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003: Molten Salt Techniques: Volume 3

003: Molten Salt Techniques: Volume 3 Lowest new price: $337.80
Lowest used price: $75.95
List price: $99.00

The physicist Kamerlingh Onnes, who was the first to liquify helium (1908), had written on the walls of his laboratory in Leiden: "From measur­ ing to knowing." As true as this is at very low temperatures, it is just as applicable at the high temperatures of molten salts. Only on the basis of exact measurements by a plethora of experimental methods can any real understanding be reached of both classes of liquids. In both temperature ranges experimental difficulties are much greater than those encountered around ambient temperature. Molten salts often present a formidable challenge to the experimen­ talist, for example, because of corrosion and other materials problems. Applications of molten salts were for a long time based on empirical knowledge alone. This was true for the first application of molten salts in 1807, when Davy obtained sodium and potassium by electrolysis of the molten hydroxides. For 100 years the winning of aluminum has been based on the very nearly simultaneous invention by Hall and Heroult (1886) of the electrolysis of molten cryolite. The process, though essentially unchanged, has since been perfected owing to an improvement in our understanding of what actually happens, based on difficult measurements ofthe many variables. However, even now there are gaps in our knowledge.


Snowflakes Lowest new price: $147.68
Lowest used price: $11.49
List price: $19.99
Author: Kenneth Libbrecht

A cute giftbook packed with glorious color microphotography of real snow crystals by Dr. Snow—Caltech physicist Kenneth Libbrecht. His photos of snowflakes have appeared in National Geographic, the New York Times, and on Martha Stewart’s TV show, as well as numerous other places. This thick “cube” book is packed with a blizzard’s worth of amazing images as well as literary quotes on the beauty of snow.

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Elementary Dislocation Theory

Elementary Dislocation Theory Lowest new price: $69.95
Lowest used price: $19.09
List price: $69.95
Author: Johannes Weertman

This classic text of elementary dislocation theory has been reprinted to fulfill persistent demand. Because it approaches elementary dislocation theory from its most basic level, the material contained in the volume is as up-to-date as when it was first published. The text addresses many aspects of dislocation theory, including the nature of dislocations, Burgers vectors, motion and its impact on dislocations, internal stresses of dislocations, and multiplication of dislocations. The topics of this text are fundamental to the theory of dislocation behavior. Because dislocation is now widely recognized as a key factor determining the behavior of crystalline solids, specialists in electronics materials, as well as fracture mechanics, and materials science and engineering should have a solid grounding in this field. A large number of problems is provided in the text.

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Industrial Crystallization: Fundamentals and Applications

Industrial Crystallization: Fundamentals and Applications Lowest new price: $57.46
Lowest used price: $63.06
List price: $88.00
Author: A.E. Lewis
Brand: Lewis Alison

Bridging the gap between theory and practice, this text provides the reader with a comprehensive overview of industrial crystallization. Newcomers will learn all of the most important topics in industrial crystallization, from key concepts and basic theory to industrial practices. Topics covered include the characterization of a crystalline product and the basic process design for crystallization, as well as batch crystallization, measurement techniques, and details on precipitation, melt crystallization and polymorphism. Each chapter begins with an introduction explaining the importance of the topic, and is supported by homework problems and worked examples. Real world case studies are also provided, as well as new industry-relevant information, making this is an ideal resource for industry practitioners, students, and researchers in the fields of industrial crystallization, separation processes, particle synthesis, and particle technology.


  • Industrial Crystallization Fundamentals and Applications

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Hydrogen: The Essential Element

Hydrogen: The Essential Element Lowest new price: $15.50
Lowest used price: $5.86
List price: $29.95
Author: John S. Rigden
Brand: Brand: Harvard University Press

Seduced by simplicity, physicists find themselves endlessly fascinated by hydrogen, the simplest of atoms. Hydrogen has shocked, it has surprised, it has embarrassed, it has humbled--and again and again it has guided physicists to the edge of new vistas where the promise of basic understanding and momentous insights beckoned. The allure of hydrogen, crucial to life and critical to scientific discovery, is at the center of this book, which tells a story that begins with the big bang and continues to unfold today.

In this biography of hydrogen, John Rigden shows how this singular atom, the most abundant in the universe, has helped unify our understanding of the material world from the smallest scale, the elementary particles, to the largest, the universe itself. It is a tale of startling discoveries and dazzling practical benefits spanning more than one hundred years--from the first attempt to identify the basic building block of atoms in the mid-nineteenth century to the discovery of the Bose-Einstein condensate only a few years ago. With Rigden as an expert and engaging guide, we see how hydrogen captured the imagination of many great scientists--such as Heisenberg, Pauli, Schrödinger, Dirac, and Rabi--and how their theories and experiments with this simple atom led to such complex technical innovations as magnetic resonance imaging, the maser clock, and global positioning systems. Along the way, we witness the transformation of science from an endeavor of inspired individuals to a monumental enterprise often requiring the cooperation of hundreds of scientists around the world.

Still, any biography of hydrogen has to end with a question: What new surprises await us?


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Elementary Crystallography: An Introduction to the Fundamental Geometrical Features of Crystals

Elementary Crystallography: An Introduction to the Fundamental Geometrical Features of Crystals Lowest new price: $347.84
Lowest used price: $79.95
Author: Martin J. Buerger

An introduction to the fundamental geometrical features of crystals.

14: Crystal Structure Analysis: A Primer (Iucr Texts on Crystallography)

14: Crystal Structure Analysis: A Primer (Iucr Texts on Crystallography) Lowest new price: $42.41
Lowest used price: $59.36
List price: $119.95
Author: Jenny Pickworth Glusker

Crystal Structure Analysis, Third Edition, explains how and why the detailed three-dimensional architecture of molecules can be determined by an analysis of the diffraction patterns obtained when X-rays or neutrons are scattered by the atoms in single crystals. Part 1 covers the nature of the crystalline state, diffraction in general, and diffraction by crystals, and also looks briefly at experimental procedures. Part II examines the problem of converting the experimentally obtained data into a model of the atomic arrangement that scattered these beams. Part III discusses techniques for refining the approximate structure to the degree warranted by the experimental data. It also describes the many types of information that can be obtained by modern crystal structure analysis. The text is enhanced by numerous illustrations, a detailed glossary, and several appendices that cover mathematical details.

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Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry Lowest new price: $41.59
Lowest used price: $11.23
Author: Duward Shriver

This book is in really good condition, full pages. The print had a problem when cutting the pages of this book, the upper part of good portion of the book is cut so that it only shows half of the number. But All the information of every page is intact. It does have that defect. but the information (the important part) is there.

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Basic Crystallography

Basic Crystallography Lowest new price: $109.97
Lowest used price: $45.00
List price: $219.00
Author: J.-J. Rousseau
Brand: J Rousseau

Basic Crystallography J. -J. Rousseau Department of Physics, University of Maine, Le Mans, France Translated from the French by A. James, University of Picardie, France Basic Crystallography deals with the basic principles of geometrical crystallography which are introduced through the study of lattices, symmetry operations and the enumeration and construction of point groups and space groups. Stereographic projection is used to enable students to visualise crystallographic structures in real space. The author devotes the second part of the book to X-ray crystallography, showing how different diffraction directions depend on the lattice and how spot intensities are related to the unit-cell. To give students an understanding of the principles of structural determination, the classical techniques of diffraction and methods of interpreting spectra are examined. To tackle the more challenging aspects of the subject, help is given to the student in the form of exercises with answers and a computer disk accompanies the book allowing readers to work through exercises and plot their own crystallographic data. Written primarily for final year undergraduate students of physics, chemistry, materials science and geometry the book will also be useful for engineering students.


  • Basic Crystallography

Properties of Materials: Anisotropy, Symmetry, Structure

Properties of Materials: Anisotropy, Symmetry, Structure Lowest new price: $61.37
Lowest used price: $66.37
List price: $88.00
Author: Robert E. Newnham
Brand: Oxford University Press USA

Crystals are sometimes called "Flowers of the Mineral Kingdom." In addition to their great beauty, crystals and other textured materials are enormously useful in electronics, optics, acoustics, and many other engineering applications. This richly illustrated text describes the underlying principles of crystal physics and chemistry, covering a wide range of topics, and illustrating numerous applications in many fields of engineering using the most important materials. It has been written at a level suitable for science and engineering students and cab be used for teaching a one- or two-semester course.

Tensors, matrices, symmetry, and structure-property relationships form the main subjects of the book. While tensors and matrices provide the mathematical framework for understanding anistropy, on which the physical and chemical properties of crystals and textured materials often depend, atomistic arguments are also needed to qualify the property coefficients in various directions. The atomistic arguments are partly based on symmetry and party on the basic physics and chemistry of materials.

After introducing the point groups appropriate for single crystals, textured materials, and ordered magnetic structures, the directional properties of many different materials are described: linear and nonlinear elasticity, piezoelectricity and electrostriction, magnetic phenomena, diffusion and other transport properties, and both primary and secondary ferroic behavior. With crystal optics (its roots in classical mineralogy) having become an important component of the information age, nonlinear optics is described along with the piezo-optics and electro-optics, and analagous linear and nonlinear acoustic wave phenomena. Enantiomorphism, optical activity, and chemical anisotropy are discussed in the final chapters of the book.


  • Oxford University Press USA

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