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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Advanced Applications of NMR to Organometallic Chemistry (Physical Organometallic Chemistry)

Advanced Applications of NMR to Organometallic Chemistry (Physical Organometallic Chemistry) Lowest new price: $427.30
Lowest used price: $211.00
List price: $560.00
Brand: Marcel Gielen

This new series offers leading contributions by well known chemists reviewing the state-of-the-art of this wide research area. Physical Organometallic Chemistry aims to develop new insights and to promote novel interest and investigations applicable to organometallic chemistry.

NMR spectroscopy has had a considerable impact on many fields of chemistry, although it has served organometallic chemistry mainly on a routine level. In a collection of reviews, leading chemists provide an insight into the scope of applications and uncover the potential of this technique for organometallic chemists. Advanced Applications of NMR to Organometallic Chemistry;
* Illustrates how recent 1D and 2D and specialized multinuclear applications can solve specific problems encountered by organometallic chemists
* Surveys modern NMR techniques in organometallic chemistry
* Includes metal NMR related techniques
* Focuses on the advent of solid state NMR in organometallic chemistry
This book will prove invaluable to the NMR spectroscopist and organometallic chemists and will also be of interest to all organic, inorganic and physical chemists Contents: Selective Excitation and Selective Detection in ?29Si NMR; Two-dimensional ?13C, Metal Nuclei Correlation; Two-dimensional ?1H-?119Sn Proton Detected Correlation Spectroscopy in Coordination Chemistry of Hypervalent Organotin Compounds; Indirect Nuclear ?119Sn-X Spin-Spin Coupling; Solid State NMR Applications in Organotin and Organolead Chemistry; Solid State NMR Investigations of Metal Carbonyl Complexes; High Pressure NMR in Organometallic Chemistry; Multinuclear NMR Spectroscopy in Supercritical Fluids; High Resolution ?6,7Li NMR of Organolithium Compounds; Metal NMR of Organovanadium, -Niobium and -Tantalum Compounds; NMR of Metallic Nuclei in Clusters; ?171Yb NMR Spectroscopy


  • Advanced Applications of NMR to Organometallic Chemistry

Encyclopedia of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, 8 Volume Set

Encyclopedia of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, 8 Volume Set Lowest new price: $1,076.55
Lowest used price: $549.90
List price: $10,500.00

The content of these volumes has been added to the online reference work Encyclopedia of Magnetic Resonance. For further information see Encyclopedia of Magnetic Resonance.

The complete and preferred reference for anyone seeking information on any aspect of NMR, with emphasis on its interdisciplinary nature. The first volume details developments in the field since the technique's discovery in 1945. The remaining seven volumes cover the basic principles of NMR, review fundamental interactions governing nuclear spin properties, specialized methods for high-resolution spectra of liquids, solids and solutions, relaxation measurements, broadline NMR and magnetic resonance imaging. Includes extensive illustrations: photographs, line drawings, graphs and spectra (color used where appropriate).

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: General Concepts and Applications

Lowest new price: $177.89
Lowest used price: $9.98
List price: $64.95
Author: William W. Paudler

Describes the use of NMR for structural and mechanistic studies in organic and inorganic chemistry and biochemistry. Theory is presented in semi-empirical fashion, and only a minimal mathematical approach applied. Describes the original NMR experiment done using the low resolution technique and advances to the modern Fourier transform technique. In addition to chemical shifts, coupling constants, and double resonance, this book covers magic angle and treats inorganic and biological systems. Presentations include appropriate examples and problems.

Theory of Magnetic Resonance

Theory of Magnetic Resonance Lowest new price: $88.66
Lowest used price: $22.67
List price: $405.00
Author: Charles P. Poole Jr.

This second edition of the well-known work stresses important aspects of magnetic resonance theory that are of increasing importance to the research worker. Presents mathematical background and the basic prototype two-spin 1/2-1/2 Hamiltonian treatment as a building block to the more specialized subjects developed: higher spins and anistropies, applications to atomic spectra, crystal field theory, Mossbauer resonance, types of double resonance, and dynamic polarization. Specialized extensions are then discussed at length, with the advantage of showing clearly their relationships to the main body of magnetic resonance theory: ENDOR, ELDOR, polarization, spin labels, saturation transfer and fourier transform methods, and NMR imaging. Much of this material is treated by means of the uniform formalism based on the direct product matrix expansion technique.

Physics of Nmr Spectroscopy in Biology and Medicine (Proceedings of the International School of Physics)

Lowest used price: $22.68
List price: $371.00

As a result of the recent expansion of nuclear magnetic resonance in biomedicine, a number of workshops and schools have been organized to introduce the NMR principles to a wider group of biologists, radiologists, neurologists, etc. The aim of most of these courses was to provide a common vocabulary and enough information about ``pulse sequences'', relaxation times, etc. in order to facilitate the use of the various types of NMR imaging systems. However, no courses were organized for the physicists who were responsible for the origin and evolution of the ideas in this area. This Enrico Fermi school was therefore organized. The topics discussed included the theoretical interpretation and prediction of NMR signals, the study of new imaging techniques up to the building of special r.f. coils and the study of new methods for analysing NMR data in the time domain.

Resonance Phenomena in Electron-Atom Collisions (Springer Series on Atoms and Plasmas)

Resonance Phenomena in Electron-Atom Collisions (Springer Series on Atoms and Plasmas) Lowest new price: $84.38
Lowest used price: $17.09
List price: $95.00
Author: V. I. Lengyel

Resonance phenomena have been the topic of a number of reviews, and separate questions have been elucidated in some monographs. But the absence of a bal­ anced integral account of the current status of the problem hinders the orientation in this area. The present book is an attempt to fill this gap. The results of investigations of the resonance scattering of electrons by atoms and ions are considered. We compare different theoretical methods of descrip­ tion of resonance phenomena, for example, the close-coupling method, R-matrix method, and diagonalization method. Special attention is paid to the analysis of the accuracy of the theoretical calculations and experimental data. Besides the conventional analytical solutions of a multiparticle problem, more recently developed methods, made possible by high speed computers, are discussed in detail. Several computer programs are scrutinized. This book is intended for physicists engaged in the problems of electronic and atomic collisions, and related areas such as plasma and laser physics. It should be of interest to university students and postgraduates.

Xxii Congress Ampere

Xxii Congress Ampere Lowest used price: $250.00
List price: $133.00
Author: K. A. Muller

Giant Resonances in Atoms, Molecules, and Solids (Nato Science Series B:)

Giant Resonances in Atoms, Molecules, and Solids (Nato Science Series B:) Lowest new price: $89.66
Lowest used price: $19.47
List price: $359.00
Author: J.P. Connerade
Brand: J P Connerade

Often, a new area of science grows at the confines between recognised subject divisions, drawing upon techniques and intellectual perspectives from a diversity of fields. Such growth can remain unnoticed at first, until a characteristic fami ly of effects, described by appropriate key words, has developed, at which point a distinct subject is born. Such is very much the case with atomic 'giant resonances'. For a start, their name itself was borrowed from the field of nuclear collective resonances. The energy range in which they occur, at the juncture of the extreme UV and the soft X-rays, remains to this day a meeting point of two different experimental techniques: the grating and the crystal spectrometer. The impetus of synchrotron spectroscopy also played a large part in developing novel methods, described by many acronyms, which are used to study 'giant resonances' today. Finally, although we have described them as 'atomic' to differentiate them from their counterparts in Nuclear Physics, their occurrence on atomic sites does not inhibit their existence in molecules and solids. In fact, 'giant resonances' provide a new unifying theme, cutting accross some of the traditional scientific boundaries. After much separate development, the spectroscopies of the atom in various environments can meet afresh around this theme of common interest. Centrifugal barrier effects and 'giant resonances' proper emerged almost simultaneously in the late 1960's from two widely separated areas of physics, namely the study of free atoms and of condensed matter.


  • Giant Resonances in Atoms Molecules and Solids

Nmr Imaging: A Comprehensive Bibliography

Lowest used price: $16.39
List price: $45.66
Author: Jozef Jaklovsky

NMR and its Applications to Living Systems (Oxford Science Publications)

NMR and its Applications to Living Systems (Oxford Science Publications) Lowest new price: $401.37
Lowest used price: $33.82
List price: $80.00
Author: David G. Gadian
Brand: Brand: Oxford University Press, USA

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is a technique that is extensively used as a means of obtaining clinical images. When used in this way it is known as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). In the form of magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS), the technique can also be used to study tissue chemistry. This book introduces the technique of NMR, and discusses the ways in which MRI and MRS can be used to study biological systems.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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