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The Optics of Life: A Biologist's Guide to Light in Nature

The Optics of Life: A Biologist's Guide to Light in Nature Lowest new price: $34.08
Lowest used price: $42.56
List price: $52.50
Author: Sönke Johnsen
Brand: Princeton University Press

Optics--a field of physics focusing on the study of light--is also central to many areas of biology, including vision, ecology, botany, animal behavior, neurobiology, and molecular biology. The Optics of Life introduces the fundamentals of optics to biologists and nonphysicists, giving them the tools they need to successfully incorporate optical measurements and principles into their research. Sönke Johnsen starts with the basics, describing the properties of light and the units and geometry of measurement. He then explores how light is created and propagates and how it interacts with matter, covering topics such as absorption, scattering, fluorescence, and polarization. Johnsen also provides a tutorial on how to measure light as well as an informative discussion of quantum mechanics.

The Optics of Life features a host of examples drawn from nature and everyday life, and several appendixes that offer further practical guidance for researchers. This concise book uses a minimum of equations and jargon, explaining the basic physics of light in a succinct and lively manner. It is the essential primer for working biologists and for anyone seeking an accessible introduction to optics.


  • Princeton University Press

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100 Instructive Calculus-based Physics Examples: Waves, Fluids, Sound, Heat, and Light (Calculus-based Physics Problems with Solutions) (Volume 3)

100 Instructive Calculus-based Physics Examples: Waves, Fluids, Sound, Heat, and Light (Calculus-based Physics Problems with Solutions) (Volume 3) Lowest new price: $15.42
Lowest used price: $20.40
List price: $15.99
Author: Chris McMullen


  • over 100 fully-solved examples
  • step-by-step solutions with explanations
  • standard problems from physics with calculus
  • includes tables of equations, symbols, and units
This volume covers waves, fluids, sound, heat, and light, including simple harmonic motion, standing waves, the Doppler effect, Archimedes’ principle, the laws of thermodynamics, heat engines, principles of optics, Snell’s law, thin lenses, spherical mirrors, diffraction, interference, polarization, and more.

AUTHOR: The author, Dr. Chris McMullen, has over 20 years of experience teaching university physics in California, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Louisiana (and has also taught physics to gifted high school students). Dr. McMullen currently teaches physics at Northwestern State University of Louisiana. He has also published a half-dozen papers on the collider phenomenology of superstring-inspired large extra dimensions. Chris McMullen earned his Ph.D. in particle physics from Oklahoma State University (and his M.S. in physics from California State University, Northridge).

Dr. McMullen is well-known for:
  • engaging physics students in challenging ideas through creativity
  • breaking difficult problems down into manageable steps
  • providing clear and convincing explanations to subtle issues
  • his mastery of physics and strong background in mathematics
  • helping students become more fluent in practical math skills
MATH REVIEW: A separate chapter covers essential calculus skills (including relevant integration techniques) and reviews common coordinate systems.

USES: This physics book serves two functions:
  • It provides a variety of examples for how to solve fundamental physics problems.
  • It’s also the solutions manual to Essential Calculus-based Physics Study Guide Workbook, ISBN 978-1-941691-19-9.

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Resonance: Applications in Physical Science

Resonance: Applications in Physical Science Lowest new price: $55.84
Lowest used price: $58.76
List price: $68.00
Author: Michael M Woolfson

This book explores a large number of resonance effects that occur both in everyday life and in scientific contexts. It is a topic that provides a cross-link between many branches of science and shows how a single scientific principle can manifest itself in many, apparently disparate, ways.

Resonance covers fields as diverse as civil engineering in relation to the safety of bridges, the quality of sound from musical instruments, the behaviour of electrical circuits, lasers, the orbits of solar-system bodies, the scattering of X-rays from atoms and the exploration of the structures of molecules, atoms and nuclei.

The essential mathematics included should be accessible to any science undergraduate, no matter the discipline of their study. Problems and solutions are provided for every chapter to help reinforce understanding of the material.

Readership: Undergraduate students studying physics, especially in the fields of physical optics or electron-spin resonance.

Photonic Crystals: Molding the Flow of Light, Second Edition

Photonic Crystals: Molding the Flow of Light, Second Edition Lowest new price: $84.88
Lowest used price: $84.87
List price: $115.00
Author: John D. Joannopoulos

Since it was first published in 1995, Photonic Crystals has remained the definitive text for both undergraduates and researchers on photonic band-gap materials and their use in controlling the propagation of light. This newly expanded and revised edition covers the latest developments in the field, providing the most up-to-date, concise, and comprehensive book available on these novel materials and their applications.

Starting from Maxwell's equations and Fourier analysis, the authors develop the theoretical tools of photonics using principles of linear algebra and symmetry, emphasizing analogies with traditional solid-state physics and quantum theory. They then investigate the unique phenomena that take place within photonic crystals at defect sites and surfaces, from one to three dimensions. This new edition includes entirely new chapters describing important hybrid structures that use band gaps or periodicity only in some directions: periodic waveguides, photonic-crystal slabs, and photonic-crystal fibers. The authors demonstrate how the capabilities of photonic crystals to localize light can be put to work in devices such as filters and splitters. A new appendix provides an overview of computational methods for electromagnetism. Existing chapters have been considerably updated and expanded to include many new three-dimensional photonic crystals, an extensive tutorial on device design using temporal coupled-mode theory, discussions of diffraction and refraction at crystal interfaces, and more. Richly illustrated and accessibly written, Photonic Crystals is an indispensable resource for students and researchers.

  • Extensively revised and expanded

  • Features improved graphics throughout

  • Includes new chapters on photonic-crystal fibers and combined index-and band-gap-guiding

  • Provides an introduction to coupled-mode theory as a powerful tool for device design

  • Covers many new topics, including omnidirectional reflection, anomalous refraction and diffraction, computational photonics, and much more.

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Neon Techniques (formerly Neon Techniques and Handling)

Neon Techniques (formerly Neon Techniques and Handling) Lowest new price: $35.96
Lowest used price: $28.11
List price: $39.95
Author: Samuel Miller

This book has taught thousands the craft and science of making neon signs, since its first edition, Neon Signs was published in 1935. Updated in 1997 by an expert in the neon field, Neon Techniques, now in its fourth edition, covers everything you need to know to design, fabricate, troubleshoot and repair neon signs and graphics, from the basic equipment to the techniques of bending glass, to filling the tubes with various gasses, to the electric aspect, and finally to installation and maintenance. Hundreds of illustrations, photos, charts, graphs and tables provide invaluable information for anyone in the neon signmaking trade. No neon shop should be without this book.

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Introduction to Optics (3rd Edition)

Introduction to Optics (3rd Edition) Lowest new price: $204.53
Lowest used price: $99.00
List price: $210.80
Author: Frank L Pedrotti

Comprehensive and fully updated, this reader-friendly introduction to optics provides clear, concise derivations and explanations of optical phenomena, avoiding extraneous material. Updates material related to laser systems. Updated chapters on Optical Interferometery, Fiber Optics, and Holography. Introduces a broad range of new applications throughout, including liquid crystal displays, CCD's, CD and DVD Technology. Features a more intensive exploration of communication systems than in previous editions. Provides approximately 50 new problems and 50 new or revised figures. A general reference for optical industry practitioners.

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Multilayered Low Temperature Cofired Ceramics (LTCC) Technology

Multilayered Low Temperature Cofired Ceramics (LTCC) Technology Lowest new price: $155.46
Lowest used price: $162.14
List price: $159.99
Author: Yoshihiko Imanaka
Brand: Brand: Springer

The only book to concentrate solely on low temperature cofired ceramics, an attractive technology for electronic components and substrates that are compact, light, and offer high-speed and functionality for portable electronic devices.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

Colorimetry: Understanding the CIE System

Colorimetry: Understanding the CIE System Lowest new price: $134.37
Lowest used price: $254.49
List price: $180.00

  • Colorimetry: Understanding the CIE System summarizes and explains the standards of CIE colorimetry in one comprehensive source.
  • Presents the material in a tutorial form, for easy understanding by students and engineers dealing with colorimetry.
  • Provides an overview of the area of CIE colorimetry, including colorimetric principles, the historical background of colorimetric measurements, uncertainty analysis, open problems of colorimetry and their possible solutions, etc.
  • Includes several appendices, which provide a listing of CIE colorimetric tables as well as an annotated list of CIE publications.
  • Commemorates the 75th anniversary of the CIE's System of Colorimetry.

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Introduction to Modern Digital Holography: With Matlab

Introduction to Modern Digital Holography: With Matlab Lowest new price: $71.53
Lowest used price: $84.17
List price: $101.00
Author: Professor Ting-Chung Poon
Brand: Poon Ting Chung

Get up to speed with digital holography with this concise and straightforward introduction to modern techniques and conventions. Building up from the basic principles of optics, this book describes key techniques in digital holography, such as phase-shifting holography, low-coherence holography, diffraction tomographic holography and optical scanning holography, discussing their practical applications, and accompanied by all the theory necessary to understand the underlying principles at work. A further chapter covers advanced techniques for producing computer-generated holograms. Extensive Matlab code is integrated with the text throughout and available for download online, illustrating both theoretical results and practical considerations such as aliasing, zero padding and sampling. Accompanied by end-of-chapter problems and an online solutions manual for instructors, this is an indispensable resource for students, researchers and engineers in the fields of optical image processing and digital holography.


  • Introduction to Modern Digital Holography With MATLAB

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The Quantum Theory of Light (Oxford Science Publications)

The Quantum Theory of Light (Oxford Science Publications) Lowest new price: $51.98
Lowest used price: $42.00
List price: $95.00
Author: Rodney Loudon

This Third Edition, like its two predecessors, provides a detailed account of the basic theory needed to understand the properties of light and its interactions with atoms, in particular the many nonclassical effects that have now been observed in quantum-optical experiments. The earlier chapters describe the quantum mechanics of various optical processes, leading from the classical representation of the electromagnetic field to the quantum theory of light. The later chapters develop the theoretical descriptions of some of the key experiments in quantum optics. Over half of the material in this Third Edition is new. It includes topics that have come into prominence over the last two decades, such as the beamsplitter theory, squeezed light, two-photon interference, balanced homodyne detection, travelling-wave attenuation and amplification, quantum jumps, and the ranges of nonlinear optical processes important in the generation of nonclassical light. The book is written as a textbook, with the treatment as a whole appropriate for graduate or postgraduate students, while earlier chapters are also suitable for final-year undergraduates. Over 100 problems help to intensify the understanding of the material presented.

To request a copy of the Solutions Manual, visit:

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