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Compendium of Thermophysical Property Measurement Methods: Volume 2 Recommended Measurement Techniques and Practices

Compendium of Thermophysical Property Measurement Methods: Volume 2 Recommended Measurement Techniques and Practices Lowest new price: $83.22
Lowest used price: $92.30
List price: $109.00
Brand: Brand: Springer

Building on the extensive coverage of the first volume, Volume 2 focuses on the fundamentals of measurements and computational techniques that will aid researchers in the construction and use of measurement devices.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

Biomolecular Crystallography: Principles, Practice, and Application to Structural Biology

Biomolecular Crystallography: Principles, Practice, and Application to Structural Biology Lowest new price: $89.85
Lowest used price: $95.63
List price: $176.00
Author: Bernhard Rupp
Brand: Brand: Garland Science

Synthesizing over thirty years of advances into a comprehensive textbook, Biomolecular Crystallography describes the fundamentals, practices, and applications of protein crystallography.  Deftly illustrated in full-color by the author, the text describes mathematical and physical concepts in accessible and accurate language. It distills key concepts for understanding the practice and analysis of protein crystal structures and contains examples of biologically-relevant molecules, complexes, and drug target structures.

Biomolecular Crystallography will be a valuable resource for advanced undergraduate and graduate students and practitioners in structural biology, crystallography, and structural bioinformatics.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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The Biophysical Chemistry of Nucleic Acids and Proteins

The Biophysical Chemistry of Nucleic Acids and Proteins Lowest new price: $130.00
Lowest used price: $117.00
List price: $130.00
Author: Thomas E. Creighton

Who will buy this book? University students and scientists in the biological sciences. DNA, RNA and proteins are undoubtedly the most important biological molecules. Being large macromolecules, their physical, chemical and biological properties can differ dramatically from those of the monomers from which they are made. Described here are their primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary structures; their evolutionary origins; their unfolding and refolding; their chemical synthesis and manipulation; their physical interactions with other molecules, which often result in catalysis of chemical reactions in one or both of them; and the various ways in which the catalytic activities of enzymes are controlled and regulated. Colour is used liberally throughout the volume to enhance the many illustrations.

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Industrial Crystallization: Fundamentals and Applications

Industrial Crystallization: Fundamentals and Applications Lowest new price: $84.47
Lowest used price: $70.94
List price: $88.00
Author: A.E. Lewis
Brand: Lewis Alison

Bridging the gap between theory and practice, this text provides the reader with a comprehensive overview of industrial crystallization. Newcomers will learn all of the most important topics in industrial crystallization, from key concepts and basic theory to industrial practices. Topics covered include the characterization of a crystalline product and the basic process design for crystallization, as well as batch crystallization, measurement techniques, and details on precipitation, melt crystallization and polymorphism. Each chapter begins with an introduction explaining the importance of the topic, and is supported by homework problems and worked examples. Real world case studies are also provided, as well as new industry-relevant information, making this is an ideal resource for industry practitioners, students, and researchers in the fields of industrial crystallization, separation processes, particle synthesis, and particle technology.


  • Industrial Crystallization Fundamentals and Applications

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International Tables for Crystallography, Volume C

International Tables for Crystallography, Volume C Lowest used price: $140.00
List price: $275.00

International Tables for Crystallography are no longer available for purchase from Springer. For further information please contact Wiley Inc. The purpose of Volume C is to provide the mathematical, physical, and chemical information needed for experimental studies in structural crystallography. This new edition features two completely new chapters, on reflectometry and neutron topography. More than half of the text has been revised and updated, and there are extensive updates and corrections to tabular material.
Volume C covers all aspects of experimental techniques, using all three principal radiation types, from the selection and mounting of crystals and production of radiation through data collection and analysis to interpretation of results.
Audience: The volume is an essential source of information for all workers using crystallographic techniques in physics, chemistry, metallurgy, earth sciences, and molecular biology.

High-Resolution Electron Microscopy

High-Resolution Electron Microscopy Lowest new price: $45.55
Lowest used price: $52.85
List price: $59.95
Author: John C. H. Spence

This new fourth edition of the standard text on atomic-resolution transmission electron microscopy (TEM) retains previous material on the fundamentals of electron optics and aberration correction, linear imaging theory (including wave aberrations to fifth order) with partial coherence, and multiple-scattering theory. Also preserved are updated earlier sections on practical methods, with detailed step-by-step accounts of the procedures needed to obtain the highest quality images of atoms and molecules using a modern TEM or STEM electron microscope. Applications sections have been updated - these include the semiconductor industry, superconductor research, solid state chemistry and nanoscience, and metallurgy, mineralogy, condensed matter physics, materials science and material on cryo-electron microscopy for structural biology. New or expanded sections have been added on electron holography, aberration correction, field-emission guns, imaging filters, super-resolution methods, Ptychography, Ronchigrams, tomography, image quantification and simulation, radiation damage, the measurement of electron-optical parameters, and detectors (CCD cameras, Image plates and direct-injection solid state detectors). The theory of Scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) and Z-contrast are treated comprehensively. Chapters are devoted to associated techniques, such as energy-loss spectroscopy, Alchemi, nanodiffraction, environmental TEM, twisty beams for magnetic imaging, and cathodoluminescence. Sources of software for image interpretation and electron-optical design are given.

Handbook of Crystal Growth, Volume 2A-2B, Second Edition: Bulk Crystal Growth

Handbook of Crystal Growth, Volume 2A-2B, Second Edition: Bulk Crystal Growth Lowest new price: $345.77
Lowest used price: $145.00
List price: $455.00

Vol 2A:   Basic Technologies

Handbook of Crystal Growth, 2nd Edition Volume IIA (Basic Technologies) presents basic growth technologies and modern crystal cutting methods. Particularly, the methodical fundamentals and development of technology in the field of bulk crystallization on both industrial and research scales are explored. After an introductory chapter on the formation of minerals, ruling historically the basic crystal formation parameters, advanced basic technologies from melt, solution, and vapour being applied for research and production of the today most important materials, like silicon, semiconductor compounds and oxides are presented in detail. The interdisciplinary and general importance of crystal growth for human live are illustrated.

Vol 2B:   Growth Mechanisms and Dynamics

Handbook of Crystal Growth, 2nd Edition Volume IIB (Growth Mechanisms and Dynamics) deals with characteristic mechanisms and dynamics accompanying each bulk crystal growth method discussed in Volume IIA. Before the atoms or molecules pass over from a position in the fluid medium (gas, melt or solution) to their place in the crystalline face they must be transported in the fluid over macroscopic distances by diffusion, buoyancy-driven convection, surface-tension-driven convection, and forced convection (rotation, acceleration, vibration, magnetic mixing). Further, the heat of fusion and the part carried by the species on their way to the crystal by conductive and convective transport must be dissipated in the solid phase by well-organized thermal conduction and radiation to maintain a stable propagating interface. Additionally, segregation and capillary phenomena play a decisional role for chemical composition and crystal shaping, respectively. Today, the increase of high-quality crystal yield, its size enlargement and reproducibility are imperative conditions to match the strong economy.

Volume 2A

  • Presents the status and future of Czochralski and float zone growth of dislocation-free silicon
  • Examines directional solidification of silicon ingots for photovoltaics, vertical gradient freeze of GaAs, CdTe for HF electronics and IR imaging as well as antiferromagnetic compounds and super alloys for turbine blades
  • Focuses on growth of dielectric and conducting oxide crystals for lasers and non-linear optics
  • Topics on hydrothermal, flux and vapour phase growth of III-nitrides, silicon carbide and diamond are explored

Volume 2B

  • Explores capillarity control of the crystal shape at the growth from the melt
  • Highlights modeling of heat and mass transport dynamics
  • Discusses control of convective melt processes by magnetic fields and vibration measures
  • Includes imperative information on the segregation phenomenon and validation of compositional homogeneity
  • Examines crystal defect generation mechanisms and their controllability
  • Illustrates proper automation modes for ensuring constant crystal growth process
  • Exhibits fundamentals of solution growth, gel growth of protein crystals, growth of superconductor materials and mass crystallization for food and pharmaceutical industries

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X-Ray Diffraction (Dover Books on Physics)

X-Ray Diffraction (Dover Books on Physics) Lowest new price: $12.90
Lowest used price: $9.53
List price: $19.95
Author: B. E. Warren

Basic diffraction theory has numerous important applications in solid-state physics and physical metallurgy, and this graduate-level text is the ideal introduction to the fundamentals of the discipline. Development is rigorous (throughout the book, the treatment is carried far enough to relate to experimentally observable quantities) and stress is placed on modern applications to nonstructural problems such as temperature vibration effects, order-disorder phenomena, crystal imperfections, the structure of amorphous materials, and the diffraction of x-rays in perfect crystals.
Carefully selected problems have been included at the end of each chapter to help the student test his or her grasp of the material. Professor Warren, a recognized authority on the use of x-rays to probe the structure of matter, is Professor Emeritus of Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Defects in Liquid Crystals: Computer Simulations, Theory and Experiments (Nato Science Series II:)

Defects in Liquid Crystals: Computer Simulations, Theory and Experiments (Nato Science Series II:) Lowest new price: $194.56
Lowest used price: $130.00
List price: $249.00
Brand: Oleg Lavrentovich

Topological defects are the subject of intensive studies in many different branches of physics ranging from cosmology to liquid crystals and from elementary particles to colloids and biological systems. Liquid crystals are fascinating materials which present a great variety of these mathematical objects and can therefore be considered as an extremely useful laboratory for topological defects.
This book is the first attempt to present together complementary approaches to the investigations of topological defects in liquid crystals using theory, experiments and computer simulations.


  • Defects in Liquid Crystals Computer Simulations Theory and Experiments Nato Science Series II

Aromatic Heterocyclic Chemistry (Oxford Chemistry Primers)

Aromatic Heterocyclic Chemistry (Oxford Chemistry Primers) Lowest new price: $20.95
Lowest used price: $8.88
List price: $25.00
Author: David T. Davies

Heterocyclic compounds are of prime importance to organic chemists working in the chemical industry, and heterocyclic chemistry is therefore a fundamental topic in undergraduate chemistry courses. The emphasis of this short text is on synthetic aspects, rather than properties, and it covers the essential details and basic principles with reference to all the important classes of heterocyclic compounds. Instructional problems are included as an aid to comprehension, and references to more detailed texts are provided.

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