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Sheffield, Charles

The Borderlands Of Science

The Borderlands Of Science Lowest new price: $13.69
Lowest used price: $1.70
List price: $22.00
Author: Charles Sheffield

The science fiction writer explores the territories that science is just beginning to penetrate, in a prescient book about the future of scientific inquiry

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Towering Yarns: Space Elevator Short Stories (Volume 1)

Towering Yarns: Space Elevator Short Stories (Volume 1) Lowest new price: $11.43
Lowest used price: $15.47
List price: $11.49
Author: Christian W Smith

Sci-Fi heavyweights come together to bring the reality of the Space Elevator to life. From the discovery of the tether material, to rescue, revenge, religious rule and a recluse, enter the fascinating possibilities of the worlds around a ladder to the stars. With stories by Hugo, Locus, Campbell, Nebula and Asimov's Readers Poll award winners, New York Times bestsellers, and a collective works between them of over 250 novels and 500 short stories, and with the introduction of a new kid on the sci-fi block, this anthology strings the reader along at a riveting pace...

The Cyborg From Earth (A Jupiter novel)

The Cyborg From Earth (A Jupiter novel) Lowest new price: $45.00
Lowest used price: $2.45
List price: $23.95
Author: Charles Sheffield

Called "the new Arthur C. Clarke" by The Washington Post Book World and "a scientist with a fine literary sense" by The Denver Post, Charles Sheffield has crafted a an exciting adventure about a frustrated teen who just can't seem to do anything right.Jeff Kopal is heir to a powerful military family. He's got everything going for him. Except one thing: Jeff is a total screw-ups. His family has had it. So when Jeff blows off his naval entrance exams he figures his future is basically kaput. Instead, he is being sent by the navy into deep space to deal with rebellious cyborgs. How did that happen?Jeff will have to find out before it's too late. Otherwise, He may become the pawn in someone else's dangerous-and very deadly-game.

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The Ganymede Club

The Ganymede Club Lowest new price: $19.62
Lowest used price: $2.00
List price: $23.95
Author: Charles Sheffield

The author of Cold As Ice delivers a tale about the survivors of a war that kills half the human race, makes half of Earth uninhabitable, and leads to strange discoveries.

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Dark as Day (Cold As Ice)

Dark as Day (Cold As Ice) Lowest new price: $12.50
Lowest used price: $3.00
List price: $7.99
Author: Charles Sheffield

Set in the universe as Sheffield's previous novel Cold As Ice, Dark As Day is a hard science fiction novel set 30 years after the Great War, and interplanetary war that nearly destroyed the entire human race, and left horrifyingly dangerous weapons caches to threaten human survival.

The Solar System is finally recovering from the Great War - a war that devastated the planets and nearly wiped out the human race - and the population of the outer moons, orbiting Jupiter and Saturn, is growing.

On one of those moons, Alex Ligon, scion of a great interplanetary trading family has developed a wonderfully accurate new population model, and cannot wait until the newly reconstituted "Seine," the interlinked network of computers that spans the planets and moons and asteroids, comes back on line. But when it does, and he extends his perfect model a century into the future, it predicts the complete destruction of the human race.

On another moon, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence goes on, undaunted by generations of failure. And to her amazement, Millie Wu, a young genius newly recruited to the project, has found a signal . . . a signal that is coming from outside the solar system.

And in his new retreat on a minor moon of Saturn, the cranky genius Rustam Battacharyia is still collecting weapons from the Great War. He thinks he may have stumbled on an unexpected new one...but he'll need to disarm it before it destroys the Sun.

“Sheffield leads us through the book with his usual wit, impeccable science, and command of the language. It is hard to think of anybody who is writing hard sf these days substantially better than he is.” ―Booklist

The Great War is over and humans have spread across the solar system, but mathematician Alex Ligon's complex computer model has just predicted that humanity is inexplicably doomed within a century. At the same time, scientist Milly Wu has identified what appears to be an extraterrestrial signal, and the idiosyncratic genius Bat searches for weapons from the Great War to add to his collection, finding much more than he bargained for. Their stories and others are intertwined in this tightly plotted and thoroughly engaging follow-up to Sheffield's Cold as Ice.

Nebula Award winner Sheffield distinguishes himself as a writer of intelligence, humor, and a pleasing balance of hard science and interesting, engaging characters. Fans will be particularly delighted to renew their acquaintance with Bat, but readers new to Sheffield's work should take the plunge enthusiastically--this novel easily and gracefully stands alone as a story of people, science, and the puzzles that both can produce. --Roz Genessee

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Starfire (Bantam Spectra)

Starfire (Bantam Spectra) Lowest new price: $3.24
Lowest used price: $0.10
List price: $7.99
Author: Charles Sheffield
Brand: Spectra

Earth has been ravaged by galactic disaster--but the real devastation is yet to come.

The end draws nigh....

The year is 2053, and Earth has barely recovered from the Alpha Centauri supernova that destroyed much of the planet's infrastructure. Now the supernova's residual effect--a storm of high-energy particles--is racing toward Earth, and an international effort has been launched out of the Sky City space colony to save the planet. But the controversial plan--to build a giant protective shield for Earth--is falling dangerously behind schedule. A series of unexplained murders has disrupted the Sky City workforce, so much so that a brilliant but monstrous criminal has been enlisted to track down the Sky City killer.

Then comes more startling news. Evidence indicates that the original supernova was caused deliberately, and that the lethal particle storm will arrive sooner than anyone expected. But who--or what--tried to destroy the Earth? And will the answer come in time to save it from its final apocalypse?

The sky is falling--again. Following up on 1998's excellent Aftermath, Starfire subjects planet Earth to yet another cosmic blast from the Alpha Centauri supernova. But while the blast that hit Earth in Aftermath simply cooked the Southern hemisphere and knocked out unshielded technology with a flash of gamma rays, this wave promises to do some real damage, with a sleet of trillion-nuclei bundles moving at one-tenth the speed of light.

Warned by the first catastrophe, Earth began building an electromagnetic shield out of the orbiting Sky City station to divert the incoming apocalypse. But not only will the storm come earlier than expected, the carnage may be worse than anyone imagined--preliminary data shows that the supernova was no accident, and that the wave of particles may in fact be a beam. Crackerjack hard-SF author Charles Sheffield brings back much of the cast of Aftermath for this suspenseful, well-paced follow-up, the two most satisfying returnees being sociopath-savant Oliver Guest and his former patient Seth Parsigian. In the book's subplot, the brilliant Guest and gruff Parsigian must team up to solve a string of grisly child murders on Sky City that threatens to push the shield project even further behind schedule. --Paul Hughes


  • Great product!

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Higher Education (Jupiter Novel)

Higher Education (Jupiter Novel) Lowest new price: $14.95
Lowest used price: $0.99
List price: $5.99
Author: Charles Sheffield
Brand: Brand: Tor Books

When a misfired practical joke gets him kicked out of school, Rick Luban thinks he has nowhere to go but down. Instead, he gets a second chance--and a whole new life--when he signs up for a career in asteroid mining.

But life in space proves more challenging than Rick expected. Competition is intense and the harsh realties of space allow no room for error. On his way to a brighter future, Rick faces ever more demanding tests, as well as the very real dangers of sabotage and murder.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Tomorrow and Tomorrow Lowest new price: $14.99
Lowest used price: $18.91
List price: $14.99
Author: Charles Sheffield

A Love Story to the Edge of Time

“Truly a love story of the ages.”—The Orlando Sentinel

“Will keep you on the edge of your seat.”—David Brin

“One of the most imaginative, exciting talents to appear on the SF scene.”—Publishers Weekly

“Ambitious, elegiac, and ultimately satisfying.”—San Francisco Chronicle

Ana is the love of Drake Merlin’s life. The woman he wants to grow old with, share every experience. But there is a hitch that is preventing them from obtaining their happily ever after….

Ana might be perfect for him, but she is dying.

Diagnosed with a rare disease, there is no cure for what ails her. At least, not in the 21st century. The only thing Drake can do—the one gamble that might, eventually, bring her back—is have Ana frozen and join her in cryogenic sleep until, one day, technology will have advanced enough be able to cure her.

Eons pass, and Drake is revived again and again, to see if humanity has evolved enough to be able to provide a solution. They try everything to help him bring her back or to encourage him to move on from his frozen soulmate—even creating a clone of his beloved. But it is not his Ana, his love. Nothing but her full revival will satisfy his obsession.

Millions of years pass before Drake learns that there is finally some hope for her restoration. At the Omega Point, the universe is collapsing, merging past and present; connecting the knowhow of now to the Ana of so long ago….

But first he must help the rest of humanity. Drake is revived one more time to fight an alien race who is hell bent on destroying the Solar System. For only a throwback from a past, where dissidence, material greed and violence were a part of human existence, will have enough fighting spirit to save a race that’s now too enlightened to understand war.

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Transcendence: (#3) (The Heritage Universe, Book 3)

Transcendence: (#3) (The Heritage Universe, Book 3) Lowest new price: $29.93
Lowest used price: $3.73
List price: $18.00
Author: Charles Sheffield

An aggressive, conquering race thought to be long-dead after an insurrection by their slaves, the Zardalu suddenly return, and it soon becomes apparent that the Zardalu fate is linked to the plans of an alien race known as the Builders.

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One Man's Universe: The Continuing Chronicles of Arthur Morton McAndrew (Tor Science Fiction)

One Man's Universe: The Continuing Chronicles of Arthur Morton McAndrew (Tor Science Fiction) Lowest new price: $50.32
Lowest used price: $3.50
List price: $9.99
Author: Charles Sheffield
Brand: Brand: Tor Books

Collects all of the author's stories starring top physicist Arthur Morton McAndrew, including two new novellas and an updated commentary on the discoveries in physics that inspired the fiction. Original.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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