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Surface Chemistry

Surface Mount Technology for PC Boards

Surface Mount Technology for PC Boards Lowest new price: $45.99
Lowest used price: $11.74
List price: $89.95
Author: James Hollomon
Brand: Brand: Delmar Cengage Learning

Learn to generate high manufacturing yields, low testing costs, and reproducible designs using the latest components of surface mount technology (SMT)! Manufacturers, managers, engineers, students, and others who work with printed-circuit boards will find a wealth of cutting-edge information about SMT and fine pitch technology (FPT) in this new edition. Practical data and clear illustrations combine to clearly and accurately present the details of design-for-manufacturability, environmental compliance, design-for-test, and quality/reliability for today's miniaturized electronics packaging.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

Colloidal Systems and Interfaces

Colloidal Systems and Interfaces Lowest new price: $72.85
Lowest used price: $4.25
List price: $335.00
Author: Sydney Ross
Brand: Ian Morris

A concise review of the concepts and techniques applicable to emulsions and dispersions useful to industrial chemists and chemical engineers. Describes a wide range of topics under the headings of particulates, interfaces, stability of dispersions, and dispersed-phase systems. Also covers recently-developed computer-based methods which offer fast, precise measurements, e.g. particle-size distributions by quasielastic light scattering, dilational surface elasticity from the damping of ripples, and foam stability by the automatic recording of small pressure differences.


  • Colloidal Systems and Interfaces

Adsorption From Solution at the Solid/Liquid Interface

Lowest new price: $74.91
Lowest used price: $5.49
List price: $242.00

Electromagnetic Material Interrogation Using Conductive Interfaces and Acoustic Wavefronts (Frontiers in Applied Mathematics)

Electromagnetic Material Interrogation Using Conductive Interfaces and Acoustic Wavefronts (Frontiers in Applied Mathematics) Lowest new price: $84.00
Lowest used price: $43.19
List price: $84.00
Author: H. T. Banks

Electromagnetic theory offers fascination and challenge from both a physical and a mathematical perspective. This monograph contains the newest results on the use of electromagnetic probes to interrogate dielectric material structures for material properties and geometry. The authors begin with basic electromagnetics, such as Maxwell's equations, and present modeling, theory, and computational results. The book systematically exploits interface phenomena, the electrodynamics of material responses, and time dependent interrogating signals in an integrated manner. Strengths of this volume include a clear discussion of materials properties from the electromagnetic point of view, a careful formulation of the imaging problems addressed, rigorous treatment of mathematical issues, and useful illustration of computational methods and results. While confined to internal vision in one-dimensional settings, this volume will stimulate further developments in internal vision to include two- and three-dimensional interior assessments. An excellent and robust source of applied mathematics and engineering research challenges for the future.

Handbook of Surface and Nanometrology, Second Edition

Handbook of Surface and Nanometrology, Second Edition Lowest new price: $276.08
Lowest used price: $404.65
List price: $389.95
Author: David J. Whitehouse

Since the publication of the first edition, miniaturization and nanotechnology have become inextricably linked to traditional surface geometry and metrology. This interdependence of scales has had profound practical implications.

Updated and expanded to reflect many new developments, Handbook of Surface and Nanometrology, Second Edition determines how the reduction in scale of size from macro to nano has affected all aspects of surface use and measurement. The book discusses how this shift has extended through characterization, standardization, manufacture, and performance. With nanotechnology now permeating the text, this edition covers new methods of production and measurement as well as new performance requirements.

Described as the father of digital metrology by the American Society for Precision Engineering, author David J. Whitehouse explores the range of surface size scales―macro, micro, nano, atomic, and combinations of these. He examines traditional, structured, patterned, and free-form surfaces, emphasizing the growing need to understand the behavior of multiple surfaces.

Still the definitive reference in the field, the second edition of this handbook continues to provide in-depth, extensive coverage of the engineering, physics, materials, mathematics, and computing involved in surface metrology and nanometrology. Nothing concerning current surface geometry escapes inclusion or scrutiny in this book.

Sliding Friction: Physical Principles and Applications (NanoScience and Technology)

Sliding Friction: Physical Principles and Applications (NanoScience and Technology) Lowest new price: $186.78
Lowest used price: $177.26
List price: $319.00
Author: Bo N.J. Persson

The ability to produce durable low-friction surfaces and lubricant fluids has become an important factor in the miniaturization of moving components in many technological devices, e.g., magnetic storage, recording systems, miniature motors and many aerospace components. This book will be useful to physicists, chemists, materials scientists, and engineers who need to understand sliding friction. This second edition covers several new topics including friction on superconductors, simulations of the layering transition, nanoindentation, wear in combustion engines, rolling and sliding of carbon nanotubes, and the friction dynamics of granular materials.

Theory of Wave Scattering From Random Rough Surfaces,

Theory of Wave Scattering From Random Rough Surfaces, Lowest new price: $308.06
Lowest used price: $149.98
List price: $140.00
Author: James A. Ogilvy

This book provides an up-to-date review of the theories that have been developed for the study of acoustic, elastic and electromagnetic wave scattering from randomly rough surfaces. Theory of Wave Scattering from Random Rough Surfaces is the first comprehensive summary, in one volume, of all the intensive studies thta have been undertaken over the last few decades. Emphasis is placed on those theories which lead to soluble equations and which are of practical interest. Experimental data are used to illustrate the usefulness of the different theories, and areas where future progress might be possible are also outlined. After covering some of the problems associated with random rough surfaces the author describes the well-known perturbation and Kirchhoff approaches, showing their regimes of validity. Methods for multiple scattering are then considered, emphasising those techniques which are likely to lead to solutions for problems of practical interest. Further considerations include multiple scales of roughness, surface self-shadowing and field statistics. Numerical simulation techniques are also discussed, showing the power of this approach for solving otherwise intractable problems. These techniques have only recently been developed and have not previously been discussed in book form. Theory of Wave Scattering from Random Rough Surfaces will be invaluable to graduate scientists and engineers working on wave scattering from rough surfaces, whether this be for radar, sonar, ultrasonic or optical applications.

NEXAFS Spectroscopy (Springer Series in Surface Sciences)

NEXAFS Spectroscopy (Springer Series in Surface Sciences) Lowest new price: $156.59
Lowest used price: $154.91
List price: $209.00
Author: Joachim Stöhr
Brand: Joachim Stohr

This is the first ever comprehensive treatment of NEXAFS spectroscopy. It is suitable for novice researchers as an introduction to the field, while experts will welcome the detailed description of state-of-the-art instrumentation and analysis techniques, along with the latest experimental and theoretical results.


  • Nexafs Spectroscopy

Industrial Metrology: Surfaces and Roundness

Industrial Metrology: Surfaces and Roundness Lowest new price: $255.94
Lowest used price: $246.38
List price: $339.00
Author: Graham T. Smith

The subject of this book is surface metrology, in particular two major aspects: surface texture and roundness. It has taken a long time for manufacturing engineers and designers to realise the usefulness of these features in quality of conformance and quality of design. Unfortunately this awareness has come at a time when engineers versed in the use and specification of surfaces are at a premium. Traditionally surface metrology usage has been dictated by engineers who have served long and demanding apprenticeships, usually in parallel with studies leading to technician-level qualifications. Such people understood the processes and the achievable accuracies of machine tools, thereby enabling them to match production capability with design requirements. This synergy, has been made possible by the understanding of adherence to careful metrological procedures and a detailed knowledge of surface measuring instruments and their operation, in addition to wider inspection room techniques. With the demise in the UK of polytechnics and technical colleges, this source of skilled technicians has all but dried up. The shortfall has been made up of semi­ skilled craftsmen, or inexperienced graduates who cannot be expected to satisfy tradition al or new technology needs. Miniaturisation, for example, has had a pro­ found effect. Engineering parts are now routinely being made with nanometre surface texture and fiatness. At these molecular and atomic scales, the engineer has to be a physicist.

Silane Coupling Agents

Silane Coupling Agents Lowest new price: $112.99
Lowest used price: $20.00
List price: $199.00
Author: Edwin P. Plueddemann
Brand: Edwin P Plueddemann

* It has been rumored that a bumble bee has such aerodynamic deficiencies that it should be incapable of flight. Fiberglass-reinforced polymer com­ posites, similarly, have two (apparently) insurmountable obstacles to per­ formance: 1) Water can hydrolyze any conceivable bond between organic and inorganic phase, and 2) Stresses across the interface during temperature cycling (resulting from a mismatch in thermal expansion coefficients) may exceed the strength of one of the phases. Organofunctional silanes are hybrid organic-inorganic compounds that are used as coupling agents across the organic-inorganic interface to help overcome these two obstacles to composite performance. One of their functions is to use the hydrolytic action of water under equilibrium condi­ tions to relieve thermally induced stresses across the interface. If equilib­ rium conditions can be maintained, the two problems act to cancel each other out. Coupling agents are defined primarily as materials that improve the practical adhesive bond of polymer to mineral. This may involve an increase in true adhesion, but it may also involve improved wetting, rheology, and other handling properties. The coupling agent may also modify the inter­ phase region to strengthen the organic and inorganic boundary layers.


  • Silane Coupling Agents

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