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Waves & Wave Mechanics

Ghost Wave: The True Story of the Biggest Wave on Earth and the Men Who Challenged It

Ghost Wave: The True Story of the Biggest Wave on Earth and the Men Who Challenged It Lowest new price: $10.84
Lowest used price: $3.54
List price: $15.95
Author: Chris Dixon

Rising from the depths of the Pacific lies a fabled island, now submerged just below the surface of the ocean. Rumors and warnings about Cortes Bank abound, but among big wave surfers, this legendary rock is famous for one simple (and massive) reason: this is the home of the biggest rideable wave on the face of the earth. In this dramatic work of narrative non-fiction, journalist Chris Dixon unlocks the secrets of Cortes Bank and pulls readers into the harrowing world of big wave surfing and high seas adventure above the most enigmatic and dangerous rock in the sea. The true story of this Everest of the sea will thrill anyone with an abiding curiosity of—and respect for—mother ocean.

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A Student's Guide to Waves (Student's Guides)

A Student's Guide to Waves (Student's Guides) Lowest new price: $22.42
Lowest used price: $18.07
List price: $26.99
Author: Daniel Fleisch
Brand: imusti

Waves are an important topic in the fields of mechanics, electromagnetism, and quantum theory, but many students struggle with the mathematical aspects. Written to complement course textbooks, this book focuses on the topics that students find most difficult. Retaining the highly popular approach used in Fleisch's other Student's Guides, the book uses plain language to explain fundamental ideas in a simple and clear way. Exercises and fully-worked examples help readers test their understanding of the concepts, making this an ideal book for undergraduates in physics and engineering trying to get to grips with this challenging subject. The book is supported by a suite of online resources available at These include interactive solutions for every exercise and problem in the text and a series of video podcasts in which the authors explain the important concepts of every section of the book.


  • Cambridge University Press

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Quantum Physics (Idiot's Guides)

Quantum Physics (Idiot's Guides) Lowest new price: $5.00
Lowest used price: $7.04
List price: $19.95
Author: Marc Humphrey

Quantum physics explores the behavior of matter and energy at the molecular, atomic, nuclear, and even smaller levels. Idiot's Guides: Quantum Physics explores this very complex topic, while making it easy-to-understand for science enthusiasts and students alike. It skips the complicated math and dives right in to all of the concepts, paradoxes, and implications that make quantum physics so fascinating. Topics include quantum vs. classical physics, the famous double-slit experiment, quantum wave function, the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, the Schrodinger's cat thought experiment, quantum entanglement, competing interpretations, quantum gravity, and much more.

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Quantum Field Theory and the Standard Model

Quantum Field Theory and the Standard Model Lowest new price: $73.74
Lowest used price: $55.00
List price: $89.99
Author: Matthew D. Schwartz
Brand: imusti

Providing a comprehensive introduction to quantum field theory, this textbook covers the development of particle physics from its foundations to the discovery of the Higgs boson. Its combination of clear physical explanations, with direct connections to experimental data, and mathematical rigor make the subject accessible to students with a wide variety of backgrounds and interests. Assuming only an undergraduate-level understanding of quantum mechanics, the book steadily develops the Standard Model and state-of-the art calculation techniques. It includes multiple derivations of many important results, with modern methods such as effective field theory and the renormalization group playing a prominent role. Numerous worked examples and end-of-chapter problems enable students to reproduce classic results and to master quantum field theory as it is used today. Based on a course taught by the author over many years, this book is ideal for an introductory to advanced quantum field theory sequence or for independent study.


  • Cambridge University Press

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Discover Signal Processing: An Interactive Guide for Engineers

Discover Signal Processing: An Interactive Guide for Engineers Lowest new price: $80.54
Lowest used price: $23.52
List price: $123.00
Author: Simon Braun

Signal processing is now a multidisciplinary topic, and one thathas applications in many fields including, but not limited to,science, engineering, medicine, finance and the behaviouralsciences. Modern software libraries that include dedicatedlanguages and packages designed to simplify the development andapplication of signal processing techniques are now readilyavailable; however this ease of application means that anunderstanding of the various techniques is imperative. It iscritical that the student or practitioner is able to choose anappropriate processing technique, be aware of potential errorsinvolved and understand how to control them.

Discover Signal Processing exploits the rationale of“learning by doing”; actually attempting and performinga task is the most effective way to remember and understand. Itpresents the reader with a diverse range of exercises; someintended to recall or practice simple concepts, others more complex& aimed at developing a real understanding of the issuesinvolved. These are accompanied by step-by-step explanations of thetools and techniques required.

  • Provides systematic, organized and accessible instruction in acomplex and mathematical subject.
  • Stresses the understanding, selection and application ofavailable signal processing techniques, as well as identificationand control of error mechanisms;
  • Includes more than 60 exercises covering major aspects ofsignal processing tools & geared at performing or testingspecific tasks;
  • Uses MATLAB as a platform, utilizing its extensive GUIcapabilities enabling exercises to be performed using graphicalelements only.

Discover Signal Processing provides an excellent &accessible guide to signal processing for mechanical, aeronautical,civil and electronic engineers in their senior/ graduate year. Itwill also be of interest to those attending CPD courses as well asto practicing engineers.

Beyond Einstein: The Cosmic Quest for the Theory of the Universe

Beyond Einstein: The Cosmic Quest for the Theory of the Universe Lowest new price: $7.85
Lowest used price: $1.25
List price: $16.95
Author: Michio Kaku
Brand: Anchor Books

Beyond Einstein takes readers on an exciting excursion into the discoveries that have led scientists to the brightest new prospect in theoretical physics today -- superstring theory. What is superstring theory and why is it important? This revolutionary breakthrough may well be the
fulfillment of  Albert Einstein's lifelong dream of a Theory of Everything, uniting the laws of physics into a single description explaining all the known forces in the universe. Co-authored by one of the leading pioneers in superstrings, Michio Kaku, the book approaches scientific questions with the excitement of a detective story, offering a fascinating look at the new science that may make the impossible possible.


  • Revised and Updated

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How to Teach Relativity to Your Dog

How to Teach Relativity to Your Dog Lowest new price: $10.57
Lowest used price: $2.81
List price: $17.99
Author: Chad Orzel
Brand: Basic Books AZ

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. But what about relativity?

Physics professor Chad Orzel and his inquisitive canine companion, Emmy, tackle the concepts of general relativity in this irresistible introduction to Einstein's physics. Through armchair-and sometimes passenger-seat-conversations with Emmy about the relative speeds of dog and cat motion or the logistics of squirrel-chasing, Orzel translates complex Einsteinian ideas-the slowing of time for a moving observer, the shrinking of moving objects, the effects of gravity on light and time, black holes, the Big Bang, and of course, E=mc2-into examples simple enough for a dog to understand.
A lively romp through one of the great theories of modern physics, How to Teach Relativity to Your Dog will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about space, time, and anything else you might have slept through in high school physics class.


  • Basic Books AZ

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Field and Wave Electromagnetics (2nd Edition)

Field and Wave Electromagnetics (2nd Edition) Lowest new price: $208.15
Lowest used price: $57.65
List price: $244.20
Author: David K. Cheng
Brand: Cheng, David K.

Back Cover Field and Wave Electromagnetics, Second Edition features many examples of practical applications to give students an excellent physical -- as well as mathematical -- understanding of important concepts. These include applications drawn from important new areas of technology such as optical fibers, radome design, satellite communication, and microstrip lines. There is also added coverage of several new topics, including Hall effect, radar equation and scattering cross section, transients in transmission lines, waveguides and circular cavity resonators, wave propagation in the ionosphere, and helical antennas. New exercises, new problems, and many worked-out examples make this complex material more accessible to students.

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Theory and Computation of Electromagnetic Fields (Wiley - IEEE)

Theory and Computation of Electromagnetic Fields (Wiley - IEEE) Lowest new price: $118.28
Lowest used price: $91.31
List price: $145.00
Author: Jian-Ming Jin

Reviews the fundamental concepts behind the theory and computation of electromagnetic fields

The book is divided in two parts. The first part covers both fundamental theories (such as vector analysis, Maxwell’s equations, boundary condition, and transmission line theory) and advanced topics (such as wave transformation, addition theorems, and fields in layered media) in order to benefit students at all levels. The second part of the book covers the major computational methods for numerical analysis of electromagnetic fields for engineering applications. These methods include the three fundamental approaches for numerical analysis of electromagnetic fields: the finite difference method (the finite difference time-domain method in particular), the finite element method, and the integral equation-based moment method. The second part also examines fast algorithms for solving integral equations and hybrid techniques that combine different numerical methods to seek more efficient solutions of complicated electromagnetic problems.

Theory and Computation of Electromagnetic Fields, Second Edition: 

  • Provides the foundation necessary for graduate students to learn and understand more advanced topics
  • Discusses electromagnetic analysis in rectangular, cylindrical and spherical coordinates
  • Covers computational electromagnetics in both frequency and time domains
  • Includes new and updated homework problems and examples
Theory and Computation of Electromagnetic Fields, Second Edition is written for advanced undergraduate and graduate level electrical engineering students. This book can also be used as a reference for professional engineers interested in learning about analysis and computation skills.

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Grand Unified Thereom

Grand Unified Thereom Lowest used price: $599.00
List price: $130.00
Author: Gabriel A. Oyibo

Oyibo (mathematics, of APPIT Institute of Technology) presents a general theorem providing a mathematical basis for a Grand Unified Field Theory, and shows that the proof of the theorem is the recent work Generalized Mathematical Proof of Einstein's Theory Using a New Group Theory. He suggests that the solution mathematically represents the modification of space-time predicted by Einstein's general relativity theory. He also investigates some hydrodynamic examples of subsets of the general universal conservation equations.

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