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Gravitational Physics of Stellar and Galactic Systems (Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics)

Gravitational Physics of Stellar and Galactic Systems (Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics) Lowest used price: $25.00
List price: $100.00
Author: William C. Saslaw

This text describes the gravitational interactions and evolution of astronomical systems on all scales, from small groups of stars through galaxies and clusters of galaxies to the Universe itself. In a rapidly developing area of astronomy, it is the first comprehensive treatise on the subject to be published since the early 1960s. Concentrating on the basic physics, at a graduate student level, it also develops many astronomical applications in considerable detail. The book is self-contained. Most results are derived from preceding ones in a straightforward way. It is written to bring out the physical content behind the mathematical formulae, and contains a number of exercises and suggestions for research topics. Bibliographies with nearly 300 selected references provide gateways into the literature.

The Book of Nothing

The Book of Nothing Lowest new price: $12.37
Lowest used price: $1.80

What conceptual blind spot kept the ancient Greeks (unlike the Indians and Maya) from developing a concept of zero? Why did St. Augustine equate nothingness with the Devil? What tortuous means did 17th-century scientists employ in their attempts to create a vacuum? And why do contemporary quantum physicists believe that the void is actually seething with subatomic activity? You’ll find the answers in this dizzyingly erudite and elegantly explained book by the English cosmologist John D. Barrow.

Ranging through mathematics, theology, philosophy, literature, particle physics, and cosmology, The Book of Nothing explores the enduring hold that vacuity has exercised on the human imagination. Combining high-wire speculation with a wealth of reference that takes in Freddy Mercury and Shakespeare alongside Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and Stephen Hawking, the result is a fascinating excursion to the vanishing point of our knowledge.

From our modern perspective, it is easy to deride the wranglings of medieval scholars over the number of angels that could dance of the head of a pin and whether Nature abhors a vacuum. But as John Barrow reveals in this timely and important book, new discoveries in science have shown that these scholars were right to suspect that Nothing has hidden depths.

It is a concept shot through with paradoxes: even innocent-looking phrases like "Nothing is real" flip their meanings as we ponder them, like those illusions that look like a vase one moment, and opposing faces the next. Nothing is fertile, too, as Barrow shows via a stunning trick that allows every number one can think of to be built out of nothing at all.

But his book is about far more than mind games. Arguably, the most important discovery of 20th-century physics is that there is no such thing as nothing: even the tightest vacuum is teeming with subatomic particles popping in and out of existence, according to the dictates of quantum theory. Now, many astronomers suspect that such "vacuum effects" may have triggered the Big Bang itself, filling our universe with matter. Indeed, the very latest observations suggest that vacuum effects will dictate the ultimate fate of the universe.

As an internationally respected cosmologist, Barrow does a fine job of explaining these new discoveries. The result is a book that is required reading for anyone who wants to understand why there will be much ado about Nothing among scientists in the years ahead. --Robert Matthews,

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Black Holes and Tepee Rings: On Cosmic Mysteries and Spiritual Mythology

Black Holes and Tepee Rings: On Cosmic Mysteries and Spiritual Mythology Lowest new price: $9.25
Lowest used price: $8.00
List price: $13.00
Author: Robert M. Watkins
Brand: Brand: Black Wolf Productions

Book by Watkins, Robert M.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

Tut-Ankh-Amen: Living Image of the Lord

Tut-Ankh-Amen: Living Image of the Lord Lowest new price: $21.00
Lowest used price: $0.99
List price: $9.50
Author: Moustafa Gadalla
Brand: Brand: Tehuti Research Foundation

This book provides the overwhelming evidence from archaeology, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Talmud, and the Bible itself, that Tut-Ankh-Amen was the historical character of Jesus. The book examines the details of Tut's birth, life, death, resurrection, family roots, religion, teachings, etc., which were duplicated in the biblical account of Jesus. The book also reveals the world's greatest conspiracy and cover-up, which re-created the character of Jesus, living in another time (Roman era) and another place (Palestine, Israel).

Sample Highlights:
- King Tut's birth name was Tut-Ankh-Aton, meaning The Living Image of the Lord.
- King Tut was, like all Egyptian kings, the spiritual Son of God.
- King Tut was, like all Egyptian kings, called the Messiah/Christ, meaning the "Anointed One".
- The Bible affirms that Jesus was of royal descent, was born to govern, and ruled and died as a king. This contradicts the popular notion that Jesus was of humble roots.
- The Jews affirm that "Pinhas/Phinehas (a contemporary of Moses) killed Jesus" and they did not mention Jesus' presence in Palestine/Israel.
- The spiritual message of the Christian revelation, as told in the Gospel story, is exactly the same as told thousands of years earlier in the ancient Egyptian Osiris/Isis/Horus legend.
- The Christian Easter is a mirror image of the largest ancient (and modern) Egyptian holiday in timing and purpose.
- The Bible, or book, was derived from byblos, which is the Egyptian hieratic word for papyrus.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Approaches to Numerical Relativity

Approaches to Numerical Relativity Lowest new price: $56.86
Lowest used price: $14.14
List price: $115.99

This volume includes contributions by leading workers in the field given at the workshop on Numerical Relativity held in Southampton in December 1991. Numerical Relativity, or the numerical solution of astrophysical problems using powerful computers to solve Einstein's equations, has grown rapidly over the last 15 years. It is now an important route to understanding the structure of the Universe, and is the only route currently available for approaching certain important astrophysical scenarios. The Southampton meeting was notable for the first full report of the new 2+2 approach and the related null or characteristic approaches, as well as for updates on the established 3+1 approach, including both Newtonian and fully relativistic codes. The contributions range from theoretical (formalisms, existence theorems) to the computational (moving grids, multiquadrics and spectral methods).

The Two State Universe

The Two State Universe Lowest new price: $14.80
Lowest used price: $4.50
List price: $16.99
Author: Angelo A. Molinaro
Brand: Brand: BookSurge Publishing

Short description: The Two State Universe book describes a new theory of the universe in which everything existing in the universe exists as complements. Complements are two parts of the whole. There are time separated complements such as an on light and the off light. The on light is separated from the off light by time. There are also space separated complements such as the north pole of a magnet and the south pole of a magnet. The north pole of the magnet is separated from the south pole of the magnet by space. If the complements come together in the same point in space at the same time, the complements will cease to exist. However, complements can occupy a point in space called the G factor, for a brief instant of time to allow the complements to change states. Based on this theory, many of the unanswered riddles and questions of science were answered. The book solves the riddle of what came first the chicken or the egg, how high up is. Can we continue to go up forever? What is light? Is it a wave or a particle? Answering this question, we discovered a new theory of gravity, which led to the unified field theory. The unified field theory was shown to contain the three forces of nature in one equation. Another riddle answered was what happens if we continue to cut a ruler in half? Will we ever reach zero by cutting the ruler in half? Solving this riddle showed that the universe consists of an infinite number of two state points. This finding shows that the universe must contain an aether. Examining the Michelson Morley experiment, we found out why the experiment failed. This finding led to the conclusion that time is an invariant which led to the conclusion that mass is an invariant. Because it was found that mass is an invariant, equations were derived for finding the true mass and energy of all the elements of the Periodic table. The mass and energy of all the elements were listed in tables and plotted in graphic form. This work led to a better understanding of just how an atom bomb works. Many more riddles were examined in The Two State Universe book.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

Key to the Universe : God's Story

Key to the Universe : God's Story Lowest used price: $4.50
Author: W. O. Dust

Is our Universe open or closed? What does that mean? Well. if the Universe is open it will go on expanding forever. On the other hand, if it is closed one day gravity will win. The Universe will stop expanding and move back to the second universal black hole in a 'big crush,' and be obliterated!

The "KEY" to this puzzle is 'dark matter!' Crystal-Ball scientists all over the world are frantically trying to identify this 'dark matter' and determine if enough of it exists to close the Universe!

It was about 4050 B.C. when this 'dark matter' was identified in the Bible's book of Genesis, chapter 1, recorded by Adam. ELAWHEEM, the one true GOD, dictated an abstract of HIS creation activity to Adam. This creation account identifies and describes the characteristics of 'dark matter!'

In the Bible's new testament, the Apostle Peter revealed that the Universe is closed!

Find out how the Universe will end!

Learn three sure signs of the world's ending!

It took over 20 years of study and research to produce this book.

In this book the subject of the 'big-bang' is reviewed. Here the UNIVERSE's BEGINNING and END are discussed from the viewpoint of the Bible's book of Genesis. W.O. Dust uses the original Hebrew text of Genesis to express this subject in MODERN scientific terms! UNTIL NOW, there seemed to be no way to resolve the vast differences between Genesis and modern science. This was especially true for those clinging to positions of fundamental literalism. Here W.O. Dust interprets Genesis in MODERN scientific terms.

Stars, Galaxies and Cosmology

Lowest used price: $7.99

Voices of the Earth: An Anthology of Ideas and Arguments

Voices of the Earth: An Anthology of Ideas and Arguments Lowest new price: $9.50
Lowest used price: $4.09
List price: $23.50
Brand: Brand: George Braziller

A unique collection of readings conveying the enormous range of discussions and debates which, over the centuries, have questioned our place within and treatment of the natural world. The extracts chosen cover both Western and non-Western traditions of thought, and represent a diverse range of sources, including writers, theologians, scientists, poets and philosophers, from the early Hindu scriptures to Sartre. The extracts have been chosen for their accessibility for the modern reader, and the volume includes a comprehensive introduction outlining the issues involved, and commentaries which put the individual texts in context. The extracts in this book raise fundamental questions about our relationship with the world we live in, and will inform current concerns about the environmental crises we are facing. Fascinating reading, and an indispensable source of reference.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

General Relativity: An Introduction to the Theory of Gravitational Field

General Relativity: An Introduction to the Theory of Gravitational Field Lowest new price: $101.38
Lowest used price: $38.90
List price: $104.99

This book is an excellent introduction to the subjects of gravitation and space-time structure. It presumes a good background in special relativity, electrodynamics, and classical mechanics. The book discusses the foundations of Riemannian geometry; the derivation of the Einstein field equations; linearised theory, far fields and gravitational waves; the invariant characterization of exact solutions; gravitational collapse; cosmology; and a final chapter deals with alternative gravitation theories and the problem of quantum gravity. This revised and correct edition brings the experimental evidence up to date. In addition, the sections on quantum gravity have been rewritten and enlarged, and now form a coherent introduction to this subject.

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