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Matrix Theory, Vol. 2

Matrix Theory, Vol. 2 Lowest new price: $45.59
Lowest used price: $19.77
List price: $46.00
Author: Felix R. Gantmacher

This treatise, by one of Russia's leading mathematicians, gives in easily accessible form a coherent account of matrix theory with a view to applications in mathematics, theoretical physics, statistics, electrical engineering, etc. The individual chapters have been kept as far as possible independent of each other, so that the reader acquainted with the contents of Chapter 1 can proceed immediately to the chapters of special interest. Much of the material has been available until now only in the periodical literature.

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Matrix Algebra: Exercises and Solutions

Matrix Algebra: Exercises and Solutions Lowest new price: $31.98
Lowest used price: $19.18
List price: $49.99
Author: David A. Harville
Brand: David A Harville

This book contains over 300 exercises and solutions that together cover a wide variety of topics in matrix algebra. They can be used for independent study or in creating a challenging and stimulating environment that encourages active engagement in the learning process. The requisite background is some previous exposure to matrix algebra of the kind obtained in a first course. The exercises are those from an earlier book by the same author entitled Matrix Algebra From a Statistician's Perspective. They have been restated (as necessary) to stand alone, and the book includes extensive and detailed summaries of all relevant terminology and notation. The coverage includes topics of special interest and relevance in statistics and related disciplines, as well as standard topics. The overlap with exercises available from other sources is relatively small. This collection of exercises and their solutions will be a useful reference for students and researchers in matrix algebra. It will be of interest to mathematicians and statisticians.


  • Matrix Algebra Exercises and Solutions

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Matrix Analysis and Applications

Matrix Analysis and Applications Lowest new price: $58.14
Lowest used price: $58.38
List price: $74.99
Author: Xian-Da Zhang

This balanced and comprehensive study presents the theory, methods and applications of matrix analysis in a new theoretical framework, allowing readers to understand second-order and higher-order matrix analysis in a completely new light. Alongside the core subjects in matrix analysis, such as singular value analysis, the solution of matrix equations and eigenanalysis, the author introduces new applications and perspectives that are unique to this book. The very topical subjects of gradient analysis and optimization play a central role here. Also included are subspace analysis, projection analysis and tensor analysis, subjects which are often neglected in other books. Having provided a solid foundation to the subject, the author goes on to place particular emphasis on the many applications matrix analysis has in science and engineering, making this book suitable for scientists, engineers and graduate students alike.

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Matrix Theory: Basic Results and Techniques (Universitext)

Matrix Theory: Basic Results and Techniques (Universitext) Lowest new price: $59.96
Lowest used price: $71.82
List price: $74.95
Author: Fuzhen Zhang
Brand: Brand: Springer New York

The aim of this book is to concisely present fundamental ideas, results, and techniques in linear algebra and mainly matrix theory. The book contains ten chapters covering various topics ranging from similarity and special types of matrices to Schur complements and matrix normality. This book can be used as a textbook or a supplement for a linear algebra and matrix theory class or a seminar for senior undergraduate or graduate students.  The book can also serve as a reference for instructors and researchers in the fields of algebra, matrix analysis, operator theory, statistics, computer science, engineering, operations research, economics, and other fields.

Major changes in this revised and expanded second edition:
-Expansion of topics such as matrix functions, nonnegative matrices, and (unitarily invariant) matrix norms 
-A new chapter, Chapter 4, with updated material on numerical ranges and radii, matrix norms, and special operations such as the Kronecker and Hadamard products and compound matrices
-A new chapter, Chapter 10, on matrix inequalities, which presents a variety of inequalities on the eigenvalues and singular values of matrices and unitarily invariant norms.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Metrics, Norms and Integrals: An Introduction to Contemporary Analysis

Metrics, Norms and Integrals: An Introduction to Contemporary Analysis Lowest new price: $64.15
Lowest used price: $65.10
List price: $73.00
Author: J J Koliha

Metrics, Norms and Integrals is a textbook on contemporary analysis based on the author's lectures given at the University of Melbourne for over two decades. It covers three main topics: metric and topological spaces, functional analysis, and the theory of the Lebesgue integral on measure spaces. This self-contained text contains a number of original presentations, including an early introduction of pseudometric spaces to motivate general topologies, an innovative introduction to the Lebesgue integral, and a discussion on the use of the Newton integral. It is thus a valuable book to inform and stimulate both undergraduate and graduate students.

Matrix Analysis

Matrix Analysis Lowest new price: $61.58
Lowest used price: $17.94
List price: $67.00
Author: Roger A. Horn
Brand: Cambridge University Press

Linear algebra and matrix theory have long been fundamental tools in mathematical disciplines as well as fertile fields for research. In this book the authors present classical and recent results of matrix analysis that have proved to be important to applied mathematics. Facts about matrices, beyond those found in an elementary linear algebra course, are needed to understand virtually any area of mathematical science, but the necessary material has appeared only sporadically in the literature and in university curricula. As interest in applied mathematics has grown, the need for a text and reference offering a broad selection of topics in matrix theory has become apparent, and this book meets that need. This volume reflects two concurrent views of matrix analysis. First, it encompasses topics in linear algebra that have arisen out of the needs of mathematical analysis. Second, it is an approach to real and complex linear algebraic problems that does not hesitate to use notions from analysis. Both views are reflected in its choice and treatment of topics.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Applications of the Theory of Matrices (Dover Books on Mathematics)

Applications of the Theory of Matrices (Dover Books on Mathematics) Lowest new price: $11.78
Lowest used price: $2.64
List price: $17.95
Author: F. R. Gantmacher

The breadth of matrix theory's applications is reflected by this volume, which features material of interest to applied mathematicians as well as to control engineers studying stability of a servo-mechanism and numerical analysts evaluating the roots of a polynomial. Starting with a survey of complex symmetric, antisymmetric, and orthogonal matrices, the text advances to explorations of singular bundles of matrices and matrices with nonnegative elements. Applied mathematicians will take particular note of the full and readable chapter on applications of matrix theory to the study of systems of linear differential equations, and the text concludes with an exposition on the Routh-Hurwitz problem plus several helpful appendixes. 1959 edition.

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Direct Methods for Sparse Linear Systems (Fundamentals of Algorithms)

Direct Methods for Sparse Linear Systems (Fundamentals of Algorithms) Lowest new price: $77.50
Lowest used price: $69.00
List price: $77.50
Author: Timothy A. Davis

Fundamentals of Algorithms 2 Computational scientists often encounter problems requiring the solution of sparse systems of linear equations. Attacking these problems efficiently requires an in-depth knowledge of the underlying theory, algorithms, and data structures found in sparse matrix software libraries. Here, Davis presents the fundamentals of sparse matrix algorithms to provide the requisite background. The book includes CSparse, a concise downloadable sparse matrix package that illustrates the algorithms and theorems presented in the book and equips readers with the tools necessary to understand larger and more complex software packages. With a strong emphasis on MATLAB® and the C programming language, Direct Methods for Sparse Linear Systems equips readers with the working knowledge required to use sparse solver packages and write code to interface applications to those packages. The book also explains how MATLAB performs its sparse matrix computations. This invaluable book is essential to computational scientists and software developers who want to understand the theory and algorithms behind modern techniques used to solve large sparse linear systems. The book also serves as an excellent practical resource for students with an interest in combinatorial scientific computing. Preface; Chapter 1: Introduction; Chapter 2: Basic algorithms; Chapter 3: Solving triangular systems; Chapter 4: Cholesky factorization; Chapter 5: Orthogonal methods; Chapter 6: LU factorization; Chapter 7: Fill-reducing orderings; Chapter 8: Solving sparse linear systems; Chapter 9: CSparse; Chapter 10: Sparse matrices in MATLAB; Appendix: Basics of the C programming language; Bibliography; Index. "Overall, the book is magnificent. It fills a long-felt need for an accessible textbook on modern sparse direct methods. Its choice of scope is excellent.." John Gilbert, Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of California, Santa Barbara.

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Matrix Analysis for Statistics (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics)

Matrix Analysis for Statistics (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics) Lowest new price: $69.85
Lowest used price: $110.82
List price: $125.00
Author: James R. Schott

An up-to-date version of the complete, self-contained introduction to matrix analysis theory and practice

Providing accessible and in-depth coverage of the most common matrix methods now used in statistical applications, Matrix Analysis for Statistics, Third Edition features an easy-to-follow theorem/proof format. Featuring smooth transitions between topical coverage, the author carefully justifies the step-by-step process of the most common matrix methods now used in statistical applications, including eigenvalues and eigenvectors; the Moore-Penrose inverse; matrix differentiation; and the distribution of quadratic forms.

An ideal introduction to matrix analysis theory and practice, Matrix Analysis for Statistics, Third Edition features:

• New chapter or section coverage on inequalities, oblique projections, and antieigenvalues and antieigenvectors

• Additional problems and chapter-end practice exercises at the end of each chapter

• Extensive examples that are familiar and easy to understand

• Self-contained chapters for flexibility in topic choice

• Applications of matrix methods in least squares regression and the analyses of mean vectors and covariance matrices

Matrix Analysis for Statistics, Third Edition is an ideal textbook for upper-undergraduate and graduate-level courses on matrix methods, multivariate analysis, and linear models. The book is also an excellent reference for research professionals in applied statistics.

James R. Schott, PhD, is Professor in the Department of Statistics at the University of Central Florida. He has published numerous journal articles in the area of multivariate analysis. Dr. Schott’s research interests include multivariate analysis, analysis of covariance and correlation matrices, and dimensionality reduction techniques.

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Eigenvalue Distribution of Large Random Matrices (Mathematical Surveys and Monographs)

Eigenvalue Distribution of Large Random Matrices (Mathematical Surveys and Monographs) Lowest new price: $110.97
Lowest used price: $187.42
List price: $110.00
Author: Leonid Pastur

Random matrix theory is a wide and growing field with a variety of concepts, results, and techniques and a vast range of applications in mathematics and the related sciences. The book, written by well-known experts, offers beginners a fairly balanced collection of basic facts and methods (Part 1 on classical ensembles) and presents experts with an exposition of recent advances in the subject (Parts 2 and 3 on invariant ensembles and ensembles with independent entries). The text includes many of the authors' results and methods on several main aspects of the theory, thus allowing them to present a unique and personal perspective on the subject and to cover many topics using a unified approach essentially based on the Stieltjes transform and orthogonal polynomials. The exposition is supplemented by numerous comments, remarks, and problems. This results in a book that presents a detailed and self-contained treatment of the basic random matrix ensembles and asymptotic regimes. This book will be an important reference for researchers in a variety of areas of mathematics and mathematical physics. Various chapters of the book can be used for graduate courses; the main prerequisite is a basic knowledge of calculus, linear algebra, and probability theory.

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