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Nuclear Chemistry

Neutron and X-ray Spectroscopy

Neutron and X-ray Spectroscopy Lowest new price: $91.31
Lowest used price: $62.00
List price: $219.99
Brand: Brand: Springer Netherlands

- Up-to-date account of the principles and practice of inelastic and spectroscopic methods available at neutron and synchrotron sources

- Multi-technique approach set around a central theme, rather than a monograph on one technique

- Emphasis on the complementarity of neutron spectroscopy and X-ray spectroscopy which are usually treated in separate books


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Radiation Shielding

Radiation Shielding Lowest new price: $60.89
Lowest used price: $52.41
List price: $77.00
Author: J. Kenneth Shultis
Brand: Brand: Amer Nuclear Society

3 Mile Island. Chernobyl. Nuclear meltdowns that can spell disaster for decades to come. For a number of professions including nuclear engineering, environmental engineering, radiology, and space physics, the most hazardous aspect of the job is the proper handling of radioactive material and the assessment of radiation doses. This book provides an understanding of the principles and techniques used in modern radiation shield design and analysis.


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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (Oxford Chemistry Primers)

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (Oxford Chemistry Primers) Lowest new price: $57.74
Lowest used price: $17.69
List price: $35.00
Author: P. J. Hore

Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy is an enormously powerful and versatile physical method for investigating the structure and dynamics of molecules. This text provides a clear, concise introduction to the physical principles of NMR, and the interactions that determine the appearance of NMR spectra. It describes and explains how nuclear spins interact with a magnetic field (the chemical shift) and with each other (spin-spin coupling); how NMR spectra are affected by chemical equilibria (exchange) and molecular motion (relaxation); and concludes with an outline of the workings of some simple one- and two-dimensional Fourier transform NMR experiments. The ways in which NMR may be used to study the structures, motions and reactions of molecules are illustrated and discussed. Only essential mathematics and theory are presented. The emphasis throughout is on understanding the basic principles.

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Organic Solid State Chemistry (Studies in Organic Chemistry)

Lowest new price: $997.89
Lowest used price: $98.87
List price: $307.00

With the growing recognition that many organic reactions may be conducted easily in the solid state and that organic solids may have unique optical/electronic properties, there has been much interest - in both academia and industry - in the subject of organic solid state chemistry. This book provides, for the first time, a coherent, unified view of the subject. It describes the packing of molecular crystals and how this packing influences chemical reactions in the solid state. It is concerned with various means of studying the chemistry and physics of molecules in constrained environments. Both experimental and theoretical approaches are discussed. Finally, it tackles the question of prediction of crystal packing, or `crystal engineering'. The strength of the book lies in the twin approach adopted, namely that both conceptual and comprehensive chapters are present, in almost equal numbers.

Principles of High Resolution NMR in Solids

Principles of High Resolution NMR in Solids Lowest new price: $84.47
Lowest used price: $96.95
List price: $89.99
Author: M. Mehring
Brand: Brand: Springer

The field of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) has developed at a fascinating pace during the last decade. It always has been an extremely valuable tool to the organic chemist by supplying molecular "finger print" spectra at the atomic level. Unfortunately the high resolution achievable in liquid solutions could not be obtained in solids and physicists and physical chemists had to live with unresolved lines open to a wealth of curve fitting procedures and a vast amount of speculations. High resolution NMR in solids seemed to be a paradoxon. Broad structure­ less lines are usually encountered when dealing with NMR in solids. Only with the recent advent of mUltiple pulse, magic angle, cross-polarization, two-dimen­ sional and multiple-quantum spectroscopy and other techniques during the last decade it became possible to resolve finer details of nuclear spin interactions in solids. I have felt that graduate students, researchers and others beginning to get involved with these techniques needed a book which treats the principles, theo­ retical foundations and applications of these rather sophisticated experimental techniques. Therefore I wrote a monograph on the subject in 1976. Very soon new ideas led to the developement of "two-dimensional spectroscopy" and "multiple-quantum spectroscopy", topics which were not covered in the first edition of my book. Moreover an exponential growth of literature appeared in this area of research leaving the beginner in an awkward situation of tracing back from a current article to the roots of the experiment.


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Photochemistry and Photophysics: Concepts, Research, Applications

Photochemistry and Photophysics: Concepts, Research, Applications Lowest new price: $50.31
Lowest used price: $65.66
List price: $83.00
Author: Vincenzo Balzani

This textbook covers the spectrum from basic concepts of photochemistry and photophysics to selected examples of current applications and research.
Clearly structured, the first part of the text discusses the formation, properties and reactivity of excited states of inorganic and organic molecules and supramolecular species, as well as experimental techniques. The second part focuses on the photochemical and photophysical processes in nature and artificial systems, using a wealth of examples taken from applications in nature, industry and current research fields, ranging from natural photosynthesis, to photomedicine, polymerizations, photoprotection of materials, holography, luminescence sensors, energy conversion, and storage and sustainability issues.
Written by an excellent author team combining scientific experience with didactical writing skills, this is the definitive answer to the needs of students, lecturers and researchers alike going into this interdisciplinary and fast growing field.

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Photocatalysis: Applications (Energy and Environment Series)

Photocatalysis: Applications (Energy and Environment Series) Lowest new price: $204.78
Lowest used price: $254.33
List price: $251.00

From environmental remediation to alternative fuels, this book explores the numerous important applications of photocatalysis. The book covers topics such as the photocatalytic processes in the treatment of water and air; the fundamentals of solar photocatalysis; the challenges involved in developing self-cleaning photocatalytic materials; photocatalytic hydrogen generation; photocatalysts in the synthesis of chemicals; and photocatalysis in food packaging and biomedical and medical applications. The book also critically discusses concepts for the future of photocatalysis, providing a fascinating insight for researchers. Together with Photocatalysis: Fundamentals and Perspectives, these volumes provide a complete overview to photocatalysis.

Handbook of Radioactivity Analysis

Handbook of Radioactivity Analysis Lowest new price: $1,034.01
Lowest used price: $16.90
List price: $143.95

Handbook of Radioactivity Analysis is written by experts in the measurement of radioactivity. The book describes the broad scope of analytical methods available and instructs the reader on how to select the proper technique. It is intended as a practical manual for research which requires the accurate measurement of radioactivity at all levels, from the low levels encountered in the environment to the high levels measured in radioisotope research. This book contains sample preparation procedures, recommendations on steps to follow, necessary calculations, computer controlled analysis, and high sample throughput techniques. Each chapter includes practical techniques for application to nuclear safety, nuclear safeguards, environmental analysis, weapons disarmament, and assays required for research in biomedicine and agriculture.
The fundamentals of radioactivity properties, radionuclide decay, and methods of detection are included to provide the basis for a thorough understanding of the analytical procedures described in the book. Therefore, the Handbook can also be used as a teaching text.

Key Features
* Includes sample preparation techniques for matrices such as soil, air, plant, water, animal tissue, and surface swipes
* Provides procedures and guidelines for the analysis of commonly encountered natural and man-made environmental radionuclides
* Covers high-sample-throughput microplate techniques and multi-detector scintillation proximity assay methods
* Describes the time-saving techniques of computer protocol-controlled automatic activity analysis
* Discusses absolute activity measurement methods for meeting scientific reporting requirements
* Presents the latest methods of rapid electronic radionuclide imaging
* Written by experts in the measurement of radioactivity

Permissible Dose: A History of Radiation Protection in the Twentieth Century

Permissible Dose: A History of Radiation Protection in the Twentieth Century Lowest new price: $63.00
Lowest used price: $20.75
List price: $63.00
Author: J. Samuel Walker

How much radiation is too much? J. Samuel Walker examines the evolution, over more than a hundred years, of radiation protection standards and efforts to ensure radiation safety for nuclear workers and for the general public. The risks of radiation―caused by fallout from nuclear bomb testing, exposure from medical or manufacturing procedures, effluents from nuclear power, or radioactivity from other sources―have aroused more sustained controversy and public fear than any other comparable industrial or environmental hazard. Walker clarifies the entire radiation debate, showing that permissible dose levels are a key to the principles and practices that have prevailed in the field of radiation protection since the 1930s, and to their highly charged political and scientific history as well.

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Photodynamic Inactivation of Microbial Pathogens: Medical and Environmental Applications (Comprehensive Series in Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences)

Photodynamic Inactivation of Microbial Pathogens: Medical and Environmental Applications (Comprehensive Series in Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences) Lowest new price: $82.19
Lowest used price: $139.74
List price: $280.00

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) was discovered over one hundred years ago after observing the death of microorganisms upon exposure to dyes and light. It is the combination of non-toxic dyes and harmless visible light that, in the presence of oxygen, produce highly toxic reactive species. The principal medical application during the last century was in cancer therapy but, in these days of rising antibiotic resistance, PDT shows increasing promise as an alternative approach to treating infections. PDT has also been used in blood product sterilization, peridontology, acne reduction, and the treatment of viral lesions such as those caused by human papilloma virus. It may also have potential as an environmentally friendly pesticide. This is the first and only book to comprehensively cover the use of light and photosensitising agents for controlling microbial pathogens. It provides a comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of an emerging field. There are several chapters on the design of antimicrobial photosensitizers, their use to kill pathogenic organisms and their success in treating infections in animal models. It has long been known that gram-positive bacteria are highly susceptible to photoinactivation but the book also discusses means of widening the range of microorganisms that can be tackled by PDT. Edited by two pioneers in the application of PDT to medical and environmental issues, this book covers the basic science, translational research in animals, and the clinical applications in various medical specialities. It represents an indispensable resource for microbiologists and infectious disease doctors as well as dentists, dermatologists, gastroenterologists and transfusion specialists.

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