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Internal Medicine

    Mind: Introduction to Cognitive Science, , 2nd Edition

    Mind: Introduction to Cognitive Science, , 2nd Edition Lowest new price: $25.00
    Lowest used price: $1.98
    List price: $42.00
    Author: Paul Thagard

    Cognitive science approaches the study of mind and intelligence from an interdisciplinary perspective, working at the intersection of philosophy, psychology, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, linguistics, and anthropology. With Mind, Paul Thagard offers an introduction to this interdisciplinary field for readers who come to the subject with very different backgrounds. It is suitable for classroom use by students with interests ranging from computer science and engineering to psychology and philosophy.

    Thagard's systematic descriptions and evaluations of the main theories of mental representation advanced by cognitive scientists allow students to see that there are many complementary approaches to the investigation of mind. The fundamental theoretical perspectives he describes include logic, rules, concepts, analogies, images, and connections (artificial neural networks). The discussion of these theories provides an integrated view of the different achievements of the various fields of cognitive science.

    This second edition includes substantial revision and new material. Part I, which presents the different theoretical approaches, has been updated in light of recent work the field. Part II, which treats extensions to cognitive science, has been thoroughly revised, with new chapters added on brains, emotions, and consciousness. Other additions include a list of relevant Web sites at the end of each chapter and a glossary at the end of the book. As in the first edition, each chapter concludes with a summary and suggestions for further reading.

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    Occupational and Environmental Medicine Review: Pearls of Wisdom

    Occupational and Environmental Medicine Review: Pearls of Wisdom Lowest new price: $105.00
    Lowest used price: $95.75
    List price: $105.00
    Author: Michael Greenberg
    Brand: Michael Greenberg

    Why waste time guessing at what you need to know for the occupational and environmental medicine board exam? Maximize your exam preparation time with this quick-hit question and answer review. The unique question and single-answer format eliminates the guesswork associated with traditional multiple-choice Q&A reviews and reinforces only the correct answers you'll need to know on exam day. Emphasis is placed on distilling key facts and clinical pearls essential for exam success. This high-yield review for the boards is the perfect compliment to larger texts for intense, streamlined review in the days and weeks before your exam.


    • Occupational and Environmental Medicine

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    Narcolepsy: A Funny Disorder That's No Laughing Matter

    Narcolepsy: A Funny Disorder That's No Laughing Matter Lowest new price: $126.09
    Lowest used price: $13.99
    List price: $12.00
    Author: Marguerite J. Utley

    This book provides accurate facts about all aspects of narcolepsy, a little-known neurological sleep disorder. It is estimated that 150,000-250,000 people in the U.S. have narcolepsy, but most of those have not yet been diagnosed. In the past, patients have seen an average of five or more physicians over a decade or longer before receiving a correct diagnosis of narcolepsy. As the public becomes better informed and more doctors are entering the field of sleep medicine, people are being diagnosed quicker and at an easlier age.

    A wealth of information about narcolepsy is available on the internet, but this 166-page book is the most comprehensive, single source of information to be found. In addition to facts, the author relates her personal experiences with all the symptoms and describes how the disorder has impacted her life. It is an excellent reference source and a self-help book rolled into one.

    People with narcolepsy usually have great difficulty reading a book without falling asleep. If anything can keep them awake, this book will. It is written in layman's terms, with a positive approach and amusing stories that encourage you to read on.

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    Microsurgery of the Skull Base

    Microsurgery of the Skull Base Lowest new price: $289.03
    Lowest used price: $158.14
    Author: Ugo Fisch
    Brand: Brand: Thieme

    Drawing on decades of experience and wisdom, Dr. Ugo Fisch created this classic text/atlas on microsurgical procedures for the skull base which is now being reprinted as the first in a series of titles to be published under the banner of Thieme Classics. The authors' aim was not to popularize skull base surgery but to provide the details of each operation, giving surgeons the specific and detailed information they need.

    Each chapter of the text discusses a specific procedure and is divided into two sections covering both the general surgical steps of the procedure and also its application. Within each chapter you'll find: general considerations; surgical techniques; applications; tips and pratfalls; imaging scans of illustrative cases; and color plates of pre- and post-operative preparation and instrumentation. The final two chapters discuss anesthesia issues and the impact of neuroradiology on skull base surgery. All of the cases used in the book reflect actual procedures, not hypothetical situations.

    All neurosurgeons and otolaryngologists involved in skull base surgery will benefit from having this Thieme Classic text in their professional library. It demonstrates the procedures that have proven to be both safe and reliable through the years.


    • Used Book in Good Condition

    The Triune Brain in Evolution: Role in Paleocerebral Functions

    The Triune Brain in Evolution: Role in Paleocerebral Functions Lowest new price: $289.57
    Lowest used price: $199.95
    List price: $389.00
    Author: P.D. MacLean
    Brand: Paul D Maclean

    The Triune Brain in Evolution: Role in Paleocerebral Functions


    • The Triune Brain In Evolution Role In Paleocerebral Functions

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    Manual of Nerve Conduction Studies, Second Edition

    Manual of Nerve Conduction Studies, Second Edition Lowest new price: $55.26
    Lowest used price: $49.94
    List price: $85.00
    Author: Ralph M. Buschbacher
    Brand: Brand: Demos Medical Publishing

    This second edition continues to offer practitioners access to a huge database of normal values, developed using the most modern scientific protocols, for virtually any patient population! Normal ranges take into account age, sex, height, and body mass index for a wide range of demographic groups to provide a complete set of reliable values for everyday clinical practice. Many studies are updated. When possible, studies with normal values based on larger groups of subjects with varied demographics are included. Side-to-side and same-limb comparisons of different nerves are often included, with the acceptable differences listed in the “helpful hints” section of the appropriate chapters. Included for reference is a schematic of the brachial plexus inside the front cover, to be used as an aid in determining which nerves to study in complex cases. Benefits of this outstanding reference: Provides reliable, state-of-the-art normal ranges; Results are presented with the mean, standard deviation, the range, and the upper or lower limit of normal; Covers up-to-date techniques for conducting nerve tests; Provides written descriptions and schematic depictions of electrode placement; Includes typical waveform appearance of the most common studies; Codifies the acceptable differences in latency, amplitude, nerve conduction velocity, etc., between nerves of the same or opposite limbs, allowing for a more precise diagnosis; Offers a concise list of references and suggested readings for each study; Provides helpful hints for performing each study; Includes advantages and pitfalls of alternative techniques This bedside reference offers a comprehensive, up-to-date set of normal values for clinical use that can be used to quickly review how to perform a given study or to look up reference values that have not been committed to memory. By following the described techniques, the user-trainee or clinician-will have normal values that can be used with confidence.


    • Used Book in Good Condition

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    Autism: Oxidative Stress, Inflammation, and Immune Abnormalities

    Autism: Oxidative Stress, Inflammation, and Immune Abnormalities Lowest new price: $155.06
    Lowest used price: $160.38
    List price: $194.95
    Author: Abha Chauhan

    In 2007, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued an autism alarm, estimating that one in 150 children may be affected by autism spectrum disorder. Autism has been treated mainly with technical approaches: principally applied behavior analysis and psychopharmacology. The findings in this book implicate oxidative stress as a common feature in autism, and support the claim that oxidative stress and intracellular redox imbalance can be induced or triggered in autism by exposure to certain environmental agents. Such findings could point the way to new treatment approaches in autism.

    Autism: Oxidative Stress, Inflammation, and Immune Abnormalities brings together a wealth of cutting-edge evidence that is already influencing how we treat this serious condition. It looks at the role of neuropathological abnormalities, genetics, and those factors common to oxidative stress such as inflammation, immune dysfunction, aberrant cellular signaling, and gene-environment interactions. Among dozens of research topics, this volume ―

    • Looks at interactions between genetic and environmental factors such as the maternal immune environment and prenatal/postnatal environmental stressors
    • Summarizes evidence for oxidative damage and inflammation in autism
    • Introduces a PDD behavior inventory as a tool for assessing autism
    • Considers autism as an aberrant adaptive response to neuroinflammation and oxidative stress
    • Examines the role of abnormal calcium signaling and the hypothesis that it may represent a target for novel therapeutics
    • Presents a hypothesis that autism arises from the dysregulation of a unified gut/brain system rather than originating in the brain alone
    • Proposes the utility of using a biopsychosocial method to treat autism

    This book shows us that autism is not only developmental but also a chronic condition based on active pathophysiology, and that it is not only behavioral but also presents somatic and systemic features. The findings in these chapters support the theory that oxidative stress plays an important role in autism. They also point to the value of conducting in-depth mechanistic studies as a way to uncover new targets for therapeutic intervention in autism.

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    Understanding Williams Syndrome: Behavioral Patterns and Interventions

    Understanding Williams Syndrome: Behavioral Patterns and Interventions Lowest new price: $72.03
    Lowest used price: $68.90
    List price: $86.95
    Author: Eleanor Semel
    Brand: Brand: Routledge

    Comprehensive and readable, Understanding Williams Syndrome: Behavioral Patterns and Interventions is an essential guide for all those professionally, scientifically, or personally involved with this so frequently misunderstood and underserved population--psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and other mental health professionals; special educators and vocational counselors; speech-language, physical, and occupational therapists; audiologists; physicians; and parents.
    In the last 20 years, Williams syndrome has captured the interest of large numbers of scientists and attracted considerable media attention in spite of its rarity (estimated at no more than one in 30,000 births). Those diagnosed display a unique pattern of behavioral, cognitive, and physical limitations and strengths with fascinating neurogenetic implications--a pattern that poses enormous challenges to their parents and caregivers.

    The authors, a specialist in learning disabilities and a developmental psychologist, review basic information about Williams syndrome, its medical conditions, paradoxical profile, and neurobiological mechanisms; and discuss distinctive features of the language and perceptual and motor performance of children and adults with the syndrome. 
    Other features include:
    * Strategies for working with patients.
    * An examination of the difference between Williams syndrome and other developmental disorders.
    * Problem-specific alternatives for treatment.
    * Analysis of new directions in research, clinical intervention, education, and systems for care delivery.

    Throughout, they stress variations among individuals and subgroups in ability level, skills, talents, and problem severity; and emphasize the necessity of recognizing these components in planning treatment on an individual basis.


    • Used Book in Good Condition

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    The Large, the Small and the Human Mind (Canto)

    The Large, the Small and the Human Mind (Canto) Lowest new price: $10.52
    Lowest used price: $1.32
    List price: $30.99
    Author: Roger Penrose
    Brand: Brand: Cambridge University Press

    Roger Penrose's views on the large-scale physics of the Universe, the small-scale world of quantum physics and the physics of the mind are controversial and widely discussed. This book is a fascinating and accessible summary of Roger Penrose's current thinking on those areas of physics in which he feels there are major unresolved problems. It is also a stimulating introduction to the radically new concepts that he believes will be fruitful in understanding the workings of the brain and the nature of the human mind.

    Will quantum physics let us reduce consciousness to computation? Roger Penrose says "no" with great force and eloquence in The Large, the Small, and the Human Mind. Prepared as a series of three lectures in Cambridge's Tanner Series on Human Values, the material is both meticulously thought out and informally presented, including many illustrations by Penrose and others. For publication, the author sought out rebuttals and commentary by philosophers Abner Shimony and Nancy Cartwright, as well as his own colleague and occasional rival, the well-known theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking. Penrose then reserves the last word for himself, an author's prerogative. The result is a sharp but polite argument on the nature of thinking and its reducibility. Readers familiar with The Emperor's New Mind and Shadow of the Mind will find the arguments from quantum physics fleshed out in greater detail, but also attacked with good-natured aplomb. Those who missed out on Penrose's older forays into this territory (or are somehow uninterested in the nature of thought) will find this an excellent broad overview of the modern conception of physics, from subatomic shenanigans to the radius of the universe, as well as a stimulating debate among several great modern thinkers. Despite Penrose's certainty that our brains can't be modeled by computational systems--and hence that strong artificial intelligence will remain in science fiction--the argument continues, and will continue for some time. The Large, the Small, and the Human Mind crystallizes that debate for readers who want to keep up with the latest thinking about thinking. --Rob Lightner


    • Used Book in Good Condition

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    Emergency Medicine: A Comprehensive Study Guide 6th edition

    Emergency Medicine: A Comprehensive Study Guide 6th edition Lowest new price: $40.00
    Lowest used price: $2.45
    List price: $199.00
    Author: Judith E Tintinalli
    Brand: Brand: McGraw-Hill Professional

    The essential emergency medicine reference!

    A Doody's Core Title!

    Covers the gamut of emergency medicine practice in brief, clinically focused chapters. New to this edition are chapters on bioterroism and weapons of mass destruction, pharmacology of antimicrobials, antifungals, and antivirals, principles of drug interactions, endocarditis, and abdominal and pelvic pain in the non-pregnant patient. Pharmacologic considerations, tables of vital differential diagnoses, and observation criteria throughout are new features reflecting developments in this dynamic specialty.

    "considered by most in the discipline to be a bible of emergency medicine"
    --Journal of Family Medicine, review of fourth edition.



    • Used Book in Good Condition

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