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Solid-State Physics

Barron's 500 Flash Cards of American Sign Language

Barron's 500 Flash Cards of American Sign Language Lowest new price: $16.05
Lowest used price: $17.52
List price: $24.99
Author: Geoffrey S. Poor
Brand: Harris Communications

Full-color photos on flash cards present close-ups of a model demonstrating 500 American Sign Language (ASL) signs.

The meanings, brief descriptions of hand and arm motions, and related words are listed on the reverse side of each card. Correct formations of hand shapes and facial expressions are clearly shown to eliminate any possible confusion regarding intended word meanings. Where appropriate, photos include directional arrows that show hand or arm movements.

Each flash card has a hole in one corner to accommodate a metal ring included with the boxed set. Users can select and fit any combination of cards they please to combine relevant words and create statements, or to review signs that they have difficulty identifying.

Here is an ideal method for recognizing and memorizing American Sign Language vocabulary--a fine learning resource for all who plan to work with deaf people.


  • Item Weight - 1 lbs.

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Electrical Motor Controls for Integrated Systems

Electrical Motor Controls for Integrated Systems Lowest new price: $129.94
Lowest used price: $86.13
List price: $146.00
Author: Gary Rockis;Glen A. Mazur

Electrical Motor Controls for Integrated Systems, the industry-leading textbook, features a new open
design that offers maximum fl exibility to meet your instructional needs. Specifi c topics have been
organized into sections for modular instruction in targeted and online educational settings. This new
edition includes the latest motor control and integrated systems technology for instruction of advanced
manufacturing skills. The latest industry practices complement the advancing technology of motor
starters, motor drives, PLCs, semiconductors, and control devices. Essential troubleshooting procedures
are integrated in each chapter, and electrical safety has been expanded throughout.


  • Electrical, motor, controls

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The Feynman Lectures on Physics, boxed set: The New Millennium Edition

The Feynman Lectures on Physics, boxed set: The New Millennium Edition Lowest new price: $142.24
Lowest used price: $111.16
List price: $230.00
Author: Richard P. Feynman
Brand: Basic Books

The legendary introduction to physics from the subject's greatest teacher

"The whole thing was basically an experiment," Richard Feynman said late in his career, looking back on the origins of his lectures. The experiment turned out to be hugely successful, spawning a book that has remained a definitive introduction to physics for decades. Ranging from the most basic principles of Newtonian physics through such formidable theories as general relativity and quantum mechanics, Feynman's lectures stand as a monument of clear exposition and deep insight. Now, we are reintroducing the printed books to the trade, fully corrected, for the first time ever, and in collaboration with Caltech. Timeless and collectible, the lectures are essential reading, not just for students of physics but for anyone seeking an introduction to the field from the inimitable Feynman.


  • Basic Books

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Ugly's Electrical References, 2014 Edition

Ugly's Electrical References, 2014 Edition Lowest new price: $5.00
Lowest used price: $9.89
List price: $21.95
Author: Jones & Bartlett Learning

Ugly's Electrical References, 2014 Edition is designed to be used as an on-the-job reference. Used worldwide by electricians, engineers, contractors, designers, maintenance workers, instructors, and the military; Ugly's contains the most commonly required electrical information in an easy-to-read and easy-to-access format.

Ugly's presents a succinct portrait of the most pertinent information all electricians need at their fingertips, including: mathematical formulas, National Electrical Code tables, wiring configurations, conduit bending, voltage drops, and life-saving first aid procedures.

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The Industrial Design Reader

The Industrial Design Reader Lowest new price: $11.76
Lowest used price: $8.82
List price: $19.95

With input from a diverse range of industry experts/designers, theorists, critics, historians, and curators, this anthology is the first to focus exclusively on the history of industrial design. This pioneering guide traces the entire history of industrial design, industrialization, and mass production from 1850 until today. Sixty comprehensive essays written by designers, theorists, advertisers, historians, and curators detail the most crucial movements, issues, and accomplishments of industrial design. They combine news reports on the very first design workshops, aesthetic manifestos, lectures, and more from the biggest names in the field: William Morris, Henry Dreyfuss, and Victor Papanek, to name only a few. The Industrial Design Reader is an excellent resource for educators, students, and practicing designers. • Features design from not only theoretical and aesthetic perspectives, but also from a socio-political point of view, with texts from Karl Marx, Ralph Nader, and others • Copublished with the Design Management Institute, which will actively promote the book to its membership

Allworth Press, an imprint of Skyhorse Publishing, publishes a broad range of books on the visual and performing arts, with emphasis on the business of art. Our titles cover subjects such as graphic design, theater, branding, fine art, photography, interior design, writing, acting, film, how to start careers, business and legal forms, business practices, and more. While we don't aspire to publish a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are deeply committed to quality books that help creative professionals succeed and thrive. We often publish in areas overlooked by other publishers and welcome the author whose expertise can help our audience of readers.

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Classical Electrodynamics Third Edition

Classical Electrodynamics Third Edition Lowest new price: $104.98
Lowest used price: $42.38
List price: $127.95
Author: John David Jackson
Brand: Brand:

A revision of the defining book covering the physics and classical mathematics necessary to understand electromagnetic fields in materials and at surfaces and interfaces. The third edition has been revised to address the changes in emphasis and applications that have occurred in the past twenty years.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Photovoltaic Systems

Photovoltaic Systems Lowest new price: $124.12
Lowest used price: $89.07
List price: $136.00
Author: National Joint Apprenticeship and Training
Brand: Brand: Amer Technical Pub

Photovoltaic Systems is a comprehensive guide to the design and installation of several types of residential and commercial PV systems. Numerous illustrations explain the concepts behind how PV arrays and other components operate, and photographs of actual installations show how components are integrated together to form complete systems. This textbook addresses the PV topics included in the NABCEP Entry Level Program. This new edition also covers 2011 NEC® requirements.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Solid State Physics

Solid State Physics Lowest new price: $14.71
Lowest used price: $18.78
Author: Neil W. Ashcroft

This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the field of solid state physics for undergraduate students in physics, chemistry, engineering, and materials science.

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Introduction to Solid State Physics

Introduction to Solid State Physics Lowest new price: $78.93
Lowest used price: $56.20
Author: Charles Kittel
Brand: imusti

Since the publication of the first edition over 50 years ago,Introduction to Solid State Physics has been the standard solidstate physics text for physics students. The author's goal from thebeginning has been to write a book that is accessible toundergraduates and consistently teachable. The emphasis in the bookhas always been on physics rather than formal mathematics. Witheach new edition, the author has attempted to add important newdevelopments in the field without sacrificing the book'saccessibility and teachability.

* A very important chapter on nanophysics has been written by anactive worker in the field. This field is the liveliest addition tosolid state science during the past ten years
* The text uses the simplifications made possible by the wideavailability of computer technology. Searches using keywords on asearch engine (such as Google) easily generate many fresh anduseful references


  • John Wiley Sons

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Beyond the Crystalline State: An Emerging Perspective (Springer Series in Solid-State Sciences)

Beyond the Crystalline State: An Emerging Perspective (Springer Series in Solid-State Sciences) Lowest new price: $76.80
Lowest used price: $91.63
List price: $84.99
Author: Ganesan Venkataraman
Brand: Brand: Springer

Condensed matter exhibits a rich variety of phases. Of these, the crystalline state has, until recently, received most attention. This is not surprising, given the geometric regularity of crystals. At the other extreme one has amorphous materials. In between there are the various types of liquid crystals, the recently discovered quasicrystals, and so on. While the absence of the high degree of regularity that characterizes the crystalline phase is certainly a problem, these noncrystalline states have nevertheless been receiving some attention over the years. However, it is only during the last few years that something like a uni­ fied view of all these phases has begun to emerge, through an application of various sophisticated concepts. Geometry and symmetry (and unusual realiza­ tions of the latter) provide a unifying thread in this new and emerging perspec­ tive. This book is an attempt to capture the flavour of some of these recent de­ velopments. The approach is substantially descriptive, being intended to be accessible not only to experimental physicists, but also to chemists, materials scientists, metallurgists and ceramicists, whose work borders on physics. The prerequisites for a study of this book are a familiarity with basic solid-state physics and, in places, the elements of group theory and statistical mechanics. A few special topics are included at the end to aid those who wish to pur sure further the subject matter treated here.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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