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Industrial Psychology

The Ethical Executive: Becoming Aware of the Root Causes of Unethical Behavior: 45 Psychological Traps that Every One of Us Falls Prey To

The Ethical Executive: Becoming Aware of the Root Causes of Unethical Behavior: 45 Psychological Traps that Every One of Us Falls Prey To Lowest new price: $13.03
Lowest used price: $7.17
List price: $18.95
Author: Robert Hoyk
Brand: Hoyk Robert Hersey Paul

In this book, Hoyk and Hersey describe 45 "unethical traps" into which any one of us can fall. These traps, they say, can erupt in any organizational environment. Some of these traps distort our perception of right and wrong―so we actually believe our unethical behavior is right. Many of them are psychological in nature, and if we are not aware of them they are like illusions―webs of deception. In the authors' analysis, these traps significantly contributed to the large-scale corporate disasters we witnessed in recent years. Hoyk and Hersey take account of these realities and offer a "real-world" method that will predict, preclude, and, if necessary, "get us out of" these traps. Given the increased scrutiny under which all executives and mangers operate today, this book is a 'must read' for anyone who is charged with achieving an organization's mission―whether that mission is increasing profit, serving the common good, or both.


  • The Ethical Executive Becoming Aware of the Root Causes of Unethical Behavior 45 Psychological Traps That Every One of Us Falls Prey to

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The Inner Game of Work: Focus, Learning, Pleasure, and Mobility in the Workplace

The Inner Game of Work: Focus, Learning, Pleasure, and Mobility in the Workplace Lowest new price: $6.18
Lowest used price: $1.96
List price: $17.00
Author: W. Timothy Gallwey
Brand: W Timothy Gallwey

Do you think it's possible to truly enjoy your job? No matter what it is or where you are? Timothy Gallwey does, and in this groundbreaking book he tells you how to overcome the inner obstacles that sabotage your efforts to be your best on the job.

Timothy Gallwey burst upon the scene twenty years ago with his revolutionary approach to excellence in sports. His bestselling books The Inner Game of Tennis and The Inner Game of Golf, with over one million copies in print, changed the way we think about learning and coaching. But the Inner Game that Gallwey discovered on the tennis court is about more than learning a better backhand; it is about learning how to learn, a critical skill that, in this case, separates the productive, satisfied employee from the rest of the pack. For the past twenty years Gallwey has taken his Inner Game expertise to many of America's top companies, including AT&T, Coca-Cola, Apple, and IBM, to teach their managers and employees how to gain better access to their own internal resources.

What inner obstacles is Gallwey talking about? Fear of failure, resistance to change, procrastination, stagnation, doubt, and boredom, to name a few. Gallwey shows you how to tap into your natural potential for learning, performance, and enjoyment so that any job, no matter how long you've been doing it or how little you think there is to learn about it, can become an opportunity to sharpen skills, increase pleasure, and heighten awareness. And if your work environment has been turned on its ear by Internet technology, reorganization, and rapidly accelerating change, this book offers a way to steer a confident course while navigating your way toward personal and professional goals.

The Inner Game of Work teaches you the difference between a rote performance and a rewarding one. It teaches you how to stop working in the conformity mode and start working in the mobility mode. It shows how having a great coach can make as much difference in the boardroom as on the basketball court-- and Gallwey teaches you how to find that coach and, equally important, how to become one. The Inner Game of Work challenges you to reexamine your fundamental motivations for going to work in the morning and your definitions of work once you're there. It will ask you to reassess the way you make changes and teach you to look at work in a radically new way.

"Ever since The Inner Game of Tennis, I've been fascinated and have personally benefitted by the incredibly empowering insights flowing out of Gallwey's self-one/self-two analysis. This latest book applies this liberating analogy to work inspiring all of us to relax and trust our true self."
--Stephen R. Covey, author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Since the publication some two decades ago of his bestselling The Inner Game of Tennis and The Inner Game of Golf, Timothy Gallwey has come to believe that those books' overriding principle--eliminate negative internal interference to bring about positive self-change--is applicable to virtually any activity. Now, in The Inner Game of Work, he applies that principle to the arena where the biggest turn-of-the-millennium game of all is being played. "We are constantly told that we live in an age of change," Gallwey writes, "and nowhere are we told more frequently that we have to change than in the workplace." As on the court and the course, he contends, those changes necessary to survive and thrive can be effectively realized by quieting our inner doubts and learning to rely on our own natural instincts and behavior.

How does Gallwey suggest we do this? His method is twofold: "focus of attention ... the quintessential component of superior performance in every activity" and "clarity of desire behind the focus." Through example and clear instruction, he shows how to minimize self-distracting thoughts that serve to undermine our confidence in the workplace and similar settings, and subsequently to begin "playing in the zone" like elite athletes who have learned to visualize their goals unerringly and proceed unremittingly (and almost unconsciously) in their pursuit. It will take no small amount of dedication to put these ideas into practice, but those who do should find that Gallwey's advice relates as well to the working world as it does to the sporting world. --Howard Rothman


  • The Inner Game of Work Focus Learning Pleasure and Mobility in the Workplace

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Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology Lowest new price: $142.99
Lowest used price: $125.77
List price: $175.00
Author: Ronald E. Riggio

Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology provides an accessible approach to psychological theory and its applications to the world of work. Using both classic theories and research along with the latest developments and innovations, this student-centered text shows practical applications of theoretical concepts using examples from work situations that students may be familiar with―such as service industries, internet companies, and startups―in addition to traditional office and factory work settings. Each chapter includes key terms and review questions, and the text features special sections highlighting applications of I/O psychology theories, psychological approaches to everyday work situations, and current areas of research and practice.

The seventh edition is thoroughly updated to include the latest research on each key topic. It also includes expanded coverage of international issues, job engagement, and emerging topics in the field, such as workplace bullying, virtual teams and organizations, agile organization structures, and web-based training and assessment. The book will be of interest to undergraduate students in introductory I/O psychology or psychology of work behavior courses.

For additional resources, please consult the Companion Website at, where instructors will find an expanded instructor’s manual, test bank, and lecture slides, and students will find chapter summaries and learning objectives.

Ronald E. Riggio is the Henry R. Kravis Professor of Leadership and Organizational Psychology at Claremont McKenna College. He has published nearly two-dozen authored or edited books and more than 150 articles and book chapters.

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Work in the 21st Century: An Introduction to Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Work in the 21st Century: An Introduction to Industrial and Organizational Psychology Lowest new price: $53.54
Lowest used price: $21.04
List price: $899.00
Author: Frank J. Landy
Brand: Wiley-Blackwell

Now in its third edition, Work in the 21st Century is the most current, engaging, and highly regarded text for the industrial and organizational psychology course.

  • Cutting-edge topics and research coverage: includes the Five Factor Theory of Personality, the Big Eight theory of competencies, emotional intelligence, culture and emotions, genetics and job satisfaction, achieving balance between work and non-work, stress and violence, measuring motivation, integrity testing, entrepreneurship, computer-based assessment, male vs. female leaders, cross-cultural teams, bullying, and more
  • New! Increased emphasis on computer and web-based training and use of MP3 players and iPODs for training delivery
  • Updated research on stress management interventions and sexual harassment by clients and customers
  • New! Additional U.S. and international coverage of bullying at work, diversity awareness training, and innovative and creative performance in multi-disciplinary teams
  • Ancillaries: Instructor’s Manual, Test Bank, Study Guide, PowerPoint slides, and more at

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Iconoclast: A Neuroscientist Reveals How to Think Differently

Iconoclast: A Neuroscientist Reveals How to Think Differently Lowest new price: $9.98
Lowest used price: $5.86
List price: $21.99
Author: Gregory Berns Ph.D.
Brand: Gregory Berns

No organization can survive without iconoclasts -- innovators who single-handedly upturn conventional wisdom and manage to achieve what so many others deem impossible.

Though indispensable, true iconoclasts are few and far between. In Iconoclast, neuroscientist Gregory Berns explains why. He explores the constraints the human brain places on innovative thinking, including fear of failure, the urge to conform, and the tendency to interpret sensory information in familiar ways.

Through vivid accounts of successful innovators ranging from glass artist Dale Chihuly to physicist Richard Feynman to country/rock trio the Dixie Chicks, Berns reveals the inner workings of the iconoclast's mind with remarkable clarity. Each engaging chapter goes on to describe practical actions we can each take to understand and unleash our own potential to think differently -- such as seeking out new environments, novel experiences, and first-time acquaintances.

Packed with engaging stories, science-based insights, potent practices, and examples from a startling array of disciplines, this engaging book will help you understand how iconoclasts think and equip you to begin thinking more like an iconoclast yourself.


  • Iconoclast A Neuroscientist Reveals How to Think Differently

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Applied Measurement: Industrial Psychology in Human Resources Management

Applied Measurement: Industrial Psychology in Human Resources Management Lowest new price: $48.44
Lowest used price: $42.02
List price: $54.95
Brand: Ingramcontent

An updated version of Deborah Whetzel and George Wheaton's earlier volume, this text is a well-organized sourcebook for fundamental practices in industrial psychology and human resources management. Applied Measurement describes the process of job analysis and test development with practical examples and discusses various methods for measuring job performance. Its primary purpose is to provide practical, systematic guidance on how to develop the various kinds of measurement instruments frequently used in the fields of industrial psychology and human resources management to assess personnel.
With easy to follow guidance written in straightforward language, Applied Measurement contains three new chapters focusing on training and experience measures, assessment centers, and methods for defending the content validity of tests; includes contributions from many prominent researchers in the field, all of whom have had a great deal of applied experience; begins each chapter with an overview describing the job analysis or measurement method; and uses one job, that of an electrician, as an example throughout the book so that readers can easily understand how to apply job analysis data for the purposes of test development and job performance measurement.
This practical, concise book is recommended for students and entry-level practitioners in the fields of industrial psychology and human resources.


  • Applied Measurement Industrial Psychology in Human Resources Management

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Sensemaking in Organizations (Foundations for Organizational Science)

Sensemaking in Organizations (Foundations for Organizational Science) Lowest used price: $104.03
List price: $74.95
Author: Karl E. Weick

The teaching of organization theory and the conduct of organizational research have been dominated by a focus on decision-making and the concept of strategic rationality. However, the rational model ignores the inherent complexity and ambiguity of real-world organizations and their environments. In this landmark volume, Karl E Weick highlights how the `sensemaking′ process shapes organizational structure and behaviour. The process is seen as the creation of reality as an ongoing accomplishment that takes form when people make retrospective sense of the situations in which they find themselves.

Emotional Intelligence at Work: The Untapped Edge for Success

Emotional Intelligence at Work: The Untapped Edge for Success Lowest new price: $7.00
Lowest used price: $0.10
List price: $22.95
Author: Hendrie Weisinger Ph.D.

Access an Untapped Source of Success
At long last, a book directed to the working world that acknowledges and demonstrates how managing our emotions and dealing with the feelings of others increases the bottom line. Practical, practical, practical!
--Rita McGlone, assistant director of executive education, The Wharton School of Business
Experts now acknowledge that emotional intelligence (EI) is perhaps the most crucial determinant of success in the workplace. And unlike IQ or other traditional measures of intelligence, EI can be developed and dramatically increased. This unprecedented book demonstrates how to master the core competencies of EI, abilities that include self-motivation, high self-awareness, mood management, and emotional mentoring. In addition, it includes scores of real-world examples and dozens of practical exercises that accelerate the process, along with step-by-step approaches to mastering a variety of EI techniques.

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Engineering Psychology and Human Performance

Engineering Psychology and Human Performance Lowest new price: $91.61
Lowest used price: $96.49
List price: $174.95
Author: Christopher D. Wickens
Brand: Brand: Pearson

Forming connections between human performance and design Engineering Psychology and Human Performance, 4e examines human-machine interaction. The book is organized directly from the psychological perspective of human information processing. The chapters generally correspond to the flow of information as it is processed by a human being--from the senses, through the brain, to action--rather than from the perspective of system components or engineering design concepts. This book is ideal for a psychology student, engineering student, or actual practitioner in engineering psychology, human performance, and human factors Learning Goals Upon completing this book, readers should be able to: * Identify how human ability contributes to the design of technology. * Understand the connections within human information processing and human performance. * Challenge the way they think about technology's influence on human performance.  * show how theoretical advances have been, or might be, applied to improving human-machine interaction


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Ethical Practice of Psychology in Organizations (Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology (Siop) S)

Ethical Practice of Psychology in Organizations (Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology (Siop) S) Lowest new price: $26.26
Lowest used price: $17.24
List price: $39.95
Author: Robert L Lowman
Brand: Rodney L Lowman

The first edition of this popular casebook reflected the complexities and increasing litigiousness of the modern workplace and was designed to stimulate thought and discussion about ethical practice in industrial and organizational psychology. Since the book was published, the APA Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct for Psychologists has been revised and contains new material of particular relevance to organizational consultants. This second edition of the book has been updated to reflect the provisions of the new code. Illustrated by case examples based on real-life situations, this volume covers personnel selection, organizational diagnosis and intervention, consulting relationships, research and academic issues, professional training and certification, billing and marketing, and the ethics of professional behavior. The Ethical Practice of Psychology in Organizations makes ethical thinking come alive and belongs on the bookshelf of every I/O psychologist, human resource professional, and graduate student in I/O and business programs.


  • Ethical Practice of Psychology in Organizations

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