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Endocrinology & Metabolism

Acetogenesis (Chapman & Hall Microbiology Series)

Acetogenesis (Chapman & Hall Microbiology Series) Lowest used price: $28.43
List price: $99.00
Author: Harold L. Drake

This is the first volume to provide comprehensive coverage of acetogenesis. Leading experts present state-of-the-art research, investigating the structure and function relationship of key acetogenic processes, including synthesis of ATP, the conservation of energy, and intersecting metabolic pathways. It explores the interactions between acetogenic bacteria and the flow of matter and energy, giving the reader an integrated perspective on acetogens and the environment. It presents landmark advances in the biochemistry, phylogeny, and molecular biology of acetogens, with lucid explanations of background material, making this volume accessible to newcomers to the subject. It discusses diverse functions of acetogenesis in soils, and gastrointestinal tracts, as well as current and potential commercial and environmental applications. This volume will serve as a broad and in-depth review of basic and emerging issues in acetogenesis for microbiologists, molecular biologists, biochemists, and ecologists, and as a stimulus for future research.

Handbook of Lipoprotein Testing, 2nd Edition

Handbook of Lipoprotein Testing, 2nd Edition Lowest new price: $72.54
Lowest used price: $12.32
List price: $99.00
Author: Nader Rifai

This important reference addresses critical issues in lipoprotein testing such as standardization, certification, and measurement and interpretation of lipid values, and comprehensively presents the latest advances in lipid testing. It also includes methodologies such as the determination of plasma lipoprotein lipase activity and low-density lipoprotein receptors. It will be of great interest to clinical pathologists, lipid chemists, and all laboratorians involved in lipidology and cardiovascular prevention.

Biochemistry of Exercise VI (International Series on Sport Sciences)

Lowest used price: $3.80
List price: $65.00
Brand: Brand: Human Kinetics Pub

Book by


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Energy Metabolism, Indirect Calorimetry, and Nutrition

Energy Metabolism, Indirect Calorimetry, and Nutrition Lowest new price: $108.84
Lowest used price: $7.99
List price: $50.00
Author: David H. Elwyn
Brand: Brand: Williams Wilkins

Book by Elwyn, David H., Askanazi, Jeffrey, Kinney, John M., Bursztein, Simon


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Young Voices: Life with Diabetes

Young Voices: Life with Diabetes Lowest new price: $34.81
Lowest used price: $2.29
List price: $49.95
Author: Hala Khalaf

In Young Voices – Life with Diabetes, the faceless generation who are mere numbers in tomorrow’s diabetes statistics are given a face and a voice – both in a global context and in their communities. Narrated by Hala Khalaf, Novo Nordisk Media Prize winner 2004, and photographed by Jesper Westley, Young Voices – Life with Diabetes is a collection of eight stories about the lives of thirteen youths around the world.

"They have one thing in common; they all have diabetes. Some of them were born with this lifelong chronic condition. A few of them had the ill fortune to live a lifestyle that prompted it. As individuals they are very different. They come from eight countries on four continents and represent different cultures, backgrounds and age groups. Some are battling ignorance and poverty; others have access to the most recent medical technology. So why is it that together their stories are interesting? And what is it that Novo Nordisk hopes to achieve by telling their stories?

More than having diabetes in common, they have each found their own way to deal with a condition that never goes away. They refuse to let diabetes take over their lives, and they share a state of mind – a special place in their lives – where they find strength, optimism and renewed energy to fight their diabetes.

The ambition of this book has been to inspire the way we think about diabetes as a disease, and people with diabetes as patients. By placing the individual before the disease, and by going behind their disease stories and into their real stories, as we have done in this book, we believe that we have an opportunity to help people with diabetes find their own personal reserves to live a full life with – and despite of – their diabetes. We have chosen to look at diabetes through the fresh eyes of children and young people because through their eyes we can see, understand and ultimately impact the future of diabetes – their future. We hope that it can inspire across all age groups.

This book is an invitation to people with diabetes, their families, healthcare professionals and health policy makers, who share our desire to change the way we think about and approach diabetes, to work with us to build a better future in diabetes care."

Lars Rebien Sorensen, President and CEO, Novo Nordisk.

The book is published by Novo Nordisk in association with John Wiley and Sons Ltd.

An Introduction to Neuroendocrinology

An Introduction to Neuroendocrinology Lowest new price: $45.39
Lowest used price: $1.99
List price: $110.00
Author: Richard Brown
Brand: Brand: Cambridge University Press

Neuroendocrinology is a multidisciplinary subject on the interaction between the brain and endocrine system and the influence of this interaction on the behavior of animals and humans. This book is designed as an introductory text in neuroendocrinology. It outlines the basics of endocrinology, including the endocrine glands, the pituitary gland, the hypothalamus, and their interactions. It also describes the action of neurotransmitters in the nervous system, the action of neuropeptides as chemical messengers, and the interaction among hormones, neurotransmitters, and neuropeptides. It also introduces the important new field of neuro-endocrine-immunology and contains a chapter on behavioral neuroendocrinology. The level of presentation is suitable for undergraduates who have completed introductory biology or psychology classes, and each chapter contains review questions based on material in that chapter and essay questions for further in-depth study.


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Transferrin: The Iron Carrier

Transferrin: The Iron Carrier Lowest new price: $299.21
Lowest used price: $100.49
List price: $397.00
Author: Simon Welch

Transferrin, a glycoprotein synthesized by all vertebrates, acts as the vehicle for transporting iron and possibly other transition elements between different sites in the body. Transferrin has other biological roles, including a mitiotic signal and an antibacterial agent. The structure, function, evolution, regulation of synthesis, cellular uptake and recycling, and genetic variablity of human and other animal transferrins are discussed.

Homocysteine in Health and Disease

Homocysteine in Health and Disease Lowest new price: $49.07
Lowest used price: $5.84
List price: $294.00

High levels of homocysteine, a sulfur-containing amino acid derived from methionine, have recently been identified as a very important risk factor in cardiovascular disease. Homocysteine abnormalities are also thought to contribute to birth defects and dementia. There are many common genetic disorders and problems (such as vitamin deficiency) that adversely affect the metabolism of homocysteine. In this book a team of the world's experts in the field provide a clear, current, clinical analysis of the biochemistry, genetics, and epidemiology of homocysteine disorders, providing a uniquely comprehensive account of the broad range of medical, nutritional and methodological implications of homocysteine for health and disease.

Forensic Epidemiology (International Forensic Science and Investigation)

Forensic Epidemiology (International Forensic Science and Investigation) Lowest new price: $59.99
Lowest used price: $53.98
List price: $159.95
Author: Steven A. Koehler

After 9/11, forensic epidemiology emerged as a leading investigative tool, partnering public health officers with law enforcement like never before. Based on the authors’ first-hand experience, Forensic Epidemiology brings to light the vast amounts of information collected by medical examiners that will be useful in advancing death investigation techniques among the forensic science, public health, and law enforcement fields.

This practical resource begins with a brief overview of epidemiological science and the history of forensic epidemiology before examining the multiple functions of death certificates and the signature role of forensic epidemiologists in death investigations. Incorporating numerous illustrations and real-world examples, the book:

  • Explains proven methods to collect, analyze, and interpret data for criminal investigations
  • Defines the terminology, methodology, procedures, and goals of all sectors involved for more effective collaboration
  • Examines deaths from natural, suicidal, accidental, homicidal, and undetermined causes
  • Describes the various decomposition states and methods used to establish positive identity

The increased frequency of criminal acts that involve deliberate biological and chemical agents underscores the need for collaboration between law enforcement investigators and public health professionals. As Forensic Epidemiology effectively demonstrates, when they work together, they can mount a powerful and successful response to threats to the American public.

Dr. Steven A. Koehler was interviewed in Volume 12 of Anil Aggrawal's Internet Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology.

Cytochromes P450: Metabolic and Toxicological Aspects

Cytochromes P450: Metabolic and Toxicological Aspects Lowest new price: $57.79
Lowest used price: $11.17
List price: $289.95

Cytochromes P450: Metabolic and Toxicological Aspects examines cytochrome P450 proteins and their role in toxicity/carcinogenicity and the metabolism of foreign chemicals. Studying the function of these proteins enables us to:

  • Predict the pathways and outcome of chemical metabolism to rationalize species, sex, and age differences in toxicity
  • Anticipate drug interactions
  • Modify doses to fit the needs of patients
    Contributions from internationally acknowledged experts are organized into three sections. The first section provides an overview, the next profiles each of the cytochrome P450 families and subfamilies involved in chemical metabolism, and the last section discusses new issues and developments of current interest.
    This detailed and thorough examination of cytochrome P450 will be a useful source for research scientists, especially those working in the pharmaceutical industry, dealing with the safety evaluation of chemicals and the study of their metabolism, pharmacokinetics, and toxicological properties.

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