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Fusion & Fission

Introductory Nuclear Reactor Dynamics

Introductory Nuclear Reactor Dynamics Lowest new price: $76.00
Lowest used price: $79.98
List price: $67.00
Author: Karl O. Ott

This textbook presents the theory and methods of prediction that are the heart of nuclear reactor safety. Time-dependent reactor behavior is explained in both mathematical and physical terms. This book also explains the logic behind the working formulas and calculational methods for reactor transients and illustrates typical dynamic responses. The classical concept of point kinetics is developed in three steps, with discussion of various solutions to kinetics problems. Each chapter includes homework problems and review questions.


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Solar Neutrinos: The First Thirty Years (Frontiers in Physics)

Lowest new price: $36.37
Lowest used price: $42.09
List price: $83.00
Author: R. Davis Jr.

The papers reprinted in this book depict a research field that is poised to answer some of the fundamental questions of twentieth-century physics and astronomy: How does the sun shine? What is the dark matter? Is there new physics beyond the “standard model”?This book is of interest to students as well as active researchers in the scientific areas spanned by the reprinted papers, which include physics, chemistry, astronomy, geology, and engineering. Historians of science, some of whom have already used the solar neutrino problem as a case study, will also find this collection a rich source of examples and insights. Solar Neutrinos gives on the special feeling of being present at the birth of a scientific field. The physical ideas are presented with a simplicity that is unusual in review of papers. By delving into the scientific landmarks reprinted here, one can see clearly how researchers-starting with a paucity of data and with conflicting hypothesis-struggled together to grope their way to a better understanding of the sun and of weak interaction physics.

Fusion: Science, Politics, and the Invention of a New Energy Source

Fusion: Science, Politics, and the Invention of a New Energy Source Lowest new price: $53.85
Lowest used price: $5.69
List price: $62.00
Author: Joan Lisa Bromberg

For more than thirty years, the prospect of unlimited fusion energy has attracted scientists and the public. Joan Lisa Bromberg's book documents the history of the American magnetic fusion reactor program. It is also a lively account that will inform interested citizens of limited technical background who are concerned with the nation's energy strategy. The book carries the story from the program's inception under the auspices of the Atomic Energy Commission in 1951 to its operations under the then-new Department of Energy in 1978.

Fusion concentrates on the four federally funded laboratories where most of the money has been spent (about $2 billion so far): Oak Ridge, Los Alamos, Lawrence Livermore, and Princeton. It recounts the crucial experiments along the way - the ones that succeeded, the ones that failed, the ones that showed "promise." And it explains and diagrams the various magnetic configurations and devices that were developed and tested: the "stellarator," the "pinch," the "mirror," the "tokamak."

With the government and the public constantly looking over the scientists' shoulders, it is no surprise that research directions were heavily influenced by extrascientific pressures: "the major decisions in fusion research have always emerged from a medley of technical, institutional, and political considerations." The intermingling of science and politics is demonstrated in specific detail.

The magnetic fusion reactor project is, of course, ongoing. Latest target date for producing commercial power: 2050. Estimated total cost: $15 billion.

Dr. Bromberg has written extensively on topics in the history of modern science.

Fusion: The Search for Endless Energy

Fusion: The Search for Endless Energy Lowest new price: $42.80
Lowest used price: $0.01
List price: $175.00
Author: Robin Herman
Brand: Brand: Cambridge University Press

The book abounds with fascinating anecdotes about fusion's rocky path: the spurious claim by Argentine dictator Juan Peron in 1951 that his country had built a working fusion reactor, the rush by the United States to drop secrecy and publicize its fusion work as a propaganda offensive after the Russian success with Sputnik; the fortune Penthouse magazine publisher Bob Guccione sank into an unconventional fusion device, the skepticism that met an assertion by two University of Utah chemists in 1989 that they had created "cold fusion" in a bottle. Aimed at a general audience, the book describes the scientific basis of controlled fusion--the fusing of atomic nuclei, under conditions hotter than the sun, to release energy. Using personal recollections of scientists involved, it traces the history of this little-known international race that began during the Cold War in secret laboratories in the United States, Great Britain and the Soviet Union, and evolved into an astonishingly open collaboration between East and West.


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Unconventional Approaches to Fusion (Ettore Majorana International Science Series)

Unconventional Approaches to Fusion (Ettore Majorana International Science Series) Lowest new price: $35.00
Lowest used price: $27.50
List price: $99.00

The Erice International School of Fusion Reactor Techno­ logy held its 1981 course on « Unconventional Approaches to Fusion » in combination with the IAEA Technical Committee meeting on « Critical Analysis of Alternative Fusion Concepts ». The two events took place in the second half of March with an overlap of a few days only. The present proceedings include the first week's papers; those presented during the second week will be summarised in Nuclear Fusion. Right from the beginning of the course, and in particular In R. Carruthers' opening talk, it was clear that an uncon­ ventional approach was considered stimulating insofar as its con­ ception presented advantageous aspects with respect to the To­ kamak. Indeed the Tokamak was recognized as an « imper­ fect frame of reference» (K. H. Schmitter) in the sense that, al­ though it deserves to be considered as a frame of reference for the other devices because it is the most advanced in the scientific demonstration of controlled thermonuclear fusion, as a fusion reactor, however, the Tokamak does not seem to be completely satisfactory either from an economic or from an operational point of view, if compared with that « enticing ogre », the proven fission reactor (less enticing to the public). Comparison of a Tokamak reactor with a PWR can be founded on considerations of such a basic nature that it becomes almost automatic to ask how far the various unconventional ap­ proaches to fusion are exempt from the Tokamak's drawbacks.

Nuclear Fission and Heavy-Ion-Induced Reactions: Festschrift (Nuclear Science Research Conference Series)

Nuclear Fission and Heavy-Ion-Induced Reactions: Festschrift (Nuclear Science Research Conference Series) Lowest used price: $65.78
List price: $254.00
Author: International Symposium on Nuclear Fission and Heavy-Ion-Induced Reactions (1986 : University of Rochester)

A Dialogue on Chemically Induced Nuclear Effects: A Guide for the Perplexed About Cold Fusion

A Dialogue on Chemically Induced Nuclear Effects: A Guide for the Perplexed About Cold Fusion Lowest new price: $60.91
Lowest used price: $9.95
List price: $35.00
Author: Nate Hoffman
Brand: Brand: Amer Nuclear Society

"The perplexed" in the subtitle are primarily those scientists still trying to understand the cold fusion issue and the question of whether chemistry can affect nuclear reactions. After the initial, controversial announcement on cold fusion in March 1989, the author (a Rocketdyne researcher) was asked by the Electric Power Research Institute to aid experimenters in the search for nuclear residue in their experiments. Here, in 10 chapters and six appendixes, he reports in a "dialogue" between an apocryphal Young Scientist and Old Metallurgist on nearly five years of work investigating measurements of apparent nuclear signatures. Along the way he also documents an effort to extract whatever facts might remain as interesting scientific phenomena from the confusion surrounding cold fusion claims. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

Nuclear Reactor Physics (First edition)

Nuclear Reactor Physics (First edition) Lowest new price: $136.85
Lowest used price: $24.01
List price: $195.00
Author: Weston M. Stacey

An authoritative textbook and up-to-date professional's guide to basic and advanced principles and practices
Nuclear reactors now account for a significant portion of the electrical power generated worldwide. At the same time, the past few decades have seen an ever-increasing number of industrial, medical, military, and research applications for nuclear reactors. Nuclear reactor physics is the core discipline of nuclear engineering, and as the first comprehensive textbook and reference on basic and advanced nuclear reactor physics to appear in a quarter century, this book fills a large gap in the professional literature.
Nuclear Reactor Physics is a textbook for students new to the subject, for others who need a basic understanding of how nuclear reactors work, as well as for those who are, or wish to become, specialists in nuclear reactor physics and reactor physics computations. It is also a valuable resource for engineers responsible for the operation of nuclear reactors. Dr. Weston Stacey begins with clear presentations of the basic physical principles, nuclear data, and computational methodology needed to understand both the static and dynamic behaviors of nuclear reactors. This is followed by in-depth discussions of advanced concepts, including extensive treatment of neutron transport computational methods. As an aid to comprehension and quick mastery of computational skills, he provides numerous examples illustrating step-by-step procedures for performing the calculations described and chapter-end problems.
Nuclear Reactor Physics is a useful textbook and working reference. It is an excellent self-teaching guide for research scientists, engineers, and technicians involved in industrial, research, and military applications of nuclear reactors, as well as government regulators who wish to increase their understanding of nuclear reactors.

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The Physics of Inertial Fusion: Beam Plasma Interaction, Hydrodynamics, Hot Dense Matter (International Series of Monographs on Physics)

The Physics of Inertial Fusion: Beam Plasma Interaction, Hydrodynamics, Hot Dense Matter (International Series of Monographs on Physics) Lowest new price: $286.00
Lowest used price: $225.00
List price: $290.00
Author: Stefano Atzeni

This book is on inertial confinement fusion, an alternative way to produce electrical power from hydrogen fuel by using powerful lasers or particle beams. Two huge laser facilities are presently under construction to show that this method works. It involves the compression of tiny amounts (micrograms) of fuel to thousand times solid density and pressures otherwise existing only in the centre of stars. Thanks to advances in laser technology, it is now possible to produce such extreme states of matter in the laboratory. Recent developments have boosted laser intensities again with new possibilities for laser particle accelerators, laser nuclear physics, and fast ignition of fusion targets. This is a reference book for those working on beam plasma physics, be it in the context of fundamental research or applications to fusion energy or novel ultra-bright laser sources. The book combines quite different areas of physics: beam target interaction, dense plasmas, hydrodynamic implosion and instabilities, radiative energy transfer as well as fusion reactions. Particular attention is given to simple and useful modeling, including dimensional analysis and similarity solutions. Both authors have worked in this field for more than 20 years. They want to address in particular those teaching this topic to students and all those interested in understanding the technical basis.

British Scientists and the Manhattan Project: The Los Alamos Years

British Scientists and the Manhattan Project: The Los Alamos Years Lowest new price: $166.11
Lowest used price: $84.97
List price: $169.99
Author: NA NA

During World War 2, President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston Churchill pooled their nations' resources in the desperate race to beat the Germans to the secret of the atomic bomb. This book tells the story of the British scientists who journeyed to Los Alamos, New Mexico, to help develop the world's first nuclear weapons. The contributions of the British Mission to Los Alamos, which have been largely overlooked, were vital to the completion of the project. In addition, the two dozen scientists who collaborated with their American and Canadian allies were to have a profound effect on the post-War world, helping to shape the nuclear programs of the United States, Great Britain and, more controversially, the USSR.

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