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Sheffield, Charles

Hidden Variables

Hidden Variables Lowest new price: $14.99
Lowest used price: $18.91
List price: $14.99
Author: Charles Sheffield

Charles A. Sheffield was an English-born mathematician, physicist and science fiction author, whose words are collected here in one of his most iconic short story collections ever published, Hidden Variables. Known for his ability to incorporate real science into his fiction, Sheffield's stories exposed the potential flaws and triumphs of the human mind, by showing us that even if we've evolved enough to gain mastery of technology and advanced science, we can still fall prey to our selfish and emotional natures--but on a scale that can affect the rest of humanity.

In "The Man who Stole the Moon" Sheffield tells of the depths one man will descend to overcome the bureaucratic stifling of initiative that happens when those in power aren't willing to grant someone's visions for the future. Will simple red tape prevent Man from leaving Earth to make the greatest leap for all of humanity?

In "Forefather Figure," can the wish for us to know more about the Cro-Magnon's, our ancestors of an era long gone, justify creating the technology to help a man cheat death, only for the scientist to then use that life to achieve his own ends?

And in "Hidden Variables," the story this collection was named after, can the mere potential for one man's greatest scientific achievement to have wide-ranging adverse consequences mean his murder is something that can be sanctioned?

Whether it's a short story on one man's atonement after a murder in "From Natural Causes," or the discovery of a child prodigy on a generational asteroid ship, bound for a new colony in "All the Colors of the Vacuum," or the breathtaking tale of loss and redemption in "Summertide," the variations in the stories Sheffield wrote can be quite profound, but his talent was by no means hidden.

Cold As Ice

Cold As Ice Lowest new price: $3.99
Lowest used price: $0.10
List price: $7.99
Author: Charles Sheffield

Twenty-five years ago there was a great interplanetary war in the Solar System. It was a suicidal spasm in which terrible weapons were created and used; in which nine billion people were killed. The rivalries that led to the war are not gone. And a few of those deadly weapons remain--some still orbiting the sun in the debris of destroyed ships,s some deliberately placed in storage.

Now Cyrus Mobarak, the man who perfected the fusion engine, is determined to bring human settlement to the protected seas of Europa. Opposing him is Hilda Brandt, Europa's administrator. And caught between them are three remarkable young people: Jon Perry, Camille Hamilton, and Wilsa Sheer.

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Dark as Day (Cold As Ice Book 2)

Dark as Day (Cold As Ice Book 2) Lowest new price: $2.50
Lowest used price: $1.17
List price: $27.95
Author: Charles Sheffield

The Solar System is finally recovering from the Great War - a war that devastated the planets and nearly wiped out the human race - and the population of the outer moons, orbiting Jupiter and Saturn, is growing.

On one of those moons, Alex Ligon, scion of a great interplanetary trading family has developed a wonderfully accurate new population model, and cannot wait until the newly reconstituted "Seine," the interlinked network of computers that spans the planets and moons and asteroids, comes back on line. But when it does, and he extends his perfect model a century into the future, it predicts the complete destruction of the human race.

On another moon, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence goes on, undaunted by generations of failure. And to her amazement, Millie Wu, a young genius newly recruited to the project, has found a signal . . . a signal that is coming from outside the solar system.

And in his new retreat on a minor moon of Saturn, the cranky genius Rustam Battacharyia is still collecting weapons from the Great War. He thinks he may have stumbled on an unexpected new one...but he'll need to disarm it before it destroys the Sun.

The Great War is over and humans have spread across the solar system, but mathematician Alex Ligon's complex computer model has just predicted that humanity is inexplicably doomed within a century. At the same time, scientist Milly Wu has identified what appears to be an extraterrestrial signal, and the idiosyncratic genius Bat searches for weapons from the Great War to add to his collection, finding much more than he bargained for. Their stories and others are intertwined in this tightly plotted and thoroughly engaging follow-up to Sheffield's Cold as Ice.

Nebula Award winner Sheffield distinguishes himself as a writer of intelligence, humor, and a pleasing balance of hard science and interesting, engaging characters. Fans will be particularly delighted to renew their acquaintance with Bat, but readers new to Sheffield's work should take the plunge enthusiastically--this novel easily and gracefully stands alone as a story of people, science, and the puzzles that both can produce. --Roz Genessee

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Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine, October, 1977, Vol. 38, No. 8

Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine, October, 1977, Vol. 38, No. 8 Lowest used price: $3.95
Author: Jerry Pournelle

Vol. 38, No. 8, October 1977. Cover art by Stephen Fabian illustrates "Exiles to Glory" (serial, part 2 of 2) by Jerry Pournelle. ALSO: A Certain Place in History by Charles Sheffield; The Prologue to Light by Tony Sarowitz; Last Contact by John Hegenberger; And Baby Makes Three by Eric Vinicoff and Marcia Martin. FEATURES: A Message from the Publisher: The Best to Jim (essay) by Arnold E. Abramson; Star Wars - Pro by Jay Kay Klein; Star Wars - Con by Jeff Rovin; Ions and Microwaves (editorial) by James Baen; A Step Farther Out: Jim Baen and his Electric Spaceships (science essay) by Jerry Pournelle; S. F. Calendar; Directions (letters). Interior artwork by Stephen Fabian and Odbert.

Galaxy’s Edge: Magazine: Issue 2, May 2013

Galaxy’s Edge: Magazine: Issue 2, May 2013 Lowest new price: $5.99
List price: $5.99
Author: Mercedes Lackey

A Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy ISSUE 2: MAY 2013 Edited by Mike Resnick Stories by: Mercedes Lackey, Ken Liu, Robert Silverberg, Barry Malzberg, Tina Gower, C. L. Moore, Brad R. Torgersen, David Gerrold, Ralph Roberts, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Gio Clairval, Bruce McAllister & Charles Sheffield. Serialization: Dark Universe by Daniel F. Galouye Columns by: Barry Malzberg, Gregory Benford Book Reviews: Paul Cook. Galaxy’s Edge is a bi-monthly (every two months) magazine published by Phoenix Pick, the science fiction and fantasy imprint of Arc Manor, an award winning independent press based in Maryland. Each issue of the magazine has a mix of new and old (reprint) stories, columns by Barry Malzberg and Gregory Benford and book reviews by Paul Cook.

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The Nimrod Hunt

The Nimrod Hunt Lowest new price: $20.70
Lowest used price: $1.23
List price: $3.50
Author: Charles Sheffield
Brand: Brand: Baen

The appearance of non-living biological constructs threatens all life in the galaxy, and only the human of Earth stand between the galaxy and total annihilation


  • Used Book in Good Condition

New Destinies Vol. VII, Spring 1989

New Destinies Vol. VII, Spring 1989 Lowest new price: $4.95
Lowest used price: $1.00
List price: $3.50
Author: Robert A. Heinlein

Very Interesting Book

Resurgence (Heritage Universe)

Resurgence (Heritage Universe) Lowest new price: $32.95
Lowest used price: $5.98
List price: $7.99
Author: Charles Sheffield
Brand: Baen

Even though he has deciphered the ancient mysteries of the huge Artifacts and conquered the warlike Zardalu, Hans Rebka is faced with yet another challenge when a mysterious force begins destroying stellar systems, forcing Rebka and his band of humans and aliens to save the galaxy. Reprint.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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One Man's Universe: The Continuing Chronicles of Arthur Morton McAndrew (Tor Science Fiction)

One Man's Universe: The Continuing Chronicles of Arthur Morton McAndrew (Tor Science Fiction) Lowest new price: $71.27
Lowest used price: $3.75
List price: $9.99
Author: Charles Sheffield
Brand: Brand: Tor Books

Collects all of the author's stories starring top physicist Arthur Morton McAndrew, including two new novellas and an updated commentary on the discoveries in physics that inspired the fiction. Original.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

Aftermath (A Bantam spectra book)

Aftermath (A Bantam spectra book) Lowest new price: $16.44
Lowest used price: $2.50
List price: $13.95
Author: Charles Sheffield

It's 2026, and catastrophe has struck from an unexpected source. The Alpha Centauri supernova has risen like a second sun, rushing Earth toward its last summer. Floods, fires, starvation, and disease paralyze the planet. In a blue aurora flash of gamma rays, all microchips worldwide are destroyed, leaving an already devastated Earth without communications, transportation, weaponry, or medicine.

The disaster sets three groups of survivors on separate quests. A militant cult seizes the opportunity to free their leader, known as the Eye of God, from the long-term coma to which a court sentenced her. Three cancer patients also search for a man in judicial sleep: the brilliant scientist--and monstrous criminal--who alone can continue the experimental treatment that keeps them alive. From a far greater distance come the survivors of the first manned Mars expedition, struggling homeward to a world that has changed far beyond their darkest fears. And standing at the crossroads is one man, U.S. President Saul Steinmetz, who faces a crucial decision that will affect the fate of his own people...and the world.

In 2026, the Earth faces an unexpected disaster. A supernova in the nearby Alpha Centauri system has apparently wiped out nearly every electronic component on the planet, leaving human civilization paralyzed. Phones don't work, transportation grinds to a halt, and essential services such as medical care are thrown back into the Stone Age. As the world tries to cope with this technological cut-off, a man dying of cancer begins a journey to save his life and that of his fellow patients, a master criminal escapes a sentence of "judiciary sleep," a returning Mars expedition faces what looks like certain death, and U.S. president Saul Steinmetz strives to keep his country from falling apart. Author Charles Sheffield has taken a classic hard-SF concept, applied it to the real world, and created a gripping story of survival. --Craig E. Engler

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