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Patient Positioning and Immobilization in Radiation Oncology

Patient Positioning and Immobilization in Radiation Oncology Lowest new price: $1,090.01
Lowest used price: $31.46
List price: $49.95
Author: Gunilla C. Bentel

Everything a beginning investor needs to know about stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Personal investing has never been easier! How Wall Street Works contains the basic knowledge every investor needs, written in a straightforward, easy-to-understand Q&A format. Readers who want to truly understand their money will find answers on: how can I find the right stockbroker? do I invest in stocks, bonds, mutualfunds...or all three? can I really trade from my home computer? how can derivatives help me avoid risk? Shunning technical jargon and mathematics, it details how to open a brokerage account, crucial tax considerations, how to track your investments in the newspaper, and more. Updated to shed light on today's tumultuous market, this wide-ranging, fingertip-reference book is perfect for first-time investors everywhere.

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Pharmacology of the Critically Ill

Pharmacology of the Critically Ill Lowest new price: $74.52
Lowest used price: $32.00
List price: $102.95
Brand: Brand: BMJ Books

This book deals with how changes in organ function can affect the way the body handles drugs. Most books on this subject deal with how drug treatments affect organ function. This book approaches it from the other way round.
The information in this book will allow safer prescribing of drugs to critically ill patients. This is a clinical governance issue. Quality of care and quality of drug prescribing is vital to patient safety. With clinical governance and since the Audit Commission report on Intensive Care in the UK, this is even more spotlighted.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Linear Accelerators for Radiation Therapy, Second Edition (Series in Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering)

Linear Accelerators for Radiation Therapy, Second Edition (Series in Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering) Lowest new price: $110.16
Lowest used price: $73.85
List price: $115.00
Author: David Greene
Brand: Brand: Taylor Francis

Linear Accelerators for Radiation Therapy, Second Edition focuses on the fundamentals of accelerator systems, explaining the underlying physics and the different features of these systems. This edition includes expanded sections on the treatment head, on x-ray production via multileaf and dynamic collimation for the production of wedged and other intensity modulated beams, on electron scattering systems, and on dosimetry. With high-quality illustrations and practical examples throughout, it contains a detailed description of electron beam optics and linear accelerator components. The final chapter explains how to use other equipment, such as scanners and simulators, in conjunction with linear accelerators for optimum treatment of cancers.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Textbook of Breast Cancer: A Clinical Guide to Therapy

Textbook of Breast Cancer: A Clinical Guide to Therapy Lowest new price: $109.15
Lowest used price: $108.35
List price: $252.00

With the current advances in chemotherapy and hormonal drugs for breast cancer, as well as in surgical techniques and procedures, a revised edition of this popular textbook has become increasingly necessary. Completely overhauling the existing material, the editors of this important work have provided a full update of the area, focusing in particular upon the topics where there has been most progress and controversy.

Molecular Pathology Protocols (Methods in Molecular Medicine)

Molecular Pathology Protocols (Methods in Molecular Medicine) Lowest new price: $66.67
Lowest used price: $18.81
List price: $219.99
Brand: Brand: Humana Press

The era of molecular pathology has arrived. From its promising beg- nings in research laboratories, the field has grown, and continues to grow, to become a vital part of the care of an ever-increasing number of patients. Because of its recent emergence from the research taboratory, many molecuIar pathology protocols we still to be found in the primary litcramre, and have not appeared in a text. MO~PCU~Q~ Padhoiogy Protocob contains la- ratory protocoIs that have been developed by many of the authors for use in clinical molecular pathology laboratories and describe in detail Row to perform these assays. This book is therefore intended for clinical laboratory use by medical technologists and pathologists. It will dso be of interest to research workers who are performing these assays. In its broadest meaning, pathology is the study of disease, and therefore it follows that any disease for which the molecular basis is understood would be suitable as a topic for inclusion in this work. When seiecting protocols, it was necessary to place limits on the number of chapters that could be feasibly presented in a single work. Those protoculs that were selected are performed more frequently, or have achieved recognition as having important diagnostic utility in contemporary practice. A decision was made to exclude inherited genetic diseases with certain exceptions, such as those diseases that are associated with thrombotic states and are part of the traditional dumain of pathology.


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Summary of the New Medicine

Summary of the New Medicine Lowest used price: $2,244.00
Author: Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

“I do not know whether or not I will live to experience the breakthrough of this New Medicine since there have been several attempts made on my life. Yet it makes no difference. What I pass on to you, I pass on as the legacy of my son Dirk. If you are bright, you will try to understand it and to use it.” (Quote from Volume I of the Gold Book, currently being translated)

We are pleased to have completed the translation of the first of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer’s publications from the original German into English. In short, Dr. Hamer has discovered the universal key to health and disease. His methods are completely scientific, his research empirical. His findings force us to re-evaluate all medicine as we have known it. It is an easily provable system, but because of the danger these views pose to the establishment, the New Medicine has been denied the acknowledgment it deserves. This book is the thesis that Dr. Hamer was to have presented to the University of Tubingen in 1981.

The work began in 1981 when he was head internist in an oncological clinic associated with Munich University. Since then, with over 31,000 patients taking part in his study, he was able to firmly, logically and empirically establish that all diseases are initiated by a biological conflict, shock or trauma. He discovered that each biological conflict leaves a visible mark in the brain (confirmed by brain CT’s) on the exact brain relay corresponding to the organ or body structure that is manifesting disease. He also found that the nature of the conflict predetermined the organic site for disease. The result of his research was the creation of a disease chart that accurately describes the biological conflict cause of each disease, the exact location in the brain that the focus is found, how the disease manifests during the conflict active phase and how it manifests in the conflict resolution phase.

“Through the application of the New Medicine, order comes to the entirety of medicine and biology of its own accord. Anyone who reads the book will have to say: "Of course, it can’t be any other way!" The evidence is just too powerful. Even my opponents have had to admit their fascination in the New Medicine with the solidity of proof. I should not praise myself, however. You, dear reader, will form an objective judgement of this system after you have read the book.”

Some further insight and information on Dr.

Flavor Perception

Flavor Perception Lowest new price: $152.47
Lowest used price: $221.71
List price: $287.00

Unlike other human senses, the exact mechanisms that lead to our perception of flavor have not yet been elucidated. It is recognised that the process involves a wide range of stimuli, which are thought likely to interact in a complex way, but, since the chemical compounds and physical structures that activate the flavor sensors change as the food is eaten, measurements of the changes in stimuli with time are essential to an understanding of the relationship between stimuli and perception.

It is clear that we need to consider the whole process - the release of flavor chemicals in the mouth, the transport processes to the receptors, the specificity and characteristics of the receptors, the transduction mechanisms and the subsequent processing of signals locally and at higher centres in the brain.

This book provides a state-of-the-art review of our current understanding of the key stages of flavor perception for those working in the flavor field, whether in the academic or industrial sector. In particular, it is directed at food scientists and technologists, ingredients suppliers and sensory scientists.

Defeat Cancer Now: A Nutritional Approach to Wellness for Cancer and Other Diseases

Defeat Cancer Now: A Nutritional Approach to Wellness for Cancer and Other Diseases Lowest used price: $10.25
List price: $45.95
Author: Tamara St. John

After Tamara St. John found Cancer in 2009, she started on an alternative plan to heal her cancer naturally without surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy. Tamara has conducted thousands of hours of research and experimentation to come up with a compatible treatment plan that heals cancer naturally and effectively. Her "Defeat Cancer Now" plan focuses on strengthening the immune system to heal the body naturally using only nutrition, without the use of supplements or expensive fads. What makes this book different from most others is that it is a personal account of the mistakes, the triumphs, and the experiments from someone who has actually healed cancer successfully. You will find information in this book regarding which treatments are compatible and contradictory, so you won't make the fatal errors that are made by so many who jump into trying various alternative remedies without proper research. You can achieve optimum health through God's Pharmacy and this book will show you how.

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Me, Amazon Woman : LCIS Breast Cancer : The Controversy

Me, Amazon Woman : LCIS Breast Cancer : The Controversy Lowest new price: $29.85
Lowest used price: $7.51
List price: $12.95
Author: Kim Davies

Lobular Carcinoma in Situ (LCIS) is a type of breast cancer that lives within the milk glands, growing unnoticed, undetectable. Mammograms do not detect it, physical examination reveals nothing. Even after it is discovered - usually during tests for other problems - physicians almost always tell the patient not to worry about it and to take no action. "Watch and wait," they advise. It's a "safe" cancer.

Current research indicates that risk factor profiles are not accurate. It also indicates that it is likely that all breast cancer begins in the milk glands and ducts as either LCIS or its closely related cousin, DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ).

Like most women, Kim Davies wanted to believe that she was "safe." But after researching LCIS, she realized that this cancer is safe only when it remains inside the walls of the milk glands. Once it breaks through, it becomes very active and is the most aggressive form of breast cancer.

Women of the Amazon tribes (Amazon means "breastless") would cut off a breast to improve the accuracy of throwing a spear or shooting an arrow, to ensure their survival. Davies elected to have a double mastectomy to ensure hers.

This book is about hope, about surviving, about making a tough choice. It's about doing what has to be done to ensure your survival. Although research on LCIS is scant, Davies presents that facts you need to make the decision to save your own life - to LIVE as an Amazon woman!

The Basic Science of Oncology

The Basic Science of Oncology Lowest new price: $15.00
Lowest used price: $1.45
List price: $99.00
Author: Ian Tannock

This concise text examines cancer causation and biology as well as the biology underlying cancer treatment. Thoroughly updated and reorganized with five new chapters, the Fourth Edition emphasizes new development in molecular biology, hormone therapy, and the pharmacology of anti-cancer drugs. Features updated coverage of the basic science of radiotherapy and experimental radiation in addition to expansive coverage of new drugs developments.

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