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Intellectual Property

Copyright in A Global Information Economy (Aspen Casebook)

Copyright in A Global Information Economy (Aspen Casebook) Lowest new price: $114.80
Lowest used price: $91.01
List price: $255.00
Author: Julie E. Cohen

Copyright in a Global Information Economy explores the full range of copyright law and its relationship to technological innovations and globalization. Written with precision and clarity, this ambitious yet manageable casebook elucidates the fundamental disputes of copyright law with incisive and balanced perspective. The book features comprehensive coverage of domestic and international copyright law, a balanced treatment of controversial issues, as well as a wide selection of concisely edited cases, engaging and practical examples and discussions, and photographs that facilitate and stimulate discussion of cases.

Key Features of the New Edition

  • Reorganization of materials on the copyright owner s exclusive rights
  • New section on copyright due diligence, licensing, and litigation
  • Updated, streamlined notes and questions
  • Practice exercises designed to engage students from a variety of perspectives including advocacy, client counseling, and legislative Drafting

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Clearance & Copyright, 4th Edition: Everything You Need to Know for Film and Television

Clearance & Copyright, 4th Edition: Everything You Need to Know for Film and Television Lowest new price: $22.94
Lowest used price: $22.93
List price: $45.00
Author: Michael C. Donaldson
Brand: Donaldson Michael C

Clearance and Copyright is the industry-standard guide to almost every conceivable rights issue that filmmakers, videomakers, television producers, and Internet content creators might encounter. 

From the initial acquisition of material through the rights issues that arise during preproduction, production, postproduction, and release, this legalese-free guide--now extensively revised, updated, and expanded--will help you protect yourself and your work from disastrous legal actions. 

Among this edition's new features are links to 25 downloadable contracts and 50 illustrative film clips. 

Michael C. Donaldson is a Los Angeles-based, entertainment lawyer with more than 45 years of experience in copyright and entertainment issues. He has been called the Obi-Wan Kenobi of Fair Use by the American Bar Association Journal. 

Lisa A. Callif was named by The Daily Journal as one of the Top 100 Women Lawyers in California (2014). Her primary focus is on representing independent filmmakers.


  • Clearance and Copyright Everything You Need to Know for Film and Television

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You Don't Own Me: How Mattel v. MGA Entertainment Exposed Barbie's Dark Side

You Don't Own Me: How Mattel v. MGA Entertainment Exposed Barbie's Dark Side Lowest new price: $8.89
Lowest used price: $6.80
List price: $27.95
Author: Orly Lobel

The battle between Mattel, the makers of the iconic Barbie doll, and MGA, the company that created the Bratz dolls, was not just a war over best-selling toys, but a war over who owns ideas.

When Carter Bryant began designing what would become the billion-dollar line of Bratz dolls, he was taking time off from his job at Mattel, where he designed outfits for Barbie. Later, back at Mattel, he sold his concept for Bratz to rival company MGA. Law professor Orly Lobel reveals the colorful story behind the ensuing decade-long court battle.

This entertaining and provocative work pits audacious MGA against behemoth Mattel, shows how an idea turns into a product, and explores the two different versions of womanhood, represented by traditional all-American Barbie and her defiant, anti-establishment rival―the only doll to come close to outselling her. In an era when workers may be asked to sign contracts granting their employers the rights to and income resulting from their ideas―whether conceived during work hours or on their own time―Lobel’s deeply researched story is a riveting and thought-provoking contribution to the contentious debate over creativity and intellectual property.

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Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks For Dummies

Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks For Dummies Lowest new price: $15.77
Lowest used price: $7.93
List price: $24.99
Author: Henri J. A. Charmasson
Brand: Henri J A Charmasson

Useful tips and step-by-step guidance from filing to issue to license

Acquire and protect your share of this major business asset

Want to secure and exploit the intellectual property rights due you or your company? This easy-to-follow guide shows you how — helping you to evaluate your idea's commercial potential, conduct patent and trademark searches, document the invention process, license your IP rights, and comply with international laws. Plus, you get detailed examples of each patent application type!

Discover how to:

  • Avoid application blunders
  • Register trademarks and copyrights
  • Meet patent requirements
  • Navigate complex legal issues
  • Protect your rights abroad
  • The entire body of U.S. patent laws
  • Example office actions and amendments

  • Sample forms

  • Trademark registration certificates

  • Application worksheets

See the CD appendix for details and complete system requirements.

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.


  • Patents Copyrights and Trademarks For Dummies

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Trademarks and Unfair Competition; Law and Policy, Fourth Edition (Aspen Casebook Series)

Trademarks and Unfair Competition; Law and Policy, Fourth Edition (Aspen Casebook Series) Lowest new price: $247.21
Lowest used price: $175.00
List price: $252.00
Author: Graeme B. Dinwoodie


  • Organizes the many strands of trademark and unfair competition doctrine around a coherent conceptual framework. The clear structure is divided into three parts: foundation and purposes, creation, and scope & enforcement
  • Traditional case-and-note format, enhanced by summarizing problems that help students better understand the intricacies of key topics.
  • Features numerous Internet-related trademark issues, such as cybersquatting, keyword advertising, and domain name disputes. Also addresses the relationship between trademarks and domain name, and the potential secondary liability of online auction websites such as eBay
  • Integrates international trademark issues with domestic issues
  • Thoroughly treats trade dress protection, integrated with issues of word mark protection

New to the Fourth Edition:

  • The Second Circuit's important decision in Louboutin v. YSL
  • Important new appellate decisions on functionality, including the Federal Circuit's Becton Dickinson opinion and the decision of the Seventh Circuit in Franco & Sons
  • The Fourth Circuit's decision in Rosetta Stone on trademark liability for keyword advertising
  • The Eleventh Circuit's University of Alabama opinion on First Amendment limitations on the scope of trademark rights
  • Cases exploring trademark fair use, including the DELICIOUS shoes case and the Tabari case on nominative fair use in connection with domain names
  • New applications of the trademark dilution and anti-cybersquatting provisions
  • New cases on remedies

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Entertainment, Media, and the Law: Text, Cases, and Problems (American Casebook Series)

Entertainment, Media, and the Law: Text, Cases, and Problems (American Casebook Series) Lowest new price: $222.00
Lowest used price: $176.10
List price: $222.00
Author: Paul Weiler

The fifth edition of Entertainment, Media & the Law updates this comprehensive entertainment law casebook. New and cutting-edge issues and cases are addressed, including:

  • Brown v. Entertainment Merchants (First Amendment protection for violent video games)
  • O’Bannon v. National Collegiate Athletic Assn. (right of publicity/antitrust claims by former college athletes)
  • American Broadcasting Cos. v. Aereo (copyright protection for television programming on the Internet)
  • Copeland v. Bieber (copyright infringement claim involving songs)
  • Cartoon Network, LP v. CSC Holdings, Inc. (copyright claims involving DVR systems)
  • Pro-Football, Inc. v. Blackhorse (the latest ruling in the Washington Redskins trademark dispute)
  • Beastie Boys v. Monster Energy (intellectual property claims related to promotional video for energy drink)
  • Pandora Media, Inc. v. ASCAP (copyright claims related to music streaming)
  • United States v. Apple, Inc. (ebook antitrust litigation)
  • Laumann v. National Hockey League (antitrust claims involving television "blackouts" of live professional sports games)
  • Verizon v. Federal Communications Commission ("net neutrality")
  • National Cable & Telecommunications Assn. v. Brand X Internet Services (Internet regulation)

Coauthors Paul Weiler (Harvard) and Gary Myers (University of Missouri) are joined by Will Berry (University of Mississippi) in writing and editing this new edition. The book continues the tradition of adding carefully edited recent case excerpts with many new questions related to the challenges that traditional entertainment law doctrines face with changes in technology and audience viewing habits.

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Contracts for the Film & Television Industry, 3rd Edition

Contracts for the Film & Television Industry, 3rd Edition Lowest new price: $28.71
Lowest used price: $25.44
List price: $45.00
Author: Mark Litwak
Brand: Brand: Silman-James Press

Contracts for the Film and Television Industry is an invaluable collection of sample entertainment contracts accompanied by legalese-free discussions of their key concepts and terms. The third edition of this popular handbook is revised and expanded (adding 18 new contracts) making it the ultimate entertainment-law guide for all independent filmmakers, who, armed with it, can save themselves thousands of dollars in legal fees. Contracts for the Film and Television Industry contains 80 contracts covering: Basic provisions of entertainment contracts; Depiction and copyright releases; Literary submissions and sales; Artist employment; Collaborations; Music; Financing; Production; Distribution and exhibition; Merchandising; Retainers; and much more, including a glossary of relevant terms.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Patent Law (Aspen Student Treatise Series)

Patent Law (Aspen Student Treatise Series) Lowest new price: $85.05
Lowest used price: $68.88
List price: $95.00
Author: Janice M. Mueller

Succinct and timely, the fifth edition of PATENT LAW continues to demystify its subject as it explores and explains important cases, judicial authorities, statutes, and policy. Approachably written for law students, attorneys, inventors, and laypersons alike, this text stands on its own or may be used alongside any patent or IP casebook to support more in-depth study of patent law. 

Updated throughout, the Fifth Edition offers:

  • Up-to-the-minute explanations deciphering the complex first-to-file provisions of the America Invents Act, the most significant change to U.S. patent law in 60 years
  • Further AIA updates throughout the text, emphasizing the newly-implemented inter partes review and post-grant review proceedings
  • Cogent analyses of recent Supreme Court and Federal Circuit decisions that have fundamentally impacted patent law, including:
    • Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank
    • Teva v. Sandoz
    • Nautilus v. Biosig
    • Octane Fitness v. Icon Health
    • Apple v. Samsung
    • In re Cuozzo


  • Effective, lucid, and complete, Janice M. Mueller’s PATENT LAW features:
  • Thorough coverage and clear writing that clarifies principal legal doctrines, key judicial authorities, governing statutes, and policy considerations for obtaining, enforcing, and challenging a U.S. patent 
  • In-depth treatment and comparison of pre- and post-America Invents Act regimes for novelty and prior art with numerous hypotheticals
  • Timely statistics on patent trends
  • Succinct analysis of multi-national patent protection regimes
  • Helpful visual aids, such as figures, tables, and timelines
  • A sample patent and breakdown of a prosecution history
  • Boldfaced key terms and a convenient Glossary

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How to Analyze People: Mastery Guide – Master Speed Reading Anyone, Analysis of Body Language, Personality Types and Human Psychology (Volume 6)

How to Analyze People: Mastery Guide – Master Speed Reading Anyone, Analysis of Body Language, Personality Types and Human Psychology (Volume 6) Lowest new price: $10.10
Lowest used price: $20.00
List price: $12.99
Author: David Clark


Do you have it in you to read people correctly through verbal and nonverbal clues they are continuously and subconsciously giving away?

The magic weapon to understanding and helping people is to identify their inner feelings and emotions. People who are able to identify the feelings of others and channel them in the right direction can be wonderful leaders. It will not only help your personal relationships, but it will also increase your professional performance and social skill.

Do you believe everything we need to know to succeed in life is taught to us in educational institutes? Unfortunately not. The real skills that we need to do well in our daily life are communicating with different personalities and developing emotional intelligence. We sharpen our emotional intelligence when we learn to deal with different types of people. These are the skills that draw a line between average and exceptionally successful people.

Like many skills we hone in life, people reading isn’t something that comes naturally to us. It is an art that is developed through consistent observation, practice and effort. You need to consciously practice reading people and gain insights into their personality using the tips mentioned in this handbook.

Here is a sneak peek of what you can expect:

  • Proven strategies for studying a person’s body language
  • The body language of attraction
  • Deciphering types of personalities to better understand people
  • Power-packed tips for communicating with each personality type
  • Near accurate tips for spotting deception, manipulation and lies
  • and much, much more

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your copy today and dive into the world of human psychology and behavior!

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Patent Pending in 24 Hours

Patent Pending in 24 Hours Lowest new price: $21.39
Lowest used price: $21.96
List price: $34.99
Author: Richard Stim Attorney
Brand: Richard Stim David Presman

Everything you need to protect your invention now

The provisional patent application (PPA) is a quick, inexpensive and legal way to claim your invention―and buy yourself time to determine whether it’s worthwhile to pursue a regular patent. Learn how to:

  • conduct a patent search online
  • complete all the necessary forms
  • evaluate potential hurdles
  • prepare informal drawings
  • file your application, and
  • file a new PPA to reflect modifications.

    The book also includes important legal forms to help you preserve your rights when showing or selling your invention:

  • nondisclosure agreement
  • patent assignment
  • prototype-maker agreement
  • joint-ownership agreement

    The 7th edition incorporates changes from the “America Invents Act,” as well as recent revisions to patent rules and regulations. Thousands of people have used Patent Pending in 24 Hours successfully. You can, too!


    • Patent Pending in 24 Hours

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