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Lange Pathology Flash Cards, Third Edition (LANGE FlashCards)

Lange Pathology Flash Cards, Third Edition (LANGE FlashCards) Lowest new price: $26.53
Lowest used price: $19.96
List price: $41.00
Author: Suzanne Baron
Brand: Baron Suzanne J

300 cards deliver a fun, fast, high-yield review for the USMLE Step 1

Lange Pathology Flash Cards, Third Edition

  • Complete coverage of all major topics covered in medical school pathology courses
  • Each disease-specific card features a clinical vignette and details of the disorder, including:
    • Etiology and epidemiology
    • Pathologic or histologic findings
    • Classic clinical presentations
    • Current medical treatments
  • Perfect for disease comparisons


  • Lange Pathology Flash Cards

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Laboratory Manual for General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry (3rd Edition)

Laboratory Manual for General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry (3rd Edition) Lowest new price: $89.36
Lowest used price: $66.99
List price: $112.00
Author: Karen C. Timberlake
Brand: Brand: Prentice Hall

The Laboratory Manual for General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry , third edition, by Karen C. Timberlake contains 35  experiments related to the content of general, organic, and biological chemistry courses, as well as basic/preparatory chemistry courses. The labs included give students an opportunity to go beyond the lectures and words in the textbook to experience the scientific process from which conclusions and theories are drawn.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Fundamentals of Musculoskeletal Imaging (Contemporary Perspectives in Rehabilitation)

Fundamentals of Musculoskeletal Imaging (Contemporary Perspectives in Rehabilitation) Lowest new price: $51.50
Lowest used price: $49.81
List price: $121.00
Author: Lynn N. McKinnis PT OCS
Brand: Brand: F.A. Davis Company

A volume in the Contemporary Perspectives in Rehabilitation Series

Edited by Steven L. Wolf, PT, PhD, FAPTA

Here’s everything Physical Therapists need to know about medical imaging.

This comprehensive guide helps you develop the skills and knowledge you need to accurately interpret imaging studies and understand written reports. Lynn McKinnis, 2009 winner of APTA’s Helen J. Hislop Award for Outstanding Contributions to Professional Literature, guides you every step of the way.

Begin with a basic introduction to radiology; then progress to evaluating radiographs and advanced imaging from head to toe. Imaging for commonly seen traumas and pathologies, as well as case studies prepare you to meet the most common to complex challenges in clinical and practice.

More advanced images and critical-thinking exercises as well as new student resources online at DavisPlus continue to make the 4th Edition the ideal text in a rapidly advancing field.

The Davis Digital Version lets you access the complete text online. Plus, interactive exercises reinforce the content in the text and help you identify and recognize anatomy and pathologies. Redeem the Plus Code inside new, printed texts to access these DavisPlus resources.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics

Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics Lowest new price: $79.99
Lowest used price: $71.98
List price: $129.95
Author: Jonathan Pevsner
Brand: Wiley-Blackwell

The bestselling introduction to bioinformatics and genomics – now in its third edition

Widely received in its previous editions, Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics offers the most broad-based introduction to this explosive new discipline. Now in a thoroughly updated and expanded third edition, it continues to be the go-to source for students and professionals involved in biomedical research.

This book provides up-to-the-minute coverage of the fields of bioinformatics and genomics. Features new to this edition include:

  • Extensive revisions and a slight reorder of chapters for a more effective organization
  • A brand new chapter on next-generation sequencing
  • An expanded companion website, also updated as and when new information becomes available
  • Greater emphasis on a computational approach, with clear guidance of how software tools work and introductions to the use of command-line tools such as software for next-generation sequence analysis, the R programming language, and NCBI search utilities

The book is complemented by lavish illustrations and more than 500 figures and tables - many newly-created for the third edition to enhance clarity and understanding. Each chapter includes learning objectives, a problem set, pitfalls section, boxes explaining key techniques and mathematics/statistics principles, a summary, recommended reading, and a list of freely available software. Readers may visit a related Web page for supplemental information such as PowerPoints and audiovisual files of lectures, and videocasts of how to perform many basic operations:

Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics, Third Edition serves as an excellent single-source textbook for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate-level courses in the biological sciences and computer sciences. It is also an indispensable resource for biologists in a broad variety of disciplines who use the tools of bioinformatics and genomics to study particular research problems; bioinformaticists and computer scientists who develop computer algorithms and databases; and medical researchers and clinicians who want to understand the genomic basis of viral, bacterial, parasitic, or other diseases.


  • Wiley-Blackwell

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The Analysis of Biological Data

The Analysis of Biological Data Lowest new price: $113.83
Lowest used price: $69.00
List price: $140.99
Author: Michael C. Whitlock
Brand: Roberts Company Publishers

Knowledge of statistics is essential in modern biology and medicine. Biologists and health professionals learn statistics best with real and interesting examples. The Analysis of Biological Data, Second Edition, by Whitlock and Schluter, teaches modern methods of statistics through the use of fascinating biological and medical cases. Readers consistently praise its clear and engaging writing and practical perspective.

The second edition features over 200 new examples and problems. These include new calculation practice problems, which guide the student step by step through the methods, and a greater number of the examples and topics come from medical and human health research.  Every chapter has been carefully edited for even greater clarity and ease of use. All the data sets, R scripts for all worked examples in the book, as well as many other teaching resources, are available to qualified instructors (see below).

The Analysis of Biological Data is the most widely adopted introductory biological statistics textbook. It is now used at well over 200 schools and on every continent.


  • Roberts Company Publishers

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Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology Lowest new price: $142.22
Lowest used price: $32.88
List price: $118.91
Author: Robert F. Weaver Associate Dean - College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Dr.
Brand: imusti

A Doody's Core Title for 2015.

Molecular Biology, 5/e by Robert Weaver, is designed for an introductory course in molecular biology. Molecular Biology 5/e focuses on the fundamental concepts of molecular biology emphasizing experimentation. In particular author, Rob Weaver, focuses on the study of genes and their activities at the molecular level. Through the combination of excellent illustrations and clear, succinct writing students are presented fundamental molecular biology concepts.


  • McGraw-Hill Science Engineering Math

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Absolute, Ultimate Guide to Principles of Biochemistry Study Guide and Solutions Manual

Absolute, Ultimate Guide to Principles of Biochemistry Study Guide and Solutions Manual Lowest new price: $77.50
Lowest used price: $96.33
List price: $88.99
Author: David L. Nelson
Brand: Michael M Cox David L Nelson

"Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry ... brings clarity and coherence to an often unwieldy discipline, offering a thoroughly updated survey of biochemistry's enduring principles, definitive discoveries, and groundbreaking new advances with each edition.This new Seventh Edition maintains the qualities that have distinguished the text since Albert Lehninger's original edition--clear writing, careful explanations of difficult concepts, helpful problem-solving support, and insightful communication of contemporary biochemistry's core ideas, new techniques, and pivotal discoveries. Again, David Nelson and Michael Cox introduce students to an extraordinary amount of exciting new findings without an overwhelming amount of extra discussion or detail."--


  • Absolute Ultimate Guide to Principles of Biochemistry Study Guide and Solutions Manual

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Bioinformatics: Sequence Alignment and Markov Models

Bioinformatics: Sequence Alignment and Markov Models Lowest new price: $104.22
Lowest used price: $83.07
List price: $135.00
Author: Kal Renganathan Sharma
Brand: Kal Renganathan Sharma


Bioinformatics showcases the latest developments in the field along with all the foundational information you'll need. It provides in-depth coverage of a wide range of autoimmune disorders and detailed analyses of suffix trees, plus late-breaking advances regarding biochips and genomes.

Featuring helpful gene-finding algorithms, Bioinformatics offers key information on sequence alignment, HMMs, HMM applications, protein secondary structure, microarray techniques, and drug discovery and development. Helpful diagrams accompany mathematical equations throughout, and exercises appear at the end of each chapter to facilitate self-evaluation.

This thorough, up-to-date resource features:

  • Worked-out problems illustrating concepts and models
  • End-of-chapter exercises for self-evaluation
  • Material based on student feedback
  • Illustrations that clarify difficult math problems
  • A list of bioinformatics-related websites

Bioinformatics covers:

  • Sequence representation and alignment
  • Hidden Markov models
  • Applications of HMMs
  • Gene finding
  • Protein secondary structure prediction
  • Microarray techniques
  • Drug discovery and development
  • Internet resources and public domain databases


  • Bioinformatics Sequence Alignment and Markov Models

Insect Molecular Genetics, Third Edition: An Introduction to Principles and Applications

Insect Molecular Genetics, Third Edition: An Introduction to Principles and Applications Lowest new price: $99.95
List price: $99.95
Author: Marjorie A. Hoy University of Kansas B.A.(1963)
Univsersity of California--Berkeley M.S. (1966)
University of California--Berkeley Ph.D (1972)

Insect Molecular Genetics, Third Edition, summarizes and synthesizes two rather disparate disciplines―entomology and molecular genetics. This volume provides an introduction to the techniques and literature of molecular genetics; defines terminology; and reviews concepts, principles, and applications of these powerful tools. The world of insect molecular genetics, once dominated by Drosophila, has become much more diverse, especially with the sequencing of multiple arthropod genomes (from spider mites to mosquitoes). This introduction includes discussion of honey bees, mosquitoes, flour beetles, silk moths, fruit flies, aphids, house flies, kissing bugs, cicadas, butterflies, tsetse flies and armyworms.

This book serves as both a foundational text and a review of a rapidly growing literature. With fully revised and updated chapters, the third edition will be a valuable addition to the personal libraries of entomologists, geneticists, and molecular biologists.

  • Up-to-date references to important review articles, websites, and seminal citations in the disciplines
  • Well crafted and instructive illustrations integral to explaining the techniques of molecular genetics
  • Glossary of terms to help beginners learn the vocabulary of molecular biology

Biochemistry (Quick Study Academic)

Biochemistry (Quick Study Academic) Lowest new price: $2.95
Lowest used price: $4.68
List price: $6.95
Author: Inc. BarCharts
Brand: Brand: QuickStudy

Leave it to our experts at QuickStudy to help explain the complex world of biochemistry in an easy-to-understand fashion. This 3-panel (6-page) guide provides the most comprehensive information on the subject―definitions, formulas, molecular structure, and full-color charts and illustrations highlighting important chemical concepts.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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