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The Self-Improvement Journey: Becoming The Best Version Of Yourself

The Self-Improvement Journey: Becoming The Best Version Of Yourself Lowest new price: $6.20
Lowest used price: $10.03
List price: $6.20
Author: Ryan Dieudonne

A #1 Best Seller
A #1 New Release
Get More Out Of Life
If you want to improve your life, improve yourself.

Self improvement expert Ryan dieudonne asserts, "Most people don't realize that successful and unsuccessful people do not differ substantially in their abilities. They vary in their desire to reach their potential. The way they reach that potential is through commitment to self improvement."
The Self-Improvement journey provides the essentials leaders need to keep striving for excellence no matter where they are or what they are doing. Some lessons you will learn from Ryan's years of experience:

• Secret of becoming a lifelong learner
• Where to focus your time for maximum growth
• What sacrifices are worth making to keep getting better
• How to overcome obstacles to self-improvement
This Book Also Covers
• Becoming happier and more positive
• Overcoming bad addictions
• Losing weight
• Procrastination
• Learning to work harder
• Breaking bad habits
• Time management
• Positive Thinking
• Overcoming limiting beliefs
• Chasing your dreams
• Mastering your emotions
• Never giving up on yourself
• Overcoming fear
& Motivation for you every day!

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Structure of Materials: An Introduction to Crystallography, Diffraction and Symmetry

Structure of Materials: An Introduction to Crystallography, Diffraction and Symmetry Lowest new price: $117.95
Lowest used price: $500.00
List price: $132.00
Author: Marc De Graef
Brand: Marc De Graef

This highly readable, popular textbook for upper undergraduates and graduates comprehensively covers the fundamentals of crystallography and symmetry, applying these concepts to a large range of materials. New to this edition are more streamlined coverage of crystallography, additional coverage of magnetic point group symmetry and updated material on extraterrestrial minerals and rocks. New exercises at the end of chapters, plus over 500 additional exercises available online, allow students to check their understanding of key concepts and put into practice what they have learnt. Over 400 illustrations within the text help students visualise crystal structures and more abstract mathematical objects, supporting more difficult topics like point group symmetries. Historical and biographical sections add colour and interest by giving an insight into those who have contributed significantly to the field. Supplementary online material includes password-protected solutions, over 100 crystal structure data files, and Powerpoints of figures from the book.


  • Structure of Materials An Introduction to Crystallography Diffraction and Symmetry

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Beyond the Crystalline State: An Emerging Perspective (Springer Series in Solid-State Sciences)

Beyond the Crystalline State: An Emerging Perspective (Springer Series in Solid-State Sciences) Lowest new price: $94.49
Lowest used price: $93.60
List price: $99.00
Author: Ganesan Venkataraman
Brand: Brand: Springer

Condensed matter exhibits a rich variety of phases. Of these, the crystalline state has, until recently, received most attention. This is not surprising, given the geometric regularity of crystals. At the other extreme one has amorphous materials. In between there are the various types of liquid crystals, the recently discovered quasicrystals, and so on. While the absence of the high degree of regularity that characterizes the crystalline phase is certainly a problem, these noncrystalline states have nevertheless been receiving some attention over the years. However, it is only during the last few years that something like a uni­ fied view of all these phases has begun to emerge, through an application of various sophisticated concepts. Geometry and symmetry (and unusual realiza­ tions of the latter) provide a unifying thread in this new and emerging perspec­ tive. This book is an attempt to capture the flavour of some of these recent de­ velopments. The approach is substantially descriptive, being intended to be accessible not only to experimental physicists, but also to chemists, materials scientists, metallurgists and ceramicists, whose work borders on physics. The prerequisites for a study of this book are a familiarity with basic solid-state physics and, in places, the elements of group theory and statistical mechanics. A few special topics are included at the end to aid those who wish to pur sure further the subject matter treated here.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

Crystallography Made Crystal Clear, Third Edition: A Guide for Users of Macromolecular Models (Complementary Science)

Crystallography Made Crystal Clear, Third Edition: A Guide for Users of Macromolecular Models (Complementary Science) Lowest new price: $56.30
Lowest used price: $29.75
List price: $63.95
Author: Gale Rhodes
Brand: Academic Press

Crystallography Made Crystal Clear makes crystallography accessible to readers who have no prior knowledge of the field or its mathematical basis. This is the most comprehensive and concise reference for beginning Macromolecular crystallographers, written by a leading expert in the field. Rhodes' uses visual and geometric models to help readers understand the mathematics that form the basis of x-ray crystallography. He has invested a great deal of time and effort on World Wide Web tools for users of models, including beginning-level tutorials in molecular modeling on personal computers. Rhodes' personal CMCC Home Page also provides access to tools and links to resources discussed in the text. Most significantly, the final chapter introduces the reader to macromolecular modeling on personal computers-featuring SwissPdbViewer, a free, powerful modeling program now available for PC, Power Macintosh, and Unix computers. This updated and expanded new edition uses attractive four-color art, web tool access for further study, and concise language to explain the basis of X-ray crystallography, increasingly vital in today's research labs.

* Helps readers to understand where models come from, so they don't use them blindly and
* Provides many visual and geometric models for understanding a largely mathematical method
* Allows readers to judge whether recently published models are of sufficiently high quality and detail to be useful in their own work
* Allows readers to study macromolecular structure independently and in an open-ended fashion on their own computers, without being limited to textbook or journals illustrations
* Provides access to web tools in a format that will not go out of date. Links will be updated and added as existing resources change location or are added


  • Academic Press

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Theory of Dislocations

Theory of Dislocations Lowest new price: $130.00
Lowest used price: $110.50
List price: $130.00
Author: Peter M. Anderson

Theory of Dislocations provides unparalleled coverage of the fundamentals of dislocation theory, with applications to specific metal and ionic crystals. Rather than citing final results, step-by-step developments are provided to offer an in-depth understanding of the topic. The text provides the solid theoretical foundation for researchers to develop modeling and computational approaches to discrete dislocation plasticity, yet it covers important experimental observations related to the effects of crystal structure, temperature, nucleation mechanisms, and specific systems. This new edition incorporates significant advances in theory, experimental observations of dislocations, and new findings from first principles and atomistic treatments of dislocations. Also included are new discussions on thin films, deformation in nanostructured systems, and connection to crystal plasticity and strain gradient continuum formulations. Several new computer programs and worked problems allow the reader to understand, visualize, and implement dislocation theory concepts.

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Transmission Electron Microscopy and Diffractometry of Materials

Transmission Electron Microscopy and Diffractometry of Materials Lowest new price: $50.99
Lowest used price: $43.10
List price: $129.00
Author: Brent Fultz

This textbook develops the concepts of transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and x-ray diffractometry (XRD) that are important for the characterization of materials. It emphasizes themes common to both techniques, such as scattering from atoms, wave interference, and the formation and analysis of diffraction patterns. It explains the uniqueness of each technique, especially imaging and spectroscopy in the TEM. Simple citations of rules are avoided as much as possible, and both practical and theoretical issues are explained in detail. The book can be used as both an introductory and advanced-level graduate text since sections/chapters are sorted according to difficulty and grouped for use in quarter and semester courses on TEM and XRD. Numerous problems are provided at the end of each chapter to reinforce key concepts, and solutions are available to instructors. Appendices provide procedures for introductory laboratory exercises, and up-to-date tabulations of physical data useful for TEM and XRD.

Introduction to Crystallography (Dover Books on Chemistry)

Introduction to Crystallography (Dover Books on Chemistry) Lowest new price: $8.00
Lowest used price: $2.19
List price: $14.95
Author: Donald E. Sands

"This is truly a delightful monograph." — Canadian Chemical Education
Designed as a useful, accessible introduction to the logical development of basic crystallographic concepts, this book presents important principles in a clear, concise manner that will enable the nonspecialist to read and comprehend crystallographic literature. Explanations are concise and mathematical prerequisites have been kept to a minimum.
In the first four chapters, the author presents the vocabulary of crystallography, with discussions of lattice points, unit cells, symmetry, point groups, crystal systems, space groups, and equivalent positions. The principles of x-ray diffraction and methods of determining crystal structures are summarized in the next two chapters. The final chapter describes various simple structures. Appendixes list the 230 space groups, introduce the reciprocal lattice, and describe the powder method. A well-chosen selection of problems (with solutions) encourages self-study.
Ideal as the basis for a course in crystallography and highly useful as an adjunct to physical chemistry courses, this book will also serve as an excellent reference for practicing chemists, mineralogists, metallurgists, and other workers in the field. 1969 edition.

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Snow Crystals (Dover Pictorial Archive)

Snow Crystals (Dover Pictorial Archive) Lowest new price: $13.97
Lowest used price: $0.22
List price: $22.95
Author: W. A. Bentley

"Offers valuable material not only to students of crystallography but also to those of the arts." — The New York Times
Did you ever try to photograph a snowflake? The procedure is very tricky. The work must be done rapidly in extreme cold, for even body heat can melt a rare specimen that has been painstakingly mounted. The lighting must be just right to reveal all the nuances of design without producing heat. But the results can be rewarding, as the work of W. A. Bentley proved.
For almost half a century, Bentley caught and photographed thousands of snowflakes in his workshop at Jericho, Vermont, and made available to scientists and art instructors samples of his remarkable work. In 1931, the American Meteorological Society gathered together the best of these photomicrographs, plus some slides of frost, glaze, dew on vegetation and spider webs, sleet, and soft hail, and a text by W. J. Humphreys, and had them published. That book is here reproduced, unaltered, and unabridged. Over 2,000 beautiful crystals on these pages reveal the wonder of nature's diversity in uniformity; no two are alike, yet all are based on a common hexagon.
The introductory text covers the technique of photographing snow crystals, classification, the fundamentals of crystallography, and markings. There are also brief discussions of the nature and cause of ice flowers, windowpane frost, dew, rime, sleet, and graupel.
The book is of great value both to students of ice forms and for textile and other designers who can use the natural designs of these snow crystals in their work. Every photograph is royalty-free; you may use up to 10 without fees, permission, or acknowledgement.
"A most unusual and very readable book." — Nature

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Physical Properties of Crystals: Their Representation by Tensors and Matrices

Physical Properties of Crystals: Their Representation by Tensors and Matrices Lowest new price: $69.15
Lowest used price: $53.33
List price: $110.00
Author: J. F. Nye

First published in 1957, this classic study has been reissued in a paperback version that includes an additional chapter bringing the material up to date. The author formulates the physical properties of crystals systematically in tensor notation, presenting tensor properties in terms of their common mathematical basis and the thermodynamic relations between them. The mathematical groundwork is laid in a discussion of tensors of the first and second ranks. Tensors of higher ranks and matrix methods are then introduced as natural developments of the theory. A similar pattern is followed in discussing thermodynamic and optical aspects.

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Crystal and Gem (Eyewitness books)

Crystal and Gem (Eyewitness books) Lowest new price: $14.95
Lowest used price: $1.99
List price: $19.00
Author: R.F. Symes

Full-color photos. Learn about the formation and practical uses of crystals, semiprecious stones, and precious metals.

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