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Industrial Psychology

Effective Multicultural Teams: Theory and Practice (Advances in Group Decision and Negotiation)

Effective Multicultural Teams: Theory and Practice (Advances in Group Decision and Negotiation) Lowest new price: $67.94
Lowest used price: $56.43
List price: $89.99
Brand: Halverson Claire B Tirmizi S Aqeel

Multicultural and multinational teams have become an important strategic and structural element of organizational work in our globalized world today. These teams are demonstrating their importance from the factory floors to the boardrooms of contemporary organizations. The emergence of multicultural teams is evident across a variety of organizations in the private, public, and civil society sectors. These developments have led to an increasing interest in the theory and practice of multicultural teams. Management educational and training programs are giving increasing attention to these developments. At the same time, there is emerging interest in research about and study of multicultural teams. This book emerged from our teaching, research, and consulting with multic- tural and diverse teams in multiple sectors over the last several years. In particular, we have developed and refined our ideas about the concepts in this book from teaching an advanced course called Effective Multicultural Teams in the Graduate Program at the School for International Training (SIT) in Vermont. We have learned from the rich background of students who are from, and have worked in, six con- nents, and who are, or plan to be, working in the public, educational, not-for-profit, and for-profit sectors. Additionally, we have engaged with a variety of teams through our consulting and training, providing consultation to teams in a variety of sectors and continents as they struggled to become more effective.


  • Effective Multicultural Teams Theory and Practice

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Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Research and Practice

Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Research and Practice Lowest new price: $113.77
Lowest used price: $39.88
List price: $144.77
Author: Paul E. Spector
Brand: Wiley

The field of industrial and organizational psychology continues to see attention and growth and has become one of the major applied specialties in the study of psychology. Since findings from research in this field are relevant to everyone who has held a job, and the field has developed proven methods that businesses and organizations need, industrial and organizational psychology is an excellent demonstration of how society can benefit from the study of psychology.

The 6th Edition of Industrial and Organizational Psychology incorporates all new and updated literature that has been written on the topic since the 5th edition. Spector's goal is to provide an overview and comprehensive understanding of organizational psychology. Each of the major areas that comprise industrial and organizational psychology is covered in five parts: introduction to the discipline; assessment of jobs, performance, and people; selecting and training employees; the individual and the organization; and the social context of work.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Psychology and Work Today, 10th Edition

Psychology and Work Today, 10th Edition Lowest new price: $50.68
Lowest used price: $16.37
List price: $174.95
Author: Duane P. Schultz
Brand: Duane Schultz

For undergraduate-level courses in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Business Psychology, Personnel Psychology and Applied Psychology. Psychology and Work Today provides an invaluable foundation for anyone entering today's global business and industrial world. This informative, sophisticated, and entertaining text teaches students about the nature of work in modern society. By focusing on the practical and applied rather than the scientific ideal, the authors demonstrate how industrial-organizational psychology directly impacts our lives as job applicants, trainees, employees, managers, and consumers.


  • Psychology and Work Today

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Interpersonal Skills in Organizations

Interpersonal Skills in Organizations Lowest new price: $95.03
Lowest used price: $24.69
List price: $61.91
Author: Suzanne de Janasz

Interpersonal Skills in Organizations by de Janasz, Dowd, and Schneider takes a fresh, thoughtful look at the key skills necessary for personal and managerial success in organizations today. Exploding with exercises, cases, and group activities, the book employs an experiential approach suitable for all student audiences. The book is organized into 4 distinct sections (Understanding Yourself, Understanding Others, Understanding Teams, and Leading) that can be used collectively or modularly depending on the instructors' preferences and students' needs. The emphasis in this edition focuses on making the text more current along with making the text pedagogically effective for students and instructors.

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The Design of Future Things

The Design of Future Things Lowest new price: $6.00
Lowest used price: $7.88
List price: $16.99
Author: Don Norman
Brand: imusti

In The Design of Future Things, best-selling author Donald A. Norman presents a revealing examination of smart technology, from smooth-talking GPS units to cantankerous refrigerators. Exploring the links between design and human psychology, he offers a consumer-oriented theory of natural human-machine interaction that can be put into practice by the engineers and industrial designers of tomorrow's thinking machines. A fascinating look at the perils and promise of the intelligent objects of the future, The Design of Future Things is a must-read for anyone interested in the dawn of a new era in technology.


  • Basic Books AZ

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For Women Only in the Workplace: What You Need to Know About How Men Think at Work

For Women Only in the Workplace: What You Need to Know About How Men Think at Work Lowest new price: $4.94
Lowest used price: $2.17
List price: $15.99
Author: Shaunti Feldhahn
Brand: WaterBrook Press

Do You Know the Unwritten Rules of the Workplace?
As a veteran of Wall Street and Capitol Hill, Shaunti Feldhahn knows that even the most experienced Christian businesswoman can inadvertently sabotage her career simply because she doesn’t know how her male supervisors, colleagues, and employees think.
For Women Only in the Workplace gives you startling insights into the expectations and perceptions of men at work. Whether you work in a corporate setting, a small business, or a ministry, you’ll find Shaunti’s research invaluable as you discover:
· What you need to know about a man’s hidden insecurity
· What “it’s not personal, it’s just business” actually means to men
· How men view emotion in the workplace—and what they consider to be emotion
· How what you wear can significantly hinder your effectiveness at work
· The secrets to being strong and competent—without being viewed as difficult 
Based on eight years of intense research, extensive interviews, and national surveys of more than 3,000 men—from CEOs to assistants, from factory workers to lawyers—For Women Only in the Workplace gives you the keys you need to be who you are and be respected and successful wherever you work with men.

Includes a group discussion guide.

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Audition Success (A Theatre Arts Book)

Audition Success (A Theatre Arts Book) Lowest new price: $15.95
Lowest used price: $3.19
List price: $27.95
Author: Don Greene
Brand: Don Greene

Audition Success presents a groundbreaking method that has already made Don Greene one of the country's leading audition trainers. Combining specially designed self-tests and real-life examples from the careers of two performers, Audition Success will help performers understand what prevents them from nailing an audition and give them the tools to reach their goals.


  • Audition Success An Olympic Sports Psychologist Teaches Performing Artists How to Win

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Iconoclast: A Neuroscientist Reveals How to Think Differently

Iconoclast: A Neuroscientist Reveals How to Think Differently Lowest new price: $9.98
Lowest used price: $2.02
List price: $21.99
Author: Gregory Berns Ph.D.
Brand: Gregory Berns

No organization can survive without iconoclasts -- innovators who single-handedly upturn conventional wisdom and manage to achieve what so many others deem impossible.

Though indispensable, true iconoclasts are few and far between. In Iconoclast, neuroscientist Gregory Berns explains why. He explores the constraints the human brain places on innovative thinking, including fear of failure, the urge to conform, and the tendency to interpret sensory information in familiar ways.

Through vivid accounts of successful innovators ranging from glass artist Dale Chihuly to physicist Richard Feynman to country/rock trio the Dixie Chicks, Berns reveals the inner workings of the iconoclast's mind with remarkable clarity. Each engaging chapter goes on to describe practical actions we can each take to understand and unleash our own potential to think differently -- such as seeking out new environments, novel experiences, and first-time acquaintances.

Packed with engaging stories, science-based insights, potent practices, and examples from a startling array of disciplines, this engaging book will help you understand how iconoclasts think and equip you to begin thinking more like an iconoclast yourself.


  • Iconoclast A Neuroscientist Reveals How to Think Differently

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Emotional Intelligence at Work: The Untapped Edge for Success

Emotional Intelligence at Work: The Untapped Edge for Success Lowest new price: $5.87
Lowest used price: $0.10
List price: $22.95
Author: Hendrie Weisinger Ph.D.

Access an Untapped Source of Success
At long last, a book directed to the working world that acknowledges and demonstrates how managing our emotions and dealing with the feelings of others increases the bottom line. Practical, practical, practical!
--Rita McGlone, assistant director of executive education, The Wharton School of Business
Experts now acknowledge that emotional intelligence (EI) is perhaps the most crucial determinant of success in the workplace. And unlike IQ or other traditional measures of intelligence, EI can be developed and dramatically increased. This unprecedented book demonstrates how to master the core competencies of EI, abilities that include self-motivation, high self-awareness, mood management, and emotional mentoring. In addition, it includes scores of real-world examples and dozens of practical exercises that accelerate the process, along with step-by-step approaches to mastering a variety of EI techniques.

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I Hate People!: Kick Loose from the Overbearing and Underhanded Jerks at Work and Get What You Want Out of Your Job

I Hate People!: Kick Loose from the Overbearing and Underhanded Jerks at Work and Get What You Want Out of Your Job Lowest new price: $14.73
Lowest used price: $1.99
List price: $26.99
Author: Jonathan Littman
Brand: Jonathan Littman

Whether your company has 10 employees or 10,000, you must grapple with people you can't stand in the office. Luckily Jonathan Littman and Marc Hershon have written I Hate People!, a smart, counter-intuitive, and irreverent turn on the classic workplace self-help book that will show you how to identify the Ten Least Wanted — the people you hate — while revealing the strategies to neutralize them. Learn to fly right by the "Stop Sign" (nay-sayer) and rise above the pronouncements of the "Know-it-None." I Hate People! teaches you how to become a more effective Soloist -- one of those bold individuals daring to work alone or collaborate with a handful of other talented people....while artfully deflecting the rest.

Book Description

People disappoint. Daily. Hourly. Why not wise up and get ready for it? The sooner you learn to stop getting sucker-punched and letting yourself get pissed off, the sooner you can get back to doing your own thing, your own way. In our book, we’ve selected and analyzed the ten most troublesome types of people, then fired out techniques for going over, under or through them. In the meantime, featuring some of their common phrases, here's a handy guide for spotting the Ten Least Wanted, appearing now in an office near you... Review
The Ten Least Wanted character traits as defined by Jonathan Littman and Marc Hershon in I Hate People


"The world is flat."

"I think you've had enough fun."

"You'll put an eye out with that thing."


"Could you work on this project?"

"It's a really small, quick thing."

"No big deal."


"What the hell's wrong with you?!"

"You're an idiot."

"You're lucky I don't fire you."


"Would you like a doughnut?"

"Were you invited to the company picnic?"

"How was your performance review?"


"I never got that email."

"My hard drive crashed."

"You didn't get my voice mail?"


"Hey, that's a great idea! Glad I thought of it!"

"I'll smooth it out with the boss."

"You just go home -- everything will be alright in the morning."


"I just have one more question..."

"This will only take a second."

"We're almost done."


"I saw it on TV."

"I saw it on the internet."

"I saw it on Wikipedia."


"That's not in the budget."

"But you didn't do a focus group."

"Your dreams conflict with the data."


"I'm not qualified to make decisions."

"I only performed approved work tasks."

"I love meetings!"


  • Do you work with a micromanager, or a backstabber learn how to out wit them.
  • Kick loose from them learn how today.

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