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    Elementary Statistics (13th Edition)

    Elementary Statistics (13th Edition) Lowest new price: $165.18
    Lowest used price: $165.20
    List price: $224.20
    Author: Mario F. Triola

    For courses in Introductory Statistics


    Real data brings statistics to life

    From opinion polls and clinical trials to self-driving cars, statistics influences and shapes the world around us. Best-selling author Marty Triola is committed to keeping Elementary Statistics relentlessly current--with an unprecedented amount of up-to-the-minute real data--so that readers of all backgrounds understand the role of statistics in the world around them. In addition to an abundance of new data sets, examples, and exercises, the 13th Edition is designed to be even more flexible, with the addition of learning objectives as an organizational tool, larger data sets, and new topics in line with advancements in statistics. In addition, readers will find more support in an all-new series of videos, more opportunities for practice, and improved support for statistical software.


    Elementary Statistics is part of a series that also includes an Essentials version as well as technology-specific texts, Elementary Statistics Using the TI 83/84 Plus Calculator and Elementary Statistics Using Excel . Data sets and other resources for this series are available at our website.


    Also available with MyLab Statistics

    MyLab™ Statistics is an online homework, tutorial, and assessment program designed to work with this text to engage readers and improve results. Within its structured environment, readers practice what they learn, test their understanding, and pursue a personalized study plan that helps them absorb the material and understand difficult concepts.


    Note: You are purchasing a standalone product; MyLab does not come packaged with this content. Students, if interested in purchasing this title with MyLab, ask your instructor for the correct package ISBN and Course ID. Instructors, contact your Pearson representative for more information.


    If you would like to purchase both the physical text and MyLab, search for:

    013476370X / 9780134763705 Elementary Statistics Plus MyLab Statistics with Pearson eText -- Title-Specific Access Card Package, 13/e


    Package consists of:   

    • 0134462459 / 9780134462455 Elementary Statistics
    • 0134748530 / 9780134748535 MyLab Statistics with Pearson eText -- Standalone Access Card -- for Elementary Statistics

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    Common Core Math Workbook, Grade 4: Multiple Choice, Daily Math Practice Grade 4

    Common Core Math Workbook, Grade 4: Multiple Choice, Daily Math Practice Grade 4 Lowest new price: $17.99
    Lowest used price: $18.65
    List price: $19.99
    Author: Argo Brothers

    This book is your comprehensive workbook for Daily Math Practice Grade 4 (Common Core Math).

    By practicing and mastering this entire workbook, your child will become very familiar and comfortable with the state math exam and common core standards. This Daily Math Practice Grade 4 Workbook (Multiple Choice) includes:

    • 20 Weeks of Daily Multiple Choice Practice

    • Weekly Assessments

    • State Aligned Common Core Curriculum

    • End of Year Assessment

    • Detailed Video Answer Explanations to all questions in the workbook

    For practice with Free Response questions, be sure to check out Part II of our workbook titled:

    Common Core Math Workbook, Grade 4: Free Response, Daily Math Practice Grade 4

    Each question is labeled with the specific common core standard so both parents and teachers can use this workbook for their student(s). This workbook takes the Common Core State Standards and divides them up among 20 weeks. By working on these problems on a daily basis, students will be able to (1) find any deficiencies in their understanding and/or practice of math and (2) have small successes each day that will build competence and confidence in their abilities.

    We know the common core can be challenging. For that reason we have decided to provide detailed video explanations to each math question. If your child is having trouble with any questions, you can easily access our video explanations where an instructor will show the student how to get the correct answer.

    We strongly recommend watching the videos as it will reinforce the fundamental concepts. Please note, scrap paper may be necessary while using this workbook so that the student has sufficient space to show their work.

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    The Master Algorithm: How the Quest for the Ultimate Learning Machine Will Remake Our World

    The Master Algorithm: How the Quest for the Ultimate Learning Machine Will Remake Our World Lowest new price: $16.34
    Lowest used price: $10.52
    List price: $29.99
    Author: Pedro Domingos
    Brand: Domingos Pedro

    "Wonderfully erudite, humorous, and easy to read." --KDNuggets

    In the world's top research labs and universities, the race is on to invent the ultimate learning algorithm: one capable of discovering any knowledge from data, and doing anything we want, before we even ask. In The Master Algorithm, Pedro Domingos lifts the veil to give us a peek inside the learning machines that power Google, Amazon, and your smartphone. He assembles a blueprint for the future universal learner-the Master Algorithm-and discusses what it will mean for business, science, and society. If data-ism is today's philosophy, this book is its bible.


    • The Master Algorithm How the Quest for the Ultimate Learning Machine Will Remake Our World

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    Naked Statistics: Stripping the Dread from the Data

    Naked Statistics: Stripping the Dread from the Data Lowest new price: $10.46
    Lowest used price: $5.66
    List price: $16.95
    Author: Charles Wheelan
    Brand: Charles Wheelan

    “Brilliant, funny . . . the best math teacher you never had.”―San Francisco Chronicle

    Once considered tedious, the field of statistics is rapidly evolving into a discipline Hal Varian, chief economist at Google, has actually called “sexy.” From batting averages and political polls to game shows and medical research, the real-world application of statistics continues to grow by leaps and bounds. How can we catch schools that cheat on standardized tests? How does Netflix know which movies you’ll like? What is causing the rising incidence of autism? As best-selling author Charles Wheelan shows us in Naked Statistics, the right data and a few well-chosen statistical tools can help us answer these questions and more.

    For those who slept through Stats 101, this book is a lifesaver. Wheelan strips away the arcane and technical details and focuses on the underlying intuition that drives statistical analysis. He clarifies key concepts such as inference, correlation, and regression analysis, reveals how biased or careless parties can manipulate or misrepresent data, and shows us how brilliant and creative researchers are exploiting the valuable data from natural experiments to tackle thorny questions.

    And in Wheelan’s trademark style, there’s not a dull page in sight. You’ll encounter clever Schlitz Beer marketers leveraging basic probability, an International Sausage Festival illuminating the tenets of the central limit theorem, and a head-scratching choice from the famous game show Let’s Make a Deal―and you’ll come away with insights each time. With the wit, accessibility, and sheer fun that turned Naked Economics into a bestseller, Wheelan defies the odds yet again by bringing another essential, formerly unglamorous discipline to life.


    • Naked Statistics

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    Statistics Laminate Reference Chart: Parameters, Variables, Intervals, Proportions (Quickstudy: Academic )

    Statistics Laminate Reference Chart: Parameters, Variables, Intervals, Proportions (Quickstudy: Academic ) Lowest new price: $2.06
    Lowest used price: $0.25
    List price: $6.95
    Author: Inc. BarCharts
    Brand: BarCharts

    This guide is a perfect overview for the topics covered in introductory statistics courses.


    • Statistics Laminate Reference Chart Parameters Variables Intervals Proportions Quickstudy Academic

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    Introductory Calculus For Infants

    Introductory Calculus For Infants Lowest new price: $11.66
    Lowest used price: $6.48
    List price: $12.95
    Author: Omi M. Inouye

    The storybook adventure of two friends as they explore the wonders of calculus.

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    Making Number Talks Matter: Developing Mathematical Practices and Deepening Understanding, Grades 4-10

    Making Number Talks Matter: Developing Mathematical Practices and Deepening Understanding, Grades 4-10 Lowest new price: $24.54
    Lowest used price: $21.26
    List price: $30.67
    Author: Cathy Humphreys
    Brand: Ruth Parker Cathy Humphreys

    Making Number Talks Matter is about the myriad decisions facing teachers as they make this fifteen-minute daily routine a vibrant and vital part of their mathematics instruction. Throughout the book, Cathy Humphreys and Ruth Parker offer practical ideas for using Number Talks to help students learn to reason numerically and build a solid foundation for the study of mathematics. This book will be an invaluable resource whether you are already using Number Talks or not; whether you are an elementary, middle school, high school, or college teacher; or even if you are a parent wanting to support your child with mathematics. 
    Using insight gained from many years of doing Number Talks with students of all ages, Cathy and Ruth address questions to ask during Number Talks, teacher moves that turn the thinking over to students, the mathematics behind the various strategies, and ways to overcome bumps in the road. If you ve been looking for ways to transform your mathematics classroom to bring sense-making and divergent thinking to the foreground, to bring the Standards for Mathematical Practice to life, and to bring joy back into your instruction this book is for you.


    • Making Number Talks Matter Developing Mathematical Practices and Deepening Understanding Grades 4 10

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    Competition Math for Middle School

    Competition Math for Middle School Lowest new price: $23.75
    Lowest used price: $16.87
    List price: $25.00
    Author: J. Batterson

    Written for the gifted math student, the new math coach, the teacher in search of problems and materials to challenge exceptional students, or anyone else interested in advanced mathematical problems. Competition Math contains over 700 examples and problems in the areas of Algebra, Counting, Probability, Number Theory, and Geometry. Examples and full solutions present clear concepts and provide helpful tips and tricks. "I wish I had a book like this when I started my competition career." Four-Time National Champion MATHCOUNTS coach Jeff Boyd "This book is full of juicy questions and ideas that will enable the reader to excel in MATHCOUNTS and AMC competitions. I recommend it to any students who aspire to be great problem solvers." Former AHSME Committee Chairman Harold Reiter

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    Barron's Math Workbook for the NEW SAT, 6th Edition (Barron's Sat Math Workbook)

    Barron's Math Workbook for the NEW SAT, 6th Edition (Barron's Sat Math Workbook) Lowest new price: $9.99
    Lowest used price: $6.40
    List price: $16.99
    Author: Lawrence S. Leff M.S.
    Brand: Barron s Educational Series

    This completely revised edition reflects all of the new questions and question types that will appear on the new SAT, scheduled to be administered in Spring 2016. Students will discover:

  • Hundreds of revised math questions with answer explanations
  • Math strategies to help test-takers approach and correctly answer all of the question types on the SAT
  • All questions answered and explained
    Here is an intensive preparation for the SAT’s all-important Math section, and a valuable learning tool for college-bound students who need extra help in math and feel the need to raise their math scores.


    • Barron s Educational Series

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  • Introduction to Linear Algebra, Fifth Edition

    Introduction to Linear Algebra, Fifth Edition Lowest new price: $81.71
    Lowest used price: $71.88
    List price: $93.25
    Author: Gilbert Strang

    Gilbert Strang's textbooks have changed the entire approach to learning linear algebra -- away from abstract vector spaces to specific examples of the four fundamental subspaces: the column space and nullspace of A and A'.

    This new fifth edition has become more than a textbook for the basic linear algebra course. That is its first purpose and always will be. The new chapters about applications of the SVD, probability and statistics, and Principal Component Analysis in finance and genetics, make it also a textbook for a second course, plus a resource at work. Linear algebra has become central in modern applied mathematics. This book supports the value of understanding linear algebra.

    Introduction to Linear Algebra, Fifth Edition includes challenge problems to complement the review problems that have been highly praised in previous editions. The basic course is followed by eight applications: differential equations in engineering, graphs and networks, statistics, Fourier methods and the FFT, linear programming, computer graphics, cryptography, Principal Component Analysis, and singular values.

    Audience: Thousands of teachers in colleges and universities and now high schools are using this book, which truly explains this crucial subject. This text is for readers everywhere, with support from the websites and video lectures. Every chapter begins with a summary for efficient review.

    Contents: Chap. 1: Introduction to Vectors; Chap. 2: Solving Linear Equations; Chap. 3: Vector Spaces and Subspaces; Chap. 4: Orthogonality; Chap. 5: Determinants; Chap. 6: Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors; Chap. 7: Singular Value Decomposition; Chap. 8: Linear Transformations; Chap. 9: Complex Vectors and Matrices; Chap. 10: Applications; Chap. 11: Numerical Linear Algebra; Chap. 12: Linear Algebra in Probability and Statistics; Matrix Factorizations; Index; Six Great Theorems.



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