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Solid-State Physics

Quantum Theory of Solids

Quantum Theory of Solids Lowest new price: $73.15
Lowest used price: $25.15
List price: $186.13
Author: Charles Kittel
Brand: Kittel

A modern presentation of theoretical solid state physics that builds directly upon Kittel's Introduction to Solid State Physics. Treats phonon, electron, and magnon fields, culminating in the BCS theory of superconductivity. Considers Fermi surfaces and electron wave functions and develops the group theoretical description of Brillouin zones. Applies correlation functions to time-dependent effects in solids, with an introduction to Green's functions. With 110 problems, the text is well-suited for the classroom or for self-instruction.


  • Quantum Theory of Solids

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Statics and Strength of Materials

Statics and Strength of Materials Lowest new price: $110.00
Lowest used price: $62.68
List price: $82.25
Author: Fa-Hwa Cheng Dr.

The new edition of this easy-to-understand text, designed for a non-calculus course in statics and strength of materials, requires only a working knowledge of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. In addition to expanded coverage and better organization of information, it addresses new topics such as accuracy and precision, solution of simultaneous equations, rolling resistance, mechanical properties of materials, composite beams, reinforced concrete beans, plastic analysis of beams, design of shear connectors, and more.

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Superconductivity and Its Applications (AIP Conference Proceedings)

Superconductivity and Its Applications (AIP Conference Proceedings) Lowest new price: $746.13
Lowest used price: $41.44
List price: $150.00
Brand: Brand: American Institute of Physics

This cutting-edge volume covers the full range of high-temperature superconductivity research, with an emphasis on applications-oriented work. Incisively treats conductor development, magnetic and power applications, and magnetic refrigeration. An authoritative review of co... FROM LONG DESCRIPTION


  • Used Book in Good Condition

Particles and Quantum Fields

Particles and Quantum Fields Lowest new price: $62.04
Lowest used price: $62.26
List price: $135.00
Author: Hagen Kleinert
Brand: Ingramcontent

This is an introductory book on elementary particles and their interactions. It starts out with many-body Schrödinger theory and second quantization and leads, via its generalization, to relativistic fields of various spins and to gravity. The text begins with the best known quantum field theory so far, the quantum electrodynamics of photon and electrons (QED). It continues by developing the theory of strong interactions between the elementary constituents of matter (quarks). This is possible due to the property called asymptotic freedom. On the way one has to tackle the problem of removing various infinities by renormalization. The divergent sums of infinitely many diagrams are performed with the renormalization group or by variational perturbation theory (VPT). The latter is an outcome of the Feynman-Kleinert variational approach to path integrals discussed in two earlier books of the author, one representing a comprehensive treatise on path integrals, the other dealing with critial phenomena. Unlike ordinary perturbation theory, VPT produces uniformly convergent series which are valid from weak to strong couplings, where they describe critical phenomena.The present book develops the theory of effective actions which allow to treat quantum phenomena with classical formalism. For example, it derives the observed anomalous power laws of strongly interacting theories from an extremum of the action. Their fluctuations are not based on Gaussian distributions, as in the perturbative treatment of quantum field theories, or in asymptotically-free theories, but on deviations from the average which are much larger and which obey power-like distributions.Exactly solvable models are discussed and their physical properties are compared with those derived from general methods. In the last chapter we discuss the problem of quantizing the classical theory of gravity.


  • Particles and Quantum Fields

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Introduction to Solid State Physics

Introduction to Solid State Physics Lowest new price: $13.73
Lowest used price: $8.58
Author: Charles Kittel

Brand New

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Condensed Matter Field Theory

Condensed Matter Field Theory Lowest new price: $68.00
Lowest used price: $50.00
List price: $190.00
Author: Alexander Altland
Brand: Brand: Cambridge University Press

Modern experimental developments in condensed matter and ultracold atom physics present formidable challenges to theorists. This book provides a pedagogical introduction to quantum field theory in many-particle physics, emphasizing the applicability of the formalism to concrete problems. This second edition contains two new chapters developing path integral approaches to classical and quantum nonequilibrium phenomena. Other chapters cover a range of topics, from the introduction of many-body techniques and functional integration, to renormalization group methods, the theory of response functions, and topology. Conceptual aspects and formal methodology are emphasized, but the discussion focuses on practical experimental applications drawn largely from condensed matter physics and neighboring fields. Extended and challenging problems with fully worked solutions provide a bridge between formal manipulations and research-oriented thinking. Aimed at elevating graduate students to a level where they can engage in independent research, this book complements graduate level courses on many-particle theory.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Advances in Theoretical Physics: Landau Memorial Conference (AIP Conference Proceedings)

Advances in Theoretical Physics: Landau Memorial Conference (AIP Conference Proceedings) Lowest used price: $262.78
List price: $126.00

The conference "Advances in Theoretical Physics", held in Chernogolovka, Russia, is devoted to Lev Landau's 100 year anniversary. It was organized by the Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, which was established by Landau's pupils who carried on his traditions. The conference reviews current progress in the main branches of theoretical physics. The talks covered solid state physics and cosmology, low temperature physics and optics, quantum field theory and statistical physics, physics of low-dimensional systems and hydrodynamics.

mBot for Makers: Conceive, Construct, and Code Your Own Robots at Home or in the Classroom

mBot for Makers: Conceive, Construct, and Code Your Own Robots at Home or in the Classroom Lowest new price: $17.71
Lowest used price: $11.55
List price: $29.99
Author: Andrew Carle

The mBot robotics platform is a hugely popular kit because of the quality of components and price. With hundreds of thousands of these kits out there in homes, schools and makerspaces, there is much untapped potential. Getting Started with mBots is for non-technical parents, kids and teachers who want to start with a robust robotics platform and then take it to the next level. The heart of the mBot, the mCore is a powerful Arduino based microcontroller that can do many things without soldering or breadboarding.

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Memorial Volume for Y. Nambu

Memorial Volume for Y. Nambu Lowest new price: $48.00
Lowest used price: $52.26
List price: $48.00
Author: Lars Brink

We have lost one of the giants of the twentieth century physics when Yoichiro Nambu passed away in July, 2015, at the age of 94.

Today's Standard Model, though still incomplete in many respects, is the culmination of the most successful theory of the Universe to date, and it is built upon foundations provided by discoveries made by Nambu in the 1960s: the mechanism of spontaneously broken symmetry in Nature (with G Jona-Lasinio) and the hidden new SU(3) symmetry of quarks and gluons (with M-Y Han).

In this volume honoring Nambu's memory, World Scientific Publishing presents a unique collection of papers written by his former colleagues, collaborating researchers and former students and associates, not only citing Nambu's great contributions in physics but also many personal and private reminiscences, some never told before. This volume also contains the very last scientific writing by Professor Nambu himself, discussing the development of particle physics.

This book is a volume for all who benefited not only from Nambu's contributions toward understanding the Universe but also his warm and kind persona. It is a great addition to the history of contemporary physics.

Readership: University students and researchers interested in particle physics or the work of Professor Yoichiro Nambu.

Interacting Electrons: Theory and Computational Approaches

Interacting Electrons: Theory and Computational Approaches Lowest new price: $68.97
Lowest used price: $81.69
List price: $89.99
Author: Richard M. Martin
Brand: Lucia Reining David M Ceperley Richard M Martin

Recent progress in the theory and computation of electronic structure is bringing an unprecedented level of capability for research. Many-body methods are becoming essential tools vital for quantitative calculations and understanding materials phenomena in physics, chemistry, materials science and other fields. This book provides a unified exposition of the most-used tools: many-body perturbation theory, dynamical mean field theory and quantum Monte Carlo simulations. Each topic is introduced with a less technical overview for a broad readership, followed by in-depth descriptions and mathematical formulation. Practical guidelines, illustrations and exercises are chosen to enable readers to appreciate the complementary approaches, their relationships, and the advantages and disadvantages of each method. This book is designed for graduate students and researchers who want to use and understand these advanced computational tools, get a broad overview, and acquire a basis for participating in new developments.


  • Interacting Electrons Theory and Computational Approaches

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