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Bonded Porcelain Restorations in the Anterior Dentition: A Biomimetic Approach

Bonded Porcelain Restorations in the Anterior Dentition: A Biomimetic Approach Lowest new price: $165.06
Lowest used price: $162.26
List price: $189.00
Author: Pascal Magne
Brand: Brand: Quintessence Pub Co

This book introduces a unique approach to esthetic restoration of the anterior dentition. Guided by the philosophy of biomimetics, the authors combine sound biologic principles with an overriding respect for the natural intact tooth to achieve esthetic satisfaction with bonded porcelain restorations. Unlike traditional veneers, the approach described here draws upon the ideal hues, the subtle shades, and especially the intracoronal anatomy of the intact tooth to serve as a guide to reconstruction and as a measurement of success. From this perspective, a checklist of fundamental esthetic criteria is presented, and treatment planning, diagnostics, tooth preparation, laboratory procedures, adhesive luting procedures, and maintenance protocols are carefully detailed. The reader will find all the information and step-by-step instruction needed to obtain the authors superior results, which are showcased throughout the book.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Surgical Approaches to the Facial Skeleton

Surgical Approaches to the Facial Skeleton Lowest new price: $164.70
Lowest used price: $163.80
List price: $309.99
Author: Edward Ellis III DDS MS
Brand: imusti

Featuring over 400 full-color surgical photographs and drawings, this text/atlas is a step-by-step guide to the surgical approaches used to expose the facial skeleton. The authors describe in detail the key anatomic structures and the technical aspects of each approach, so that the surgeon can safely gain access to the region of the craniofacial skeleton requiring surgery.

This Second Edition includes full-color intraoperative photographs that complement the surgical drawings. Several new approaches have been added—the transconjunctival approach to the medial orbit, subtarsal approach to the internal orbit, Weber-Ferguson approach to the midface, and facial degloving approach to the midface.


  • Lippincott Williams Wilkins

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Anatomy of the Teeth Anatomical Chart

Anatomy of the Teeth Anatomical Chart Lowest new price: $16.51
Lowest used price: $20.28
List price: $21.99
Author: Anatomical Chart Company
Brand: Lake Forest Anatomicals Educational Models
Model: 9781587790997

Brightly colored, user friendly chart covering the Anatomy of the Teeth.  The large central image shows a detailed cross section of a tooth and surrounding gum and bone with clearly labeled anatomic features. 
Also includes labeled  illustrations of  the following:
primary teeth
permanent teeth
function and types of teeth
tooth decay
childhood dentition 
oral cavity
innervation and blood supply 

Made in the USA.

Available in the following versions :    

  • 20" x 26" heavy paper laminated with grommets at top corners   ISBN 9781587790997
  •  20" x 26" heavy paper                                                                             ISBN 9781587791000


  • Brand New
  • Anatomically accurate
  • Laminated Deluxe Professional Grade
  • Size: 26 in x 20 in

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Mandibular Reconstruction

Mandibular Reconstruction Lowest new price: $79.70
Lowest used price: $9.91
List price: $99.99
Author: Arnold Komisar

From its beginnings in simple "K wires" to today's sophisticated free flaps and dental implants, the field of mandibular reconstruction continues to undergo dramatic changes. Edited by a world-renowned head and neck surgeon, this book is the first to cover all techniques of mandibular reconstruction and to look at the future of the field.

Pearson's Comprehensive Dental Assisting

Pearson's Comprehensive Dental Assisting Lowest new price: $90.47
Lowest used price: $8.88
List price: $163.40
Author: Lori Tyler

Pearson’s Comprehensive Dental Assisting  is all about ensuring that you will be a successful student and dental assistant. To help ensure this success, a focus is placed on learning both technical and people skills. This comprehensive textbook presents a step-by-step, competency based approach that covers all the facets of the dental assisting profession. People skills are covered throughout the text as various areas related to cultural and lifespan considerations are discussed.  This text was developed and organized with both the needs of the instructor and student in mind. Attention was paid to ensure that the information flowed smoothly and that the topics were presented simply for students to be able to grasp the concepts.

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The Dental Assistant

The Dental Assistant Lowest new price: $192.54
Lowest used price: $145.00
List price: $250.95
Author: Alice E. Pendleton
Brand: Brand: Cengage Learning

This newly revised version of The Dental Assistant provides comprehensive information for shorter programs allowing users to extract specific information and use the remaining material as a supplemental resource and on-the-job reference. Readers will appreciate the user-friendly format and easy-to-understand language. Review questions reinforce chapter material and aid in preparation for certification and licensure examinations under that state Dental Practice Act. OSHA guidelines are included to focus attention on the importance of safety and infection control. *Step-by-step procedures give students a practical understanding of the process *Dental specialities have been expanded to give students a more in-depth understanding of each *Key terms are defined both within the text and the glossary, facilitating learning *Suggested activities strengthen comprehension and reinforce procedure exercises *New chapters introduce digital radiographic imaging so students understand electronic imaging methods *Pharmacology chapter provides an overall classification of drugs found in a dental office *Includes more illustrations and tables than previous editions, making it easier comprehension of material and quicker reference Supplements Instructor's Manual 0-7668-1114-X


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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For Women Only: A Revolutionary Guide to Reclaiming Your Sex Life

For Women Only: A Revolutionary Guide to Reclaiming Your Sex Life Lowest new price: $1.99
Lowest used price: $0.01
List price: $26.00
Author: Jennifer Berman

A groundbreaking book by the co-directors of one of the country's first women's sexual health clinics-destined to be an essential resource for women throughout the country.

According to The Journal of the American Medical Association, 43 percent of American women suffer from some kind of sexual dysfunction. And though the introduction of Viagra has increased attention to male sexual concerns, the problems women face are often ignored. For Women Only is the first book to offer a comprehensive exploration of female sexual dysfunction.

The co-directors of the Women's Sexual Health Clinic at Boston University Medical Center -- Jennifer Berman, a urologist, and her sister, Laura Berman, a sex therapist-draw on research and clinical findings to show that many of the physical problems that cause impotence in men can cause sexual dysfunction in women. In addition, many women experience diminished sexual response as they age, go through menopause, and after hysterectomies or other pelvic surgery.

Covering both physiological and psychological issues in a straightforward, sympathetic style, the Bermans provide authoritative, easy-to-understand information on the medical breakthroughs and treatments that can help women of all ages enjoy more fulfilling sex lives.

Although Jennifer Berman, M.D., and Laura Berman, Ph.D., readily agree that "the most important sex organ in the human body is the brain," the last thing they want anyone to believe is that all female sexual problems are mental--quite the contrary. Findings gathered from their own research and clinical practice show that, like men, women often undergo physical changes and challenges that lead to sexual dysfunction; in fact, nearly half of all women in the U.S. experience sexual problems at some point during their lifetime. Through their frank but personable discussion about the female sexual response, sisters Jennifer (a urologist) and Laura (a sex therapist) virtually open their clinic doors to readers; they share client stories, fully describe their clinical patient-assessment process, provide an updated anatomy lesson, and offer practical suggestions for enhancing sexual pleasure.

As founders and co-directors of the Women's Sexual Health Clinic at Boston University Medical Center, the Bermans have treated a variety of ailments, including loss of libido (due to medical factors, emotional issues, or menopause) and arousal and pain disorders. They address it here in plain, understandable words designed to empower women with better information about their bodies and the many factors that can affect sexual well-being. In a way, the book reads almost like a diary of their practice, bolstered by the occasional critical essay (such as chapter 2, "The History of Female Sexuality," or chapter 6, "Sexuality Through the Life Cycle"). For Women Only is a sensitive, sensible, and timely take on a previously "pooh-poohed" subject--with encouraging conclusions that are long overdue. --Liane Thomas

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Dental Terminology

Dental Terminology Lowest new price: $34.41
Lowest used price: $1.99
List price: $149.95
Author: Charline M. Dofka
Brand: Brand: Delmar Learning

Proper use of medical terminology is essential to the success of dental professionals. Learn the terms of the trade with this unique book. Terms are organized by specialty area for quick and easy reference. A variety of exercises are offered following each chapter providing ample opportunity to review and refresh. Whether you are new to dental terminology or simply need to brush up and review, this book is essential!


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Torres and Ehrlich Modern Dental Assisting - Textbook and Workbook Package, 9e

Torres and Ehrlich Modern Dental Assisting - Textbook and Workbook Package, 9e Lowest new price: $74.49
Lowest used price: $27.32
List price: $125.95
Author: Doni L. Bird CDA RDA RDH MA
Brand: Brand: Saunders

This package contains the Torres and Ehrlich Modern Dental Assisting, 9th edition text and workbook. Together, this innovative system of learning resources - the text, the workbook, the CD-ROM, DVD, and the EVOLVE website offer you reliable, state-of-the-art guidance to help you excel in dental assisting!


  • Used Book in Good Condition

Certified Dental Technician(CDT)

Certified Dental Technician(CDT) Lowest new price: $89.95
Lowest used price: $85.95
List price: $89.95
Author: Passbooks

The Admission Test Series prepares students for entrance examinations into college, graduate and professional school as well as candidates for professional certification and licensure. The Certified Dental Technician (CDT) Passbook® prepares you by sharpening the skills and abilities necessary to succeed on your upcoming entrance exam. It provides a series of informational texts as well as hundreds of questions and answers in the areas that will likely be covered on your upcoming exam, including but not limited to: general dentistry; materials; oral anatomy and physiology; dentures; orthodontics; and more.

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