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Technical Manual ([Department of the Army technical manual])

Technical Manual ([Department of the Army technical manual]) Lowest new price: $71.41
Lowest used price: $0.99
List price: $159.00

...extensively updated and all-inclusive, written by a team of experts in serology, safety, quality issues, donor qualification, tissue banking, and transfusion practices... an invaluable reference.

Carbon Dioxide Equilibria and Their Applications

Carbon Dioxide Equilibria and Their Applications Lowest new price: $132.76
Lowest used price: $49.90
List price: $265.00
Author: James N. Butler
Brand: CRC Press

Carbon dioxide, bicarbonate ion, and carbonate ion comprise the most important acid-base system in natural waters, and the equilibria between them regulate the pH of seawater, as well as most rainwater, stream water, river water, and groundwater. Carbon Dioxide Equilibria and Their Applications provides a clear, compact presentation of this topic, which is central to geochemistry and environmental engineering. It emphasizes a rigorous mathematical and thermodynamic basis for calculations and their application to realistic problems.

The book's first four chapters present the basic equations, mathematical techniques for visualizing and manipulating them, and data on equilibrium constants and activity coefficients. These are presented in the general context of acid-base titration and solubility of CaCO3. The remaining chapters show how these concepts and techniques are applied to geochemistry and oceanography, in addition to their applications to water conditioning. Specific topics discussed include acid rain, freshwater, seawater, carbonate sediments in the deep oceans, the effects of increased atmospheric CO2 on the oceans, estuarine waters, brines, hydrothermal solutions, pH adjustment, prediction of calcium carbonate saturation, corrosion inhibition, and water softening.


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Optical Clearing of Tissues and Blood (SPIE Press Monograph Vol. PM154)

Optical Clearing of Tissues and Blood (SPIE Press Monograph Vol. PM154) Lowest new price: $80.52
Lowest used price: $101.25
List price: $81.00
Author: Valery V. Tuchin
Brand: Brand: SPIE Publications

Dr. Tuchin describes an optical clearing method based on reversible reduction of tissue scattering due to refractive index matching of scatterers and ground matter. This technique, which has been of great interest for research and application in the last decade, is a promising technique for future developments in the fields of tissue imaging, spectroscopy, phototherapy, and laser surgery.


- Preface

- Introduction: Brief Review

- Tissue and Blood Optical Immersion by Exogenous Chemical Agents

- Optical Clearing of Fibrous Tissues

- Optical Clearing of Skin

- Optical Clearing of Gastric Tissue

- Tissue Structural Properties Studies at Optical Immersion

- Optical Clearing of Blood, Cells, and Microorganisms

- Chemical Agent Delivery

- Applications

- Other Methods of Tissue Optical Properties Control

- Conclusion

- References


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Molecular Biology of B-Cell and T-Cell Development (Contemporary Immunology)

Molecular Biology of B-Cell and T-Cell Development (Contemporary Immunology) Lowest new price: $33.00
Lowest used price: $28.50
List price: $349.99
Brand: Brand: Humana Press

Despite the tremendous diversity of the cells of the hematopoietic system, they are all derived from common precursor cells that are generated in the fetus and persist into adult life. In this regard, Band T lymphocytes, which comprise the two arms of the antigen-specific and inducible immune system, though functionally very different, are descendants of the same stem cell precursor. In the past several years, we have witnessed an explosion of information regarding the process by which differentiation of B-and T-cells from stem cells occurs. This information, like the answers to most important biological questions, has come from multiple and diverse directions. Because all hematopoietic cells arise from common precursors, complex regulatory processes must be involved in determining commitment to various lineages. Understanding commitment to the B- or T-cell lineage remains incomplete; however, identification of transcription factors necessary for progression along specific B-and T-cell pathways suggests that we are on the verge of understanding the molecules involved in the initial fate-determining steps. Studies of this type previously could be accomplished only in nonmammalian systems that are more amenable to genetic approaches. However, new technologies allow increasingly elegant and informative studies in mammalian systems, particularly for cells of the hematopoietic system.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

Immunodiagnostics: A Practical Approach (Practical Approach Series)

Immunodiagnostics: A Practical Approach (Practical Approach Series) Lowest new price: $9.84
Lowest used price: $6.80
List price: $125.00

Immunodiagnostic tests are analytical methods that use antibodies as reagents whose results are used to aid diagnosis and are widely used in many scientific disciplines and in many different ways. Perhaps the most widespread and obvious use is in clinical applications, but immunodiagnostic tests are also used in other fields such as forensic science and environmental and food analysis. The different types of test range from simple manual methods to fully automated systems with sophisticated integrated detection. Immunodiagnostics: A Practical Approach starts off by explaining the principles and development of immunodiagnostic tests, specifically the use of radioisotopes as tracers. Chapter 2 explains the use of solid-phase supports to bind immunoreagents. Enzymes are widely used as labels in immunoassays and their use with colourimetric, fluorimetric, and chemiluminescent detection systems is described. The use of enzymes as labels reflects the move away from radioisotopes and one of the most powerful non- radioisotopic procedures is the time-resolved fluorescence assay. Enzymes can also be used as a simple method of obtaining high performance from immunodiagnostics and this application is covered later in the book. The next set of techniques to be described are light scattering techniques, which can be used in either simple manual assays or in sophisticated automated procedures. The penultimate chapter describes the principles of automation of immunodiagnostic tests. The last topic to be discussed is that of quality assurance.

Molecular Aspects of Myeloid Stem Cell Development

Molecular Aspects of Myeloid Stem Cell Development Lowest new price: $254.98
Lowest used price: $2.37
List price: $99.00
Brand: Brand: Springer

A workshop on "MOLECULAR ASPECTS OF MYELOID STEM CELL DEVELOPMENT" was held at the Historic Inns in Annapolis, MD during April 30-May 3, with approximately 70 persons attend­ ing. The enormous success of this meeting was attributable to the recent outburst of information generated from two areas of study: transcriptional regulation of developmentally important myeloid genes and molecular dissection of chromosomal abnormalities in human myeloid leukemias. It was reassuring that studies of normal myelopoiesis and abnormal myelopoiesis, as observed in dys­ plasias and neoplasia, are revealing several interrelated mechan­ isms of gene regulation. However, great challenges await us as we try to determine how these and other mechanisms in this intricate system orchestrate the ultimate fate of cells e. g. proliferation, differentiation or apoptosis. This volume of Current Topics in Micro­ biology encapsulates many of the key aspects of the workshop summarizing research over the past few years on the ontogeny and pathology of myeloid cells. Investigations into the complex process of normal myeloid cell . maturation were first made possible through development of in vitro clonigenic assays. These established the relationships of colony stimulating factors, interleukins and their combinations to the specific fates of myeloid progenitors derived from the bone , marrow and spleen. Molecular studies became feasible, however, through the later establishment of several cell culture systems in­ volving immortalized cells which, under the proper induction, could fairly accurately recapitulate the myelopoietic process.


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Mechanisms in Blood Coagulation, Fibrinolysis and the Complement System

Mechanisms in Blood Coagulation, Fibrinolysis and the Complement System Lowest new price: $67.41
Lowest used price: $76.55
List price: $74.99
Author: Torben Halkier

Blood coagulation and fibrinolysis has been traditionally classed as a part of hematology and the complement system as a part of immunology. An analysis of these two systems at a molecular level, however, has revealed some intriguing evolutionary relationships among some of the macromolecules involved. Evidently, there are similarities in the cascade of reactions that characterize the processes. It is therefore highly suitable that these topics are presented together in one volume. This book presents a thorough explanation and analysis of our current understanding of the proteins and enzymes involved in each of the three processes, and includes a section devoted to special topics of relevance, such as the kinin system, glycosylation, signal peptides, and the serpin family.


Blood Lowest new price: $85.35
Lowest used price: $29.57
List price: $54.00

Detailed and comprehensive text includes 78 text-related blood tests, chapters on: apheresis, bone marrow transplantation, oxygen and carbon dioxide transport, and the major histocompatibility complex molecules. Halftone illustrations and chapter-end review questions are included. Specialists at the Massachusetts General Hospital reviewed text for accuracy. Softcover.

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Bone Marrow Pathology

Bone Marrow Pathology Lowest used price: $15.95
List price: $195.00
Author: Barbara J. Bain

Bone Marrow Pathology is a practical guide to the diagnosis of bone marrow disease that places abnormalities of the bone marrow within the broader context of clinical and peripheral blood features. It gives equal weight to cytological and histological assessment and emphasises an integrated approach to diagnosis.

The second edition of Bone Marrow Pathology has been expanded to give a more detailed coverage of the subject, including many more colour illustrations, with appendices of technical methods and incorporating the real classification of lymphomas.

Bone Marrow Pathology gives an integrated approach to the subject and is the product of two histopathologists and one haematologist. It will appeal to haematologists, histopathologists and trainee and practising pathologists.

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Long-Term Hemodialysis

Long-Term Hemodialysis Lowest new price: $122.00
Lowest used price: $97.45
List price: $122.00
Author: Nguyen-Khoa Man
Brand: Brand: Springer Netherlands

World-wide, more than 500,000 people are currently receiving long-term hemodialysis. A large number of patients live longer than 20 years after commencement of the therapy, facts which have established the value of hemodialysis as a therapeutic method with no theoretical limitation on the length of survival it offers to patients. Given the major theoretical advances in both the technology and medical knowledge since its early stages, it is now time to present an up to date coverage of all its technical and clinical aspects.
Long-Term Hemodialysis covers the most recent developments in the area, particular attention being paid to biocompatibility, adequacy of dialysis, and patient nutrition. Special emphasis is placed on the many clinical problems encountered in the care of the dialysis patient, since proper management may prevent most uremic complications and will improve the well-being of the patient in the long term.
The book is written in such an understandable, concise style, assisted by a large number of illustrations, that not only health-care professionals will easily understand the essentials of hemodialysis; the patients themselves will also be able to profit greatly from reading the book.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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