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Clinical Chemistry

Chem Lab Basics (Quick Study Academic)

Chem Lab Basics (Quick Study Academic) Lowest new price: $3.00
Lowest used price: $0.25
List price: $4.95
Author: Inc. BarCharts
Brand: QuickStudy

This 2-page study guide contains basic chemistry analysis and concepts designed specifically to aid science students.

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Synthesis and Technique in Inorganic Chemistry: A Laboratory Manual

Synthesis and Technique in Inorganic Chemistry: A Laboratory Manual Lowest new price: $72.64
Lowest used price: $55.01
List price: $84.00
Author: Gregory S. Girolami
Brand: Brand: University Science Books

Previously by Angelici, this laboratory manual for an upper-level undergraduate or graduate course in inorganic synthesis has for many years been the standard in the field. In this newly revised third edition, the manual has been extensively updated to reflect new developments in inorganic chemistry. Twenty-three experiments are divided into five sections: solid state chemistry, main group chemistry, coordination chemistry, organometallic chemistry, and bioinorganic chemistry. The included experiments are safe, have been thoroughly tested to ensure reproducibility, are illustrative of modern issues in inorganic chemistry, and are capable of being performed in one or two laboratory periods of three or four hours. Because facilities vary from school to school, the authors have included a broad range of experiments to help provide a meaningful course in almost any academic setting. Each clearly written & illustrated experiment begins with an introduction that hig! hlights the theme of the experiment, often including a discussion of a particular characterization method that will be used, followed by the experimental procedure, a set of problems, a listing of suggested Independent Studies, and literature references.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Laboratory Safety for Chemistry Students

Laboratory Safety for Chemistry Students Lowest new price: $35.91
Lowest used price: $32.04
List price: $74.95
Author: Prof. Robert H. Hill Jr.
Brand: Wiley

Provides knowledge and models of good practice needed by students to work safely in the laboratory as they progress through four years of undergraduate laboratory work 

  • Aligns with the revised safety instruction requirements from the ACS Committee on Professional Training 2015 “Guidelines and Evaluation Procedures for Bachelor’s Degree Programs”
  • Provides a systematic approach to incorporating safety and health into the chemistry curriculum
  • Topics are divided into layers of progressively more advanced and appropriate safety issues so that some topics are covered 2-3 times, at increasing levels of depth
  • Develops a strong safety ethic by continuous reinforcement of safety; to recognize, assess, and manage laboratory hazards; and to plan for response to laboratory emergencies
  • Covers a thorough exposure to chemical health and safety so that students will have the proper education and training when they enter the workforce or graduate school


  • Wiley

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Chemical Magic (Dover Books on Chemistry)

Chemical Magic (Dover Books on Chemistry) Lowest new price: $2.96
Lowest used price: $1.99
List price: $7.95
Author: Leonard A. Ford

Classic guide provides intriguing entertainment while elucidating sound scientific principles, with more than 100 unusual stunts: cold fire, dust explosions, a nylon rope trick, a disappearing beaker, much more.

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2: Perfumes, Cosmetics and Soaps: Volume II The Production, Manufacture and Application of Perfumes (Volume 2)

2: Perfumes, Cosmetics and Soaps: Volume II The Production, Manufacture and Application of Perfumes (Volume 2) Lowest new price: $221.51
Lowest used price: $220.80
List price: $249.99
Author: W.A. Poucher

During the past decade there have been many changes in the perfumery industry which are not so much due to the discovery and application of new raw materials, but rather to the astronomic increase in the cost of labour required to produce them. This is reflected more particularly in the flower industry, where the cost of collecting the blossoms delivered to the factories has gone up year after year, so much so that most flowers with the possible exception of Mimosa, have reached a cost price which has compelled the perfumer to either reduce his purchases of absolutes and concretes, or alternatively to substitute them from a cheaper source, or even to discontinue their use. This development raises an important and almost insoluble problem for the perfumer, who is faced with the necessity of trying to keep unchanged the bouquet of his fragrances, and moreover, to ensure no loss of strength and diffusiveness. Of course, this problem applies more especially to the adjustment of formulae for established perfumes, because in every new creation the present high cost of raw materials receives imperative con­ sideration before the formula is approved.

Laboratory Experiments for Introduction to General, Organic and Biochemistry

Laboratory Experiments for Introduction to General, Organic and Biochemistry Lowest new price: $59.95
Lowest used price: $17.76
List price: $195.95
Author: Frederick A. Bettelheim
Brand: Cengage Learning

The 48 experiments in this well-conceived manual illustrate important concepts and principles in general, organic, and biochemistry. As in previous editions, three basic goals guided the development of all the experiments: (1) the experiments illustrate the concepts learned in the classroom; (2) the experiments are clearly and concisely written so that readers will easily understand the task at hand, will work with minimal supervision because the manual provides enough information on experimental procedures, and will be able to perform the experiments in a 2-1/2 hour laboratory period; and (3) the experiments are not only simple demonstrations, but also contain a sense of discovery. This edition includes many revised experiments and two new experiments.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Accurate Results in the Clinical Laboratory: A Guide to Error Detection and Correction

Accurate Results in the Clinical Laboratory: A Guide to Error Detection and Correction Lowest new price: $64.95
Lowest used price: $54.94
List price: $99.95
Brand: Brand: Elsevier

This practical, easy-to-use guide, named to Doody’s Core Titles 2013, addresses interference issues in all laboratory tests, including patient epigenetics, process of specimen collection, enzymes, biomarkers. Clinicians and laboratory scientists can therefore rely on one reference which speaks to both their needs of accurate specimen analysis and optimal patient care.

Erroneous hospital and pathology laboratory results can be confusing and problematic, especially in acute care situations. While some factors creating interference, can be identified in the laboratory, detecting many others is often dependent on clinical details unavailable to the laboratory scientists or pathologists. Therefore, clinicians must become proficient in identifying such erroneous reports, and working with pathologists and laboratory scientists so that they can understand the source of such interferences, correct the results, and then decide what course of action must be followed for proper patient management.

  • Named to Doody’s Core Titles 2013, a collection development tool for health sciences libraries of all sizes, by Doody Enterprises
  • Practical information for both clinicians and laboratory scientists, presented in the form of tables and charts for easy reference
  • Focus on range and sources of interferences rather than details of toxicologic mechanisms which are well covered in toxicology textbooks
  • Covers interferences across endocrine, oncology, hematology, immunohistochemistry, immunology, serology, microbiology, and molecular testing


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Bioconjugate Techniques, Third Edition

Bioconjugate Techniques, Third Edition Lowest new price: $95.47
Lowest used price: $82.33
List price: $124.95
Author: Greg T. Hermanson

Bioconjugate Techniques, 3rd Edition, is the essential guide to the modification and cross linking of biomolecules for use in research, diagnostics, and therapeutics. It provides highly detailed information on the chemistry, reagent systems, and practical applications for creating labeled or conjugate molecules. It also describes dozens of reactions, with details on hundreds of commercially available reagents and the use of these reagents for modifying or crosslinking peptides and proteins, sugars and polysaccharides, nucleic acids and oligonucleotides, lipids, and synthetic polymers.

  • Offers a one-stop source for proven methods and protocols for synthesizing bioconjugates in the lab
  • Provides step-by-step presentation makes the book an ideal source for researchers who are less familiar with the synthesis of bioconjugates
  • Features full color illustrations
  • Includes a more extensive introduction into the vast field of bioconjugation and one of the most thorough overviews of immobilization chemistry ever presented

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Tietz Clinical Guide to Laboratory Tests Fourth Edition

Tietz Clinical Guide to Laboratory Tests Fourth Edition Lowest new price: $59.05
Lowest used price: $21.99
List price: $87.95
Author: Alan Wu
Brand: Saunders

This useful book has been brought right up to date by Dr. Richard McPherson, Chairman of the Department of Pathology at the Medical College of Virginia. The same overall organization and content that clinical users have found so helpful over the past three editions has been updated, with new content being added to all areas.

New information in this edition includes:
SECTION I: General Clinical Tests

  • More on amino acids and cardiovascular disease risk assessment in adults
  • Blood grouping and identification of red cell antibodies with specific antigens and procedures
  • The addition of bromide to the Electrolytes section
  • Updated information on the clinical utility of existing Endocrinology tests
  • Significant expansion in Hemostasis, including many new assays in thrombophilia and other areas
  • In the Immunology section, there are many new essays in cellular immunity, flow cytometry, and autoimmunity
  • Many more new drugs and methods under Interferences
  • In the section on Tumor Markers, there is added information about the FDA's new approval policy
  • NEW topic: Geriatric Laboratory Testing
  • · SECTION II: Molecular Pathology
  • This section has been expanded significantly to reflect the experiences laboratories have had with new *DNA tests implemented over the last five years, especially in the areas of infectious diseases and identity testing.
  • · SECTION III: Therapeutic Drugs
  • Several newly introduced drugs have been added to this section.
  • · SECTION IV: Microbiology
  • General updates to match the advances in research and practice.
    • Tests are divided into 8 main sections and arranged alphabetically.
    • Each test includes necessary information such as test name (or disorder) and method, specimens and special requirements, reference ranges, chemical interferences and in vivo effects, kinetic values, diagnostic information, factors influencing drug disposition, and clinical comments and remarks.
    • The most current and relevant tests are included; outdated tests have been eliminated.
    • Test index (with extensive cross references) and disease index provide the reader with an easy way to find necessary information
    • Four new sections in key areas (Preanalytical, Flow Cytometry, Pharmacogenomics, and Allergy) make this edition current and useful.
    • New editor Alan Wu, who specializes in Clinical Chemistry and Toxicology, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to this edition.
    • The Molecular Diagnostics section has been greatly expanded due to the increased prevalence of new molecular techniques being used in laboratories.
    • References are now found after each test, rather than at the end of each section, for easier access.


    • Used Book in Good Condition

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    Clinical Laboratory Chemistry

    Clinical Laboratory Chemistry Lowest new price: $124.90
    Lowest used price: $49.99
    List price: $146.20
    Author: Robert L. Sunheimer

    Clinical Laboratory Chemistry is a part of Pearson’s Clinical Laboratory Science series of books, which is designed to balance theory and application in an engaging and useful way. Readable and up-to-date, this book concentrates on clinically significant analytes professionals are likely to encounter in the lab. Highly detailed technical information and real-life case studies help learners envision themselves as members of the health care team—providing the laboratory services specific to chemistry that assist in patient care.  Its fundamental approach and special features allow students to analyze and synthesize information, and better understand the ever-evolving nature of clinical chemistry. Special features in this book include:

  • Key terms alert
  • A Case-in-Point chapter openers highlight actual medical cases or situations that can occur in a clinical laboratory
  • What’s Ahead bulleted summaries identify the main topics or issues the reader should focus on
  • Checkpoints allow readers to reflect on the material and answer questions or apply information covered in that section
  • A Summary concludes each chapter and provides material for review
  • Two levels of Review Questions
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