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McCaffrey, Anne

Freedom's Choice (Freedom Series, Book 2)

Freedom's Choice (Freedom Series, Book 2) Lowest new price: $3.62
Lowest used price: $1.22
List price: $7.99
Author: Anne McCaffrey
Brand: McCaffrey, Anne

Abducted by the alien Catteni, Kristin Bjornsen was one of many humans brought to the planet Botany as part of an experiment to see if it could support life. Enslaved and forced to colonize a world not their own, the settlers have accepted Botany as their home—a home worth fighting for…
Kristin’s people have learned that the aliens responsible for their imprisonment are merely mercenaries, subjugated by the parasitic Eosi Race, and that Botany is being farmed remotely by some unknown species—a species that may be sympathetic to the colonists’ struggle for freedom.
The “Farmers” refuse to join the humans in their rebellion against the Catteni, but they agree to use their technological skills to shield Botany and hide it from its enemies—buying Kristin and the settlers time to build up their forces and liberate their world…

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Dragon Harper (Pern)

Dragon Harper (Pern) Lowest new price: $1.39
Lowest used price: $1.39
List price: $7.99
Author: Anne McCaffrey
Brand: McCaffrey, Anne/ McCaffrey, Todd J.

For millions of readers the world over, the name Pern is magical, conjuring up grand vistas of a distant planet whose blue skies are patrolled by brave dragons and their noble riders, a paradise threatened by the periodic fall of deadly Thread. But not all dangers descend from the skies. Now, in their third collaboration, Anne McCaffrey and her son, Todd McCaffrey, spin a tale of a mysterious illness that may succeed in doing what centuries of Threadfall could not: kill every last human on Pern.

Life in the Harper Hall is busy for best friends Kindan, Nonala, and Kelsa. As the only female apprentices, Nonala and Kelsa are the butt of jokes and easy targets for the bully Vaxoram and his cronies. But when Kindan springs to Kelsa’s defense, he winds up in a fight for his life against the older, bigger Vaxoram–a fight that will lead to a surprising friendship.

Meanwhile, in nearby Fort Hold, a clutch of fire-lizard eggs is about to hatch, and Lord Bemin’s beautiful young daughter, Koriana, is determined to Impress one of the delightful creatures. At the hatching, Kindan Impresses a fire-lizard of his own . . . and wins the heart of Koriana. But Lord Bemin mistrusts harpers and will not hear of a match between his daughter and the low-born Kindan.

Then fate intervenes in the form of a virulent plague as fast-spreading as it is deadly. Arising suddenly, as if out of nowhere, the contagion decimates hold after hold, paying no heed to distinctions of birth. In this feverish crucible, friendship and love will be tested to the breaking point and beyond. For with Threadfall scant years away, the Dragonriders dare not expose themselves to infection, and it will fall to Kindan and his fellow apprentices to bravely search for a cure and save humanity.

The price of failure is unthinkable. But the price of success may be even harder to bear.

From the Hardcover edition.

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Dragon's Kin (The Dragonriders of Pern)

Dragon's Kin (The Dragonriders of Pern) Lowest new price: $3.49
Lowest used price: $0.25
List price: $7.99
Author: Anne McCaffrey
Brand: McCaffrey, Anne/ McCaffrey, Todd J.

Beginning with the classic Dragonriders of Pern, Anne McCaffrey has created a complex, endlessly fascinating world uniting humans and great telepathic dragons. Millions of devoted readers have soared on the glittering wings of Anne’s imagination, following book by book the evolution of one of science fiction’s most beloved and honored series. Now, for the first time, Anne has invited another writer to join her in the skies of Pern, a writer with an intimate knowledge of Pern and its history: her son, Todd.


Young Kindan has no expectations other than joining his father in the mines of Camp Natalon, a coal mining settlement struggling to turn a profit far from the great Holds where the presence of dragons and their riders means safety and civilization. Mining is fraught with danger. Fortunately, the camp has a watch-wher, a creature distantly related to dragons and uniquely suited to specialized work in the dark, cold mineshafts. Kindan’s father is the watch-wher’s handler, and his son sometimes helps him out. But even that important job promises no opportunity outside the mine.

Then disaster strikes. In one terrible instant, Kindan loses his family and the camp loses its watch-wher. Fathers are replaced by sons in the mine–except for Kindan, who is taken in by the camp’s new Harper. Grieving, Kindan finds a measure of solace in a burgeoning musical talent . . . and in a new friendship with Nuella, a mysterious girl no one seems to know exists. It is Nuella who assists Kindan when he is selected to hatch and train a new watch-wher, a job that forces him to give up his dream of becoming a Harper; and it is Nuella who helps him give new meaning to his life.

Meanwhile, sparked by the tragedy, long-simmering tensions are dividing the camp. Far below the surface, a group of resentful miners hides a deadly secret. As warring factions threaten to explode, Nuella and Kindan begin to discover unknown talents in the misunderstood watch-wher–talents that could very well save an entire Hold. During their time teaching the watch-wher, the two learn some things themselves: that even a seemingly impossible dream is never completely out of reach . . . and that light can be found even in darkness.

From the Hardcover edition.

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Catalyst (A Tale of Barque Cats)

Catalyst (A Tale of Barque Cats) Lowest new price: $6.42
Lowest used price: $0.78
List price: $14.00
Author: Anne McCaffrey

Pilot, engineer, doctor—ship’s cat? Since the early days of interstellar travel, the so-called Barque Cats have become essential to the well-staffed space vessel. Assisted by humans—Cat Persons—with whom they share a deep and loving bond, the Barque Cats are responsible for keeping spacecraft free of vermin, for alerting crews to environmental hazards, and for acting as morale officers.

But a widespread epidemic affecting livestock on numerous planets throws the felines’ future into doubt. Suddenly the galactic government announces a plan to impound and possibly destroy all exposed animals, including the Barque Cats. With the clock racing against them, a handful of very special kittens and their humans will join forces to save the Barque Cats, and quite possibly the universe as they know it, from total destruction.

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The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern, Second Edition

The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern, Second Edition Lowest new price: $24.00
Lowest used price: $2.35
List price: $18.95
Author: Jody Lynn Nye

An indispensable companion guide to the wonderful world of Anne McCaffrey and her dragons

Guaranteed to enrich every armchair traveler's journey into McCaffrey's legendary world, this illuminating guide leaves no stone in Pern unturned! Both faithful fans and newcomers will relish the fascinating history and lore of . . .

THE DRAGONS: How they developed from little fire-lizards into the huge telepathic creatures that carry human riders and fight Thread

THE PEOPLE: How they live, the clothes they wear, the food they eat

THE PLACES: What to see and do in individual Holds and Weyrs

THREAD: Its appearance and behavior, the threat it poses, and ways to combat it


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A Diversity of Dragons (Pern)

A Diversity of Dragons (Pern) Lowest new price: $34.99
Lowest used price: $13.03
List price: $35.00
Author: Anne McCaffrey

Finally... She's written The Book on Dragons.

Anne McCaffrey is as renowned for her knowledge of dragons as she is for her New York Times bestselling novels. In this beautifully designed hardcover, McCaffrey focuses her attention on the fantastical creature's existence throughout history. Her words are complemented by the stunning color portraits by John Howe, noted for his success with several J.R.R. Tolkien calendars and maps.

Engagingly conceived, McCaffrey's story is a modernday dragon fantasy, colored with excerpts of some of the most thrilling scenes taken from classic dragon tales and accompanied by John Howe's magnificent art. Dragons from the time of the Bible and the Babylonians, the Arthurian Era and the Chinese Dynasties, to the current dragons invented by Robin McKinley, Gordon R. Dickson, Melanie Rown, and McCaffrey herself--are all fully explored and rendered in glorious detail.

At once a thrilling history, a charming fantasy, and a tantalizing art book, A Diversity of Dragons is sure to find a place beside Anne McCaffrey's other bestsellers.

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Freedom's Landing (Freedom Series: Book 1)

Freedom's Landing (Freedom Series: Book 1) Lowest new price: $3.00
Lowest used price: $0.10
List price: $7.99
Author: Anne McCaffrey

Kristin Bjornsen lived a normal life, right up until the day the spaceships floated into view above Denver. As human slaves were herded into the maw of a massive vessel, Kristin realized her normal life was over and her fight for freedom was just beginning…

The alien Catteni value strength and intelligence in their slaves—and Kristin has managed to survive her enslavement while hundreds of other humans have not. But her trial has just begun, for now she finds herself part of a massive experiment. The aliens have discovered a new world, and they have a simple way of finding out if it’s habitable: drop hundreds of slaves on the surface and see what happens.

If they survive, colonization can begin. If not, there are always more slaves.

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The Mystery of Ireta: Dinosaur Planet & Dinosaur Planet Survivors

The Mystery of Ireta: Dinosaur Planet & Dinosaur Planet Survivors Lowest new price: $5.57
Lowest used price: $1.46
List price: $7.99
Author: Anne McCaffrey

The crew of shipbred technicians sent to the planet Ireta were prepared for a routine mission to catalog flora and fauna and search for new energy sources. Kai and his beautiful coleader Varian, the best xenob-vet in the business, followed all the standard procedures, but the result of their investigations was totally unexpected.

When their rescue ship mysteriously disappears, they suddenly find themselves surrounded by giant swamp creatures, deadly predators, and terrifying dinosaurs. And a curious change begins to come over many of the crew members—a mutinous change that will lead all of them, in one way or another, into the primitive darkness of a future world that holds many mysteries yet to be revealed. . . .

So begins Anne McCaffrey’s exciting adventures Dinosaur Planet and Dinosaur Planet Survivors—together in one thrilling volume for the first time!

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Writers of the Future Vol 33 (L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future)

Writers of the Future Vol 33 (L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future) Lowest new price: $7.00
Lowest used price: $1.98
List price: $15.95
Author: L. Ron Hubbard

Internationally acclaimed anthology of award winning science fiction and fantasy short stories.


Explore diverse new universes of possibility through a variety of creative and fresh new ideas—all in one anthology. From dragons to mythical death dealers, from murder on the moon to deep space mystery, these stories bring you the hot new talent in science fiction, fantasy & horror.
Enjoy these award-winning stories & illustrations, with bonus stories by New York Times bestselling authors  Robert J. Sawyer, Todd McCaffrey & L. Ron Hubbard.
Learn how to write or improve your craft with tips from Grand Master fantasy author  Anne McCaffrey and New York Times bestselling author L. Ron Hubbard.


About the Stories:


When Gwen’s husband is found murdered, she’s the only suspect. After all, they were the only two people on the moon.—Moonlight One
Flora’s father is a mech-soldier of the Slayer Class, but how much of him is really left inside the machine?—The Armor Embrace
When an alien with godly intelligence is discovered watching the earth, one man must try to learn if its motives are pure.—Envoy in the Ice
 If you were stranded in an open boat and the only hope for rescue came from a ghost ship, would dare to ride?The Devil’s Rescue
Some gifts come with heavy price tags, and the giver must rise to the occasion.Tears for Shülna
What if an alien asks for your help with a question, and the answer affects the future of the whole human race?The Drake Equation
Barlow has a talent for finding the dead. Or do they find him .
When Varga sets out to explore the ancient stronghold of a long- dead wizard, she discovers that the ruins aren’t as deserted as she thought.
Obsidian Spire
If only that reptile in the sewer were something as predictable as an alligator.
On a distant world among the cloud peaks, the light-hawks promise a rich reward for those daring enough to harvest one.
A Glowing Heart
In a world where memories can be stripped, Bill discovers that he has a family he has never known.
The Long Dizzy Down
Not all spirits have the best of intentions, and they must be dealt with.
The Woodcutters’ Deity
You can put an end to something wondrous, but only at a cost.The Dragon Killer’s Daughter
In a life-or-death situation, sometimes you wish that you had a really powerful spell. But that begs the question—what is power?Useless Magic
Some devils are as old as a dream, and more evil than men can imagine.Adramelech
When the world needs saving, three children are called to the task.The Fox, the Wolf, and the Dove
Can an aging sorcerer find a way to track down his old nemesis with the small bit of magic he has left, or is he just fooling himself?The Magnificent Bhajan

Read them—and enjoy!
Nanowrimo writers are welcome to enter too! Read the book to get an edge on the competition.





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Pegasus in Space

Pegasus in Space Lowest new price: $5.00
Lowest used price: $0.10
List price: $7.99
Author: Anne McCaffrey
Brand: McCaffrey, Anne

In a triumphant career spanning more than thirty years, Anne McCaffrey has won the devotion of millions of fans. Now she has written the exciting and long-awaited addition to her classic Pegasus series--and the perfect link to her bestselling Rowan saga . . .

For an overpopulated Earth whose resources are strained to the breaking point, there is only one place to look for relief: straight up. With the successful completion of the Padrugoi Space Station, humanity has at last achieved its first large-scale permanent presence in space. But there are those who, for motives of their own, want Padrugoi to fail. Standing in their way are the Talented, men and women gifted with extraordinary mental powers that have made them as feared as they are respected--and utterly indispensable to the colonization effort. Now, as sabotage and attempted murder strike the Station, it's up to the Talented to save the day. Only who is going to save the Talented?

Pegasus in Space is the tale of Peter Reidinger, first Tower Prime!

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