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Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics With Engineering Applications

Fluid Mechanics With Engineering Applications Lowest new price: $266.38
Lowest used price: $78.00
List price: $269.41
Author: E. John Finnemore
Brand: Finnemore, E. John/ Franzini, Joseph B.

This book is well known and well respected in the civil engineering market and has a following among civil engineers. This book is for civil engineers that teach fluid mechanics both within their discipline and as a service course to mechanical engineering students. As with all previous editions this 10th edition is extraordinarily accurate, and its coverage of open channel flow and transport is superior. There is a broader coverage of all topics in this edition of Fluid Mechanics with Engineering Applications. Furthermore, this edition has numerous computer-related problems that can be solved in Matlab and Mathcad.


  • Bought this book a semester ago on Amazon and I'm now reselling it. Hardcover edition, minimal writing inside and scuffed corners.

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Multimedia Fluid Mechanics

Multimedia Fluid Mechanics Lowest new price: $27.89
Lowest used price: $34.02
List price: $30.99
Author: G. M. Homsy

Inspired by the reception of the first edition, the objectives in Multimedia Fluid Mechanics 2/e remain to exploit the moving image and interactivity of multimedia to improve the teaching and learning of fluid mechanics in all disciplines by illustrating fundamental phenomena and conveying fascinating fluid flows for generations to come.

This completely new edition on DVD includes:

*Twice the coverage with new modules on Turbulence, Control Volumes, Interfacial Phenomena, and Similarity and Scaling

*Four times the number of fluids videos, now nearly 1000

*Now over 20 Virtual labs and simulations

*Dozens of new interactive demonstrations and animations

New features:

*Improved navigation via side bars that provide rapid overview of modules and guided browsing

*Media libraries of each chapter giving a snapshot of videos, each with descriptive labels

*Facility to create movie playlists, invaluable in teaching

*Higher resolution graphics, with full or part screen viewing options

*Operates on PC and Mac OSX. Using the DVD with the Lion and Windows 7 Operating System: Apple has released a piece of software called Rosetta and it adds the functionality required to make the existing DVD work properly with the latest Apple operating Systems and with Windows 7. No additional development work is required. The install of the Rosetta software is automatic if not already installed - the only requirement is that the Mac be online or the user have the original OSX DVD (if not online).

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Fluid Mechanics with Student DVD (McGraw-Hill Series in Mechanical Engineering)

Fluid Mechanics with Student DVD (McGraw-Hill Series in Mechanical Engineering) Lowest new price: $150.00
Lowest used price: $33.56
Author: Frank White

The seventh edition of White’s Fluid Mechanics offers students a clear and comprehensive presentation of the material that demonstrates the progression from physical concepts to engineering applications and helps students quickly see the practical importance of fluid mechanics fundamentals. The wide variety of topics gives instructors many options for their course and is a useful resource to students long after graduation.

The book’s unique problem-solving approach is presented at the start of the book and carefully integrated in all examples. Students can progress from general ones to those involving design, multiple steps and computer usage.

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Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics

Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics Lowest new price: $70.69
Lowest used price: $15.24
List price: $14.44
Author: Bruce R. Munson

Master fluid mechanics with the #1 text in the field!

Effective pedagogy, everyday examples, an outstanding collection of practical problems--these are just a few reasons why Munson, Young, and Okiishi's Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics is the best-selling fluid mechanics text on the market. In each new edition, the authors have refined their primary goal of helping you develop the skills and confidence you need to master the art of solving fluid mechanics problems.

This new Fifth Edition includes many new problems, revised and updated examples, new Fluids in the News case study examples, new introductory material about computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and the availability of FlowLab for solving simple CFD problems.

Access special resources online

New copies of this text include access to resources on the book's website, including:
* 80 short Fluids Mechanics Phenomena videos, which illustrate various aspects of real-world fluid mechanics.
* Review Problems for additional practice, with answers so you can check your work.
* 30 extended laboratory problems that involve actual experimental data for simple experiments. The data for these problems is provided in Excel format.
* Computational Fluid Dynamics problems to be solved with FlowLab software.

Student Solution Manual and Study Guide

A Student Solution Manual and Study Guide is available for purchase, including essential points of the text, "Cautions" to alert you to common mistakes, 109 additional example problems with solutions, and complete solutions for the Review Problems.

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Micro- and Nanoscale Fluid Mechanics: Transport in Microfluidic Devices

Micro- and Nanoscale Fluid Mechanics: Transport in Microfluidic Devices Lowest new price: $61.50
Lowest used price: $61.33
List price: $79.99
Author: Brian J. Kirby
Brand: Brian J Kirby

This text focuses on the physics of fluid transport in micro- and nanofabricated liquid-phase systems, with consideration of gas bubbles, solid particles, and macromolecules. This text was designed with the goal of bringing together several areas that are often taught separately - namely, fluid mechanics, electrodynamics, and interfacial chemistry and electrochemistry - with a focused goal of preparing the modern microfluidics researcher to analyze and model continuum fluid mechanical systems encountered when working with micro- and nanofabricated devices. This text is not a summary of current research in the field, and it omits any discussion of microfabrication techniques or any attempt to summarize the technological state of the art. This text serves as a useful reference for practicing researchers but is designed primarily for classroom instruction. Worked sample problems are inserted throughout to assist the student, and exercises are included at the end of each chapter to facilitate use in classes.


  • Micro And Nanoscale Fluid Mechanics Transport in Microfluidic Devices

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Fluid Mechanics for Chemical Engineers (McGraw-Hill Chemical Engineering Series)

Fluid Mechanics for Chemical Engineers (McGraw-Hill Chemical Engineering Series) Lowest new price: $157.43
Lowest used price: $95.00
Author: Noel de Nevers Air Pollution Control Engineering and Fluid Mechanics for Chemical Engineers

Fluid Mechanics for Chemical Engineers, third edition retains the characteristics that made this introductory text a success in prior editions. It is still a book that emphasizes material and energy balances and maintains a practical orientation throughout. No more math is included than is required to understand the concepts presented. To meet the demands of today's market, the author has included many problems suitable for solution by computer. Two brand new chapters are included. The first, on mixing, augments the book's coverage of practical issues encountered in this field. The second, on computational fluid dynamics (CFD), shows students the connection between hand and computational fluid dynamics.


  • Hardback

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Applied fluid mechanics

Applied fluid mechanics Lowest new price: $25.00
Lowest used price: $4.00
Author: Robert L Mott

This popular applications-oriented approach to engineering technology fluid mechanics covers all of the basic principles of fluid mechanics--both statics and dynamics--in a clear, practical presentation that ties theory directly to real devices and systems used in chemical process industries, manufacturing, plant engineering, waste water handling and product design. "The Big Picture" sections--focus on real products or systems where the principles of fluid mechanics are used, discuss the kind of fluid used, what the fluid is used for, how it behaves, what conditions exist in the system that affect its behavior, and the relationships between those systems. Features a "programmed approach" to completely worked, complex, real-world example problems; spreadsheets; a unique presentation of the Moody diagram; highlighted major formulae and definitions; and an extensive set of appendix tables. The Nature of Fluids. Viscosity of Fluids. Pressure Measurement. Forces on Submerged Plane and Curved Areas. Buoyancy and Stability. Flow of Fluids and Bernoulli's Equation. General Energy. Reynolds Number, Laminar Flow, and Turbulent Flow. Energy Losses Due to Friction. Minor Losses. Series Pipe Line Systems. Parallel Pipe Line Systems. Pump Selection and Application. Open Channel Flow. Flow Measurement. Forces Due to Fluids in Motion. Drag and Lift. Fans, Blowers, Compressors. Flow of Gases. Flow of Air in Ducts. For Mechanical, Manufacturing, and Industrial Engineers interested in Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulics, or Fluid Power.

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Fluid Mechanics with Student CD (McGraw-Hill Series in Mechanical Engineering)

Fluid Mechanics with Student CD (McGraw-Hill Series in Mechanical Engineering) Lowest new price: $56.00
Lowest used price: $19.81
List price: $71.95
Author: Frank White

White's Fluid Mechanics, sixth edition will continue the text's tradition of excellent problems of different types, precision and accuracy, and good application of concepts to engineering. This is the number one supplement package in Fluids! The new 6th edition will feature the best general problem-solving approach to date, presented at the start of the book and carefully integrated in all examples. Students can progress from general ones to those involving design, multiple steps and computer usage. Word problems are included to build readers’ conceptual understanding of the subject, and FE Exam problems (in multiple-choice format) are included. EES (Engineering Equation Solver) software is included so that students can effectively use the computer to model, solve and modify typical fluid mechanics problems. A DVD containing EES is free with every book, and Appendix E describes its use and application to fluid mechanics. A limited version of EES, that does not expire, is included on the CD ROM. Users of the book can also download and distribute the full Academic Version of EES, which is renewed annually with a new username and password. Also an animation library will be included as well as 150 algorithmic problems, in ARIS, McGraw's-Hill's electronic homework management system.

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Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics Lowest new price: $56.01
Lowest used price: $6.82
List price: $66.36
Author: Victor L. Streeter
Brand: McGraw Hill

This text on intermediate fluids is aimed at the civil, agricultural and oceanography markets. It gives a grounding in fluid mechanics, including systematic and parallel development of the equations of fluid mechanics in integral and differential form. There is also extensive coverage of free surface flow. The book's applications are directed at shallow-water hydraulics, oceanography and wave mechanics, circulation in large bodies of water and transport. Examples, problems and historical notes are also included.

Advanced Fluid Mechanics: An Introduction

Advanced Fluid Mechanics: An Introduction Lowest used price: $147.52
Author: A. J. Raudkivi

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