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Anderson, Poul

The Robert E. Howard Reader

The Robert E. Howard Reader Lowest new price: $13.78
Lowest used price: $15.02
List price: $14.99
Author: Robert E. Howard

This anthology presents a wide range of analysis, criticism, and opinion about one of the most influential fantasy authors of the twentieth century, with contributions by such well-known writers and critics as: Poul Anderson, Fritz Leiber, George H. Scithers, L. Sprague de Camp, S. T. Joshi, Howard Waldrop, Steve Tompkins, Darrell Schweitzer, Leo Grin, Robert Weinberg, Mark Hall, Charles Hoffman, Don D'Ammassa, Robert M. Price, Gary Romeo, and Scott Connors. A "must have" for every fan of Robert E. Howard.

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Robert Adams' Book of Soldiers

Lowest new price: $86.66
Lowest used price: $1.99
List price: $3.95

Robert Adams' Book of Soldiers
348 pp. CONTENTS: Introduction by Robert Adams; Clash by Night by Lawrence O'Donnell; Among Thieves by Poul Anderson; Despoilers of the Golden Empire by Randall Garrett; Down Styphon! by H. Beam Piper; Three Soldiers by D.C. Poyer; Dragon's Teeth by David Drake; Cold Light by Karl Edward Wagner; A Difficult Undertaking by Harry Turtledove; Passage to Dilfar by Roger Zelazny; Night on Mispec Moor by Larry Niven; Warrior by Gordon R. Dickson.Keywords: SCIENCE FICTION SHORT STORIES SINGLE ROBERT ADAMS BOOK SOLDIERS MARTIN H GREENBERG PAMELA CRIPPEN ADAMS

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Free Space

Free Space Lowest new price: $18.00
Lowest used price: $6.49
List price: $16.95

It is the twenty-third century, and large space habitats have evolved where individual societies exist without formalized government-a galactic federation called Free Space. These are stories of the men and women of this new era, visions of adventure, social speculations, and downright arguments about freedom and responsibility. Free Space offers fiction from Hugo and Nebula Award winners such as Poul Anderson, Gregory Benford, and Robert J. Sawyer, and particularly from winners of the Prometheus Award of the Libertarian Futurist Society, such as Victor Koman, Daffyd ab Hugh, and L. Neil Smith. In addition, there is work from William F. Buckley, Jared Lobdell, John Barnes and a number of other writers, making Free Space a big, rich, varied compendium of politically-engaged science fiction adventure.

This is a libertarianist anthology of (mostly) original stories that, depending on your tastes, can be too narrowly focused or wonderfully concentrated. The "Free Space" in the title is just that: a loose federation of space habitats that has no central government. Free enterprise rules, and the editors let 20 authors ranging from William F. Buckley Jr. to William F. Wu have their way with it. The result is mixed, but on the whole successful, and it definitely makes for interesting reading. Several of the writers are winners of the Libertarian Futurist Society's Prometheus Award.

Brain Wave

Lowest new price: $100.00
Lowest used price: $35.00
Author: Poul Anderson

Unbeknown to its inhabitants, the solar system has for millions of years been caught in a force field that has had the effect of suppressing intelligence. When in the course of normal galactic movement the solar system breaks free of the force field that has held it in its sway for so long, gone are the inhibiting effects and a remarkable change begins to sweep across the earth. Brain Wave is a fascinating "what if" novel and an exploration into the ways in which human society is organized and the assumptions that are made about how we value life. It is also a novel about equality and what happens when the hierarchical structures that we know and arrange our lives by finally disappear.

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Agent of the Terran Empire

Agent of the Terran Empire Lowest new price: $19.25
Lowest used price: $0.10
Author: Poul Anderson

Flandry, here a captain, undergoes a series of adventures: He is abducted by the Scothians, an alien race hoping to invade the Terran Empire; rescues the Emperor's kidnapped granddaughter; meets Aycharaych, his nemesis in league with the Merseians; and investigates a previously unencountered alien race that has invaded the distant colonial world of Vixen.

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The Man-kzin Wars

The Man-kzin Wars Lowest new price: $26.00
Lowest used price: $1.99
List price: $3.99
Author: Larry Niven

"Colorful characters and pulse-pounding narrative drive. Niven is a true master!"

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The Shield of Time

The Shield of Time Lowest new price: $9.96
Lowest used price: $2.49
List price: $18.95
Author: Poul Anderson

Manse Everard is a man with a mission. As an Unattached Agent of the Time Patrol, he's to go anyplace - and anytime! - where humanity's transcendent future is threatened by the alteration of the past. This is Manse's profession, and his burden: for how much suffering, throughout human history, can he bear to preserve?


  • Poul Anderson
  • science fiction
  • time travel

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Science Fiction Gems, Volume Eight, Keith Laumer and Others

Science Fiction Gems, Volume Eight, Keith Laumer and Others Lowest new price: $12.95
List price: $12.95
Author: Keith Laumer

Armchair Fiction presents extra large paperback collections of the best in classic science fiction short stories. Here it is…our eighth collection of Science Fiction Gems This exciting collection of science fiction gems offers an eclectic blend of ideas from great authors like Poul Anderson, Chester Geier, Fritz Leiber, Clifford Simak, Mack Reynolds and others. “Snowball” (Anderson) and “The Ship Sails At Midnight” (Leiber) offer intriguing drama and allegories of the human condition. Explore a forbidden part of the jungles of Venus in “No Dark Gallows For Me” (John Jakes) or steal fine works of art with “The Star-Sent Knaves” (Laumer). Both are amazing tales packed with stimulating interplanetary adventure. We also bring you provocative romance between human and artificial intelligence in “Weep No More, My Robot” (Geier) and there is subtle hair-raising horror in “The Beast of Boredom” (Richard R. Smith). Engage your mind with this incredible assembly of stories about fantastic futures.

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Flandry of Terra: Ensign Flandry, Book 3

Flandry of Terra: Ensign Flandry, Book 3 Lowest new price: $21.95
Lowest used price: $5.00
List price: $11.95
Author: Poul Anderson
Brand: Brand: I Books

A collection of three Flandry tales: THE GAME OF GLORY: Captain Flandry follows a dying man's clues to the watery provincial world of Nyanza, where a rebellion against the Empire may be brewing. A MESSAGE IN SECRET: Flandry ventures to the remote colonial world of Altai, whose human inhabitants haven't been in contact with the Terran Empire for centuries, and discovers that they are cutting a Faustian deal with the Merseians. THE PLAGUE OF MASTERS: Flandry, of his own volition, decides to investigate the remote and isolated world of Unan Besar, to see exactly why it is they have had no contact with the Empire in over 300 years.


  • Used Book in Good Condition


Starship Lowest new price: $8.95
Lowest used price: $0.25
List price: $2.75
Author: Poul Anderson

The conflicts of Planet Earth are forgotten now. Even The Solar System War with its Cold Victory is barely a memory. In this the third and final volume of THE PSYCHOTECHNIC LEAGUE, the scale is immeasurably greater: in Space, in Time and in violence


  • paperback
  • science fiction
  • The Psychotechnic League

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