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Nuclear Chemistry

NMR: THE TOOLKIT: How Pulse Sequences Work (Oxford Chemistry Primers)

NMR: THE TOOLKIT: How Pulse Sequences Work (Oxford Chemistry Primers) Lowest new price: $24.83
Lowest used price: $19.07
List price: $29.95
Author: Peter Hore

Part of the renowned Oxford Chemistry Primer series, NMR: The Toolkit succinctly describes the range of NMR techniques commonly used in modern research to probe the structures and properties of molecules in liquids. Emphasis is placed throughout on how these experiments actually work, giving a unique perspective on this powerful experimental tool.

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Atmospheric Chemistry: RSC

Atmospheric Chemistry: RSC Lowest new price: $26.53
Lowest used price: $4.00
List price: $36.00
Author: Ann M Holloway
Brand: Brand: Royal Society of Chemistry

Atmospheric Chemistry provides readers with a basic knowledge of the chemistry of Earth's atmosphere, and an understanding of the role that chemical transformations play in this vital part of our environment. The composition of the 'natural' atmosphere (troposphere, stratosphere and mesosphere) is described in terms of the physical and chemical cycles that govern the behaviour of the major and the many minor species present, and of the atmospheric lifetimes of those species. An extension of these ideas leads to a discussion of the impacts of Man's activities on the atmosphere, and to an understanding of some of the most important environmental issues of our time. One thread of the book explains how living organisms alter the composition and pressures in the atmosphere, modify temperatures, and change the intensity and wavelength-distribution of light arriving from the Sun. Meanwhile, the living organisms on Earth have depended on these very same environmental conditions being satisfactory for the maintenance and evolution of life. There thus appear to be two-way interactions between life and the atmosphere. Man, just one species of living organism, has developed an unfortunate ability to interfere with the feedbacks that seem to have maintained the atmosphere to be supportive of surface life for more than 3.5 billion years. This book will help chemists to understand the background to the problems that arise from such interference. The structure of the book and the development of the subject deviate somewhat from those usually encountered. Important and recurring concepts are presented in outline first, before more detailed discussions of the atmospheric behaviour of specific chemical species. Examples of such themes are the sources and sinks of trace gases, and their budgets and lifetimes. That is, the emphasis is initially on the principles of the subject, with the finer points emerging at later points in the book, sometimes in several successive chapters. In this way, some of the core material gets repeated exposure, but in new ways and in new contexts. The book is written at a level that makes it accessible to undergraduate chemists, and in a manner that should make it interesting to them. However, the material presented forms a solid base for those who are extending their studies to a higher level, and it will also provide non-specialists with the background to an understanding of Man's several and varied threats to the atmosphere. Well-informed citizens can then better assess measures proposed to prevent or alleviate the potential damage, and policy makers more realistically formulate the necessary controls on a sound scientific foundation.


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An Introduction to Radiation Chemistry

An Introduction to Radiation Chemistry Lowest used price: $196.98
List price: $205.00
Author: J. W. T. Spinks

Rather than attempting, in vain, to reflect all the rapid and dramatic developments that occur in the field of radiation chemistry, it provides a point of entry into the field and gives readers a broad and current overview from which their own areas of interest may be further explored. With an approach that is both academically rigorous and eminently practical, it promotes understanding of the fundamental principles underlying the action of radiation on matter. Both the methodology and the industrial applications are clearly stated, and the Third Edition now utilizes SI units to assist students in relating radiation exposure and absorbed dose to radiation chemical yields. Among other improvements, the final chapter on applied radiation chemistry and radiation processing has been expanded to give fuller coverage of chemical reactions initiated by high-energy radiation and their commercial uses.

Radiochemistry and Nuclear Methods of Analysis (Chemical Analysis: A Series of Monographs on Analytical Chemistry and Its Applications)

Radiochemistry and Nuclear Methods of Analysis (Chemical Analysis: A Series of Monographs on Analytical Chemistry and Its Applications) Lowest new price: $65.00
Lowest used price: $34.25
List price: $125.00
Author: William D. Ehmann

From nuclear dating methods to nucleosynthesis in stars. it's all here. The first practical, comprehensive guide to the science of radiochemistry. Radiochemistry and Nuclear Methods of Analysis is the first thorough and up-to-date look for the nonspecialist at the fundamentals of radiochemistry as well as the full range of advances currently made possible by the applications of radioactivity. Without an emphasis on high-level mathematics or abstruse theoretical physics, the book provides a clear, fundamentals-first look at radioactivity, the principles of radioactive decay, and nuclear reactions, as well as:
* Modern radiochemical instrumentation
* Nuclear dating methods
* Methods for the production of radionuclides
* The use of tracers and nuclear methods of analysis
* The origin of the chemical elements
* The biological effects of radiation
The book's user-friendly instructional format, designed for both beginning and advanced students, includes numerous end-of-chapter problems ranging from the simple to complex which familiarize the reader with equations and concepts in the text. References to recent monographs, available in most college and university libraries, provide direction to more specialized literature. Invaluable to both students and professionals in search of a practical grasp of the subject, Radiochemistry and Nuclear Methods of Analysis is a clear introduction to radioactivity and radionuclear chemistry's principles, methods, and applications.

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Radiation Biophysics

Radiation Biophysics Lowest new price: $126.35
Lowest used price: $114.72
List price: $165.00
Author: Edward L. Alpen

This newly revised and updated edition of Radiation Biophysics provides an in-depth description of the physics and chemistry of radiation and its effects on biological systems. Coverage begins with fundamental concepts of the physics of radiation and radioactivity, then progresses through the chemistry and biology of the interaction of radiation with living systems. The Second Edition of this highly praised text includes major revisions which reflect the rapid advances in the field. New material covers recent developments in the fields of carcinogenesis, DNA repair, molecular genetics, and the molecular biology of oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes. The book also includes extensive discussion of the practical impact of radiation on everyday life.

  • Covers the fundamentals of radiation physics in a manner that is understandable to students and professionals with a limited physics background
  • Includes problem sets and exercises to aid both teachers and students
  • Discusses radioactivity, internally deposited radionuclides, and dosimetry
  • Analyzes the risks for occupational and non-occupational workers exposed to radiation sources

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Radiation Heat Transfer (Oxford Chemistry Primers)

Radiation Heat Transfer (Oxford Chemistry Primers) Lowest new price: $25.00
Lowest used price: $11.91
List price: $25.00
Author: H. R. N. Jones

This book is an introductory text on radiation heat transfer aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students working in an engineering environment, who have no prior knowledge of the subject. It starts from the basic physical principles of thermal radiation, and then goes on to develop methods for the calculation of view factors, rates of heat transfer between surfaces, effects of intervening gases, and the treatment of combined modes of heat transfer. It applies these methods to a number of practical engineering examples, including heat transfer in furnaces, techniques for the measurement of temperature, and radiation from particles in combustion gases.

The text works from a student's point of view, and is based firmly in the tradition of hand calculation, as commonly encountered in university teaching programmes.

Transuranium People, The: The Inside Story

Transuranium People, The: The Inside Story Lowest new price: $140.18
Lowest used price: $152.00
List price: $172.00
Author: Albert Ghiorso
Brand: Brand: World Scientific Publishing Company

In this highly interesting book, three pioneering investigators provide an account of the discovery and investigation of the nuclear and chemical properties of the twenty presently known transuranium elements. The neutron irradiation of uranium led to the discovery of nuclear fission in 1938 and then to the first transuranium element, neptunium (atomic number 93), in 1940. Plutonium (94) quickly followed and the next nine elements completed the actinide series by 1961. Investigation of the chemical properties of the actinides was followed more recently by chemical studies of the first three transactinides — rutherfordium (104), hahnium (105), and seaborgium (106). Recent discoveries have extended the known elements to 112.


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Radiation Protection of the Public and the Environment (IAEA Safety Standards Series)

Radiation Protection of the Public and the Environment (IAEA Safety Standards Series) Lowest new price: $46.02
Lowest used price: $59.38
List price: $50.00

This Safety Guide provides guidance on the implementation of the requirements in the International Basic Safety Standards, IAEA Safety Standards Series No. GSR Part 3, in relation to protection of the public and the environment against radiation risks. It provides generic guidance on the application of the radiation protection principles of justification, of optimization of protection and safety, and of dose limits. The publication covers the protection of the public and the environment in all exposure situations ― planned, emergency and existing.

Radiochemistry and Nuclear Chemistry ; Theory and Applications

Radiochemistry and Nuclear Chemistry  ; Theory and Applications Lowest new price: $122.63
Lowest used price: $37.50
List price: $56.95
Author: Gregory Choppin
Brand: Brand: Butterworth-Heinemann

Nuclear chemistry comprises isotope chemistry, radiochemistry, radiation chemistry and nuclear reaction chemistry, along with applications. These interrelated fields are all covered in this textbook for chemists and chemical engineers. This new edition
of the standard work 'Nuclear Chemistry' has been completely rewritten and restructured to suit teaching and learning needs in a wide range of chemistry courses, such as basic courses in radiochemistry, or more advanced nuclear chemistry courses.

The book is divided into sections that closely fit teaching demands. The first chapter gives a broad introduction and background to the subject, and the second chapter covers stable isotopes. Chapters 3 to 9 comprise what is generally regarded as
'radiochemistry'. Chapters 10 to 17 offer a course in nuclear reaction chemistry. Chapter 18 deals with biological radiation effects for the chemist. The last four chapters give a guide to nuclear energy: energy production, fuel cycle, waste management,
the largest applied field of nuclear chemistry. Over 200 exercises, with model answers, remain largely unchanged from the first edition, so teachers working from the earlier text should find only advantages in switching to this new restructured course
book on all aspects of nuclear chemistry. 'The book fully meets the authors objectives, it is well written in a logical, objective, thought-provoking and quite easily readable style. It should appeal to the serious student of radio- and nuclear
chemistry at either undergraduate or postgraduate level, as well as to readers with a more general interest in nuclear science and its impact on the environment.' - Applied Radiation and Isotopes, July 1995 'This book is an excellent, readable account
of a significant part of the scientific achievements of more than half this century. The authors have dedicated the book to Nobel Laureate Glenn T. Seaborg and its scholarship makes it a fitting tribute.' - Radiological Protection Bulletin, December 1995


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Fundamentals of Radiation and Chemical Safety

Fundamentals of Radiation and Chemical Safety Lowest new price: $95.00
Lowest used price: $19.37
List price: $190.00
Author: Ilya Obodovskiy
Brand: imusti

Fundamentals of Radiation and Chemical Safety covers the effects and mechanisms involved in radiation and chemical exposure on humans. The mechanisms and effects of these damaging factors have many aspects in common, as do their research methodology and the methods used for data processing. In many cases of these types of exposures the same final effect can also be noted: Cancer. Low doses of radiation and small doses of chemical exposure are continuously active and they could influence the entire population. The analysis of these two main source hazards on the lives of the human population is covered here for the first time in a single volume determining and demonstrating their common basis. Fundamentals of Radiation and Chemical Safety includes the necessary knowledge from nuclear physics, chemistry and biology, as well the methods of processing the experimental results. This title focuses on the effects of low radiation dosage and chemical hormesis as well as the hazards associated with, and safety precautions in radiation and chemicals, rather than the more commonly noted safety issues high level emergencies and disasters of this type.

  • Brings together, for the first time, the problems of radiation and chemical safety on a common biophysical basis.
  • Relates hazards caused by ionizing radiation and chemicals and discusses the common effective mechanisms
  • Outlines common methodology and data processing between radiation and regular chemical hazards
  • Concerns primarily with low levels of radiation and chemical exposure


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