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Sheffield, Charles

Brother to Dragons

Brother to Dragons Lowest new price: $38.66
Lowest used price: $0.75
List price: $4.99
Author: Charles Sheffield

Born of a crack-addicted mother in a charity ward in Washington, D.C. after the crash, Job Napoleon Salk is destined to change the world.

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Science Fiction Age, November 1992 (Vol. 1, No. 1)

Science Fiction Age, November 1992 (Vol. 1, No. 1) Lowest new price: $7.99
Lowest used price: $2.39
Author: Ray Bradbury

Premiere issue of this magazine, which went on to publish 46 bi-monthly issues through April 2000. This issue features cover art by Michael Whelan, and the stories, The Last Robot by Adam-Troy Castro; Undercover by Gene O'Neill; A Dangerous Knowledge by Arlan Andrews; Anne by Paul Di Filippo; The Dragonslayer's Sword by Resa Nelson; A Tale from the War by Don Webb; Is This the Presidential Palace? by Barry N. Malzberg; Blueprinter of Our Future (poem) by Ray Bradbury. Also includes Science: Time Travel by Arlan Andrews and Charles Sheffield and Geoffrey A. Landis; Letters, Editorial, and book, movie and game reviews.

The Amazing Dr. Darwin

The Amazing Dr. Darwin Lowest new price: $15.89
Lowest used price: $1.69
List price: $24.00
Author: Charles Sheffield

Key Selling Points- Charles Sheffield won the prestigious Nebula and Hugo Awards, and his Baen novel The Mind Pool has an 86% sellthrough.- He was also author of two nonfiction best sellers, Man on Earth and Earthwatch, and writes an online column, "The Borderlands of Science."- A physicist and mathematician, Sheffield published over a hundred technical papers and was Vice President of the Earth Satellite Corporation.- A past president of the American Astronautical Society, he combined his knowledge of science with strong storytelling skills to create compelling science fiction.

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Putting Up Roots: A Jupiter Novel

Putting Up Roots: A Jupiter Novel Lowest new price: $9.97
Lowest used price: $0.50
List price: $5.99
Author: Charles Sheffield

When Josh and his autistic cousin Dawn are sent to the planet Solferino, they join a group of kids already working for an interplanetary conglomerate stationed there. Assured by the bosses that no intelligent life exists on Solferino, Josh and Dawn come to suspect otherwise. Especially when Dawn makes contact with one of the creatures, a creature with whom she shares a mysterious ability to communicate.

With the corporation pressuring them, Josh and Dawn are drawn into a battle to save the creatures. And, it turns out, to save themselves.

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Proteus Unbound

Proteus Unbound Lowest new price: $70.08
Lowest used price: $1.59
List price: $3.95
Author: Charles Sheffield

Behrooz Wolf lost his job with the Bureau of Form Control when his great love Mary left him. The solar system's expert on form control sat hooked to a dream machine to escape his lonely and hallucination-filled reality. Then the form control machines in the Outer Solar System started malfunctioning with sometimes fatal results. Delegates from the Outer System came to Earth, unplugged Wolf from his VR machine, and took him to the Outer System to find a solution to the problem. Wolf believes the problems are being caused by a group of revolutionaries and outlaws who inhabit the Kernel Ring between the Inner and Outer Systems, and who want to seize control of the whole Solar System. His pursuit of the answers takes him on a dangerous trip into the Kernel Ring and into contact with an intelligence which may come from completely outside of the Solar System.

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Summertide (The Heritage Universe)

Summertide (The Heritage Universe) Lowest new price: $5.82
Lowest used price: $0.98
List price: $4.95
Author: Charles Sheffield

It was just before Summertide, the time when the twin planets, Opal and Quake, would orbit closest to their sun, subjecting both -- but Quake in particular -- to vast tidal forces. And it was to be the most violent Summertide ever, due to the Grand Conjunction of the system's stars and planets, something that happened only every 350,000 years.
Access to the unstable Quake was supposed to be prohibited, but some very insistent travelers were determined to make the trip. Professor Darya Lang, who had made a career studying artifacts left by the long-vanished aliens called the Builders, had a hunch that during this unusal Summertide she might find the Builders themselves. Louis Nenda and the Cecropian Atvar H'sial had their own interests in Quake, and would do anything to get there. And Councilor Julius Graves was hunting murderers -- if they were hiding on Quake, he needed no one's permission to search for them.
Planetary Administrators Hans Rebka and Max Perry had no choice but to go to Quake themselves -- risking their lives to protect the others -- and to learn, just maybe, the secret of Summertide and the Builders . . .
"A well-made puzzle story in the manner of Arthur C. Clarke's Rama books." -- The New York Times

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Transvergence (Heritage Universe)

Transvergence (Heritage Universe) Lowest new price: $3.95
Lowest used price: $1.00
List price: $6.99
Author: Charles Sheffield

The Zardalu had been the greatest menace in the galaxy until they became extinct. But a Zardalu horde has just awakened from suspended animation, ready and able to resume conquering and destroying. . . .

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DANCING WITH MYSELF Lowest new price: $4.95
Lowest used price: $2.49
List price: $4.99
Author: Charles Sheffield

A combination of science fiction stories and science fictional fact explores the technology of the future and the impact that it will have on everyday life.

Georgia on My Mind and Other Places

Georgia on My Mind and Other Places Lowest new price: $5.82
Lowest used price: $1.99
List price: $13.95
Author: Charles Sheffield

Georgia on My Mind and Other Places is a brilliant collection of visionary short fiction by Charles Sheffield, author of The Ganymede Club and Godspeed. It includes the Hugo and Nebula Award-winning title story, as well as other widely praised works.

Charles Sheffield has been publishing "hard SF" since 1977, and he has been widely touted for his impeccable scientific accuracy and foresight. But more importantly, Sheffield is a wonderful story teller who has the ability to make his characters and the worlds they live in resonate with readers. This literary one-two punch is the showcase of Sheffield's latest short story collection, which contains fourteen of his stories written between 1987-94. While the Nebula Award-winning title story "Georgia on My Mind" is clearly the centerpiece here, these are all first-rate tales by one of SF's finest writers.

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Transcendence: (#3) (The Heritage Universe, Book 3)

Transcendence: (#3) (The Heritage Universe, Book 3) Lowest new price: $29.89
Lowest used price: $3.73
List price: $18.00
Author: Charles Sheffield

An aggressive, conquering race thought to be long-dead after an insurrection by their slaves, the Zardalu suddenly return, and it soon becomes apparent that the Zardalu fate is linked to the plans of an alien race known as the Builders.

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