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    Understanding Earth

    Understanding Earth Lowest new price: $106.38
    Lowest used price: $64.20
    List price: $201.99
    Author: John Grotzinger
    Brand: imusti

    For the introductory geology or physical geology course. Understanding Earth offers both majors and non-majors rock solid content that originated with the ground-breaking text, Earth. In subsequent editions, the text has consistently met the needs of today’s students with exceptional content, currency, interactive learning features, and an overall focus of the role of geological science in our lives.

    Understanding Earth doesn’t merely present the concepts and processes of physical geology— the authors focus on how we know what we know.  Students actively take part in the scientific process of discovery and learn through experience as they explore the impact of geology on their lives as citizens and future stewards of the planet.  The new edition incorporates coverage of recent natural disasters (the 2011 tsunami), fracking and other natural resources issues, the latest developments in climate change, and key events such as the Mars mission and the arrest of geologists in Italy.

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    • W H Freeman Company

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    Historical Geology

    Historical Geology Lowest new price: $47.99
    Lowest used price: $36.20
    List price: $269.95
    Author: Reed Wicander
    Brand: Brooks / Cole

    Offering comprehensive content for the historical geology course, HISTORICAL GEOLOGY provides students with an understanding of the principles of historical geology and how these principles are applied in unraveling Earth's history. Students will learn and understand the underlying causes of why things happened and the way they did, and how all of Earth's systems and subsystems are interrelated. Students will understand the relevancy of Earth's history as part of a dynamic and complex integrated system, not as a series of isolated and unrelated events


    • Cengage Learning

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    Environmental Geology

    Environmental Geology Lowest new price: $99.97
    Lowest used price: $40.00
    List price: $123.03
    Author: Carla W Montgomery
    Brand: Brand: McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math

    Environmental Geology, tenth edition, presents the student with a broad overview of environmental geology. The text looks both at how the earth developed into its present condition and where matters seem to be moving for the future. It is hoped that this knowledge will provide the student with a useful foundation for discussing and evaluating specific environmental issues, as well as for developing ideas about how the problems should be solved.


    • Used Book in Good Condition

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    Natural Resource Conservation: Management for a Sustainable Future (10th Edition)

    Natural Resource Conservation: Management for a Sustainable Future (10th Edition) Lowest new price: $173.21
    Lowest used price: $45.00
    List price: $201.20
    Author: Daniel D. Chiras

    This comprehensive book describes the ecological principles, policies, and practices required to create a sustainable future. It emphasizes practical, cost-effective, sustainable solutions to these problems that make sense from social, economic, and environmental perspectives. A focus on sustainable development puts readers in touch with one of the most significant shifts in thinking and action in the environmental and resource management arenas. A variety of lasting solutions are provided that make sense from social, economic, and environmental viewpoints. Natural Resource Conservation and Management: Past, Present and Future, Economics, Ethics, and Critical Thinking: Tools for Creating a Sustainable Future, Lessons from Ecology, The Human Population Challenge, World Hunger: Solving the Problem Sustainably, The Nature of Soils, Soil Conservation and Sustainable Agriculture, Integrated Pest Management, Aquatic Environments, Managing Water Resources Sustainability, Water Pollution, Fisheries Conservation, Rangeland Management, Forest Management, Plant and Animal Extinction, Wildlife Management, Sustainable Waste Management, Air Pollution, Global Warming and Climate Change,  Acid Deposition and Stratospheric Ozone Depletion, Minerals, Mining, and a Sustainable Society,Nonrenewable Energy Resources: Issues and Options,Creating a Sustainable System of Energy. Intended for those interested in gaining a basic knowledge of natural resources and conservation

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    Earth's Climate: Past and Future

    Earth's Climate: Past and Future Lowest new price: $158.29
    Lowest used price: $137.12
    List price: $184.99
    Author: William F. Ruddiman
    Brand: W H Freeman

    At a time when the evidence is stronger than ever that human activity is the primary cause for global climate change, William Ruddiman's breakthrough text returns in a thoroughly updated new edition. It offers a clear, engaging, objective portrait of the current state of climate science, including compelling recent findings on anthropogenic global warming and important advances in understanding past climates.


    • W H Freeman

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    Salt: A World History

    Salt: A World History Lowest new price: $9.16
    Lowest used price: $2.62
    List price: $16.00
    Author: Mark Kurlansky
    Brand: Penguin Books

    An unlikely world history from the bestselling author of Cod and The Basque History of the World

    In his fifth work of nonfiction, Mark Kurlansky turns his attention to a common household item with a long and intriguing history: salt. The only rock we eat, salt has shaped civilization from the very beginning, and its story is a glittering, often surprising part of the history of humankind. A substance so valuable it served as currency, salt has influenced the establishment of trade routes and cities, provoked and financed wars, secured empires, and inspired revolutions.  Populated by colorful characters and filled with an unending series of fascinating details, Salt is a supremely entertaining, multi-layered masterpiece.


    • Penguin Books

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    Introduction to Environmental Geology (5th Edition)

    Introduction to Environmental Geology (5th Edition) Lowest new price: $197.47
    Lowest used price: $78.52
    List price: $227.80
    Author: KELLER

    This text focuses on helping non-science majors develop an understanding of how geology and humanity interact. Ed Keller—the author who first defined the environmental geology curriculum—focuses on five fundamental concepts of environmental geology: Human Population Growth, Sustainability, Earth as a System, Hazardous Earth Processes, and Scientific Knowledge and Values. These concepts are introduced at the outset of the text, integrated throughout the text, and revisited at the end of each chapter. The Fifth Edition emphasizes currency, which is essential to this dynamic subject, and strengthens Keller’s hallmark “Fundamental Concepts of Environmental Geology,” unifying the text’s diverse topics while applying the concepts to real-world examples.

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    Essentials of Geology (Fourth Edition)

    Essentials of Geology (Fourth Edition) Lowest new price: $96.80
    Lowest used price: $24.03
    List price: $200.00
    Author: Stephen Marshak
    Brand: W. W. Norton & Company

    Superior visuals and up-to-date research help students to see the world like a geologist.

    The Fourth Edition offers a streamlined, engaging approach to geologic processes, presented through visuals, photographs, and text, as well as discussions of modern science phenomena.


    • Used Book in Good Condition

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    Physical Geology

    Physical Geology Lowest new price: $105.10
    Lowest used price: $35.99
    Author: Charles (Carlos) C Plummer

    Physical Geology, 15th edition, is the latest refinement of a classic introductory text that has helped countless students learn basic physical geology concepts for over 25 years. Students taking introductory physical geology to fulfill a science elective, as well as those contemplating a career in geology, will appreciate the accessible writing style and depth of coverage in Physical Geology. Hundreds of carefully rendered illustrations and accompanying photographs correlate perfectly with the chapter descriptions to help readers quickly grasp new geologic concepts. Numerous chapter learning tools and a website further assist students in their study of physical geology.


    • international copy

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    Blue Planet An Introduction to Earth System Science, 3rd Edition

    Blue Planet An Introduction to Earth System Science, 3rd Edition Lowest new price: $70.51
    Lowest used price: $72.25
    Author: Brian J. Skinner

    The Third Edition of Blue Planet: An Introduction to Earth System Science treats earth science from a systems perspective, showing how the four spheres (lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, biosphere) are interrelated. In this edition, significant emphasis is placed on cycling of materials and energy, and interactions among the spheres. The text also places much clearer emphasis on basic science, which can be seen in the reorganization of topics into Energy and Matter chapters, as well as a new "The Basics" feature in each chapter. This edition is also more systematic about documenting human impacts on the various spheres of the Earth system.

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