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Photo Chemistry

Photochemistry (Oxford Chemistry Primers)

Photochemistry (Oxford Chemistry Primers) Lowest new price: $20.00
Lowest used price: $6.39
List price: $25.00
Author: Carol E. Wayne

Photochemistry is the study of the interaction of light with matter, and this concise and clearly written book provides a very accessible introduction to the subject. When visible or ultraviolet light is absorbed by a molecule, the result often is its apparently erratic behavior, with chemical properties distinct from those of the unexcited molecule. The primary part of this volume explores the role of light in this metamorphosis, and explains the chemical processes that occur after the absorption of light. The emission of radiation as fluorescence and phosphorescence is explained in depth in a separate chapter. The final two chapters are dedicated to the impact photochemistry has on life, and to the ways Man has made use of this discipline in a variety of applications.

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Charge transfer photochemistry of coordination compounds

Charge transfer photochemistry of coordination compounds Lowest used price: $20.73
Author: Otto Horvath

This book summarizes the results of studies on charge transfer photochemistry of metal complexes of the past few years. The material covered is organized in such a manner that each chapter discusses the photoredox properties of complexes of a series of metals which belong to the same column of the periodic table, including both transition metals and main group metals (for those that show photoactivity). Foremostly, the book covers photoinduced processes in which the primary step is a charge transfer reaction of the excited metal complex. It is concerned primarily with in-depth descriptions and discussions of the photochemistry of complexes themselves, with less emphasis on theoretical discussions.
This book is aimed at professional photochemical researchers as well as students and chemists who are interested in organometallic and inorganic metal complexes and plan to become familiar with their charge transfer photochemistry.

Introduction to Photocatalysis: From Basic Science to Applications

Introduction to Photocatalysis: From Basic Science to Applications Lowest new price: $86.62
Lowest used price: $92.97
List price: $138.00
Author: Yoshio Nosaka

Presenting the basic science of semiconductor photocatalysis together with the various practical applications, this textbook is ideal for graduate students. It covers fundamental principles and applicable techniques of light, solid state physics, electrochemistry, reaction kinetics, and materials processing. A solid understanding of semiconductor photoelectrochemistry is developed through discussing the basic properties of a representative photocatalytic material, TiO2; the basic science of the light absorption phenomenon and the application to the powder suspension useful for the photocatalytic research; and the electronic state of semiconductors. Following this, the textbook moves on to explore photoelectrochemistry; the mechanism and kinetic analysis of photocatalytic reactions; typical fabrication methods of common photocatalysts and the factors for improving photocatalytic activity; and evaluation methods of photocatalytic activity. The textbook concludes by looking at the future prospects of the applications of photocatalysis. This introductory textbook provides a foundation in photocatalysis to supplement graduate courses in catalysis, environmental science, materials science and chemical engineering.

Photodegradation of Polymers: Physical Characteristics and Applications

Photodegradation of Polymers: Physical Characteristics and Applications Lowest new price: $48.53
Lowest used price: $47.08
List price: $99.00
Author: Jan F. Rabek

In this book on physical characteristics and practical aspects of polymer photodegradation Rabek emphasizes the experimental work on the subject. The most important feature of the book is the physical interpretation of polymer degradation, e.g. mechanism of UV/light absorption, formation of excited states, energy transfer mechanism, kinetics, dependence on physical properties of macromolecules and polymer matrices, formation of mechanical defects, practics during environmental ageing. He includes also some aspects of polymer photodegradation in environmental and space condition.

Introduction to Organic Photochemistry

Introduction to Organic Photochemistry Lowest new price: $34.90
Lowest used price: $83.02
List price: $155.00
Author: J. D. Coyle
Brand: J D Coyle

Introduction to Organic Photochemistry John D. Coyle, The Open University, Milton Keynes The purpose of this book is to provide an introductory account of the major types of organic photochemical reactions, to enable those with a prior knowledge of basic organic chemistry to appreciate the differences between processes which occur photochemically (through an electronically excited state) and those that occur thermally (directly from the electronic ground state). The material is organized according to organic functional groups, in parallel with the approach adopted in most general textbooks on organic chemistry. In this respect it differs from many of the existing, older organic photochemistry texts. The first chapter provides an account of the distinctive features of photochemical reactions, and a physical/mechanistic framework for the descriptions in the rest of the book. The overall emphasis is on organic photoreactions potentially useful in synthesis. The book thus integrates this branch of chemistry with broader aspects of the subject, and introduces the reader to important applications of organic photochemistry.


  • Introduction to Organic Photochemistry

Photochemistry of Vision (Handbook of Sensory Physiology)

Photochemistry of Vision (Handbook of Sensory Physiology) Lowest new price: $85.21
Lowest used price: $83.10
List price: $99.00

Radiation can only affect matter if absorbed by it. Within the broad range of 300-1000 nm, which we call "the visible", light quanta are energetic enough to produce excited electronic states in the atoms and molecules that absorb them. In these states the molecules may have quite different properties from those in their dormant condition, and reactions that would not otherwise occur become possible. About 80 % of the radiant energy emitted by our sun lies in this fertile band, and so long as the sun's surface temperature is maintained at about 6000° C this state of affairs will continue. This and the transparency of our atmosphere and waters have allowed the generation and evolution of life. Before life began the atmosphere probably also transmitted much of the solar short-wave radiation, but with the rise of vegetation a new product - oxygen - appeared and this, by a photochemical reaction in the upper atmosphere, led to the ozone layer that now protects us from the energetic "short-wave" quanta that once, perhaps, took part in the generation of life-molecules. Light is an ideal sensory stimulus. It travels in straight lines at great speed and, consequently, can be made to form an image from which an animal can make "true", continuous and immediate assessments of present and impending events.

Photocatalysis: Fundamentals and Perspectives (Energy and Environment Series)

Photocatalysis: Fundamentals and Perspectives (Energy and Environment Series) Lowest new price: $196.97
Lowest used price: $236.08
List price: $300.00

Combining the basic concepts of photocatalysis with the synthesis of new catalysts, reactor and reaction engineering, this book provides a comprehensive resource on the topic. The book introduces the fundamental aspects of photocatalysis including the role of surface chemistry and understanding the chemistry of photocatalytic processes before exploring the theory and experimental studies of charge carrier dynamics. Specific chapters then cover new materials for the degradation of organics; water splitting and CO2 reduction; as well as reactor and reaction engineering. Researchers new to this discipline can learn the first principles, whilst experienced researchers can gain further information about aspects in photocatalysis beyond their area of expertise. Together with Photocatalysis: Applications, these volumes provide a complete overview to photocatalysis.

Photochromism: Molecules and Systems (Studies in Organic Chemistry)

Lowest used price: $188.00
List price: $459.00
Author: Heinz Durr

Photochromism is a part of photochemistry dealing with reactions which are thermally or photochemically reversible. It has received considerable attention ever since its discovery in 1876 and still is an active field of research because of its actual and potential applications and its paramount importance in biological phenomena. The book reflects the state of art in the different areas of research in photochromism. It describes the photophysical background of the phenomenon ``photochromism'' and provides comprehensive treatises of both organic and inorganic compounds and systems. A special section deals with biologically important photochromic processes. Yet another section deals with environmental or supramolecular effects. A large portion of the book is devoted to applications and potential uses of photochromic systems. The classical cases of ophthalmic lenses, photocoloration and photoimaging as well as recent and highly promising developments in areas such as actinometry, data display, information storage, and holography are discussed. The editors have assembled a fine collection of papers by internationally known experts in the field.

Photochemistry of Dyed and Pigmented Polymers

Lowest used price: $9.71

Organic Photochemistry: A Visual Approach

Organic Photochemistry: A Visual Approach Lowest used price: $65.58
List price: $239.00
Author: Jan Kopecký

A thorough introduction to organic photochemistry through the means of formulas, reaction schemes, diagrams, definitions, graphs and tables. Easy-to-understand, the reader will be able to follow each self-explanatory figure without any other assistance. The corresponding text supplements the figures when additional explanations are needed. It will be of immense value to upper level undergraduates and graduate students and to organic chemists who need to learn the rudiments of organic photochemistry.

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