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Analytic Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry for Technicians

Analytical Chemistry for Technicians Lowest new price: $49.56
Lowest used price: $95.03
List price: $125.00
Author: John Kenkel
Brand: imusti

Written as a training manual for chemistry-based laboratory technicians, this thoroughly updated fourth edition of the bestselling Analytical Chemistry for Technicians emphasizes the applied aspects rather than the theoretical ones. The book begins with classical quantitative analysis and follows with a practical approach to the complex world of sophisticated electronic instrumentation commonly used in real-world laboratories. Providing a foundation for the two key qualities―the analytical mindset and a basic understanding of the analytical instrumentation―this book helps prepare individuals for success on the job.

Chapters cover sample preparation; gravimetric analysis; titrimetric analysis; instrumental analysis; spectrochemical methods, such as atomic spectroscopy and UV-Vis and IR molecular spectrometry; chromatographic techniques, including gas chromatography and high-performance liquid chromatography; electroanalytical methods; and more. Incorporating an additional ten years of teaching experience since the publication of the third edition, the author has made significant updates and enhancements to the fourth edition.

  • More than 150 new photographs and either new or reworked drawings spanning every chapter to assist the visual learner
  • A new chapter on mass spectrometry, covering GC-MS, LC-MS, LC-MS-MS, and ICP-MS
  • Thirteen new laboratory experiments
  • An introductory section before chapter 1 to give students a preview of general laboratory considerations, safety, laboratory notebooks, and instrumental analysis
  • Additional end-of-chapter problems, expanded "report"-type questions, and inclusion of relevant section headings in the Questions and Problems sections
  • Application Notes in each chapter
  • An appendix providing a glossary of quality assurance and good laboratory practice (GLP) terms


  • CRC Press

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Mass Spectrometry for the Novice

Mass Spectrometry for the Novice Lowest new price: $43.86
Lowest used price: $39.38
List price: $82.95
Author: John Greaves
Brand: imusti

With usage of mass spectrometry continually expanding, an increasing number of scientists, technicians, students, and physicians are coming into contact with this valuable technique. Mass spectrometry has many uses, both qualitative and quantitative, from analyzing simple gases to environmental contaminants, pharmaceuticals, and complex biopolymers. The extraordinary versatility can make mass spectrometers daunting to novices. Consequently, new users would benefit greatly from an understanding of the basic concepts as well as the processes that occur in these instruments. Mass Spectrometry for the Novice provides exactly that, with detailed, straightforward descriptions and clear illustrations of principles of operations and techniques.

The book begins with an overview that includes essential definitions and then provides information on the components of and the strategies used in the most common instruments. The authors discuss the methodologies available, classes of compounds analyzed, and the types of data that can be generated. A group of representative applications from published articles is summarized, demonstrating the diversity of mass spectrometry. The authors also condense the essentials of the topic into one invaluable chapter that provides a set of concise take-home messages on all aspects of mass spectrometry. The final section provides a collection of resources including books, reviews, and useful websites.

Using simple language, new color figures, clever cartoons, and assuming no prior knowledge, this book provides a readily understandable entrée to mass spectrometry. A CD-ROM with selected figures and cartoons is included.


  • CRC Press

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Chemical Drug Design

Chemical Drug Design Lowest new price: $115.84
Lowest used price: $127.10
List price: $140.00

Chemical Drug Design provides a compact overview on recent advances in this rapidly developing field. With contributions on in silico drug design, natural product based compounds, as well as on ligand- and structure-based approaches, the authors present innovative methods and techniques for identifying and synthetically designing novel drugs.

Forensic Science Handbook, Volume I

Forensic Science Handbook, Volume I Lowest new price: $180.45
List price: $189.95

Originally published in 1982 by Pearson/Prentice-Hall, the Forensic Science Handbooks, Third Edition has been fully updated and revised to include the latest developments in scientific testing, analysis, and interpretation of forensic evidence. World-renowned forensic scientist, author, and educator Dr. Richard Saferstein once again brings together a contributor list that is a veritable Who’s Who of the top practicing forensic scientists in the field. This Third Edition, he is joined by the Director of the Core Mass Spectrometry Facility at the Barnett Institute of Chemical and Biological Analysis at Northeastern University, co-editor Dr. Adam Hall. The two volumes focus on the analytical, biological, and chemical aspects of forensic science practice, and the topics covered in this new edition of Volume I include a broad range of subjects including:

  • Legal Aspects of Forensic Science
  • Analytical Instrumentation such as Microscopy, Microspectrophotometry, IR Spectroscopy, GC, LC, CE and MS
  • Trace Evidence Characterization of hairs, dust and inks
  • Biological Identification of body fluids and human DNA

This is an update of a classic reference and will serve as a must-have desk reference for forensic science practitioners. It will likewise be a welcome resource for professors teaching advanced forensic science techniques and methodologies at universities world-wide, particularly at the graduate level.

Tandem Mass Spectrometry of Lipids: Molecular Analysis of Complex Lipids (New Developments in Mass Spectrometry)

Tandem Mass Spectrometry of Lipids: Molecular Analysis of Complex Lipids (New Developments in Mass Spectrometry) Lowest new price: $159.54
Lowest used price: $170.53
List price: $203.00
Author: Robert C Murphy

The emerging field of lipidomics has been made possible because of advances in mass spectrometry, and in particular tandem mass spectrometry of lipid ions generated by electrospray ionization. The ability to carry out basic biochemical studies of lipids using electrospray ionization is predicated upon understanding the behaviour of lipid derived ions following collision induced decomposition and mechanisms of product ion formation. During the past 20 years, a wealth of information has been generated about lipid molecules that are now analysed by mass spectrometry, however there is no central source where one can obtain basic information about how these very diverse biomolecules behave following collisional activation.

This book brings together, in one volume, this information so that investigators considering using tandem mass spectrometry to structurally characterize lipids or to quantitate their occurrence in a biological matrix, will have a convenient source to review mechanism of decomposition reactions related to the diversity of lipid structures.

A separate chapter is devoted to each of seven major lipid classes including fatty acids, eicosanoids and bioactive lipid mediators, fatty acyl esters and amides, glycerol esters, glycerophospholipids, sphingolipids, and steroids. Mechanistic details are provided for understanding the pathways of formation of major product ions and ions used for structural characterization. In most cases specific ancillary information has been critical to understand the pathways, including isotope labeling and high resolution analysis of precursor and product ions. For a few specific examples such data is missing and pathways are proposed as a means to initiate further mass spectral experiments to prove or disprove pathway hypotheses. While this work largely centres on the lipid biochemistry of animal (mammalian) systems, general principles can be taken from the specific examples and applied to lipid biochemistry found in plants, fungi, prokaryotes and archeal organisms.

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometry

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometry Lowest new price: $123.91
Lowest used price: $93.00
List price: $165.00
Author: Peter R. Griffiths
Brand: Peter Griffiths

A bestselling classic reference, now expanded and updated to coverthe latest instrumentation, methods, and applications

The Second Edition of Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometrybrings this core reference up to date on the uses of FT-IRspectrometers today. The book starts with an in-depth descriptionof the theory and current instrumentation of FT-IR spectrometry,with full chapters devoted to signal-to-noise ratio and photometricaccuracy. Many diverse types of sampling techniques and dataprocessing routines, most of which can be performed on even theless expensive instruments, are then described. Extensivelyupdated, the Second Edition:

Discusses improvements in optical components

Features a full chapter on FT Raman Spectrometry

Contains new chapters that focus on different ways of measuringspectra by FT-IR spectrometry, including fourteen chapters on suchtechniques as microspectroscopy, internal and external reflection,and emission and photoacoustic spectrometry

Includes a new chapter introducing the theory of vibrationalspectrometry

Organizes material according to sampling techniques

Designed to help practitioners using FT-IR capitalize on theplethora of techniques for modern FT-IR spectrometry and plan theirexperimental procedures correctly, this is a practical, hands-onreference for chemists and analysts. It's also a great resource forstudents who need to understand the theory, instrumentation, andapplications of FT-IR.

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Solutions Manual for Exploring Chemical Analysis

Solutions Manual for Exploring Chemical Analysis Lowest new price: $74.99
Lowest used price: $61.99
List price: $86.99
Author: Daniel C. Harris
Brand: Brand: W. H. Freeman and Company

This manual includes solutions to all problems found in the text.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Introduction to Modern Liquid Chromatography

Introduction to Modern Liquid Chromatography Lowest new price: $79.48
Lowest used price: $65.00
List price: $153.00
Author: Lloyd R. Snyder
Brand: Snyder, Lloyd R./ Kirkland, Joseph J./ Dolan, John W.

The latest edition of the authoritative reference to HPLC

High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) is today theleading technique for chemical analysis and related applications,with an ability to separate, analyze, and/or purify virtually anysample. Snyder and Kirkland's Introduction to Modern LiquidChromatography has long represented the premier reference toHPLC. This Third Edition, with John Dolan as added coauthor,addresses important improvements in columns and equipment, as wellas major advances in our understanding of HPLC separation, ourability to solve problems that were troublesome in the past, andthe application of HPLC for new kinds of samples.

This carefully considered Third Edition maintains thestrengths of the previous edition while significantly modifying itsorganization in light of recent research and experience. The textbegins by introducing the reader to HPLC, its use in relation toother modern separation techniques, and its history, then leadsinto such specific topics as:

  • The basis of HPLC separation and the general effects ofdifferent experimental conditions
  • Equipment and detection
  • The column—the "heart" of the HPLC system
  • Reversed-phase separation, normal-phase chromatography,gradient elution, two-dimensional separation, and othertechniques
  • Computer simulation, qualitative and quantitative analysis, andmethod validation and quality control
  • The separation of large molecules, including both biologicaland synthetic polymers
  • Chiral separations, preparative separations, and samplepreparation
  • Systematic development of HPLC separations—new to thisedition
  • Troubleshooting tricks, techniques, and case studies for bothequipment and chromatograms
Designed to fulfill the needs of the full range of HPLC users, fromnovices to experts, Introduction to Modern LiquidChromatography, Third Edition offers the most up-to-date,comprehensive, and accessible survey of HPLC methods andapplications available.

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Introduction to Semimicro Qualitative Analysis (8th Edition)

Introduction to Semimicro Qualitative Analysis (8th Edition) Lowest new price: $97.16
Lowest used price: $37.10
List price: $110.80
Author: Joseph T Lagowski
Brand: Brand: Prentice Hall

This self-teaching lab manual presents a process for learning descriptive chemistry in the format of a scheme of analysis. Readers are challenged to call upon their manipulative and observational skills to provide the basis for identifying a substance or a mixture of substances. Describes the strategy of qualitative analysis so that readers have a review of the principles readily available when they are engaged in the details of laboratory work. Presents the concepts involved in qualitative analysis, systematically dealing with the nature of the chemical compounds. Features well-tested analytical procedures. Provides an early introduction to the principles of “green chemistry.” Includes a list of required equipment and a list of all reagents used with directions for preparing all solutions. A self-teaching manual useful for anyone who wants to learn more about chemistry in the laboratory.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Solution Manual for Quantitative Chemical Analysis

Solution Manual for Quantitative Chemical Analysis Lowest new price: $55.00
Lowest used price: $9.47
List price: $68.99
Author: Daniel C. Harris
Brand: Brand: W. H. Freeman

This manual provides complete, step-by-step, worked-out solutions for all problems and exercises in the main text, allowing students to review and further develop their approach to them.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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