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McCaffrey, Anne

A Diversity of Dragons (Pern)

A Diversity of Dragons (Pern) Lowest new price: $34.99
Lowest used price: $11.67
List price: $35.00
Author: Anne McCaffrey

Finally... She's written The Book on Dragons.

Anne McCaffrey is as renowned for her knowledge of dragons as she is for her New York Times bestselling novels. In this beautifully designed hardcover, McCaffrey focuses her attention on the fantastical creature's existence throughout history. Her words are complemented by the stunning color portraits by John Howe, noted for his success with several J.R.R. Tolkien calendars and maps.

Engagingly conceived, McCaffrey's story is a modernday dragon fantasy, colored with excerpts of some of the most thrilling scenes taken from classic dragon tales and accompanied by John Howe's magnificent art. Dragons from the time of the Bible and the Babylonians, the Arthurian Era and the Chinese Dynasties, to the current dragons invented by Robin McKinley, Gordon R. Dickson, Melanie Rown, and McCaffrey herself--are all fully explored and rendered in glorious detail.

At once a thrilling history, a charming fantasy, and a tantalizing art book, A Diversity of Dragons is sure to find a place beside Anne McCaffrey's other bestsellers.

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Pegasus in Flight (Talent, Bk. 2)

Pegasus in Flight (Talent, Bk. 2) Lowest new price: $4.00
Lowest used price: $0.01
List price: $7.99
Author: Anne McCaffrey

As director of the Jerhattan Parapsychic Center, telepath Rhyssa Owen coordinated the job assignments for psychically gifted Talents. And though she had her hands full dealing with the unreasonable demand for kinetics to work on the space platform that would be humankind's stepping-stone to the stars, she was always ready to welcome new Talents to the Center.

Feisty and streetwise, twelve-year-old Tirla used her extraordinary knack for languages to eke out a living in the Linear developments, where the poor struggled to make ends meet and children were conscripted or sold into menial work programs. Young Peter, paralyzed in a freak accident, hoped someday to get into space where zero gravity would enable him to function more easily. Both desperately needed help only other Talents could provide.

With the appearance in her life of one extraordinary man with no measurable Talent at all, Rhyssa suddenly found herself questioning everything she thought she knew about her people. And when two Talented children were discovered to have some very unusual -- and unexpected -- abilities, she realized that she would have to reassess the potential of all Talentkind...

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The Mystery of Ireta: Dinosaur Planet & Dinosaur Planet Survivors

The Mystery of Ireta: Dinosaur Planet & Dinosaur Planet Survivors Lowest new price: $6.05
Lowest used price: $1.29
List price: $7.99
Author: Anne McCaffrey

The crew of shipbred technicians sent to the planet Ireta were prepared for a routine mission to catalog flora and fauna and search for new energy sources. Kai and his beautiful coleader Varian, the best xenob-vet in the business, followed all the standard procedures, but the result of their investigations was totally unexpected.

When their rescue ship mysteriously disappears, they suddenly find themselves surrounded by giant swamp creatures, deadly predators, and terrifying dinosaurs. And a curious change begins to come over many of the crew members—a mutinous change that will lead all of them, in one way or another, into the primitive darkness of a future world that holds many mysteries yet to be revealed. . . .

So begins Anne McCaffrey’s exciting adventures Dinosaur Planet and Dinosaur Planet Survivors—together in one thrilling volume for the first time!

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Dragonriders' Dawn (Dragonsdawn / Chronicles of Pern: First Fall)

Dragonriders' Dawn (Dragonsdawn / Chronicles of Pern: First Fall) Lowest new price: $19.99
Lowest used price: $2.47
Author: Anne McCaffrey

Newcomers to Pern, rejoice! Now you can start this bestselling adventure series from the very beginning of Pernese history. This exclusive omnibus edition collects the novel Dragonsdawn, the story of how men and women first came to Pern and how they created the magnificent telepathic Dragons to fight the alien Thread, and The Chronicles of Pern: First Fall, a collection of four novellas and one short story that adds richness and depth to the earliest days of the Dragon World.

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The Tower and the Hive (A Tower and Hive Novel)

The Tower and the Hive (A Tower and Hive Novel) Lowest new price: $3.79
Lowest used price: $1.01
List price: $8.99
Author: Anne McCaffrey
Brand: Ace


For generations, the descendants of the powerful telepath known as The Rowan have used their talents to benefit humanity. As human civilization reached out to colonize the stars, the family led Earth to ally itself with the peaceful alien Mrdini. Together, the two races have held back the predatory Hivers, who once decimated entire worlds.


But there are factions on Earth who resent the power the family has accumulated. Now, with their goals of peace and prosperity so close at hand, The Rowan’s descendants face the looming destruction of all they have suffered to achieve…

Anne McCaffrey concludes the saga of Angharad Gwyn, the Rowan, her husband Jeff Raven, and their family of powerful telepathically and telekinetically Talented offspring with The Tower and the Hive. ( The first four books in the series are: The Rowan, Damia, Damia's Children, and Lyon's Pride.) As usual, McCaffrey delivers vividly real characters struggling with personal, political, and ethical issues and finding humane solutions.

Federated Teleport and Telepath, dominated by the Gwyn-Raven clan, provides interstellar shipping and communications for the Star League of Humans and Mrdinis--weasel-like aliens. In following the aggressive, ant-like Hivers, whose "spheres" have repeatedly attacked League worlds, naval vessels have discovered many more habitable planets, including some occupied by Hivers. Who will get to colonize these planets, Humans or Mrdinis? Should all Hivers be destroyed, or is there some way to contain them? Where will more Talents to staff the vital Towers come from? And how best to defeat those whose resentment of the Gwyn-Raven family's powers and friendship with Mrdinis could lead to violence?

McCaffrey's protagonists are four Gwyn-Raven grandchildren, now young adults who find romance and mature while studying both alien races. Old and new fans alike can enjoy her masterful blending of scientific extrapolation and fantasy elements to produce a universe they'll leave regretfully. --Nona Vero


  • Great product!

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To Ride Pegasus (The Talents Saga)

To Ride Pegasus (The Talents Saga) Lowest new price: $3.60
Lowest used price: $0.15
List price: $7.99
Author: Anne McCaffrey

They were four extraordinary women who read minds, healed bodies, diverted disasters, foretold the future--and became pariahs in their own land. A talented, elite cadre, they stepped out of the everyday human enter their own!

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Freedom's Ransom (Freedom Series, Book 4)

Freedom's Ransom (Freedom Series, Book 4) Lowest new price: $1.99
Lowest used price: $1.06
List price: $23.95
Author: Anne McCaffrey

When Kris Bjornsen and her fellow slaves were dumped on an uninhabited planet by the alien Catteni overlords, they would surely have died-without the help of Zainal, a renegade Catteni exiled by his own people. But they did survive on the planet they named Botany, and in time they drove the Catteni away from Earth and neighboring planets.

Technologically limited but rich in natural resources, Botany must find its place in the newly configured universe. A trip to Earth shows Kris and Zainal how desperately the devastated home planet needs what Botany can give. Other worlds too have had their wealth skimmed by the Catteni regime; the nearby planet of Barevi is little more than a corrupt bazaar, where bits and pieces of Earth's once powerful technology can be traded for with grain and mineral ores. Earth needs food. Botany needs technology-and, some say, the will to protect itself from being overrun by refugees. As alien influence fades, the people of Botany must decide what kind of world they will become.

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Acorna's Quest (Harper Prism SF)

Acorna's Quest (Harper Prism SF) Lowest new price: $2.20
Lowest used price: $0.15
List price: $7.99
Author: Anne McCaffrey

Acorna's Quest, by McCaffrey, Anne

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On Dragonwings (Dragonsdawn / Dragonseye / Moreta) (Pern)

On Dragonwings (Dragonsdawn / Dragonseye / Moreta) (Pern) Lowest new price: $41.01
Lowest used price: $2.20
List price: $20.00
Author: Anne McCaffrey
Brand: Delrey

Perfect for diehard fans as well as readers discovering McCaffrey for the first time, this dazzling new volume features three classic novels from the early years of Pern–Dragonsdawn, Dragonseye, and Moreta.

The spectacular planet Pern seems a paradise to its new colonists–until unimaginable terror turns it into hell. Suddenly deadly spores are falling like silver threads from the sky, destroying everyone and everything they touch. Pern is in mortal danger. The only thing that can stop the Thread is the fire from Pern’s flying dragons. Now, the colonists must join forces with the dragons to burn the Thread before the parasite devours any and all organic life–and turns lush Pern into a barren wasteland.

On Dragonwings traces the story of the early generations on Pern. From the colonists who first created the fire-breathing dragons for protection, through the rise of the dragonriders, these three novels set readers on a daring quest to protect a beautiful and extraordinary planet.

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Decision at Doona

Decision at Doona Lowest new price: $5.21
Lowest used price: $0.44
List price: $6.99
Author: Anne McCaffrey
Brand: Del Rey

After the first human contact with the Siwannese ended in a mass suicide, the Terran government made a law that no further contact with sentient aliens would be allowed. But since their own planet was overcrowed, they looked to colonize Doona--until they found the Hrubbans. Their choice was simple but dangerous. They could kill the cat-like Hrubbans, or for the first time in history, learn to to coexist with an alien race....


  • Great product!

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