shared linguistic space may help build political alliances across ethnic boundaries.

Wimmer then reveals, based on the statistical analysis of large-scale datasets, that these mechanisms are at work around the world and explain nation building better than competing arguments such as democratic governance or colonial legacies. He also shows that when political alliances crosscut ethnic divides and when most ethnic communities are represented at the highest levels of government, the general populace will identify with the nation and its symbols, further deepening national political integration.

Offering a long-term historical perspective and global outlook, Nation Building sheds important new light on the challenges of political integration in diverse countries.

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Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words

Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words Lowest new price: $6.38
Lowest used price: $1.74
List price: $16.00
Author: Peace Pilgrim
Brand: Ocean Tree Books

Peace Pilgrim walked and spoke continuously across America from 1953 until her death in 1981. "Walking until given shelter and fasting until given food," she carried a simple yet powerfully enduring message of peace. A few of her friends later gathered her writings and talks into this first-person account of her experiences and beliefs. Peace Pilgrim has become a spiritual classic, with over half a million copies in print in nine languages. Includes news clippings, questions and answers, photographs, index.


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Myths, Lies and Oil Wars

Myths, Lies and Oil Wars Lowest new price: $19.95
Lowest used price: $27.87
List price: $19.95
Author: F. William Engdahl

Check the Amazon Reviews. People are raving about Myths, Lies and Oil Wars!

"This book is a weapon of mass awakening" - Michael Ivey

"...a must read" - NeoFeudalSerf

" of my favorite writers." - Thinker

"Very interesting..." - D. Russell

"W. Engdahl must be read!" - R. Lester

"Everyone has to read this book. Period!!!" - Peter B.

"...excellent book..." - Ryan

"Eye opening" - Sean C. Markus

"...most amazing documentation..." - Robert E. King

"A stunning book" - Norman

"Very good reading." - Daydreamer

"... I cannot stop reading..." - Stephen

"The most interesting political writer of our time." - victor kiriakus

"An outstanding read." - Financial Foghorn

In the 1970's Henry Kissinger reportedly stated, "If you control the oil, you control entire nations." Here is some of what you will learn about how this works in our modern world on reading Myths, Lies and Oil Wars:

+ The true origins of the pseudo-scientific Peak Oil theory and the role of Shell Oil in it going back to the 1950's
+ How a 400% rise in world oil prices was brought about by Henry Kissinger and a secretive group of very influential European and US businessmen meeting in May, 1973 in Saltsjoebaden, Sweden
+ The decisive role of the Anglo-American oil majors in creation of the Malthusian zero growth movement of the 1970s, and the true origins of the Global Warming ideology
+ How modern eugenics and the major oil companies are linked
+ The relation between Saddam Hussein and the CIA in the 1980's Iran-Iraq War
+ How the Chechyn wars in the 1990s were tied to British and US oil pipeline strategies
+ How Washington is maneuvering to control vital oil supply lines of China in the future in Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia

These are only a few of the fascinating and little-known facets of the world of oil and how it controls much of our daily lives.

The myth of oil scarcity has allowed four giant corporations along with a handful of Wall Street banks to control the world's largest and most essential commodity, oil. The myth originated in the 1950's from a geologist at Royal Dutch Shell. It was revived in 2003 in time for the US bombing of Iraq. The reality is quite different from claims of Peak Oil. In reality the world is running into oil and not running out of oil. In Myths, Lies and Oil Wars F. William Engdahl discusses little-known details of wars and manipulations designed over the past half century or more-- wars in Africa, the ‘Arab Spring’, Iraq-- all to maintain a lock-grip control of the world's known oilfields. The myth of scarcity has been a pillar of their power and in fact of the power-projection of the United States as sole superpower.

The book details revolutionary and shocking new scientific work developed in Cold War secrecy in the Soviet Union which proved that oil originates not from dinosaur detritus or fossilized algae as western geology mythology maintains. The Soviet scientists showed that oil and gas have deep origins at the level of the Earth's mantle some 200 km below. Like volcanoes, hydrocarbons are forced upwards until they typically are "trapped" in reservoir rock formations. The Russian work has been the target of a concerted campaign to discredit the theory. Little wonder. Were its implications understood widely, oil and gas would be considered as virtually a renewable energy and our energy crises and wars a thing of the past. As Henry Kissinger said, "If you control the oil you control entire nations." The converse is also true--If oil cannot be controlled the controlling powers lose their control over other nations and the wars that go with it. This is an entirely different account of the world's most important and most political commodity--oil.

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The 3rd Alternative: Solving Life's Most Difficult Problems

The 3rd Alternative: Solving Life's Most Difficult Problems Lowest new price: $4.85
Lowest used price: $1.60
List price: $17.00
Author: Stephen R. Covey
Brand: Brand: Free Press

From the multimillion-copy bestselling author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People—hailed as the #1 Most Influential Business Book of the Twentieth Century—The 3rd Alternative turns Dr. Stephen R. Covey’s formidable insight to a powerful new way to resolve professional and personal difficulties and create solutions to great challenges in organizations and society.

There are many methods of “conflict resolution,” but most involve compromise, a low-level accommodation that stops the fight without breaking through to amazing new results. The 3rd Alternative introduces a breakthrough approach to conflict resolution and creative problem solving, transcending traditional solutions to conflict by forging a path toward a third option, a 3rd Alternative that moves beyond your way or my way to a higher and better way—one that allows both parties to emerge from debate or even heated conflict in a far better place than either had envisioned. With the 3rd Alternative, nobody has to give up anything, and everyone wins.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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