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Endocrinology & Metabolism

Clinical Physiology of Acid-Base and Electrolyte Disorders

Clinical Physiology of Acid-Base and Electrolyte Disorders Lowest new price: $35.00
Lowest used price: $5.94
List price: $45.00
Author: Burton David Rose

Largely rewritten to reflect advances that have been made and controversies that have arisen since publication of the 3rd edition in 1989, this monograph integrates the essentials of renal and electrolyte physiology with the common clinical disorders of acid-base and electrolyte balance. For students, residents, and clinicians. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

Secondary Metabolism (Oxford Chemistry Series)

Secondary Metabolism (Oxford Chemistry Series) Lowest new price: $251.99
Lowest used price: $9.13
List price: $75.00
Author: J. Mann

This book is concerned with the biosynthesis, biological activity, and ecological significance of secondary metabolites (natural products).These include alcaloids such as morphine, steroids like cholesterol, and antibiotics like the penicillins. The author considers each of the major classes of secondary metabolites according to the basic 'building blocks' from which they are derived and highlights the pharmacological and toxicological properties of compounds found in insects, plants, and microorganisms. The final chapter explores the possible ecological significance of these products. The second edition incorporates new material on the isolation and characterization of the enzymes of secondary metabolism and on the new NMR techniques which have revolutionized the elucidation of biosynthetic pathways. The book is important reading for advanced undergraduates and graduates in chemistry, biochemistry, and botany, as well as researchers in the pharmaceutical industry.

Handbook of Exercise in Diabetes

Handbook of Exercise in Diabetes Lowest new price: $12.90
Lowest used price: $1.99
List price: $69.95
Author: American Diabetes Association

This comprehensive resource contains the latest data on the effects of exercise on blood glucose and metabolism, prevention of type 2, treatment plans, and medication adjustment, as well as exercise’s effects on conditions such as retinopathy, nephropathy, and neuropathy. Highlights special patient groups.

Current Topics in Osteoporosis

Current Topics in Osteoporosis Lowest new price: $103.20
Lowest used price: $5.38
List price: $206.00
Brand: Brand: World Scientific Pub Co Inc

This book reviews important topics in osteoporosis, with the emphasis on both clinical management and basic research of the disease. From the clinical perspective, topics covering pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment of osteoporosis are extensively elaborated. Several more chapters complement clinical overview of osteoporosis, that discuss the effects of nutrition and exercise to bone health, the application of biochemical markers in osteoporosis diagnosis, novel potential drug targets for osteoporosis treatment, and osteoporosis in males and in children. As the prevalence of osteoporosis now reaches epidemiological levels, epidemiology and social impacts of osteoporosis is also reviewed in the book. Basic research on osteoporosis is also highlighted in the book, with a number of chapters dedicated to the review of genetics of osteoporosis, animal models for osteoporosis, and statistical methods in osteoporosis study.


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Fat : Fighting the Obesity Epidemic

Fat : Fighting the Obesity Epidemic Lowest new price: $21.77
Lowest used price: $4.99
List price: $50.00
Author: Robert Pool

When the leptin gene was discovered in 1994, news articles predicted that there might soon be an easy, pharmaceutical solution to the growing public health crisis of obesity. Yet this scientific breakthrough merely proved once again how difficult the fight against fat really is. Despite the many appetite-suppressants, diet pills, and weight-loss programs available today, approximately 30 percent of Americans are obese. And that number is expanding rapidly.
Fat is the engaging story of the scientific quest to understand and control body weight. Covering the entire twentieth century, Robert Pool chronicles the evolving blame-game for fat--from being a result of undisciplined behavior to subconscious conflicts, physiological disease, and environmental excess. Readers in today's weight-conscious society will be surprised to learn that being overweight was actually encouraged by doctors and popular health magazines up until the 1930s, when the health risks associated with being overweight were publicly recognized. Thus began decades of research and experiments that subsequently explained appetite, metabolism, and the development of fat cells. Pool effectively reanimates the colorful characters, curious experiments, brilliant insights and wrong turns that led to contemporary scientific understanding of America's epidemic. While he acknowledges the advances in the pharmacological fight against flab, he underscores that the real problem of obesity is not losing the weight but keeping it off. Drugs offer a quick fix, but they aren't the ultimate answer. American society must remedy the unhealthy daily environments of its cities and towns, and those who have struggled with their weight and have experienced the "yo-yo" cycle of dieting must understand the underlying science of body weight that makes their struggle more than a question of willpower.

Fat: Fighting the Obesity Epidemic, by science writer Robert Pool, is the story of obesity research: the quest to find out why people get fat, why certain people are more likely to gain weight than others, why it's so difficult to lose weight, how the body's weight-regulating system works, how genes and environment interact to produce obesity, and why dieters regain their weight more than 90 percent of the time.

Pool presents story after story about the obesity scientists and their research, along with the evolution of social attitudes about corpulence. Some of the anecdotes are entertaining, such as the description of a 1911 experiment where a researcher inflated a condom in his belly, attached to a tube that went through his esophagus and out his mouth, to measure stomach contractions during hunger. Others may make you shudder, such as the story of 515-pound J.W., who lost weight in a hospital on a 600- to 800-calorie liquid diet 25 times, always rebounding afterwards to his previous weight.

Pool favors the leptin gene as a major clue to the mystery of obesity and treats it with more scientific detail than any other topic. Leptin, Pool explains, "regulates appetite and metabolism to keep the body at a stable, preferred weight." The brains of people with a mutation that results in deficient leptin production perceive their bodies as perpetually starving--even though they may be 50 or 100 pounds overweight.

Fat isn't a quick read and it won't tell you how to lose weight. It will appeal primarily to sociologists and those interested in the science of obesity. If that's you, you'll find this book to be a treasure trove of information. --Joan Price

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Origin and Evolution of Biological Energy Conversion

Lowest new price: $65.95
Lowest used price: $11.37
List price: $125.00
Brand: Brand: Vch Pub

This work presents information in the various subfields of biological energy conversion, as well as the latest evolutionary picture.


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Diabetes Meals on the Run : Fast, Healthy Menus Using Convenience Foods

Diabetes Meals on the Run : Fast, Healthy Menus Using Convenience Foods Lowest new price: $3.55
Lowest used price: $2.95
List price: $19.00
Author: Betty Wedman-St. Louis

From fast foods to frozen entrees to deli takeout to salad bars, there is an abundance of tasty, convenient meal options catering to our hurry-up lifestyles. But as a person with diabetes you must follow strict nutritional guidelines and things can be quite a bit more complicated. Written by a leading national diabetes educator, Diabetes Meals on the Run is the first-ever guide to adapting fast foods and convenience foods to a diabetes nutrition regimen.

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Gametes - The Oocyte (Cambridge Reviews in Human Reproduction)

Gametes - The Oocyte (Cambridge Reviews in Human Reproduction) Lowest new price: $47.88
Lowest used price: $1.99
List price: $121.00
Brand: Brand: Cambridge University Press

This volume, and its companion volume on the spermatozoon, provide a wide-ranging analysis of the gametes and their reproductive role in humans. The authors give a detailed account of the oocyte that includes particularly helpful information on female infertility and its treatment. The book starts with an evolutionary perspective before focusing on the molecular and cellular biology of the oocyte and its structure and function. The development and maturation of the oocyte is also fully described, including an account of the endocrine and paracrine regulation of ovarian function. Practical issues such as oocyte storage and ovarian stimulation are also fully covered. The volume will be an essential source of information for all clinicians and scientists with an interest in human reproduction.


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Physiology of the Graafian Follicle and Ovulation

Physiology of the Graafian Follicle and Ovulation Lowest new price: $97.03
Lowest used price: $91.98
List price: $229.00
Author: R. H. F. Hunter

Ovulation is a key event in the female mammalian reproductive cycle, yet the process of ovulation itself remains poorly understood. Much of our knowledge comes from studies of laboratory rodents or domestic farm animals, with more recent human studies focusing on problems of fertility or in vitro fertilization. This volume integrates the vast available literature from both animal and human systems to provide a comprehensive summary highlighting the key role played by the oocytes in all stages of ovulation.

Drug Prescribing in Renal Failure: Dosing Guidelines for Adults

Drug Prescribing in Renal Failure: Dosing Guidelines for Adults Lowest new price: $15.00
Lowest used price: $1.08
List price: $35.00
Author: George R. Aronoff
Brand: Brand: American College of Physicians

The expanding importance of health as a global issue has focused attention on the value of applying the concept of global public goods from economics to international health.


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