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Surface Chemistry

Electronic Excitations at Metal Surfaces (Physics of Solids and Liquids)

Electronic Excitations at Metal Surfaces (Physics of Solids and Liquids) Lowest new price: $167.42
Lowest used price: $222.53
List price: $249.99
Author: Ansgar Liebsch

In this new work, the focus is on the dynamical response of metal electrons to several types of incident electromagnetic fields. The author, an eminent theorist, discusses Time-Dependent Local Density Approximation's importance in both elucidating electronic surface excitations and describing the ground state properties of electronic systems. Chapters detail theoretical formulations and computational procedures, covering such areas as single-particle and collective modes, spatial distribution of the induced surface charges, and local electric fields. Excitation spectra are shown for a variety of clean simple metals, noble metals, chemisorbed overlayers, charged surfaces, and small metal particles.

Handbook of Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Processing

Handbook of Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Processing Lowest new price: $230.73
Lowest used price: $202.85
List price: $295.00
Author: Donald M. Mattox
Brand: Brand: William Andrew

This updated version of the popular handbook further explains all aspects of physical vapor deposition (PVD) process technology from the characterizing and preparing the substrate material, through deposition processing and film characterization, to post-deposition processing. The emphasis of the new edition remains on the aspects of the process flow that are critical to economical deposition of films that can meet the required performance specifications, with additional information to support the original material.

The book covers subjects seldom treated in the literature: substrate characterization, adhesion, cleaning and the processing. The book also covers the widely discussed subjects of vacuum technology and the fundamentals of individual deposition processes. However, the author uniquely relates these topics to the practical issues that arise in PVD processing, such as contamination control and film growth effects, which are also rarely discussed in the literature. In bringing these subjects together in one book, the reader can understand the interrelationship between various aspects of the film deposition processing and the resulting film properties. The author draws upon his long experience with developing PVD processes and troubleshooting the processes in the manufacturing environment, to provide useful hints for not only avoiding problems, but also for solving problems when they arise. He uses actual experiences, called "war stories", to emphasize certain points. Special formatting of the text allows a reader who is already knowledgeable in the subject to scan through a section and find discussions that are of particular interest. The author has tried to make the subject index as useful as possible so that the reader can rapidly go to sections of particular interest. Extensive references allow the reader to pursue subjects in greater detail if desired.

The book is intended to be both an introduction for those who are new to the field and a valuable resource to those already in the field. The discussion of transferring technology between R&D and manufacturing provided in Appendix 1, will be of special interest to the manager or engineer responsible for moving a PVD product and process from R&D into production. Appendix 2 has an extensive listing of periodical publications and professional societies that relate to PVD processing. The extensive Glossary of Terms and Acronyms provided in Appendix 3 will be of particular use to students and to those not fully conversant with the terminology of PVD processing or with the English language.

  • Fully revised and updated to include the latest developments in PVD process technology
  • ‘War stories’ drawn from the author’s extensive experience emphasize important points in development and manufacturing
  • Appendices include listings of periodicals and professional societies, terms and acronyms, and material on transferring technology between R&D and manufacturing


  • Used Book in Good Condition

Solids and Surfaces: A Chemist's View of Bonding in Extended Structures

Solids and Surfaces: A Chemist's View of Bonding in Extended Structures Lowest new price: $128.64
Lowest used price: $131.50
List price: $180.00
Author: Roald Hoffmann

This unique book shows how chemistry and physics come together inthe solid state and on surfaces. Using a lively, graphic,descriptive approach, it teaches chemists the language that isnecessary to understand the electronic structure of extendedsystems. And, at the same time, it demonstrates how a chemical,frontier-orbital, approach to solid state and surface bonding andreactivity may be constructed.

The book begins with the language of crystal orbitals, bandstructures and densities of states. The tools for moving back fromthe highly delocalized orbitals of the solid are then built up in atransparent manner; they include decompositions of the densities ofstates and crystal orbital overlap populations. Using these tools,the book shapes a meeting ground between detailed quantummechanical calculations and a chemical frontier orbital perspec-tive. Applications include a general picture of chemisorption,bond-breaking and making in the solid state, bonding in metals, theelectronic structure of selected conducting and supercon- ductingstructures, dissociation, migration and coupling on surfaces andthe forces controlling deformation of extended systems.

Intermolecular and Surface Forces

Intermolecular and Surface Forces Lowest new price: $92.39
Lowest used price: $77.46
List price: $115.00
Author: Jacob N. Israelachvili
Brand: imusti

Intermolecular and Surface Forces describes the role of various intermolecular and interparticle forces in determining the properties of simple systems such as gases, liquids and solids, with a special focus on more complex colloidal, polymeric and biological systems. The book provides a thorough foundation in theories and concepts of intermolecular forces, allowing researchers and students to recognize which forces are important in any particular system, as well as how to control these forces. This third edition is expanded into three sections and contains five new chapters over the previous edition.

  • Starts from the basics and builds up to more complex systems
  • Covers all aspects of intermolecular and interparticle forces both at the fundamental and applied levels
  • Multidisciplinary approach: bringing together and unifying phenomena from different fields
  • This new edition has an expanded Part III and new chapters on non-equilibrium (dynamic) interactions, and tribology (friction forces)


  • Academic Press

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Polymeric Surfactants (Surfactant Science)

Polymeric Surfactants (Surfactant Science) Lowest new price: $118.49
Lowest used price: $68.95
List price: $310.00
Author: Irja Piirma

This reference describes the important phases and applications of polymeric surface active materials - including colloid stabilization and solution properties, syntheses with various techniques, and uses in polymerization as stabilizers and as compatibilizers in incompatible polymer blends.;Written for scientists involved in research fields other than polymer colloids, this book discusses colloid stabilization by polymeric surfactants in aqueous and nonaqueous systems, as well as custom synthesis of these materials. It examines their uses as stabilizers in heterophase polymerizations and considers the phenomenon of adsorption at surfaces and interfaces. The properties and characteristics of such compounds as polyelectrolytes, polyampholytes and hydrogels are clarified.;Containing many drawings and tables, this book is for materials scientists, chemists, engineers and physicists in the polymer industry working with paints, adhesives, elastomers and blends.

Chemistry of Pyrotechnics: Basic Principles and Theory, Second Edition

Chemistry of Pyrotechnics: Basic Principles and Theory, Second Edition Lowest new price: $74.95
Lowest used price: $74.74
List price: $120.00
Author: Chris Mocella
Brand: CRC Press

Primarily driven by advancing technology and concerns for safety, advancement in the world of pyrotechnics and high-energy materials has exploded in the past 25 years. The promulgation of new government regulations places new and more stringent restrictions on the materials that may be used in energetic mixtures. These regulations now mandate numerous training programs, and initiate other actions, such as OSHA’s Process Safety Management standard, intended to eliminate accidents and incidents. Unfortunately, the US lacks an organized, broad-range academic program to cover the science and use of energetic materials and educate the next generation of pyrotechnicians.

Designed as a bridge to allow a smooth and confident transition for personnel coming from a chemistry background into the practical world of explosives, Chemistry of Pyrotechnics: Basic Principles and Theory, Second Edition emphasizes basic chemical principles alongside practical, hands-on knowledge in the preparation of energetic mixtures. It examines the interactions between and adaptations of pyrotechnics to changing technology in areas such as obscuration science and low-signature flame emission.

Much more than a simple how-to guide, the book discusses chemical and pyrotechnic principles, components of high-energy mixtures, and elements of ignition, propagation, and sensitivity. It offers heat compositions, including ignition mixes, delays, thermites, and propellants and investigates the production of smoke and sound as well as light and color.

Promoting the growth and expansion of pyrotechnics as a science, Chemistry of Pyrotechnics: Basic Principles and Theory, Second Edition provides practitioners with the ability to apply chemical principles and logic to energetic materials and thereby make the field as productive, useful, and safe as possible.


  • CRC Press

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Principles of Plasma Discharges and Materials Processing , 2nd Edition

Principles of Plasma Discharges and Materials Processing , 2nd Edition Lowest new price: $92.00
Lowest used price: $88.61
List price: $191.00
Author: Michael A. Lieberman

A Thorough Update of the Industry Classic on Principles of PlasmaProcessing

The first edition of Principles of Plasma Discharges and MaterialsProcessing, published over a decade ago, was lauded for itscomplete treatment of both basic plasma physics and industrialplasma processing, quickly becoming the primary reference forstudents and professionals.

The Second Edition has been carefully updated and revised toreflect recent developments in the field and to further clarify thepresentation of basic principles. Along with in-depth coverage ofthe fundamentals of plasma physics and chemistry, the authors applybasic theory to plasma discharges, including calculations of plasmaparameters and the scaling of plasma parameters with controlparameters.

New and expanded topics include:
* Updated cross sections
* Diffusion and diffusion solutions
* Generalized Bohm criteria
* Expanded treatment of dc sheaths
* Langmuir probes in time-varying fields
* Electronegative discharges
* Pulsed power discharges
* Dual frequency discharges
* High-density rf sheaths and ion energy distributions
* Hysteresis and instabilities
* Helicon discharges
* Hollow cathode discharges
* Ionized physical vapor deposition
* Differential substrate charging

With new chapters on dusty plasmas and the kinetic theory ofdischarges, graduate students and researchers in the field ofplasma processing should find this new edition more valuable thanever.

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Handbook of Surface and Nanometrology

Handbook of Surface and Nanometrology Lowest new price: $146.62
Lowest used price: $146.62
List price: $410.00
Author: David J. Whitehouse

Since the publication of the first edition, miniaturization and nanotechnology have become inextricably linked to traditional surface geometry and metrology. This interdependence of scales has had profound practical implications.

Updated and expanded to reflect many new developments, Handbook of Surface and Nanometrology, Second Edition determines how the reduction in scale of size from macro to nano has affected all aspects of surface use and measurement. The book discusses how this shift has extended through characterization, standardization, manufacture, and performance. With nanotechnology now permeating the text, this edition covers new methods of production and measurement as well as new performance requirements.

Described as the father of digital metrology by the American Society for Precision Engineering, author David J. Whitehouse explores the range of surface size scales―macro, micro, nano, atomic, and combinations of these. He examines traditional, structured, patterned, and free-form surfaces, emphasizing the growing need to understand the behavior of multiple surfaces.

Still the definitive reference in the field, the second edition of this handbook continues to provide in-depth, extensive coverage of the engineering, physics, materials, mathematics, and computing involved in surface metrology and nanometrology. Nothing concerning current surface geometry escapes inclusion or scrutiny in this book.

Geometrical Derivatives of Energy Surfaces and Molecular Properties (Nato Science Series C:)

Geometrical Derivatives of Energy Surfaces and Molecular Properties (Nato Science Series C:) Lowest new price: $137.53
Lowest used price: $29.50
List price: $249.99
Brand: Jack Simons

The development and computational implementation of analytical expres­ sions for the low-order derivatives of electronic energy surfaces and other molecular properties has undergone rapid growth in recent years. It is now fairly routine for chemists to make use of energy gradient information in locating and identifying stable geometries and transition states. The use of second analytical derivative (Hessian or curvature) expressions is not yet routine, and third and higher energy derivatives as well as property (e.g., dipole moment, polarizability) derivatives are just beginning to be applied to chemical problems. This NATO Advanced Research Workshop focused on analyzing the re­ lative merits of various strategies for deriving the requisite analyti­ cal expressions, for computing necessary integral derivatives and wave­ function parameter derivatives, and for efficiently coding these expres­ sions on conventional scalar machines and vector-oriented computers. The participant list contained many scientists who have been instrumen­ tal in bringing this field to fruition as well as eminent scientists who have broad knowledge and experience in quantum chemistry in general.


  • Geometrical Derivatives of Energy Surfaces and Molecular Properties

Dynamics of Curved Fronts (Perspectives in Physics)

Dynamics of Curved Fronts (Perspectives in Physics) Lowest new price: $59.93
Lowest used price: $17.61
List price: $93.95

In recent years, much progress has been made in the understanding of interface dynamics of various systems: hydrodynamics, crystal growth, chemical reactions, and combustion. Dynamics of Curved Fronts is an important contribution to this field and will be an indispensable reference work for researchers and graduate students in physics, applied mathematics, and chemical engineering. The book consist of a 100 page introduction by the editor and 33 seminal articles from various disciplines.

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