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Nuclear Chemistry

Realistic Ray Tracing, Second Edition

Realistic Ray Tracing, Second Edition Lowest new price: $85.87
Lowest used price: $35.88
List price: $49.00
Author: Peter Shirley

Concentrating on the "nuts and bolts" of writing ray tracing programs, this new and revised edition emphasizes practical and implementation issues and takes the reader through all the details needed to write a modern rendering system. Most importantly, the book adds many C++ code segments, and adds new details to provide the reader with a better intuitive understanding of ray tracing algorithms.

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Radiant Science, Dark Politics: A Memoir of the Nuclear Age

Radiant Science, Dark Politics: A Memoir of the Nuclear Age Lowest new price: $59.55
Lowest used price: $9.58
List price: $85.00
Author: Martin D. Kamen

Portrays the life of the scientist, describes his contributions to pioneering atomic research, and examines the House Un-American Activities Committee's investigation of him

Clean by Light Irradiation: Practical Applications of Supported TiO2

Clean by Light Irradiation: Practical Applications of Supported TiO2 Lowest new price: $58.11
Lowest used price: $52.00
List price: $140.00
Author: Vincenzo Augugliaro
Brand: Brand: Royal Society of Chemistry

The book deals with the environmentally friendly cleaning materials functionalized with TiO2, a widely known semiconductor giving rise to redox reactions under artificial or solar irradiation. The role of Titanium dioxide in the worldwide community is introduced first. The fundamental working principles of heterogeneous photocatalysis follow and a critical section on the semiconductor bulk and surface properties open the way to the differences between TiO2 blend features with respect to analogous thin film layouts. Then follows the main section of the book which deals with the techniques applied to manufactured commercial devices, ranging from glasses to textiles and from concrete and other construction materials to paintings. Also road asphalt and other devices, such as photocatalytic air conditioning machines are outlined. Last generation materials, not yet commercialized, and the deposition techniques applied to prepare them are also widely discussed. The final part of the book covers the difficult and modern topic of standardization and comparison of performance of photocatalytic processes and in particular the guidelines proposed by various worldwide organizations for standardization are discussed. The book covers the general matters as well as the practical applications with the supporting methods discussed in detail. This book brings together a team of highly experienced and well-published experts in the field, providing a comprehensive view of the applications of supported titanium dioxide.


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Electrical Properties of Materials

Electrical Properties of Materials Lowest new price: $47.27
Lowest used price: $19.53
List price: $79.95
Author: L. Solymar

The seventh edition of this classic text illustrates the fundamentals of the electrical properties of materials in the context of contemporary engineering applications. Written in an informal, accessible style, it emphasizes the core ideas relevant to understanding the subject and deliberately keeps the mathematical treatment simple. The book presents the simplest model that can display the essential properties of a phenomenon and examines it, showing the difference between ideal and actual behavior. Topics are selected so that the operation of devices having applications (or possible future applications) in engineering can be explained. Problems and worked examples are included throughout.

Features of the Seventh Edition

·Presents a comprehensive treatment of light emitting diodes, which are rapidly replacing classical lighting sources

·Covers new topics such as organic material (including various polymers) and artificial materials (including photonic gap materials and metamaterials)

·Provides insight into cutting-edge fields such as amorphous semiconductors and nanotechnology

·Discusses new devices including nanotube transistors, single electron transistors, magnetic tunnel junctions, quantum cascade lasers, and ferroelectric and superconducting memories

·A solutions manual and illustrations from the text are available for download at:

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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (Oxford Chemistry Primers)

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (Oxford Chemistry Primers) Lowest new price: $51.01
Lowest used price: $2.37
List price: $35.00
Author: P. J. Hore

Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy is an enormously powerful and versatile physical method for investigating the structure and dynamics of molecules. This text provides a clear, concise introduction to the physical principles of NMR, and the interactions that determine the appearance of NMR spectra. It describes and explains how nuclear spins interact with a magnetic field (the chemical shift) and with each other (spin-spin coupling); how NMR spectra are affected by chemical equilibria (exchange) and molecular motion (relaxation); and concludes with an outline of the workings of some simple one- and two-dimensional Fourier transform NMR experiments. The ways in which NMR may be used to study the structures, motions and reactions of molecules are illustrated and discussed. Only essential mathematics and theory are presented. The emphasis throughout is on understanding the basic principles.

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Radiation Oncology for Pediatric CNS Tumors

Radiation Oncology for Pediatric CNS Tumors Lowest new price: $120.81
Lowest used price: $74.00
List price: $159.99

This book reviews the principles and applications of radiotherapy in the management of pediatric brain tumors to allow the reader to gain a full appreciation of the major aspects involved in caring for these patients. Individual sections are devoted to basic principles, specific management for the full range of tumor entities, radiotherapy techniques, and potential toxicities and their management. The book is written and edited by world leaders in pediatric radiotherapy, and care has been taken to cover the latest advances in diagnosis and radiotherapy techniques.

Pediatric brain tumors represent a diverse group of neoplasms that require carefully planned management for successful definitive treatment. Radiotherapy is one of the fundamental components in treatment for the majority of these vulnerable patients. The optimal radiation therapy approach will depend on multiple factors, including tumor type and location, extent of disease, age of the patient, and other therapies. A

thorough understanding of the natural history of the disease, communication with the multidisciplinary team, full knowledge of available radiotherapy techniques, and consideration of potential acute and late toxicities are therefore essential for each patient. 

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Table of Isotopes

Table of Isotopes Lowest new price: $35.00
Lowest used price: $58.37
Author: Richard B. Firestone

An isotope is one of two or more atoms of the same element that have the same number of protons in their nucleus but different numbers of neutrons. This two-volume book set and CD-ROM contains information about the emitted radiation (x-rays, x-ray particles, etc) from all known isotopes. This information is of interest to scientists wanting to detect radiation, protect people from it, or work with radioactive materials. This edition contains nuclear structure and decay data for approximately 3138 isotopes and isomers. Summary drawings, convenient tables of structure and decay data, and extensive appendices expedite the retrieval and use of nuclear information. The CD-ROM that comes with the books makes searching quick, easy and portable. The CD also has hyperlinked indices; 20,000 pages of the full Nuclear Safety Regulatory committee references; easy to read tables; data is color coded and appendices have been expanded since the last edition.

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Curie (Life & Times)

Curie (Life & Times) Lowest new price: $9.76
Lowest used price: $0.76
List price: $15.95
Author: Sarah Dry
Brand: Brand: Haus Publishing

Marie Curie made pioneering discoveries in the field of radioactivity and discovered two elements, Radium and Polonium, the latter having acquired new notority over one hundred years after Curie's discovery, when she named it in honour of her native Poland


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Wormwood Forest: A Natural History of Chernobyl

Wormwood Forest: A Natural History of Chernobyl Lowest new price: $38.09
Lowest used price: $2.84
List price: $27.95
Author: Mary Mycio

When a titanic explosion ripped through the Number Four reactor at the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant in 1986, spewing flames and chunks of burning, radioactive material into the atmosphere, one of our worst nightmares came true. As the news gradually seeped out of the USSR and the extent of the disaster was realized, it became clear how horribly wrong things had gone. Dozens died - two from the explosion and many more from radiation illness during the following months - while scores of additional victims came down with acute radiation sickness. Hundreds of thousands were evacuated from the most contaminated areas. The prognosis for Chernobyl and its environs - succinctly dubbed the Zone of Alienation - was grim.

Today, 20 years after the worst nuclear power plant accident in history, intrepid journalist Mary Mycio dons dosimeter and camouflage protective gear to explore the world's most infamous radioactive wilderness. As she tours the Zone to report on the disaster's long-term effects on its human, faunal, and floral inhabitants, she meets pockets of defiant local residents who have remained behind to survive and make a life in the Zone. And she is shocked to discover that the area surrounding Chernobyl has become Europe's largest wildlife sanctuary, a flourishing - at times unearthly - wilderness teeming with large animals and a variety of birds, many of them members of rare and endangered species. Like the forests, fields, and swamps of their unexpectedly inviting habitat, both the people and the animals are all radioactive. Cesium-137 is packed in their muscles and strontium-90 in their bones. But quite astonishingly, they are also thriving.

If fears of the Apocalypse and a lifeless, barren radioactive future have been constant companions of the nuclear age, Chernobyl now shows us a different view of the future. A vivid blend of reportage, popular science, and illuminating encounters that explode the myths of Chernobyl with facts that are at once beautiful and horrible, Wormwood Forest brings a remarkable land - and its people and animals - to life to tell a unique story of science, surprise and suspense.

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A Chemist in the White House: From the Manhattan Project to the End of the Cold War

A Chemist in the White House: From the Manhattan Project to the End of the Cold War Lowest new price: $105.28
Lowest used price: $84.22
List price: $59.95
Author: Glenn T. Seaborg
Brand: Brand: American Chemical Society

Nobel Laureate Glen T. Seaborg, who worked on the Manhattan Project in his early career, played a key role in U.S. science and arms-control policy and served both as a Presidential Cabinet member and as head of the Atomic Energy Commission. This memoir, filled with photos, anecdotes, and analysis, provides an insider's look at national science policy-making from World War II through the Bush administration.


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