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Physiological Aspects of Psychology

Behavioral Neuroscience

Behavioral Neuroscience Lowest new price: $102.67
Lowest used price: $117.53
List price: $121.99
Author: S. Marc Breedlove

For 20 years, instructors have relied on the textbook Biological Psychology for a definitive and comprehensive survey of the neuroscience of behavior. Thanks to the explosion of work in the neurosciences, each of the seven editions has included more neural details than the one before. Thus the time has come to revise the title to reflect the evolution of both the book and the field: Behavioral Neuroscience.

Behavioral Neuroscience, Eighth Edition, provides undergraduates with a lively survey of the field. It offers a broad perspective, encompassing cutting edge neuroscience, lucid descriptions of behavior, evolutionary and developmental perspectives, and clinical applications of research. Despite this comprehensive range of material, the authors have striven in the latest revision to lay bare the neuroscience concepts underlying behavior with concision and clarity.

Special Features:

- Learning is supported by a best-in-class full-color art program, including hundreds of original illustrations that make it easy to understand structures, mechanisms, and processes in the brain. Many additional graphical elements have been reproduced from primary research sources, bringing the learner closer to the science behind the subject matter.

- Every chapter includes a special feature called "The Cutting Edge" that highlights an up-to-the-moment discovery or technical innovation, while illustrating the logic and methodology of experimentation and hypothesis testing

- Each chapter ends with a unique feature, the "Visual Summary," a poster-like layout that provides a graphical review of the major topics of the chapter and directs students to the figures and online animations that reinforce each point.

- The text is supported by a rich array of internet-based resources.

- Over 500 new citations keep the text current and an excellent resource.

Thorough and reader-friendly, Behavioral Neuroscience, Eighth Edition, reveals the fascinating relationships between the brain and behavior.

Biological Psychology Newslink

This continuously updated site provides links to thousands of news stories in the field, all organized by both keyword and textbook chapter. The site is designed to help instructors keep up with the latest news in the field and find interesting topics for lectures or discussions and to provide students with an appreciation of the wide-ranging applications of the material they are studying in the course.

For Students

Companion Website

Each new copy of the textbook includes 180-day access to the Companion Website.

The Behavioral Neuroscience Companion Website contains a wide range of study and review resources to help students master the material presented in the textbook, as well as coverage of additional topics. For each chapter of the textbook, the site includes:

* Chapter Outlines that outline each chapter and link to relevant Study Questions
* Visual Summaries that link to all of the Activities and Videos, forming a complete review of each chapter
* Study Questions that help the student master the full range of material in each chapter
* Animations & Videos that illustrate many of the complex, dynamic concepts and processes of biological psychology
* Activities that help the student review key structures and processes
* Online Quizzes (including both multiple-choice and essay questions) that test the student's grasp of the material, with results stored in the online gradebook (instructor registration required)
* Flashcards activities that review and reinforce the many new terms introduced in each chapter
* "A Step Further," offering advanced coverage of selected topics, allowing students to explore topics more deeply
* A Glossary that provides quick access to definitions of all the important terminology in the textbook

For Instructors

Instructor's Resource Library
The Behavioral Neuroscience, Eighth Edition, Instructor's Resource Library includes a variety of resources to aid you in the planning of your course, the development of your lectures, and the assessment of your students, including:

* Figures and Tables: All of the line-art illustrations, photographs, and tables from the textbook are provided as both high-resolution and low-resolution JPEGs, all optimized for use in presentation software (such as PowerPoint)

* PowerPoint Resources: Two different types of PowerPoint presentations are provided for each chapter of the textbook:
- All figures, photos, and tables
- A complete lecture presentation, including selected figures

* Videos: New for the eighth edition, a robust collection of video segments from the BBC and other sources bring to life may of the important concepts discussed in the textbook. Excellent as lecture-starters and discussion topics.
* Animations: These detailed animations help enliven lectures and illustrate dynamic processes.
* Instructor's Manual and Test Bank in Word format (details below)
* Computerized Test Bank: The entire Test Bank is provided in Diploma format (software included) making it easy to quickly assemble exams using any combination of publisher-provided and custom questions. Includes the Companion Website quiz questions.

Instructor's Manual (included in the Instructor's Resource Library)
The Behavioral Neuroscience Instructor's Manual and Test Bank includes useful resources for planning your course, lectures, and exams. For each chapter of the textbook, the IM includes the following:

* A Chapter Overview that gives a big-picture snapshot of what is covered in the chapter
* A complete Chapter Outline
* A set of Key Concepts that break the chapter down into its core elements
* Additional References for lecture/course development

Test Bank (included in the Instructor's Resource Library)
A comprehensive set of questions is provided for each chapter, including multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, essay, definition, and paragraph development questions that cover the full range of material in the chapter (Companion Website quiz questions included).

Online Quizzing
The Companion Website includes online quizzes that can be assigned by instructors or used as self-review exercises. For each chapter of the textbook, a set of multiple-choice questions and a set of essay questions are provided. Quizzes can be customized with any combination of the default questions and an instructor's own questions, and can be assigned as desired. Results of the quizzes are stored in the online gradebook. (Instructors must register in order for their students to be able to take the quizzes.)

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Biological Psychology

Biological Psychology Lowest new price: $174.82
Lowest used price: $175.00
List price: $239.95
Author: James W. Kalat

The most widely used text in its course area, James W. Kalat's BIOLOGICAL PSYCHOLOGY has appealed to thousands of students before you. Why? Kalat's main goal is to make Biological Psychology understandable to Psychology students, not just to Biology majors and pre meds--and he delivers. Another goal is to convey the excitement of the search for biological explanations of behavior. Kalat believes that Biological Psychology is "the most interesting topic in the world," and this text convinces many students--and maybe you, too--with clear writing, amusing anecdotes and intriguing examples. MindTap, an interactive online learning resource that integrates the text with videos, animations and a virtual bio-lab component, makes learning even easier and more enjoyable.

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Into the Silent Land: Travels in Neuropsychology

Into the Silent Land: Travels in Neuropsychology Lowest new price: $10.17
Lowest used price: $8.19
List price: $16.00
Author: Paul Broks
Brand: Brand: Atlantic Monthly Press

Into the Silent Land is a collection of case studies and short tutorials on neuropsychology, which is the science of analyzing the relationship between personality, performance, and the anatomical and physiological structure of the brain. Fusing classic cases of neuropsychology with the author's own case studies, personal vignettes, philosophical debate, and thought provoking riffs and meditations on the nature of neurological impairments and dysfunctions.

Some highlights include:

"I Don't Love You Anymore, Do I, Love?": two men who suffer almost mirror image traumatic lesions to the brain learn to cope with the loss of their ability to empathize with other human beings, thus living a life without highs or lows, only sedation. This recalls the classic case of railway worker named Finneas Gage. Gage accidentally had a railroad spike slammed into his head, piercing his frontal lobe. Miraculously, he wasn't killed, but surgeons of the day were unable to extract the spike for fear that it would cause further damage. Thus Finneas was forced to live the rest of his life with the spike in place in his head. As a result of the damage to the lobe however, Finneas would fly into blind rages for no reason at all. Psychologists concluded from this study that hostility is connected to physiological events occurring in the frontal lobe.

"The Sea and the Almond": a young woman who suffers from daily grand mal seizures agrees to a radical surgery that involves removal of the amygdala (from the Greek for almond) and part of the hippocampus (seahorse), which is responsible for memory and all conscious recall. Broks' experiences recall a classic neuropsychological case where a patient named H.M. had intractable epilepsy. The only way to cure the epilepsy was to remove the focus of the seizures, which were starting independently from both temporal lobes. Both lobes were removed and the seizures stopped, but the patient's memory was gone, along with the ability to create new memories. The patient had to be reintroduced to his coworkers on a daily basis, and would mistake pictures of himself for his father.

"The Ghost Tree": A woman infected with a common cold sore virus (herpes simplex) is onset with a severe infection that finds it way into her brain, where large areas of the anterior temporal lobes have been eaten away. As a result, she has a combination of 'fearlessness' (or 'recklessness') whereby she'll walk into traffic, or stand by with a smile on her face during a mugging, while on the other hand cower in fear over an argument on a TV soap opera.

"The Blue Bicycle": A young girl is struck by a car in front of her father while riding her brand new blue bicycle. She loses her ability to judge distances or risky situations, but at the same time develops a rapacious capacity for learning foreign languages. After failing her driving test twice, Broks takes her on a diagnostic driving test that is seemingly banal, until it almost ends in a head on collision. Advised that she shouldn't probably be driving, the girl takes her third driving test and passes.

"Voodoo Child": A factualized case of a man who, catapulted into a midlife crisis, abandons his job, his wife and family, and moves into a new town to start a new life only to discover he has a large, benign, brain tumor that has been eating away at the frontal lobes of his brain for years.

"Swallowing the Dark": The story of "Eggshell Boy," a teenager who fell three stories down an empty elevator shaft and as a result was left with an asymmetrical head "convex on the right, concave on the left, with a deep oval depression like the shell of a hard-boiled egg cracked with a spoon." Broks analyses what remains of a "self" or a "soul" after severe neurological trauma robs a person of everything that makes him unique.

"Einstein's Brain": A curious history of what happened to Einstein's Brain after he died.

"The Visible Man": a stunning Kafkaesque tale that imagines a day in the life of a man whose brain is suddenly visible for everyone to see.

"I Think Therefore I am Dead": both a meditation on human consciousness and an intimate case study chronicling Broks' efforts in working with a patient suffering from a debilitating illness that has no diagnosis or cure.

"To Be Two Or Not To Be": A fantasy in the tradition of the philosophical thought experiment, based on the philosopher Derek Parfit's ideas concerning the nature of personal identity. This is a lively 'Imagine if...' scenario designed to challenge our ordinary intuitions by taking us into imaginary realms where fictional characters find themselves in extraordinary (sometimes technically impossible) circumstances.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Brain & Behavior: An Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience

Brain & Behavior: An Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience Lowest new price: $92.86
Lowest used price: $107.09
List price: $119.00
Author: Bob Garrett
Brand: Garrett Bob L

Ignite your excitement about behavioral neuroscience with Brain & Behavior: An Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience, Fifth Edition by best-selling author Bob Garrett and new co-author Gerald Hough. Garrett and Hough make the field accessible by inviting readers to explore key theories and scientific discoveries using detailed illustrations and immersive examples as their guide. Spotlights on case studies, current events, and research findings help readers make connections between the material and their own lives. A study guide, revised artwork, new animations, and an accompanying interactive eBook stimulate deep learning and critical thinking.


  • Brain Behavior An Introduction to Biological Psychology

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Integrated Behavioral Health in Primary Care

Integrated Behavioral Health in Primary Care Lowest new price: $65.08
Lowest used price: $60.88
List price: $99.95
Author: Christopher L. Hunter

This timely new edition of Integrated Behavioral Health in Primary Care brings the reader up to speed with the changing aspects of primary care service delivery in response to the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH), the Triple-Aim health approach, and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Drawing on research evidence and years of experience, the authors provide practical information and guidance for behavioral health care practitioners who wish to work more effectively in the fast-paced setting of primary care, and provide detailed advice for addressing common health problems such as generalized anxiety disorder, depression, weight issues, sleep problems, cardiovascular disorders, pain disorders, sexual problems, and more. New to this edition are chapters on population health and the PCMH; children, adolescents, and parenting; couples; managing suicide risk; and shared medical appointments.

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Foundations of Behavioral Neuroscience (8th Edition)

Foundations of Behavioral Neuroscience (8th Edition) Lowest new price: $700.00
Lowest used price: $24.49
List price: $190.20
Author: Neil R. Carlson

For undergraduate junior/senior level courses in Behavioral Neuroscience, Physiology of Behavior,  Biopsychology, Human Neuropsychology, or Physiological Psychology.


Foundations of Behavioral Neuroscience offers a briefer, sixteen chapter introduction to the foundations of physiology, incorporating the latest studies and research in the rapidly changing fields of neuroscience and physiological psychology.  The text uses many human examples, case studies, and MyPsychKit ( featuring Carlson’s Neuroscience Animations to help make the material interesting and relevant to student readers. Foundations of Behavioral Neuroscience is ideal for the instructor who wants a briefer text with a balance of human and animal cases.

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Emotional Design: Why We Love (or Hate) Everyday Things

Emotional Design: Why We Love (or Hate) Everyday Things Lowest new price: $9.00
Lowest used price: $3.89
List price: $17.99
Author: Don Norman
Brand: Basic Books AZ

Did you ever wonder why cheap wine tastes better in fancy glasses? Why sales of Macintosh computers soared when Apple introduced the colorful iMac? New research on emotion and cognition has shown that attractive things really do work better, as Donald Norman amply demonstrates in this fascinating book, which has garnered acclaim everywhere from Scientific American to The New Yorker.Emotional Design articulates the profound influence of the feelings that objects evoke, from our willingness to spend thousands of dollars on Gucci bags and Rolex watches, to the impact of emotion on the everyday objects of tomorrow.Norman draws on a wealth of examples and the latest scientific insights to present a bold exploration of the objects in our everyday world. Emotional Design will appeal not only to designers and manufacturers but also to managers, psychologists, and general readers who love to think about their stuff.


  • Basic Books AZ

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The Feeling of What Happens: Body and Emotion in the Making of Consciousness

The Feeling of What Happens: Body and Emotion in the Making of Consciousness Lowest new price: $4.12
Lowest used price: $1.05
List price: $16.95
Author: Antonio Damasio

The publication of this book is an event in the making. All over the world scientists, psychologists, and philosophers are waiting to read Antonio Damasio's new theory of the nature of consciousness and the construction of the self. A renowned and revered scientist and clinician, Damasio has spent decades following amnesiacs down hospital corridors, waiting for comatose patients to awaken, and devising ingenious research using PET scans to piece together the great puzzle of consciousness. In his bestselling Descartes' Error, Damasio revealed the critical importance of emotion in the making of reason. Building on this foundation, he now shows how consciousness is created. Consciousness is the feeling of what happens-our mind noticing the body's reaction to the world and responding to that experience. Without our bodies there can be no consciousness, which is at heart a mechanism for survival that engages body, emotion, and mind in the glorious spiral of human life. A hymn to the possibilities of human existence, a magnificent work of ingenious science, a gorgeously written book, The Feeling of What Happens is already being hailed as a classic.

As you read this, at some level you're aware that you're reading, thanks to a standard human feature commonly referred to as consciousness. What is it--a spiritual phenomenon, an evolutionary tool, a neurological side effect? The best scientists love to tackle big, meaningful questions like this, and neuroscientist Antonio Damasio jumps right in with The Feeling of What Happens, a poetic examination of interior life through lenses of research, medical cases, philosophical analysis, and unashamed introspection. Damasio's perspective is, fortunately, becoming increasingly common in the scientific community; despite all the protestations of old-guard behaviorists, subjective consciousness is a plain fact to most of us and the demand for new methods of inquiry is finally being met.

These new methods are not without rigor, though. Damasio and his colleagues examine patients with disruptions and interruptions in consciousness and take deep insights from these tragic lives while offering greater comfort and meaning to the sufferers. His thesis, that our sense of self arises from our need to map relations between self and others, is firmly rooted in medical and evolutionary research but stands up well to self-examination. His examples from the weird world of neurology are unsettling yet deeply humanizing--real people with serious problems spring to life in the pages, but they are never reduced to their deficits. The Feeling of What Happens captures the spirit of discovery as it plunges deeper than ever into the darkest waters yet. --Rob Lightner


  • 5x10 inches, 385 pages Trade paperrback in colors of gold, orange, green and black.

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Biological Psychology

Biological Psychology Lowest new price: $117.43
Lowest used price: $108.42
List price: $149.95
Author: Kelly G. Lambert

Blending classic scholarship with exciting new developments in the discipline, Biological Psychology offers a fresh perspective on the brain's interaction with its environment.


* A compelling storytelling approach makes the content accessible and exciting to students

* Behavioral neuroscience mysteries in "Brain Scene Investigation" features engage students at the beginning of each chapter

* "Laboratory Explorations" features integrate research techniques as a part of each chapter so that students can see how different methods apply to various types of research questions

* "Context Matters" features present detailed accounts of research studies in order to demonstrate the varying effects that contextual variables have on specific dependent variables

* Clinical applications provide real-life examples of the neurobiological processes and behaviors discussed in each chapter

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Change Your Brain, Change Your Life Deck

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life Deck Lowest new price: $11.10
Lowest used price: $2.79
List price: $16.99
Author: Daniel G. Amen

Our brains can produce negative thoughts, but you can reprogram the way you think. This collection of methods from neuropsychiatrist and bestselling author, Daniel G Amen, M.D., teaches you how. Use the easy techniques described in this deck to:

-         Stop obsessive worrying
-         Curb your anger
-         Fight automatic negative thoughts
-         Enhance your people skills
-         Sharpen your focus
-         Become a more flexible thinker

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