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Norton, Andre

Moonsinger's Quest

Moonsinger's Quest Lowest new price: $5.51
Lowest used price: $3.00
List price: $7.99
Author: Andre Norton

Two outstanding and moving novels, Flight to Yiktor and Dare to Go A-Hunting, concluding legendary, best-selling storyteller Andre Norton’s epic Moonsinger series in one volume. In a far future galaxy, a mistreated, misshapen young orphan discovers his origins as one of the last of the Faery Folk, and uses his psychic abilities and courage to win back his heritage over great odds and in spite of nefarious villains seeking to use his powers for evil ends.

Two outstanding and moving novels concluding Andre Norton’s legendary Moonsinger series together in one volume. In Flight to Yiktor, Farree is a hunchback orphan in the slum of a tough, lawless world on the edge of the known galaxy. His only friend? A war-beast rescued from starvation and the fighting pits with whom he has a telepathic connection.

In Dare to Go A-Hunting, Farree has discovered a portion of his true heritage as one of the ancient Little People, the Faery Folk, of legend—but so far as he knows, he is the only one of his kind to survive. Then his compatriots, star-traveler Krip Vorlund and psychic sorceress Lady Maelen, run across wings for sale in the market on a distant frontier outpost world—wings that have obviously been cut from the backs of creatures similar to Farree.  The origin of the wings points to location of Farree’s birthplace.  But others have an acute interesting in locating that place, as well. And those others do not mean the inhabitants well. Now Farree must find and defend a family and people he does not remember, but who hold the key to his own strange destiny.

This volume, #2 in the series, completes Andre Norton’s legendary Moonsinger saga.

About Moonsinger’s Quest:

“Norton . . . takes these mythical people to the edge of extinction in the far future, where she allows her engaging hero to find his destiny.”—Publishers Weekly

 About Andre Norton:

“The Grand Dame of Science Fiction …”—Time

“One of the all-time masters.”—Peter Straub

“Andre Norton is a superb storyteller whose skill draws the reader completely into a fantastic other world …”—Chicago Tribune

“Norton's renowned story-telling magic is present in abundance . . .”—Future Retrospective

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Mark of the Cat and Year of the Rat

Mark of the Cat and Year of the Rat Lowest new price: $18.97
Lowest used price: $18.91
List price: $19.99
Author: Andre Norton

Multiple-awarding-winning author Andre Norton explores the world of the Outer Regions, originated in the art of Karen Kuykendall, in the novels Mark of the Cat and Year of the Rat. In Mark of the Cat, Andre Norton presents a novel of magic and adventure- the unforgettable story of a boy’s journey of discovery, from trial to triumph. Hynkkel, commanded by his father to travel into the unknown in a test of survival, starts out with almost nothing, but the red-gold sandcat pendent worn around his neck as a reminder of his slain cat. His trek will bring him to a cave where he will enter the secret world of the cat…to a trail that will mark his destiny. In Year of the Rat, we find the natural water sources of the five queendoms of the Outer Region drying up. Hynkkel, not fully recovered from his previous trials, must now find a way to stop this loss and recover the missing water. To do so he must first find out who, or what, is causing the water loss and where it is going. When he and Murri, his sandcat, set out on their journey they make another, even more startling discovery. A being of ancient evil has returned and has brought with it, hoards and hoards of deadly desert rats, bent on one thing – to destroy the queendoms one by one. Can Hynkkel both find the missing water and stop the rats before all succumb to the Year of the Rat?

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Quag Keep

Quag Keep Lowest new price: $52.16
Lowest used price: $4.99
List price: $8.95
Author: Andre Norton
Brand: Brand: Atheneum

Swordsman Milo Jagon, who cannot recall where he acquired the metal bracelet with miniature gem-set dice that he wears on his wrist, meets six strangers with similar bracelets that make them pawns in a game


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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All Cats Are Gray

All Cats Are Gray Lowest new price: $3.99
Lowest used price: $2.96
List price: $3.99
Author: Andre Norton

It was Steena who told Bub Nelson about the Jovan moon-rites -- and her warning saved Bub’s life six months later. It was Steena who identified the piece of stone Keene Clark was passing around a table one night, rightly calling it unworked Slitite. That started a rush which made ten fortunes overnight for men who were down to their last jets. And, last of all, she cracked the case of the Empress of Mars. All the boys who had profited by her queer store of knowledge and her photographic memory tried at one time or another to balance the scales. But she wouldn’t take so much as a cup of Canal water at their expense, let alone the credits they tried to push on her. Bub Nelson was the only one who got around her refusal. It was he who brought her Bat. About a year after the Jovan affair he walked into the Free Fall one night and dumped Bat down on her table. Bat looked at Steena and growled. She looked calmly back at him and nodded once. From then on they traveled together -- the thin gray woman and the big gray tom-cat.

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Beast Master's Quest

Beast Master's Quest Lowest new price: $15.99
Lowest used price: $5.04
List price: $6.99
Author: Andre Norton
Brand: Brand: Tor Science Fiction

Laris is a young orphaned ex-refugee gifted with the beast master ability allowing her to communicate with animals. Her closest companion is a remarkably intelligent and mysterious cat-like creature named Prauo, whose origin is shrouded in mystery. Laris, having made a home for herself with the Quades, a family of Arzor ranchers, also has become friends with beast masters Tani and Hosteen Storm, who help her develop her beast master skills.
When Laris inherits a spaceship from a distant relative, she realizes that she might now fulfill her dream of finding Prauo's home planet. But it won't be easy, and she is relieved when she is able to convince her new extended family to embark with her on a journey into the unknown depths of space.
What Laris and her friends find in space, however, tests their beast master abilities and threatens their lives. Prauo's homeworld is beset by dangers the intrepid travelers could not have anticipated. It will take all of their talents and experience to get back to Arzor alive.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Key Out Of Time

Key Out Of Time Lowest new price: $4.99
Lowest used price: $10.92
List price: $4.99
Author: Andre Norton

Ashe Gordon and Ross Murdock, infuriated about the loss of their fellow American Time Agent, Travis Fox, on the planet Topaz, travel to a warm ocean planet, Hawaika, where they intend to set up a time gate. The world is so different from what they expected that they decide on a risky experiment: travel into the past of the planet, accompanied by two mutant dolphins and a female agent of Polynesian ancestry. Murdock gets trapped in the ancient past of the water world of Hawaika, facing terrifying wizards in a kingdom he knows will soon be utterly annihilated by an alien empire that is bent on the conquest of the entire galaxy. The fates of two worlds, and possibly the galaxy itself, will be determined by the actions of these castaways in time - and whatever happens, the lives of Time Agents everywhere will be changed forever.

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The X Factor

Lowest new price: $24.98
Lowest used price: $0.99
List price: $2.95
Author: Andre Norton
Brand: Delrey

The mutant son of a space explorer crashlands on an unknown planet where he proves his special merit

Magic in Ithkar 2

Lowest new price: $68.24
Lowest used price: $12.24
List price: $3.95
Brand: Brand: Tom Doherty Assoc Llc

Pilgrims, merchants, sorcerers, and tricksters journey to to magical Ithkar Fair, the setting for a collection of fantasy tales by Lin Carter, Linda Haldeman, Lyn Ward, and R.A. Lafferty


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Time Traders

Time Traders Lowest new price: $5.48
Lowest used price: $2.29
List price: $7.99
Author: Andre Norton

Drafted Into the Army of Time

The USA's greatest adversary has gone back in time and discovered a source of advanced technology. We have only one chance: send American agents back in time, find the ancient source, and take it down!

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The Defiant Agents

The Defiant Agents Lowest new price: $4.99
Lowest used price: $9.39
List price: $4.99
Author: Andre Norton

"A tiny sound--perhaps the scrape of a boot on a ladder. Travis edged back into a compartment. A flash of light momentarily lighted the corridor; the approaching figure was using an electric torch. Travis drew his knife with one hand, reversed it so he could use the heavy hilt as a silencer. The other was hurrying now, on his way to investigate the burned-out engine cabin. Travis could hear the rasp of his fast breathing. Now!" ... Alien technology scavenged by U.S. and Russian scientists has started a race to colonize planets outside our solar system, but the U.S. scientists are losing the race. In a desperate move the U.S. government decides to use a group of Apache volunteers in an experimental attempt to colonize a primitive planet, but before they can even begin their spaceship crashes on the planet Topaz...

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