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Electron Physics

Density-Functional Theory of Atoms and Molecules (International Series of Monographs on Chemistry)

Density-Functional Theory of Atoms and Molecules (International Series of Monographs on Chemistry) Lowest new price: $100.00
Lowest used price: $118.40
List price: $190.00
Author: Robert G. Parr

This book is a rigorous, unified account of the fundamental principles of the density-functional theory of the electronic structure of matter and its applications to atoms and molecules. Containing a detailed discussion of the chemical potential and its derivatives, it provides an understanding of the concepts of electronegativity, hardness and softness, and chemical reactivity. Both the Hohenberg-Kohn-Sham and the Levy-Lieb derivations of the basic theorems are presented, and extensive references to the literature are included. Two introductory chapters and several appendices provide all the background material necessary beyond a knowledge of elementary quantum theory. The book is intended for physicists, chemists, and advanced students in chemistry.

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Electron Scattering on Complex Atoms (Ions) (Horizons in World Physics)

Electron Scattering on Complex Atoms (Ions) (Horizons in World Physics) Lowest new price: $69.77
Lowest used price: $19.21
List price: $130.00
Author: V. I. Lendel
Brand: Brand: Nova Science Pub Inc

The present book is an attempt to overview some last experimental and theoretical results based on these new developments and concerning integral cross sections of electron scattering by complex atoms. The review does not include the scattering by hydrogen and helium atoms as the simple objects discussed in many publications. The presented results are based mainly on the calculations carried out by the authors during two last decades. This defines the scope of the book, where more detailed consideration is given to the electron excitation of atoms and ions of the first and second groups of the Periodic table. The systematic calculations for excitation of few-electron multi-charged ions are also presented. These data can be widely used in the plasma applications. Where it is possible, we give a detailed comparison between the theory and experiment, with the indication of a whole range of available experimental data for given atom. Much attention is paid to the computational aspects of scattering observables and to the analysis of the accuracy of different theoretical methods. In this connection, several computer codes are scrutinized, with indication of their advantages and shortcomings.


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Pushing Electrons: A Guide for Students of Organic Chemistry

Pushing Electrons: A Guide for Students of Organic Chemistry Lowest new price: $26.95
Lowest used price: $4.57
List price: $26.95
Author: Daniel P. Weeks

Pushing Electrons A Guide for Students of Organic Chemistry 1995 Version Second Edition. by Daniel P. Weeks PH.D


  • Product Details: Paperback
  • Publisher: 2nd Edition; 2nd Edition edition (1995)
  • Language: English, ISBN-10: 003011652X, ISBN-13: 978-0030116520
  • ASIN: B004GVWOLM, Average Customer Review: Be the first to review this item
  • Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #1,536,161 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)

Charge and Energy Transfer Dynamics in Molecular Systems

Charge and Energy Transfer Dynamics in Molecular Systems Lowest new price: $168.06
Lowest used price: $117.00
List price: $212.00
Author: Volkhard May

This 3rd edition has been expanded and updated to account for recent developments, while new illustrative examples as well as an enlarged reference list have also been added. It naturally retains the successful concept of its predecessors in presenting a unified perspective on molecular charge and energy transfer processes, thus bridging the regimes of coherent and dissipative dynamics, and establishing a connection between classic rate theories and modern treatments of ultrafast phenomena.

Among the new topics are:
- Time-dependent density functional theory
- Heterogeneous electron transfer, e.g. between molecules and metal or semiconductor surfaces
- Current flows through a single molecule.

While serving as an introduction for graduate students and researchers, this is equally must-have reading for theoreticians and experimentalists, as well as an aid to interpreting experimental data and accessing the original literature.

Interacting Electrons and Quantum Magnetism (Graduate Texts in Contemporary Physics)

Interacting Electrons and Quantum Magnetism (Graduate Texts in Contemporary Physics) Lowest new price: $63.76
Lowest used price: $54.85
List price: $84.99
Author: Assa Auerbach

In the excitement and rapid pace of developments, writing pedagogical texts has low priority for most researchers. However, in transforming my lecture l notes into this book, I found a personal benefit: the organization of what I understand in a (hopefully simple) logical sequence. Very little in this text is my original contribution. Most of the knowledge was collected from the research literature. Some was acquired by conversations with colleagues; a kind of physics oral tradition passed between disciples of a similar faith. For many years, diagramatic perturbation theory has been the major theoretical tool for treating interactions in metals, semiconductors, itiner­ ant magnets, and superconductors. It is in essence a weak coupling expan­ sion about free quasiparticles. Many experimental discoveries during the last decade, including heavy fermions, fractional quantum Hall effect, high­ temperature superconductivity, and quantum spin chains, are not readily accessible from the weak coupling point of view. Therefore, recent years have seen vigorous development of alternative, nonperturbative tools for handling strong electron-electron interactions. I concentrate on two basic paradigms of strongly interacting (or con­ strained) quantum systems: the Hubbard model and the Heisenberg model. These models are vehicles for fundamental concepts, such as effective Ha­ miltonians, variational ground states, spontaneous symmetry breaking, and quantum disorder. In addition, they are used as test grounds for various nonperturbative approximation schemes that have found applications in diverse areas of theoretical physics.

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Electrons in Solids: An Introductory Survey

Electrons in Solids: An Introductory Survey Lowest new price: $19.95
Lowest used price: $9.00
List price: $72.95
Author: Richard H. Bube

This Third Edition of ELECTRONS IN SOLIDS: AN INTRODUCTORY SURVEY, is the result of a thorough re-examination of the entire text, incorporating suggestions and corrections by students and professors who have used the text. Explanations and descriptions have been expanded, and additional information has been added on high Tc superconductors, diamond films, "buckminsterfullerenes," and thin magnetic materials. Adopted by many colleges and universities, this text has proven to be a solid introduction to the electrical, optical and magnetic properties of materials.

  • Contains comprehensive coverage of electronic properties in metals, semiconductors, and insulators at a fundamental level
  • Stresses the use of wave properties as an integrating theme for the discussion of phonons, photons, and electrons
  • Includes a complete set of illustrative problems along with exercises and answers
  • Features a careful indication of both Gaussian and SI unit systems

Electron-Hole Droplets in Semi-Conductors (Modern Problems in Condensed Matter Science)

Lowest used price: $275.00
List price: $315.00

Graphite Intercalation Compounds and Applications

Graphite Intercalation Compounds and Applications Lowest new price: $54.00
Lowest used price: $48.21
List price: $215.00
Author: Toshiaki Enoki

Graphite intercalation compounds are a new class of electronic materials that are classified as graphite-based host guest systems. They have specific structural features based on the alternating stacking of graphite and guest intercalate sheets. The electronic structures show two-dimensional metallic properties with a large variety of features including superconductivity. They are also interesting from the point of two-dimensional magnetic systems. This book presents the synthesis, crystal structures, phase transitions, lattice dynamics, electronic structures, electron transport properties, magnetic properties, surface phenomena, and applications of graphite intercalation compounds. The applications covered include batteries, highly conductive graphite fibers, exfoliated graphite and intercalated fullerenes and nanotubes.

The Electron: New Theory and Experiment (Fundamental Theories of Physics)

The Electron: New Theory and Experiment (Fundamental Theories of Physics) Lowest new price: $161.01
Lowest used price: $191.56
List price: $199.99
Brand: Brand: Springer

techniques, and raises new issues of physical interpretation as well as possibilities for deepening the theory. (3) Barut contributes a comprehensive review of his own ambitious program in electron theory and quantum electrodynamics. Barut's work is rich with ingenious ideas, and the interest it provokes among other theorists can be seen in the cri tique by Grandy. Cooperstock takes a much different approach to nonlinear field-electron coupling which leads him to conclusions about the size of the electron. (4) Capri and Bandrauk work within the standard framework of quantum electrodynamics. Bandrauk presents a valuable review of his theoretical approach to the striking new photoelectric phenomena in high intensity laser experiments. (5) Jung proposes a theory to merge the ideas of free-free transitions and of scattering chaos, which is becoming increasingly important in the theoretical analysis of nonlinear optical phenomena. For the last half century the properties of electrons have been probed primarily by scattering experiments at ever higher energies. Recently, however, two powerful new experimental techniques have emerged capable of giving alternative experimental views of the electron. We refer to (1) the confinement of single electrons for long term study, and (2) the interaction of electrons with high intensity laser fields. Articles by outstanding practitioners of both techniques are included in Part II of these Proceedings. The precision experiments on trapped electrons by the Washington group quoted above have already led to a Nobel prize for the most accurate measurements of the electron magnetic moment.


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Flash of the Cathode Rays: A History of J J Thomson's Electron

Flash of the Cathode Rays: A History of J J Thomson's Electron Lowest new price: $74.22
Lowest used price: $10.57
List price: $115.00
Author: Per F. Dahl

The electron is fundamental to almost all aspects of modern life, controlling the behavior of atoms and how they bind together to form gases, liquids, and solids. Flash of the Cathode Rays: A History of J.J. Thomson's Electron presents the compelling story of the discovery of the electron and its role as the first subatomic particle in nature. The book traces the evolution of the concept of electrical charge, from the earliest glow discharge studies to the final cathode ray and oil drop experiments of J.J. Thomson and Robert Millikan. It also provides an overview of the history of modern physics up to the advent of the old quantum theory around 1920.

Consolidating scholarly material while incorporating new material discovered by the well-respected author, the book covers the continental and English race for the source of the cathode rays, culminating in Thomson's corpuscle in 1897. It explores the events leading to Millikan's unambiguous isolation of the electron and the simultaneous circumstances surrounding the birth of Ernest Rutherford's nuclear atom and the discovery of radioactivity in 1896. The author also focuses on the controversies over N-rays, Becquerel's positive electron, and the famous Ehrenhaft-Millikan dispute over subelectrons.

Scholarly yet accessible to those with basic physics knowledge, this book should be of interest to historians of science, professional scientists and engineers, teachers and students of physics, and general readers interested in the development of modern physics.

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