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General Relativity: An Introduction for Physicists

General Relativity: An Introduction for Physicists Lowest new price: $70.81
Lowest used price: $69.98
List price: $105.00
Author: M. P. Hobson

After reviewing the basic concept of general relativity, this introduction discusses its mathematical background, including the necessary tools of tensor calculus and differential geometry. These tools are used to develop the topic of special relativity and to discuss electromagnetism in Minkowski spacetime. Gravitation as spacetime curvature is introduced and the field equations of general relativity derived. After applying the theory to a wide range of physical situations, the book concludes with a brief discussion of classical field theory and the derivation of general relativity from a variational principle.

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The Universal One

The Universal One Lowest new price: $50.00
Lowest used price: $85.00
List price: $100.00
Author: Walter Russell
Brand: Brand: Univ of Science Philosophy

***Brand New - Original First Printing, First Edition with Hardcover Case*** Nikola Tesla told Walter Russell to lock his cosmology in a sepulcher for a thousand years because mankind was not ready for it . Though a century or more ahead of its time, The Universal One, uniting spiritual Cause and scientifically observable Effect in a seamless whole, is now appealing to the many people-scientists and laymen alike-who are examining the nature of science and consciousness. In this 1926 historic volume, Walter Russell first reveals the possibility of transmutation of the elements. This is a universe of Mind, a finite universe, limited as to cause, and to the effect of cause. A finite universe, in which the effects of cause are limited, must also be limited as to cause; so when that measurable cause is known, then can man comprehend and measure all effects. The effects of cause are complex and mystify man, but cause itself is simple. The universe is a multiplicity of changing effects of but One unchanging cause. All things are universal. Nothing is which is not universal. Nothing is of itself alone. Man and Mind and all creating things are universal. No man can say: 'I alone am I.' There is but One universe, One Mind, One force, One substance. When man knows this in measurable exactness then will he have no limitations within those which are universal." - Walter Russell, from The Prelude to The Universal One.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Seeing Red: Redshifts, Cosmology and Academic Science

Seeing Red: Redshifts, Cosmology and Academic Science Lowest new price: $4.95
Lowest used price: $8.00
List price: $4.95
Author: Halton Arp

Arp's book is a frontal assault on the standard model of the universe, replete with anecdotes and illustrations, including 8 pages of colour plates.

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A First Course in General Relativity

A First Course in General Relativity Lowest new price: $69.97
Lowest used price: $22.69
List price: $65.00
Author: Bernard F. Schutz
Brand: Cambridge University Press

General relativity has become one of the central pillars of theoretical physics, with important applications in both astrophysics and high-energy particle physics, and no modern theoretical physicist's education should be regarded as complete without some study of the subject. This textbook, based on the author's own undergraduate teaching, develops general relativity and its associated mathematics from a minimum of prerequisites, leading to a physical understanding of the theory in some depth. It reinforces this understanding by making a detailed study of the theory's most important applications - neutron stars, black holes, gravitational waves, and cosmology - using the most up-to-date astronomical developments. The book is suitable for a one-year course for beginning graduate students or for undergraduates in physics who have studied special relativity, vector calculus, and electrostatics. Graduate students should be able to use the book selectively for half-year courses.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Relativity: An Introduction to Special and General Relativity

Relativity: An Introduction to Special and General Relativity Lowest new price: $50.99
Lowest used price: $8.97
List price: $124.00
Author: Hans Stephani

Thoroughly revised and updated, this self-contained textbook provides a pedagogical introduction to relativity. It covers the most important features of special as well as general relativity, and considers more difficult topics, such as charged pole-dipole particles, Petrov classification, groups of motions, gravitational lenses, exact solutions and the structure of infinity. The necessary mathematical tools are provided, most derivations are complete, and exercises are included where appropriate. The bibliography lists the original papers and also directs the reader to useful monographs and review papers. Previous Edition Hb(1990): 0-521-37066-3 Previous Edition Pb(1990): 0-521-37941-5

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Universe in a Nutshell/Illustrated Brief History of Time (Boxed Set)

Universe in a Nutshell/Illustrated Brief History of Time (Boxed Set) Lowest new price: $20.28
Lowest used price: $6.15
List price: $50.00
Author: Stephen William Hawking
Brand: Brand: Bantam Dell Pub Group (Trd)

The Universe in a Nutshell
Stephen Hawking's phenomenal, multimillion-copy bestseller, A Brief History of Time, introduced the ideas of this brilliant theoretical physicist to readers all over the world.

Now, in a major publishing event, Hawking returns with a lavishly illustrated sequel that unravels the mysteries of the major breakthroughs that have occurred in the years since the release of his acclaimed first book.

The Universe in a Nutshell
* Quantum mechanics * M-theory * General relativity * 11-dimensional supergravity * 10-dimensional membranes * Superstrings * P-branes * Black holes

One of the most influential thinkers of our time, Stephen Hawking is an intellectual icon, known not only for the adventurousness of his ideas but for the clarity and wit with which he expresses them. In this new book Hawking takes us to the cutting edge of theoretical physics, where truth is often stranger than fiction, to explain in laymen's terms the principles that control our universe.

Like many in the community of theoretical physicists, Professor Hawking is seeking to uncover the grail of science -- the elusive Theory of Everything that lies at the heart of the cosmos. In his accessible and often playful style, he guides us on his search to uncover the secrets of the universe -- from supergravity to supersymmetry, from quantum theory to M-theory, from holography to duality.

He takes us to the wild frontiers of science, where superstring theory and p-branes may hold the final clue to the puzzle. And he lets us behind the scenes of one of his most exciting intellectual adventures as he seeks "to combine Einstein's General Theory of Relativity and Richard Feynman's idea of multiple histories into one complete unified theory that will describe everything that happens in the universe."

With characteristic exuberance, Professor Hawking invites us to be fellow travelers on this extraordinary voyage through space-time. Copious four-color illustrations help clarify this journey into a surreal wonderland where particles, sheets, and strings move in eleven dimensions; where black holes evaporate and disappear, taking their secret with them; and where the original cosmic seed from which our own universe sprang was a tiny nut.

The Universe in a Nutshell is essential reading for all of us who want to understand the universe in which we live. Like its companion volume, A Brief History of Time, it conveys the excitement felt within the scientific community as the secrets of the cosmos reveal themselves.

The Illustrated Brief History of Time
In the years since its publication in 1988, Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time has established itself as a landmark volume in scientific writing. It has also become an international publishing phenomenon, translated into forty languages and selling over nine million copies. The book was on the cutting edge of what was then known about the nature of the universe, but since then there have been extraordinary advances in the technology of observing both the micro- and the macrocosmic world. These observations have confirmed many of Professor Hawking's theoretical predictions in the first edition of his book, including the recent discoveries of the Cosmic Background Explorer satellite (COBE), which probed back in time to within 300,000 years of the universe's beginning and revealed the wrinkles in the fabric of space-time that he had projected.

Eager to bring to his original text the new knowledge revealed by these many observations, as well as his most recent research, for this revised and expanded edition Hawking has prepared a new introduction to the book, revised and updated the original chapters throughout, and written an entirely new chapter on the fascinating subject of wormholes and time travel.

In addition, to heighten understanding of complex concepts that readers may have found difficult to grasp despite the clarity and wit of Hawking's writing, this edition is magnificently enhanced throughout with more than 240 full-color illustrations, including satellite images, photographs made possible by spectacular new technological advances such as the Hubble telescope, and computer- generated images of three- and four-dimensional realities. Detailed captions clarify these illustrations, enabling readers to experience the vastness of intergalactic space, the nature of black holes, and the microcosmic world of particle physics in which matter and antimatter collide.

A classic work that now brings to the reader the latest understanding of cosmology, The Illustrated A Brief History of Time is the story of the ongoing search for the tantalizing secrets at the heart of time and space.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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The Voice of the Earth

The Voice of the Earth Lowest new price: $13.58
Lowest used price: $5.00
List price: $23.00
Author: Theodore Roszak
Brand: Brand: Simon n Schuster

An explanation of how humans' psychological and physical well-being is linked to the health of the planet probes such controversial issues as the Anthropic Principle and the Gaia Hypothesis. 20,000 first printing.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Understanding the Two-State Universe

Understanding the Two-State Universe Lowest new price: $13.95
Lowest used price: $84.87
List price: $13.95
Author: Angelo Molinaro

Understanding The Two State Universe describes a new theory of the universe, proposing that the universe is neither three nor four-dimensional. Rather, it is a two-state universe where everything exists as complements separated by time or space. Using this new theory, the author describes the G factor, a new theory of gravity, a unified field theory, how the atom bomb really works, the aether, why the Michelson-Morley experiment failed, black holes, singularities, speeds faster than light, the dual nature of light, the boundaries of the universe, a solution to the chicken-or-the-egg riddle, and much, much more.

Search for the Truth: Changing the World with the Evidence for Creation

Search for the Truth: Changing the World with the Evidence for Creation Lowest new price: $4.87
Lowest used price: $3.88
List price: $11.95
Author: Bruce Malone

Search for the Truth shares one method of tearing down the gates of deceit that grip our world.  This book is a compliation of articles which have been printed in dozens of public newspapers and church newsletters showing how well the evidence from science supports a Biblical creation viewpoint.  Permission is granted for others to do the same.  Also included is a sample of the many letters to the editor that resulted and the impact upon readers.

This book is divided into six sections corresponding to the different scientific disciplines dealing with the evidence for, or relevance of, creation.  Each section contains individual articles about evidence for creation from these varied scientific disciplines.  Anything in this book can be copied and shared with others or put to use as suggested in the last section by printing it in local newspapers.  The short chapters between the Search articles provide a running narrative of how this book came to be, how God has used my life and this material in miraculous ways, and how you can put the same information to use.

(Bruce Malone)

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Theories of Everything

Theories of Everything Lowest new price: $10.50
Lowest used price: $0.10
List price: $12.00
Author: John Barrow

The Holy Grail of modern scientists is the "Theory of Everything," which will contain all that can be known about the Universe -- the magic formula that Einstein spent his life searching for and failed to find. In this elegant and exciting book, John Barrow challenges the quest for ultimate explanation.

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