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Physiological Aspects of Psychology

Bioenergetics: The Revolutionary Therapy That Uses the Language of the Body to Heal the Problems of the Mind

Bioenergetics: The Revolutionary Therapy That Uses the Language of the Body to Heal the Problems of the Mind Lowest new price: $10.63
Lowest used price: $3.20
List price: $16.00
Author: Alexander Lowen
Brand: Lowen, Alexander

Bioenergetics is the revolutionary new therapy that uses the language of the body to heal the problems of the mind. This exciting body-mind approach to personality has a liberating and positive effect on emotional, physical, and psychic distress. Dr. Alexander Lowen, founder and prime mover of this fast-growing therapy, writes that increased joy and pleasure are possible in every day life through an understanding of how your body functions energetically: how it determines what you feel, think, and do. Dr. Lowen points out that lack of energy is the result of chronic muscular tensions, a condition caused by the suppression of feelings. These tensions can be dissolved through the direct body work in bioenergetic exercise, which restores the potential for living a rich, full life. Dr. Lowen analyzes common physical ailments like headaches and lower back pain and shows how they too can be overcome by releasing the muscular tenstion that create them. Generously illustrated with line drawings of bioenergetic exercises, this book is sure to bring freedom, confidence, and pleasure to thousands of men and women.

"In this highly interesting and valuable attempt to restore the body to the mind, Dr. Alexander Lowen sets out in a practically useful way the principles of his new form of psychotherapy. Bioenergetics is destined to become widely influential."
—Ashley Montagu


  • Bioenergetics

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Sweet Anticipation: Music and the Psychology of Expectation (MIT Press)

Sweet Anticipation: Music and the Psychology of Expectation (MIT Press) Lowest new price: $26.20
Lowest used price: $14.22
List price: $30.00
Author: David Huron
Brand: imusti

The psychological theory of expectation that David Huron proposes in Sweet Anticipation grew out of the author's experimental efforts to understand how music evokes emotions. These efforts evolved into a general theory of expectation that will prove informative to readers interested in cognitive science and evolutionary psychology as well as those interested in music. The book describes a set of psychological mechanisms and illustrates how these mechanisms work in the case of music. All examples of notated music can be heard on the Web.

Huron proposes that emotions evoked by expectation involve five functionally distinct response systems: reaction responses (which engage defensive reflexes); tension responses (where uncertainty leads to stress); prediction responses (which reward accurate prediction); imagination responses (which facilitate deferred gratification); and appraisal responses (which occur after conscious thought is engaged). For real-world events, these five response systems typically produce a complex mixture of feelings. The book identifies some of the aesthetic possibilities afforded by expectation, and shows how common musical devices (such as syncopation, cadence, meter, tonality, and climax) exploit the psychological opportunities. The theory also provides new insights into the physiological psychology of awe, laughter, and spine-tingling chills. Huron traces the psychology of expectations from the patterns of the physical/cultural world through imperfectly learned heuristics used to predict that world to the phenomenal qualia we experienced as we apprehend the world.


  • MIT Press (MA)

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Holy Discontent: Fueling the Fire That Ignites Personal Vision

Holy Discontent: Fueling the Fire That Ignites Personal Vision Lowest new price: $2.39
Lowest used price: $0.10
List price: $14.99
Author: Bill Hybels
Brand: HarperCollins Christian Pub.

What is the one aspect of this broken world that, when you see it, touch it, get near it, you just can’t stand? Very likely, that firestorm of frustration reflects your holy discontent, a reality so troubling that you are thrust off the couch and into the game. It’s during these defining times when your eyes open to the needs surrounding you and your heart hungers to respond that you hear God say, “I feel the same way about this problem. Now, let’s go solve it together!” Bill Hybels invites you to consider the dramatic impact your life will have when you allow your holy discontent to fuel instead of frustrate you. Using examples from the Bible, his own life, and the experiences of others, Hybels shows how you can find and feed your personal area of holy discontent, fight for it when things get risky, and follow it when it takes a mid-course turn. As you live from the energy of your holy discontent, you’ll fulfill your role in setting what is wrong in this world right!


  • on Back "What is the one aspect of this broken world that, when you see it, touch it, or get near it, you can't stand? What reality is so troubling that it thrusts you off the couch and into action? This is what Bill Hybels refers to as a holy discontent: a personal 'firestorm of frustration'' that, although sparked by that which is terribly wrong can catalyze fierce determination to set things right. It is often during these eye-opening, heart-hungering moments of engagement when you will hear God whisper, 'I feel the exact same way about this situation, Now, let's go solve it together!'
  • Hybels invites you to consider the dramtic impact your life will have when you willingly convert the frustration of your holy discontent into fuel for changing the world. Using examples from the Bible, his own life, and the compelling experiences of others. Hybels shows how you can: find and feed your personal area of holy discontent, fight for it, even when things get risky, follow it when it takes a mid-course turn
  • Eradicating AIDS. Fighting extreme poverty. Reigniting love-starved marriages. Embracing marginalized people groups. Feeding those who lack food. Speaking words of encouragement to those who need it most. Leart to lean into your holy discontent so that this generation can benefit mightily from your bold, bright contribution.
  • Hard covered with a Jacket covering.

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Drugs, Addiction, and the Brain

Drugs, Addiction, and the Brain Lowest new price: $69.95
Lowest used price: $56.05
List price: $99.95
Author: George F. Koob
Brand: imusti

Drugs, Addiction, and the Brain explores the molecular, cellular, and neurocircuitry systems in the brain that are responsible for drug addiction. Common neurobiological elements are emphasized that provide novel insights into how the brain mediates the acute rewarding effects of drugs of abuse and how it changes during the transition from initial drug use to compulsive drug use and addiction. The book provides a detailed overview of the pathophysiology of the disease. The information provided will be useful for neuroscientists in the field of addiction, drug abuse treatment providers, and undergraduate and postgraduate students who are interested in learning the diverse effects of drugs of abuse on the brain.

  • Full-color circuitry diagrams of brain regions implicated in each stage of the addiction cycle
  • Actual data figures from original sources illustrating key concepts and findings
  • Introduction to basic neuropharmacology terms and concepts
  • Introduction to numerous animal models used to study diverse aspects of drug use.
  • Thorough review of extant work on the neurobiology of addiction


  • Academic Press

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Body Image, Second Edition: A Handbook of Science, Practice, and Prevention

Body Image, Second Edition: A Handbook of Science, Practice, and Prevention Lowest new price: $31.88
Lowest used price: $33.25
List price: $49.00
Brand: Brand: The Guilford Press

The standard reference for practitioners, researchers, and students, this acclaimed work brings together internationally recognized experts from diverse mental health, medical, and allied health care disciplines. Contributors review established and emerging theories and findings; probe questions of culture, gender, health, and disorder; and present evidence-based assessment, treatment, and prevention approaches for the full range of body image concerns. Capturing the richness and complexity of the field in a readily accessible format, each of the 53 concise chapters concludes with an informative annotated bibliography.
New to This Edition
*Addresses the most urgent current questions in the field.
*Reflects significant advances in key areas: assessment, body image in boys and men, obesity, illness-related body image issues, and cross-cultural research.
*Conceptual Foundations section now incorporates evolutionary, genetic, and positive psychology perspectives.
*Increased coverage of prevention.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Living Beyond Self Doubt: Reprogram Your Insecure Mindset, Reduce Stress and Anxiety, Boost Your Confidence, Take Massive Action despite Being Scared & Reclaim Your Dream Life

Lowest new price: $9.99
List price: $9.99
Author: Som Bathla

Boost Your Self-Confidence, Reprogram Your Mind for Resilience, Get Things done despite being Fearful and Start Living Life of Your Dreams.

What if you are able to take your own firm stand despite whatever people think and say? What if you are convinced about the certainty of outcome before you start anything?

Imagine standing tall in front of all challenges and being appreciated by people around. Imagine hanging out with people who support your vision and deeply connect with you.

If you think that your self-doubts always become the stumbling block towards your success, if you wonder why you always go one step further and two step backwards, if any new thing always gets you trembling with fears, then you are just one step away from your master tool kit towards conquering your self-doubt.

LIVING BEYOND SELF DOUBT is your action guide to conquer all your inner doubts, disrupt your thinking and put you on a fast track towards reinventing a new YOU. You’ll notice the shocking ways how your self-doubt dictates your life – you would continuously find your self nodding along and thinking “This book speaks to me!” 

In  LIVING BEYOND SELF DOUBT, you'll discover:

  • How you are solely responsible for justifying your self-doubts and how to change that for life?
  • You will Introspect and discover the answers to the three most important questions, which on its own will 10X your pace.
  • Check out How people with suicidal tendencies have altered their mindset not to survive, but rather thrive and leave their names in the history
  • Why you need to closely watch and redefine your well-wishers before you conquer self-doubt
  • Learn How scientific research proves that Cold Showers can have positive impact in your thinking pattern.
  • Learn How to be certain of your outcome even before you start taking action.
  • Learn crazy but super effective tactics to immediately disrupt your mind and build new neural pathways for massive action.
  • Learn how to insulate yourself from “what will people think or say” virus and stand firm with your own life vision.
  • Learn to create a new surround support system ready for your success.
  • Check out how Albert Einstein was able to gain the level of genius despite being expelled from school twice.
  • Why you should seek help and learn how to change your mindset to start getting help from people.

LIVING BEYOND SELF DOUBT is for ANYONE who is so plagued with self-doubt to take even a step further and also for SOMEONE who is already successful and wants to master his mindset and accelerate his journey further. Whether you're a student, employee, small or medium sized entrepreneur, or stay-at-home parent, the strategies described in this book are equally effective and transformational for everyone.

Grab your copy of LIVING BEYOND SELF DOUBT today to Reprogram Your Insecure Mindset, Reduce Stress and Anxiety, Boost Your Confidence, Take Massive Action despite Being Scared and Reclaim Your Dream Life.

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Introduction to Psychoneuroimmunology, Second Edition

Introduction to Psychoneuroimmunology, Second Edition Lowest new price: $45.67
Lowest used price: $38.85
List price: $89.95
Author: Jorge H. Daruna
Brand: Jorge H Daruna

Health is maintained by the coordinated operation of all the biological systems that make up the individual. The Introduction to Psychoneuroimmunology, Second Edition, presents an overview of what has been discovered by scientists regarding how bodily systems respond to environmental challenges and intercommunicate to sustain health. The book touches on the main findings from the current literature without being overly technical and complex. The result is a comprehensive overview of psychoneuroimmunology, which avoids oversimplification, but does not overwhelm the reader.

  • Single authored for consistency of breadth and depth, with no redundancy of coverage between chapters
  • Covers endocrine-immune modulation, neuro-immune modulation, and the enhancing or inhibiting processes of one or more systems on the others
  • Expanded use of figures, tables, and text boxes


  • Introduction to Psychoneuroimmunology

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Health Psychology

Health Psychology Lowest new price: $159.12
Lowest used price: $73.13
List price: $147.54
Author: Catherine A. Sanderson
Brand: Wiley

The 2nd Edition of Catherine Sanderson's Health Psychology targets the mainstream health psychology market and offers a broad appeal through its narrative that is both challenging for psychology majors and accessible to non-majors. This book provides current and relevant information while providing a foundation in scientific research and critical and analytical thinking. The book emphasizes practical and real-world issues.

Additionally, this text includes a focus on current ethical issues in health; expanded coverage of international health; increased emphasis on critical thinking and analysis; coverage of specific topics such as complementary and alternative medicine, accidents as a cause of death, and the role of ethnicity and gender in influencing health behavior; an emphasis on practical information; and updated coverage of all material which is particularly important in the field of health psychology given the dramatic advances in knowledge about the factors that influence physical well-being during the last five years.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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The Human Side of Cancer: Living with Hope, Coping with Uncertainty

The Human Side of Cancer: Living with Hope, Coping with Uncertainty Lowest new price: $4.60
Lowest used price: $0.10
List price: $14.99
Author: Jimmie Holland
Brand: Jimmie Holland

For more than twenty years, Dr. Holland has pioneered the study of psychological problems of cancer patients and their families -- whom she calls "the real experts." In The Human Side of Cancer, she shares what she has learned from all of them about facing this life-threatening illness and what truly helps along the cancer journey. This book is the next best thing to sitting in Dr. Holland's office and talking with her about the uncertainty and anxiety elicited by this disease. And it is a book that inspires hope -- through stories of the simple courage of ordinary people confronting cancer.

"There are two aspects to the human side of cancer: what cancer does psychologically to people and their families, and how emotions and behaviors may influence the risk of getting cancer and its outcome," writes Jimmie C. Holland, M.D., founder of the field of psycho-oncology (the psychological issues of cancer) and chairman of the department of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. "The human side of cancer is all encompassing; it's about you, your surroundings, and your experience of the illness."

Doctors often don't have the time or the skills to deal with psychological issues. The Human Side of Cancer tackles the emotional issues of cancer head-on. Holland knows there's no "one size fits all" coping style and is sensitive to each reader's uniqueness and belief system. "We do have overwhelming proof, however, that how you cope with your illness can improve your overall quality of life," she asserts. The theory that cancer patients with a "fighting spirit" have a better chance of survival than those who are passive is not, it turns out, supported by research. But whether or not your personality is spunky and confrontational or laid-back and accepting, you can use your own methods of coping to make sure you live a healthy lifestyle and hang in there with your cancer treatment--which does improve your chances of survival. The authors explain how you can choose a doctor who demonstrates the "Three C's" (competence, compassion, and caring) and gives you practical instructions for making the most of each doctor's appointment. The book also covers coping strategies, the psychological effects of different treatments, psychosocial issues related to specific forms of cancer, and the "emotional baggage" of surviving.

The Human Side of Cancer combines sensitive advice and explanations with quotes and anecdotes of cancer patients, research summaries, self-help tips, and checklists. The book is for both the cancer survivor and family members. Anyone dealing with cancer will benefit from Holland's wisdom and experience. --Joan Price


  • The Human Side of Cancer Living with Hope Coping with Uncertainty

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Bodymind Lowest new price: $7.09
Lowest used price: $2.00
List price: $15.95
Author: Ken Dychtwald
Brand: Brand: Tarcher Putman

An established classic in its field, Ken Dychtwald's Bodymind has been updated in this latest edition to reflect the author's ongoing exploration of the vital body and mind connection. Integrating ancient Eastern knowledge with the pioneering contemporary work of Wilheim Reich, Moshe Feldenkrais, Fritz Perls, and with his own intuitive observations, Dychtwald presents a comprehensive study on the body and mind relationship in an analytic yet highly readable style.

Through Dychtwald's engaging, experiential narrative, the reader is drawn into an illuminating journey toward higher self-awareness with practical applications in everyday life. Articulating the complex relationship between body type, personality, and experience, Dychtwald suggests methods for obtaining deeper self-knowledge of physical, emotional, and sexual makeup, and relates techniques for releasing repressed feelings, as well as self-healing and increased energy.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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