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Infectious Disease

Ebola: Through the Eyes of the People

Ebola: Through the Eyes of the People Lowest new price: $27.00
Lowest used price: $1.99
List price: $16.95
Author: William T. Close
Brand: Brand: Meadowlark Springs Productions Llc

At a Catholic Mission in Yambuku, an oasis of peace and efficiency in northern Congo's vast jungle forests, Mabalo Lokela, a teacher, receives an anti-malarial shot for a raging fever and headache. Sister Lucie, a Flemish nursing sister, swishes out a syringe with a weak disinfectant. The next patients are injected with the same syringe and the sick man's virus spreads.

Lokela was the first Congolese victim of a new African hemorrhagic disease that became known as Ebola fever. When Sister Lucie dies a few days later, panic erupts and hospitalized patients flee into the forest. With the convent connected to the outside world by a single primitive radio, the mission nuns can only pray and wonder if anyone will act on their cries for help.


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Hiv: Issues with Mental Health and Illness

Hiv: Issues with Mental Health and Illness Lowest new price: $63.90
Lowest used price: $9.47
List price: $65.95
Brand: Routledge

Learn why it’s time for a new era in mental health and prevention science

HIV: Issues with Mental Health and Illness is a comprehensive examination of the co-morbidity that exists between HIV/AIDS and mental illness. Internationally recognized experts in the field analyze the latest research on why HIV sufferers are at risk of developing mental illness and how people who suffer from mental illness risk contracting HIV through sexual behavior and substance abuse. This unique book focuses on clinical and diagnostic issues, the organization of service delivery systems, and community-based interventions.

HIV: Issues with Mental Health and Illness presents vital contributions from physicians, sociologists, nurses, social workers, and psychologists working to develop a plan to reduce the number of persons affected by the epidemic, and to improve the quality of life of those already HIV infected. Aimed at promoting a new era in mental health and prevention science, the book examines vital issues including: the interplay between depression, HIV, and chronic fatigue; condom use among adolescents with psychiatric disorders; predicting HIV risk and how targeted intervention can address multiple health risks; how an increase in emotional stress can affect African-American women concerned about becoming HIV infected; STI risk reduction strategies; how client gender can affect mental health care service delivery; and the implementation of intervention programs as part of supported housing programs.

HIV: Issues with Mental Health and Illness examines:

  • bridging the gap between research and practice
  • depression and HIV
  • schizophrenia and HIV
  • mental health policy and infectious diseases
  • HIV prevention
  • community-based participatory research
  • community psychology
  • mental health disparities
  • translation research
  • transforming public health systems
HIV: Issues with Mental Health and Illness is an invaluable resource for public health workers and policymakers, psychologists, psychiatrists, social work nurses, infectious disease physicians, and addictions disease counselors.


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Diagnostic Medical Parasitology

Diagnostic Medical Parasitology Lowest new price: $97.51
Lowest used price: $34.50
List price: $159.95
Author: Lynne S. Garcia

Covers human medical parasitology and provides comprehensive, relevant diagnostic methods in comprehensive tome. • Presents complete information on individual parasites and provides information related to life cycles, morphology, disease presentations in the immunocompetent and compromised patient, diagnosis, treatment, epidemiology, and prevention. • Offers clear and complete diagnostic procedures for use in the clinical microbiology laboratory, describing traditional and rapid techniques used for parasite detection and identification. • Reviews more than 3,000 papers published since the previous edition. • Offers a brand-new section containing medical case histories.

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Pneumococcus Lowest new price: $43.00
Lowest used price: $31.99
Author: Tuomanen E. I.
Brand: Brand: Asm Press

Book by Tuomanen E. I.


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The Hepatitis C Help Book: A Groundbreaking Treatment Program Combining Western and Eastern Medicine for Maximum Wellness and Healing

The Hepatitis C Help Book: A Groundbreaking Treatment Program Combining Western and Eastern Medicine for Maximum Wellness and Healing Lowest new price: $12.96
Lowest used price: $2.49
List price: $22.99
Author: Robert Gish

A fully updated and revised edition of an important health guide, including the latest information on optimum interferon protocol.

Hepatitis C has been called "the emergent and preeminent public-health problem of the twenty-first century--surpassing HIV." It has also been dubbed "The Shadow Epidemic," because it is one of the most clandestine of viruses and infects healthy people who have no idea they are being attacked by something they can't even detect. Now, the two experts on Hepatitis C who teamed up to write the first comprehensive guide to orthodox and alternative treatment options have revised and fully updated the book to include recent findings in the field. Along with programs for self-care, nutritional and fitness plans and a comprehensive Western and Chinese medical treatment program, the revised edition also includes important new self-help information for the growing number of people who are considering or undergoing interferon treatment, including updated information on vial load and the optimum interferon protocol.

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Aspects of Lyme Borreliosis

Aspects of Lyme Borreliosis Lowest new price: $100.66
Lowest used price: $38.36
List price: $194.00
Author: K. Weber

Aspects of Lyme Borreliosis is a comprehensive scientific presentation of virtually all aspects of lyme borreliosis. It starts with a concise history of lyme borreliosis and its causative agent, Borrelia burgdorferi. The morphological and biological characteristics of B. burgdorferi are presented, followed by outlines on the ecology and histopathology of LB. The various aspects of the clinical manifestations of LB are systematically dealt with, starting with a clinical overview. A special chapter covers the microbiological diagnosis. After a presentation on the susceptibility of B. burgdorferi in vitro and in animals against a great variety of antibiotics, a thorough discussion on the treatment of LB including critical remarks follows. The book closes with a chapter on the epidemiology of LB.

The Health of Nations: Infectious Disease, Environmental Change, and Their Effects on National Security and Development

The Health of Nations: Infectious Disease, Environmental Change, and Their Effects on National Security and Development Lowest new price: $12.29
Lowest used price: $9.99
List price: $13.75
Author: Andrew T. Price-Smith

In recent decades, new pathogens such as HIV, the Ebola virus, and the BSE prion have emerged, while old scourges such as tuberculosis, cholera, and malaria have grown increasingly resistant to treatment. The global spread of disease does not threaten the human species, but it threatens the prosperity and stability of human societies.

In this pathbreaking book, Andrew Price-Smith investigates the influence of infectious disease on nations' stability and prosperity. He also provides a theoretical and empirical foundation for the emerging field of health security. Price-Smith shows that the global proliferation of infectious disease will limit the ability of states to govern themselves effectively and to maximize their economic power. Because infectious disease can cause poverty, intra-state violence and political instability may increase. This in turn may have negative long-term effects on regional economic and political stability, damaging international relations and development.

Price-Smith takes an interdisciplinary approach to topics ranging from the effects of global environmental change on the spread of disease to the feedback loop between public health and the strength of a nation's economy and its political stability over time. As the proliferation of infectious disease threatens international stability and the policy interests of the United States in years to come, its study will become an increasingly important subfield of political science.

The Medical Detectives: Volume II

The Medical Detectives: Volume II Lowest new price: $63.17
Lowest used price: $5.75
List price: $22.50
Author: Berton Roueche
Brand: Brand: Dutton Adult

The classic collection of award-winning medical investigative reporting

What do Lyme’s disease in Long Island, a pig from New Jersey, and am amateur pianist have in common? All are subjects in three of 24 utterly fascinating tales of strange illnesses, rare diseases, poisons, and parasites—each tale a thriller of medical suspense by the incomparable Berton Roueché. The best of his New Yorker articles are collected here to astound readers with intriguing tales of epidemics in America’s small towns, threats of contagion in our biggest cities, even bubonic plague in a peaceful urban park.
In each true story, local health authorities and epidemiologists race against time to find the clue to an unknown and possibly fatal disease. Sometimes a life hangs in the balance, and the culprit may be as innocuous as a bowl of oatmeal. Award-winning journalist Berton Roueché is unfailingly exact, informative, and able to keep anyone reading till dawn.


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The History of Syphilis

The History of Syphilis Lowest new price: $19.94
Lowest used price: $5.90
List price: $20.95
Author: Professor Claude Quétel
Brand: Brand: The Johns Hopkins University Press

From its appearance in Europe at the end of the fifteenth century until its cure with the discovery of penicillin, syphilis has inspired wildly varying--and culturally revealing--theories about its origin, nature, and treatment. In The History of Syphilis, Claude Quétel chronicles five centuries of medical detective work and official management of a virulent disease that quickly became a cultural phenomenon. Quétel's study is a reminder that modern medical science grew not only from inspired genius but also from desperate speculation. Drawing parallels with the current medical and social campaigns against AIDS, Quétel notes that the history of syphilis has a surprisingly contemporary resonance.

"Quétel argues that the war against syphilis was never mainly between science and disease. From the very beginning, it was waged between those who sought to preserve syphilis as a scourge on sinners and those who sought its cure."--Wilson Quarterly

"In its relation to sex and sin, Quétel demonstrates, syphilis was perhaps the archetypical social disease. The strength of this history is that the author portrays physicians and public officials in a broad social context as they tried to counter popular views of syphilis as being shameful and frightening... Demonstrates that our present concern with AIDS has not shifted this debate significantly."--Journal of the History of Sexuality

"This book is two books in one. It traces the history of the medical conceptualizations of syphilis and the attendant therapies for the disease from its first appearance in Europe during the 1490s until the present. But it also charts the cultural representations of syphilis over a period of five hundred years. Contemporary French scholars excel in the study of this aspect of medical history, and Claude Quétel is clearly among the finest."--Historian


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Medical and Veterinary Entomology

Medical and Veterinary Entomology Lowest new price: $61.01
Lowest used price: $18.00
List price: $160.00

Medical and Veterinary Entomology is a comprehensive text and is primarily intended for graduate students and upper level undergraduates studying the medical and veterinary significance of insects and related arthropods. The book will also appeal to a larger audience, specialists and non-specialists alike, including entomologists, parasitologists, biologists, epidemiologists, physicians, public health personnel, veterinarians, wildlife specialists and others looking for a readable, authoritative book on this topic. The first two chapters provide overviews of medical-veterinary entomology and epidemiology, respectively. These are followed by individual chapters devoted to each group of insects or arachnids of medical-veterinary importance and the health problems they can cause including their role as vectors of pathogens. Each of these chapters provides an overview of the taxonomy, biology and ecology of the group, and is followed by separate sections on their medical and veterinary importance, then by a section on prevention and control and, finally, by a list of references and further reading.

  • Nationally and internationally renowned contributing authors
  • Up to date and new information that is easy to locate, with extensive subheadings and highlighted key words throughout text
  • Includes extensive coverage of arachnids, including scorpions, solpugids, spiders, mites and ticks
  • Designed for teaching several courses including Medical Entomology, Veterinary Entomology or combined Medical-Veterinary Entomology courses

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