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Condensed Matter

Solid State Physics

Lowest new price: $107.32
Lowest used price: $27.16
List price: $421.95
Author: Neil W. Ashcroft
Brand: Brooks / Cole

This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the field of solid state physics for undergraduate students in physics, chemistry, engineering, and materials science.

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The Affordable Housing Reader

The Affordable Housing Reader Lowest new price: $37.24
Lowest used price: $37.32
List price: $57.95

The Affordable Housing Reader brings together classic works and contemporary writing on the themes and debates that have animated the field of affordable housing policy as well as the challenges in achieving the goals of policy on the ground. The Reader – aimed at professors, students, and researchers – provides an overview of the literature on housing policy and planning that is both comprehensive and interdisciplinary. It is particularly suited for graduate and undergraduate courses on housing policy offered to students of public policy and city planning.

The Reader is structured around the key debates in affordable housing, ranging from the conflicting motivations for housing policy, through analysis of the causes of and solutions to housing problems, to concerns about gentrification and housing and race. Each debate is contextualized in an introductory essay by the editors, and illustrated with a range of texts and articles.

Elizabeth Mueller and Rosie Tighe have brought together for the first time into a single volume the best and most influential writings on housing and its importance for planners and policy-makers.

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Principles of Superconductive Devices and Circuits (2nd Edition)

Principles of Superconductive Devices and Circuits (2nd Edition) Lowest new price: $96.71
Lowest used price: $80.50
List price: $120.00
Author: Theodore Van Duzer

KEY BENEFIT:The field of applied superconductivity has been transformed by new materials, new fabrication methods, innovative device and circuit concepts, and the discovery of high-temperature superconductors. In this book, two of the field's leading experts present an authoritative, up-to-date guide to the theory and current practice of superconductivity.KEY TOPICS:The book begins by introducing normal metal behavior at low temperatures, and the phase transition to superconductivity. It presents the classic Meissner experiment, and reviews several key theories essential to practical analysis. In each case, the book helps readers develop an intuitive understanding, while minimizing the quantum mechanics and thermodynamics required. Coverage includes an up-to-date analysis of microwave and millimeter-wave applications; a richly-developed treatment of Josephson junctions and devices; advanced high-temperature oxide superconductor applications; Ginzburg-Landau equations; Type II superconductivity theories and technologies; and more. The CD-ROM contains valuable software for circuit simulation and inductance calculations.MARKET:All electrical engineering and applied physics professionals working in R&D in industrial, university or government settings; as well as advanced students of applied superconductivity.

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Solid State Physics, Volume 67

Solid State Physics, Volume 67 Lowest new price: $256.50
Lowest used price: $149.99
List price: $274.00

Solid State Physics provides the latest information on the branch of physics that is primarily devoted to the study of matter in its solid phase, especially at the atomic level. This prestigious serial presents timely and state-of-the-art reviews pertaining to all aspects of solid state physics.

  • Contains contributions from leading authorities in the study of solid state physics, especially the atomic level
  • Informs and updates on all the latest developments in the field
  • Presents timely and state-of-the-art reviews pertaining to all aspects of solid state physics

Many-Particle Physics (Physics of Solids and Liquids)

Many-Particle Physics (Physics of Solids and Liquids) Lowest new price: $158.39
Lowest used price: $89.00
List price: $219.99
Author: Gerald D. Mahan

The first, second, and third editions of this book seem to occur at ten year intervals. The intent is to keep the book up-to-date. Many-body theory is a field which continually evolves in time. Journals only publish new results, conferences only invite speakers to report new phenomena, and agencies only fund scientists to do new physics. Today's physics is old hat by tomorrow. Students want to learn new material, and textbooks must be modified to keep up with the times. The early chapters in this book teach the techniques of many-body theory. They are largely unchanged in format. The later chapters apply the techniques to specific problems. The third edition increases the number of applications. New sections have been added, while old sections have been modified to include recent applications. The previous editions were set in type using pre-computer technology. No computer file existed of the prior editions. The publisher scanned the second edition and gave me a disk with the contents. This scan recorded the words accurately and scrambled the equations into unintelligible form. So I retyped the equations using LaTeX. Although tedious, it allowed me to correct the infinite numbers of typographical errors in the previous edition. The earlier typesetting methods did not permit such corrections. The entire book was edited sentence-by­ sentence. Most old sections of the book were shortened by editing sentences and paragraphs.

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Structured Fluids: Polymers, Colloids, Surfactants

Structured Fluids: Polymers, Colloids, Surfactants Lowest new price: $41.61
Lowest used price: $36.94
List price: $48.95
Author: Thomas A. Witten

Over the last thirty years, the study of liquids containing polymers, surfactants, or colloidal particles has developed from a loose assembly of facts into a coherent discipline with substantial predictive power. These liquids expand our conception of what condensed matter can do. Such structured-fluid phenomena dominate the physical environment within living cells. This book teaches how to think of these fluids from a unified point of view showing the far-reaching effects of thermal fluctuations in producing forces and motions. Keeping mathematics to a minimum, the book seeks the simplest explanations that account for the distinctive scaling properties of these fluids. An example is the growth of viscosity of a polymer solution as the cube of the molecular weight of the constituent polymers. Another is the hydrodynamic radius of a colloidal aggregate, which remains comparable to its geometrical radius even though the density of particles in the aggregate becomes arbitrarily small. The book aims for a simplicity, unity and depth not found in previous treatments, and includes numerous figures, tables and problems. It will be an ideal textbook for teaching undergraduates in physical science how to understand soft matter, but will also be of interest to industrial scientists, who want to gain a broader understanding of soft matter systems.

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Introduction to Many-Body Physics

Introduction to Many-Body Physics Lowest new price: $61.00
Lowest used price: $49.99
List price: $84.99
Author: Piers Coleman
Brand: imusti

A modern, graduate-level introduction to many-body physics in condensed matter, this textbook explains the tools and concepts needed for a research-level understanding of the correlated behavior of quantum fluids. Starting with an operator-based introduction to the quantum field theory of many-body physics, this textbook presents the Feynman diagram approach, Green's functions and finite-temperature many body physics before developing the path integral approach to interacting systems. Special chapters are devoted to the concepts of Fermi liquid theory, broken symmetry, conduction in disordered systems, superconductivity and the physics of local-moment metals. A strong emphasis on concepts and numerous exercises make this an invaluable course book for graduate students in condensed matter physics. It will also interest students in nuclear, atomic and particle physics.


  • Cambridge University Press

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Process Engineering Analysis in Semiconductor Device Fabrication

Process Engineering Analysis in Semiconductor Device Fabrication Lowest new price: $192.99
Lowest used price: $117.00
Author: Stanley & Hochberg,Arthur K. Middleman

Anyone involved in the field of chemical engineering or responsible for process design, maintenance, and analysis will appreciate Process Engineering Analysis in Semiconductor Device Fabrication - the only current book that offers comprehensive coverage of the growing interest in process improvement. Now, more than ever, it is evident that process improvement will enhance attempts to improve economic efficiency in the semiconductor device industries.
Much of the book includes recent material presented with a degree of integration and criticism not available in the original journal publications. Worked examples illustrate how one uses fundamental principles to model processes. Where possible, models are compared with experimental data, and the success and/or failure of a model is presented as a learning experience. In addition, an extensive set of problems offers an opportunity for the reader to be guided into directions beyond the scope of the book itself.
The two authors' vast combined experience in the fields of chemical engineering, process engineering, electrical engineering, and physics offers readers expert insight into as well as broad exposure to new areas of technology.

Organometallic Vapor-Phase Epitaxy: Theory and Practice

Organometallic Vapor-Phase Epitaxy: Theory and Practice Lowest new price: $220.00
List price: $220.00
Author: Gerald B. Stringfellow

This book describes the operation of a particular technique for the production of compound semiconductor materials. It describes how the technique works, how it can be used for the growth of particular materials and structures, and the application of these materials for specific devices. It contains not only a fundamental description of the operation of the technique but also contains lists of data useful for the everyday operation of OMVPE reactors. It also offers specific recipes that can be used to produce a wide range of specific materials, structures, and devices.

Optical Characterization of Epitaxial Semiconductor Layers

Optical Characterization of Epitaxial Semiconductor Layers Lowest new price: $61.47
Lowest used price: $116.08
List price: $99.00

The characterization of epitaxial layers and their surfaces has benefitted a lot from the enormous progress of optical analysis techniques during the last decade. In particular, the dramatic improvement of the structural quality of semiconductor epilayers and heterostructures results to a great deal from the level of sophistication achieved with such analysis techniques. First of all, optical techniques are nondestructive and their sensitivity has been improved to such an extent that nowadays the epilayer analysis can be performed on layers with thicknesses on the atomic scale. Furthermore, the spatial and temporal resolution have been pushed to such limits that real time observation of surface processes during epitaxial growth is possible with techniques like reflectance difference spectroscopy. Of course, optical spectroscopies complement techniques based on the inter­ action of electrons with matter, but whereas the latter usually require high or ultrahigh vacuum conditions, the former ones can be applied in different environments as well. This advantage could turn out extremely important for a rather technological point of view, i.e. for the surveillance of modern semiconductor processes. Despite the large potential of techniques based on the interaction of electromagnetic waves with surfaces and epilayers, optical techniques are apparently moving only slowly into this area of technology. One reason for this might be that some prejudices still exist regarding their sensitivity.

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