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Infectious Disease

Dr. Fred and the Spanish Lady: Fighting the Killer Flu

Dr. Fred and the Spanish Lady: Fighting the Killer Flu Lowest new price: $10.19
Lowest used price: $7.49
List price: $15.95
Author: Betty O'Keefe
Brand: Brand: Heritage House Publishing

To this day, more questions than answers surround the 1918 outbreak of a deadly flu pandemic that threatened to destroy the world. History has put death estimates as high as 50 million people worldwide. The American death toll from the flu was more than 10 times than that of World War I. In Canada, the flu started in Halifax and, wearing the name Spanish flu or "Spanish Lady," spread steadily west to the Vancouver domain of public health officer Dr. Fred Underhill. Underhill was in Toronto at the end of World War I when spent troops came home from Europe as unknowing carriers of the most deadly germ the world had ever faced. He saw first-hand the human helplessness and rapid devastation this new disease brought with it. Its spread was inevitable, and the good doctor knew he had to return home to fight it in his own west-coast jurisdiction of Vancouver, B.C. Included is a foreword by Dr. John Blatherwick, chief medical health officer of The Vancouver Coastal Health Authority.


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The Anthrax Letters: A Medical Detective Story

The Anthrax Letters: A Medical Detective Story Lowest new price: $21.00
Lowest used price: $2.49
List price: $49.95
Author: Leonard A. Cole

At 2:00am on October 2, 2001, Robert Stevens entered a hospital emergency room. Feverish, nauseated, and barely conscious, no one knew what was making him sick. It was the doctors and public health officials who solved this medical mystery. Stevens was the first fatal victim of bioterrorism in America.

The events of September 11th and the anthrax attacks that followed only three weeks later were horrifying. Many of us felt we were living in a world gone mad. Already shaken by the images of jetliners deliberately flown into the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center, we were soon scared to open our mail. No longer could we look forward to birthday wishes or holiday postcards. We couldn’t even safely face the delivery of our monthly bills. We had now become literally afraid of the microbial menace that could be lurking in our mailboxes. This time terror had struck close to homeâ€"to everyone’s home.

But behind the panic and the politics was a key line of defense. While the police and FBI frantically investigated a crime, there were other professionals at work, conducting their own painstaking inquiry â€" medical and scientific detectives hot on the trail of deadly organisms deliberately set loose in the postal system. Modern heroes in a quickly changing world, the public health officials, physicians, researchers, and scientists who staff our hospitals, clinics, and laboratories will be the first responders on the scene of any future biowarfare event.

Conducting his own detective work, bioterrorism expert Leonard Cole has composed a series of fascinating stories that get to the heart of all the noisy sound bytes and hysterical headlines. Cole is the only person outside law enforcement to have interviewed every one of the surviving inhalation-anthrax victims, along with the relatives, friends, and associates of those who died, as well as the public health officials, scientists, researchers, hospital workers, and treating physicians â€" indeed, anyone who has something of value to add to the story. Speaking through their voices, the narrative reflects the tension and emotions stirred by the events from the fall of 2001.

Fast paced and riveting, this minute-by-minute chronicle of the anthrax attacks recounts more than a history of recent current events, it uncovers the untold and perhaps even more important story of how scientists, doctors, and researchers perform life-saving work under intense pressure and public scrutiny. The Anthrax Letters amply demonstrates how vulnerable America and the world really were in 2001. It also shows quite clearly how scientific research promises to strengthen our ability to address the challenges we must meet in the future.

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Natural History of Host-Parasite Interactions, Volume 68 (Advances in Parasitology)

Natural History of Host-Parasite Interactions, Volume 68 (Advances in Parasitology) Lowest new price: $44.74
Lowest used price: $14.10
List price: $260.00

This volume covers a wide range of systems, exemplified by a broad spectrum of micro- and macro-parasites, impacting humans, domestic and wild animals and plants. It illustrates the importance of evolutionary considerations and concepts, both as thinking tools for qualitative understanding or as guiding tools for decision making in major disease control programs.

* Brings together a range of articles from scientists from different fields of research and/or disease control, but with a common interest in studying the biology of a variety of parasitic diseases
* Evolutionary theory has an important role to play in both the interpretation of host and parasitic dynamics and the design and application of disease control programs

West Nile Story

West Nile Story Lowest new price: $170.92
Lowest used price: $2.75
List price: $14.95
Author: Dickson Despommier
Brand: Brand: Apple Trees Productions Llc

West Nile Story describes the outbreaks of the West Nile virus that occurred in and around New York City in 1999 and again in 2000. It contains an additional chapter to the soft cover edition, "We Paved Paradise." West Nile Story is intended for a mature general audience (age 15 and up). Both the soft cover and hard cover versions have received high praise from reviewers and readers, alike.


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Fundamentals of Biostatistics

Fundamentals of Biostatistics Lowest new price: $3,943.01
Lowest used price: $6.01
List price: $429.43
Author: Bernard A. Rosner

Bernard Rosner's FUNDAMENTALS OF BIOSTATISTICS is a practical introduction to the methods, techniques, and computation of statistics with human subjects. It prepares students for their future courses and careers by introducing the statistical methods most often used in medical literature. Rosner minimizes the amount of mathematical formulation (algebra-based) while still giving complete explanations of all the important concepts. As in previous editions, a major strength of this book is that every new concept is developed systematically through completely worked out examples from current medical research problems.

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Mechanisms of Disease: An Introduction to Clinical Science (Cambridge Medicine (Paperback))

Mechanisms of Disease: An Introduction to Clinical Science (Cambridge Medicine (Paperback)) Lowest new price: $9.98
Lowest used price: $9.70
List price: $87.99
Brand: Brand: Cambridge University Press

To reflect the changing face of undergraduate and postgraduate medical education, this new edition emphasises the principles of disease processes and their underlying mechanisms, bringing the content up to date with the latest developments from the fields of molecular and cellular biology. The focus is on describing the fundamental features of pathophysiological processes with examples to illustrate the similar mechanisms underlying apparently diverse clinical conditions. By understanding the cellular interactions in one disease area, similar principles can be applied to other disease groups and to the scientific basis of medical management and treatment strategies. Throughout, the student is encouraged to evaluate and integrate the evidence critically, developing skills for self-directed learning and the application of knowledge. To further encourage the reader to integrate the theory with clinical practice, each chapter concludes with a series of clinical scenarios and MCQs, with answers provided.


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Plague Pox and Pestilence: Disease in History

Plague Pox and Pestilence: Disease in History Lowest new price: $57.74
Lowest used price: $5.92
Author: Kenneth F. Kiple

Since people first settled, disease has proliferated and altered the course of history. As the horizons of the known world have been extended, germs and viruses have travelled with the explorers and destroyed the very lands and peoples that seemed to hold out such promise.

The Black Death and the Transformation of the West

Lowest new price: $3,943.01
Lowest used price: $8.38
List price: $28.00
Author: David Herlihy
Brand: Brand: Harvard University Press

In this small book David Herlihy makes subtle and subversive inquiries that challenge historical thinking about the Black Death. Looking beyond the view of the plague as unmitigated catastrophe, Herlihy finds evidence for its role in the advent of new population controls, the establishment of universities, the spread of Christianity, the dissemination of vernacular cultures, and even the rise of nationalism. This book, which displays a distinguished scholar's masterly synthesis of diverse materials, reveals that the Black Death can be considered the cornerstone of the transformation of Europe.


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Handbook of Antibiotics

Handbook of Antibiotics Lowest new price: $65.65
Lowest used price: $14.99
List price: $39.95
Author: Richard E., M.D. Reese

Antibiotics are substances (organic or semi-synthetic), derived from micro-organisms, that are used to kill or inhibit other organisms causing infection. This handbook is a practical guide that presents: the principles of antibiotic use; prophylactic antibiotics; specifics of 20 different types of antibiotics, including dosage regimens, routes of administration, duration of therapy, toxicity and side effects; and basic microbiology laboratory tests. The book is designed to be easy to use and to be a comprehensive reference for all prescribing specialists and practitioners. It includes seven appendices which offer tabular information on treatment of selected diseases. It should be applicable to practices of all physicians who prescribe antibiotic therapy.

Clinical Bacteriology, Mycology and Parisitology: An Illustrated Colour Text, 1e

Clinical Bacteriology, Mycology and Parisitology: An Illustrated Colour Text, 1e Lowest new price: $73.89
Lowest used price: $5.06
List price: $50.95
Author: W. John Spicer MBBS(Melbourne) FRACP FRCPA FACSHP FASM DTM&H(Sydney) DipBact(London)

A volume in the Illustrated Colour Text series, this book presents both the basic principles of microbial infection and a short systematic treatment of the organisms and the diseases caused by infection. Concludes with a section on the general principles of the control and treatment of infection. Bacteria, fungi, and protozoa are covered. Information is presented in a highly accessible form, using a double-page spread for each topic with graphics, summary boxes and tables.

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