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Intellectual Property

Theft: A History of Music

Theft: A History of Music Lowest new price: $14.47
Lowest used price: $10.46
List price: $15.00
Author: James Boyle

Theft: A History of Music: This comic lays out 2000 years of musical history. A neglected part of musical history. Again and again there have been attempts to police music; to restrict borrowing and cultural cross-fertilization. But music builds on itself. To those who think that mash-ups and sampling started with YouTube or the DJ’s turntables, it might be shocking to find that musicians have been borrowing – extensively borrowing – from each other since music began. Then why try to stop that process? The reasons varied. Philosophy, religion, politics, race – again and again, race – and law. And because music affects us so deeply, those struggles were passionate ones. They still are.

The history in this book runs from Plato to Blurred Lines and beyond. You will read about the Holy Roman Empire’s attempts to standardize religious music using the first great musical technology (notation) and the inevitable backfire of that attempt. You will read about troubadours and church composers, swapping tunes (and remarkably profane lyrics), changing both religion and music in the process. You will see diatribes against jazz for corrupting musical culture, against rock and roll for breaching the color-line. You will learn about the lawsuits that, surprisingly, shaped rap. You will read the story of some of music’s iconoclasts – from Handel and Beethoven to Robert Johnson, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Ray Charles, the British Invasion and Public Enemy.

To understand this history fully, one has to roam wider still – into musical technologies from notation to the sample deck, aesthetics, the incentive systems that got musicians paid, and law’s 250 year struggle to assimilate music, without destroying it in the process. Would jazz, soul or rock and roll be legal if they were reinvented today? We are not sure. Which as you will read, is profoundly worrying because today, more than ever, we need the arts.

All of this makes up our story. It is assuredly not the only history of music. But it is definitely a part – and a fascinating part – of that history. We hope you like it.

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Principles of Patent Law (University Casebook Series)

Principles of Patent Law (University Casebook Series) Lowest new price: $225.95
Lowest used price: $332.02
List price: $231.00
Author: F. Kieff

Principles of Patent Law provides comprehensive coverage of the policies, laws, rules, and practices of the U.S. patent system in a format accessible to students, lawyers, government officials, and business people.

The sixth edition builds on the strengths of prior editions in providing an indispensable combination of the law and economic theory of patents, with extensive and diverse legal analyses and practitioner insights. It also continues to offer unique perspectives from the theory and practice of those who use and study property rights more generally and the history of the patent system more specifically.

The sixth edition has been updated to cover the extensive developments in the law since the fifth edition, including the America Invents Act. This new edition also includes materials that contrast the common, utility patent with other patent-like regimes, including plant patents and design patents. A wealth of supplementary materials are provided in an accompanying website, including full versions of background documents, such as patent files, unedited versions of important cases, extra reading, and special materials designed to help students both during their studies and while seeking a job.

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Patent, Copyright & Trademark: An Intellectual Property Desk Reference

Patent, Copyright & Trademark: An Intellectual Property Desk Reference Lowest new price: $26.27
Lowest used price: $22.97
List price: $44.99
Author: Richard Stim Attorney
Brand: Richard Stim

A plain-English guide to intellectual property law.

Whether you are in the world of business or creative arts, you need to understand the laws that govern your work. But given the convoluted terminology that surrounds patents, copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights, this isn’t easy. Enter, Patent, Copyright & Trademark, which explains:

  • what legal rights apply to your work
  • the scope of copyright protection
  • an overview of trademark law
  • what trade secret law protects

    Here, you’ll find plain-English definitions of intellectual property law terms, straightforward explanations of how intellectual property law affects online content―and much more.

    The 14th edition is completely updated to provide the latest laws, court decisions, and sample forms.


    • Patent Copyright Trademark An Intellectual Property Desk Reference

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  • The Law of Patents (Aspen Casebook)

    The Law of Patents (Aspen Casebook) Lowest new price: $155.06
    Lowest used price: $112.57
    List price: $229.00
    Author: Craig Allen Nard

    The Law of Patents, Fourth Edition is a comprehensive casebook on the law of patents that features helpful introductory text, technologically-accessible cases, detailed comments, comparative and policy perspectives, and statutes.

    Key Features of the New Edition:
    • Up-to-date Federal Circuit and Supreme Court case law, including Nautilus, Alice, Teva, Williamson, and Lexmark
    • Detailed substantive comments following the principal cases
    • More statistics and charts, particularly relating to USPTO decision making and PTAB inter partes review
    • Enhanced Policy and Comparative Perspectives

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    New Challenges for Biobanks: Ethics, Law and Governance

    New Challenges for Biobanks: Ethics, Law and Governance Lowest new price: $59.20
    Lowest used price: $51.56
    List price: $74.00

    The last few years have witnessed an important expansion in the collection and processing of human biological samples and related information data. Biobanks - huge repositories of human biological specimens - have a strategic importance for genetic research, clinical care, and future treatments. However, biobanks are facing many major ethical, legal, and governance challenges, including informed consent, privacy, ownership, commercialization, and harmonization. In addition, forensic DNA-databases raise specific issues. These databases can be an important tool for the police services in their search for the perpetrator of a crime, yet this raises ethical questions with regard to the relationship between liberty and security. This book - a publication of the European Commission funded research project GeneBanC - offers a rich source of material on the ethical, legal, and governance aspects of clinical biobanks, population biobanks, and forensic biobanks. It's research will be of interest to policy makers, academics, and legislators.

    The Most Powerful Idea in the World: A Story of Steam, Industry, and Invention

    The Most Powerful Idea in the World: A Story of Steam, Industry, and Invention Lowest new price: $9.86
    Lowest used price: $4.81
    List price: $17.00
    Author: William Rosen
    Brand: Rosen William

    Hardly a week passes without some high-profile court case that features intellectual property at its center. But how did the belief that one could own an idea come about? And how did that belief change the way humankind lives and works?

    William Rosen, author of Justinian's Flea, seeks to answer these questions and more with The Most Powerful Idea in the World. A lively and passionate study of the engineering and scientific breakthroughs that led to the steam engine, this book argues that the very notion of intellectual property drove not only the invention of the steam engine but also the entire Industrial Revolution: history’s first sustained era of economic improvement. To do so, Rosen conjures up an eccentric cast of characters, including the legal philosophers who enabled most the inventive society in millennia, and the scientists and inventors—Thomas Newcomen, Robert Boyle, and James Watt—who helped to create and perfect the steam engine over the centuries. With wit and wide-ranging curiosity, Rosen explores the power of creativity, capital, and collaboration in the brilliant engineering of the steam engine and how this power source, which fueled factories, ships, and railroads, changed human history.   

    Deeply informative and never dull, Rosen's account of one of the most important inventions made by humans is a rollicking ride through history, with careful scholarship and fast-paced prose in equal measure.


    • The Most Powerful Idea in the World A Story of Steam Industry and Invention

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    Faber on Mechanics of Patent Claim Drafting (Intellectual Property Law Library)

    Faber on Mechanics of Patent Claim Drafting (Intellectual Property Law Library) Lowest new price: $425.00
    Lowest used price: $595.53
    List price: $425.00
    Author: Robert C. Faber

    More patent applications are rejected because of claim drafting flaws than because of problems with inventions. A trusted working tool for more than two decades, Faber on Mechanics of Patent Claim Drafting spotlights proven claim drafting practices and techniques that have been firmly established by patent authorities and custom. This lucid, time-saving handbook offers you:

    • Start-to-finish directions for each type of claim — apparatus or machine, method or process, composition of matter, article of manufacture, and biotechnology.
    • Extensive discussion of nonart rejections, classic and more recent constructions of means clauses, inherent function of the apparatus doctrine, mental steps and computer programs, product-by-process claims, and claims referring to drawings.
    • Quotations from litigated claims to help you see which types of limitations and phrases have (and have not) been “judicially approved.”
    • Real-world examples of dependent claims, Jepson claims, generic and species claims, subcombination claims, and biotechnology.
    • Numerous tips on how to avoid common claim drafting mistakes.
    • Definitions and preferred usage of stylized words and phrases in patent law, such as “comprising,” “consisting,” “means for,” “step for,” and “whereby.”
    • Guidance on how to review claims to eliminate errors and superfluous language.

    Faber on Mechanics of Patent Claim Drafting examines:

    • Ways of avoiding transition words that can cause unnecessary claim interpretation problems.
    • Claim terms that are incapable of interpretation and can render claims indefinite and invalid.
    • Problematic alternative expressions.
    • Practical issues involved in amending filed claims, claiming numerical ranges and amounts, and disclosing in a specification several alternatives of elements or embodiments of the invention.

    Faber on Mechanics of Patent Claim Drafting provides full coverage of U.S. Supreme Court and other court decisions critical to claim drafting. It is an indispensable guide for patent specialists and other intellectual property attorneys, corporate counsel, and non-specialists who represent inventors, patent officials, and inventors.

    ”Bob Faber is the guru in the claim drafting area.” 
     —Jack A. O’Brien, Law Offices of Jack A. O’Brien, P.C.


    ”This work must be included in the library of anyone who considers himself or herself an attorney [in the field].”
    —The Licensing Journal

    ”Truly useful to practitioners at all levels of experience … a must-have.”
     —IP Law Weekly

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    Hello, My Name Is Awesome: How to Create Brand Names That Stick

    Hello, My Name Is Awesome: How to Create Brand Names That Stick Lowest new price: $8.15
    Lowest used price: $6.84
    List price: $16.95
    Author: Alexandra Watkins
    Brand: Watkins Alexandra

    Every year, 6 million companies and more than 100,000 products are launched. They all need an awesome name, but many (such as Xobni, Svbtle, and Doostang) look like the results of a drunken Scrabble game. In this entertaining and engaging book, ace naming consultant Alexandra Watkins explains how anyone—even noncreative types—can create memorable and buzz-worthy brand names. No degree in linguistics required. The heart of the book is Watkins's proven SMILE and SCRATCH Test—two acronyms for what makes or breaks a name. She also provides up-to-date advice, like how to make sure that Siri spells your name correctly and how to nab an available domain name. And you'll see dozens of examples—the good, the bad, and the “so bad she gave them an award.” Alexandra Watkins is not afraid to name names. 


    • Hello My Name Is Awesome How to Create Brand Names That Stick

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    U.S. Patent Prosecution for Support Staff: A Desk Reference

    U.S. Patent Prosecution for Support Staff: A Desk Reference Lowest new price: $74.91
    Lowest used price: $60.10
    List price: $89.99
    Author: Rosaleen A. Walsh

    U.S. Patent Prosecution for Support Staff is a practical desk reference, designed to promote ongoing learning and job proficiency for paralegals and secretaries assisting patent practitioners in submitting filings to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. It presents complex filing requirements in an easy-to-follow format, and reduces volumes of information into concise, accessible learning points that will assist both novice and seasoned support staff alike as they work to develop or update the breadth and depth of their knowledge of U.S. patent prosecution. A comprehensive guide, U.S. Patent Prosecution for Support Staff provides a detailed step-by-step guide to the filing requirements for the most frequently filed activities in U.S. patent prosecution, as well as more novel filings. The content includes the most recent provisions of the America Invents Act, the American Invents Act Technical Corrections Bill, and the Patent Law Treaty.

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    Patents Demystified: An Insider’s Guide to Protecting Ideas and Inventions

    Patents Demystified: An Insider’s Guide to Protecting Ideas and Inventions Lowest new price: $21.22
    Lowest used price: $17.50
    List price: $34.95
    Author: Dylan O. Adams

    For startups, entrepreneurs and inventors, Patents Demystified provides an easy-to-understand insider's guide to patents, patent law, and the patent application process. Based on first-hand experience with successful companies of all sizes, patent attorney Dylan O. Adams helps readers learn the secrets of maximizing patent protection on any budget, with strategies that can be tailored to companies with any business plan or product. 

    Instead of being intimidated and confused by patents, readers will discover how to proactively craft a customized patent strategy, thereby taking the mystery out of what can be an arduous and complicated process.
    • Official Patent Guide of The American Bar Association
    • Used at Top Universities Including Harvard, Stanford and MIT

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