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Photonics: Optical Electronics in Modern Communications (The Oxford Series in Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Photonics: Optical Electronics in Modern Communications (The Oxford Series in Electrical and Computer Engineering) Lowest new price: $175.86
Lowest used price: $134.89
List price: $199.95
Author: Amnon Yariv

Due to its central role in modern communications technologies, photonics--or optical electronics--has evolved dynamically over the last ten years. Photonics by Amnon Yariv and Pochi Yeh is extensively revised and updated to keep pace with this unprecedented development. Now more tailored to optical communication, the sixth edition integrates material on generating and manipulating optical radiation and designing photonic components for the transmission of information. It also presents a broader theoretical underpinning and more explanations of mathematical derivations than the previous edition.

The text describes the basic physics and principles of operation of major photonic components in optical communications and electronics. These components include optical resonators, various lasers, waveguides, optical fibers, gratings, and photonic crystals. photonics, Sixth Edition, also covers the transmission, modulation, amplification, and detection of optical beams in optical networks, as well as nonlinear optical effects in fibers. It assumes a background in electromagnetic theory, Maxwell's equations, and electromagnetic wave propagation.

Including numerous examples throughout, Photonics, Sixth Edition, is ideal for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in photonics, optoelectronics, or optical communications. It is also a useful reference for practicing engineers and scientists.

New Material in the Sixth Edition

·Stokes Parameters and Poincaré Sphere: polarization states in birefringent optical networks, principal states of polarization

·Fermat's Principle: rays, beam propagation, and the Fresnel diffraction integral

·Matrix Formulation: wave propagation in multi-cavity etalons, multi-layer structures, mode coupling, and supermodes in mode-locked lasers

·Dispersion: chromatic dispersion and polarization mode dispersion (PMD) in fibers and their compensation

·Coupled Resonators Optical Waveguides (CROWs): matrix formulation, critical coupling and dispersion relation

·Nonlinear Optical Effects in Fibers: self-phase modulation, cross-phase modulation, stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS), stimulated Raman scattering (SRS), optical four-wave mixing, and spectral reversal (phase conjugation)

·Electroabsorption: waveguide electro-optic Mach-Zehnder modulators

·Photonic Crystals: Bloch wave formulation, photonic bands, photonic bandgaps, periodic layered media, fiber Bragg gratings, and Bragg reflection waveguides

·Optical Amplifiers: SOA, EDFA, and Raman

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Optomechanical Systems Engineering (Wiley Series in Pure and Applied Optics)

Optomechanical Systems Engineering (Wiley Series in Pure and Applied Optics) Lowest new price: $81.70
Lowest used price: $131.04
List price: $120.00
Author: Keith J. Kasunic

Optomechanical Systems Engineering emphasizes a practical, systems-level overview of optomechanical engineering, bridging the gap between mechanical and optical design. Starting with the fundamentals of imaging, it reviews how optical system concepts flow down into optomechanical requirements on optical fabrication, optical alignment, structural design, mechanics of materials, glass strength, structural vibrations, thermal management, and kinematic mounts. By focusing on fundamental concepts and first-order, back-of-the-envelope estimates of optomechanical system performance, Optomechanical Systems Engineering is accessible to engineers, scientists, and managers who want to quickly master the principles of optomechanical engineering.

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Theory of Colours (Dover Fine Art, History of Art)

Theory of Colours (Dover Fine Art, History of Art) Lowest new price: $12.94
Lowest used price: $10.43
List price: $16.95
Author: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Brand: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Charles L Eastlake

The wavelength theory of light and color had been firmly established by the time the great German poet published his Theory of Colours in 1810. Nevertheless, Goethe believed that the theory derived from a fundamental error, in which an incidental result was mistaken for a elemental principle. Far from affecting a knowledge of physics, he maintained that such a background would inhibit understanding. The conclusions Goethe draws here rest entirely upon his personal observations.
This volume does not have to be studied to be appreciated. The author's subjective theory of colors permits him to speak persuasively of color harmony and aesthetics. These notions may evoke a positive response on their merits, but even among those who regard them as pure fantasy, the grace and style of Goethe's exposition provide abundant rewards. Although his scientific reasoning on this subject has long since been dismissed, modern readers continue to appreciate the beauty and sweep of Goethe's conjectures regarding the connection between color and philosophical ideas. In addition, he offers insights into early 19th-century beliefs and modes of thought as well as a taste of European life during the Enlightenment.


  • Theory of Colours

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BINOCULARS: Fallacy & Fact: The Instruments, The Industry and You

BINOCULARS: Fallacy & Fact: The Instruments, The Industry and You Lowest new price: $23.37
Lowest used price: $23.31
List price: $24.95
Author: William J. Cook

“Decades of experience concentrated into the highest possible SNR.”

— Stephen F. Tonkin, Author Binocular Astronomy

“Bill Cook is a seasoned optical professional who has perfected ‘everything binocular’ with his no nonsense approach to straightening the curves of understanding concerning them. With an unmatched writing style, his vignette on Collimation vs. Conditional Alignment is spot on!”

— Gail Fisher, Repair Manager, Swarovski Optik

“I have gone through your book and I am amazed — it should be printed asap! It was not only fun to read, but also highly educational and absolutely worth studying, even for the experienced binocular user.”

— Holger Merlitz, Professor of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics,

Xiamen University, Xiamen, Fujian, PR China.

“This is an important book and one that should be read by engineers, binocular users, collectors, dealers, and manufacturers.”

— Paul R. Yoder, Fellow Member of SPIE and OSA,

Co-Author Field Guide to Binoculars and Scopes

Written for any serious user, “Binoculars: Fallacy & Fact” provides a fascinating look at the world of binoculars by someone who knows binoculars inside and out. And when I say inside, I mean truly inside as Bill Cook has spent his career adjusting and repairing binoculars. Bill knows his stuff and he is not afraid to clarify the facts and to share his honest opinions with us. The book comes across as a casual conversation making it an easy read but chock-full of information illuminated by personal anecdotes.

— John E. Greivenkamp, Professor, College of Optical Sciences, University of Arizona

“Going through the US Navy Opticalman “A” School with Bill, serving with him aboard USS Grand Canyon, and later working with him at Captain’s Nautical Supplies in Seattle, I can attest that you’ll not find a man more passionate or knowledgeable about optics and binoculars. Any odd-ball questions asked by the novice or self-proclaimed expert are quickly answered in a straight-forward and accurate manner. This book goes well beyond the ever-regurgitated numbers and gets into the facts of how it all works.”

— Cory A. Suddarth, President, Suddarth Optical Repair

“When it comes to optics, think Bill Cook. I have known him for several decades and his credentials are as strong as they come. When a question arises that I am unsure of, he is one of the first to be called on among the dozen or so experts I trust.

Bill is not out to protect brands and factories when they continually mislead consumers about their products. Instead, he tells it like it is — straight and honest — even when manufacturers get upset when they hear the truth.

This book will not only be helpful for those thinking about purchasing a binocular, but also those who want to learn more about the instrument they have now.”

— Alan Hale has served as C.E.O. and President of Celestron and is currently Chairman Emeritus of the company. Alan is the author of “Sport Optics – Binoculars, Spotting Scopes, and Riflescopes”

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Introduction to Fourier Optics

Introduction to Fourier Optics Lowest new price: $64.68
Lowest used price: $55.00
List price: $113.99
Author: Joseph W. Goodman
Brand: imusti

Fourier analysis is a ubiquitous tool that has found application to diverse areas of physics and engineering. This book deals with its applications in optics, and in particular with its applications to diffraction, imaging, optical data processing, holography and optical communications.


  • Roberts and Company Publishers

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The Automated Lighting Programmer's Handbook

The Automated Lighting Programmer's Handbook Lowest new price: $28.43
Lowest used price: $24.13
List price: $44.95
Author: Brad Schiller
Brand: Routledge

This guide helps lighting designers with the creative and operational challenges they face in their rapidly evolving industry. Providing respected and clear coverage of the process of programming automated lighting fixtures, the author brings the designer from basic principles to preproduction preparations. Concepts, procedures, and guidelines to ensure a successful production are covered as well as troubleshooting, much needed information on work relationships, and technology including LED lighting, console networking, digital lighting, and more. Chapters are peppered with advice and war stories from some of the most prominent lighting designers of today.


  • Routledge

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Optoelectronics & Photonics: Principles & Practices (2nd Edition)

Optoelectronics & Photonics: Principles & Practices (2nd Edition) Lowest new price: $158.99
Lowest used price: $269.25
List price: $215.40
Author: Safa O. Kasap
Brand: Brand: Prentice Hall

For one-semester, undergraduate-level courses in Optoelectronics and Photonics, in the departments of electrical engineering, engineering physics, and materials science and engineering.

This text takes a fresh look at the enormous developments in electo-optic devices and associated materials.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Elegance and Enigma: The Quantum Interviews (The Frontiers Collection)

Elegance and Enigma: The Quantum Interviews (The Frontiers Collection) Lowest new price: $69.93
Lowest used price: $107.59
List price: $99.99
Brand: Schlosshauer Maximilian

Quantum mechanics is one of mankind's most remarkable intellectual achievements. Stunningly successful and elegant, it challenges our deepest intuitions about the world. In this book, seventeen physicists and philosophers, all deeply concerned with understanding quantum mechanics, reply to Schlosshauer's penetrating questions about the central issues. They grant us an intimate look at their radically different ways of making sense of the theory's strangeness. What is quantum mechanics about? What is it telling us about nature? Can quantum information or new experiments help lift the fog? And where are we headed next? Everyone interested in the contemporary but often longstanding conundrums of quantum theory, whether lay reader or expert, will find much food for thought in these pages. A wealth of personal reflections and anecdotes guarantee an engaging read.

Participants: Guido Bacciagaluppi, Caslav Brukner, Jeffrey Bub, Arthur Fine, Christopher Fuchs, GianCarlo Ghirardi, Shelly Goldstein, Daniel Greenberger, Lucien Hardy, Anthony Leggett, Tim Maudlin, David Mermin, Lee Smolin, Antony Valentini, David Wallace, Anton Zeilinger, and Wojciech Zurek.


  • Elegance and Enigma The Quantum Interviews The Frontiers Collection

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Application of Zemax Programming Language

Application of Zemax Programming Language Lowest new price: $26.99
List price: $26.99
Author: 612Photonics

Zemax is widely used in optical designs because it is powerful, flexible, easy to learn, and cost-effective. Besides many standard functions, Zemax also provides a tool called Zemax Programming Language (ZPL). This tool allows people to extend the standard functions of Zemax to meet their special needs. However, the learning process is usually not smooth, sometimes even quite frustrating. This book intends to help readers to learn ZPL quicker and easier. The examples and plots in this book are based on Zemax version 13, but the basic idea should remain the same for different versions of Zemax software. Since Zemax is continuously developing, we encourage readers to refer to official Zemax User’s Manual for the updates on ZPL.

Light Science: Physics and the Visual Arts (Undergraduate Texts in Contemporary Physics)

Light Science: Physics and the Visual Arts (Undergraduate Texts in Contemporary Physics) Lowest new price: $65.92
Lowest used price: $34.99
List price: $109.00
Author: Thomas D. Rossing
Brand: Thomas D Rossing

Intended for students in the visual arts and for others with an interest in art, but with no prior knowledge of physics, this book presents the science behind what and how we see. The approach emphasises phenomena rather than mathematical theories and the joy of discovery rather than the drudgery of derivations. The text includes numerous problems, and suggestions for simple experiments, and also considers such questions as why the sky is blue, how mirrors and prisms affect the colour of light, how compact disks work, and what visual illusions can tell us about the nature of perception. It goes on to discuss such topics as the optics of the eye and camera, the different sources of light, photography and holography, colour in printing and painting, as well as computer imaging and processing.


  • Light Science

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