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Biogeochemistry of Wetlands: Science and Applications

Biogeochemistry of Wetlands: Science and Applications Lowest new price: $125.46
Lowest used price: $99.95
List price: $200.00
Author: K. Ramesh Reddy
Brand: Brand: CRC Press

Wetland ecosystems maintain a fragile balance of soil, water, plant, and atmospheric components in order to regulate water flow, flooding, and water quality. Marginally covered in traditional texts on biogeochemistry or on wetland soils, Biogeochemistry of Wetlands is the first to focus entirely on the biological, geological, physical, and chemical processes that affect these critical habitats.

This book offers an in-depth look at the chemical and biological cycling of nutrients, trace elements, and toxic organic compounds in wetland soil and water column as related to water quality, carbon sequestration, and greenhouse gases. It details the electrochemistry, biochemical processes, and transformation mechanisms for the elemental cycling of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur. Additional chapters examine the fate and chemistry of heavy metals and toxic organic compounds in wetland environments. The authors emphasize the role of redox-pH conditions, organic matter, microbial-mediated processes that drive transformation in wetlands, plant responses and adaptation to wetland soil conditions. They also analyze how excess water, sediment water, and atmospheric change relate to elemental biogeochemical cycling.

Delivering an in-depth scientific examination of the natural processes that occur in wetland ecosystems, Biogeochemistry of Wetlands comprises a key perspective on the environmental impact of pollutants and the role freshwater and coastal wetlands play in global climate change.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Numerical Petrology (DEVELOPMENTS IN PETROLOGY) Lowest used price: $15.76
List price: $128.75
Author: R. W. Le Maitre

Petrology -- Mathematics.

Introduction to Marine Biogeochemistry, Second Edition

Introduction to Marine Biogeochemistry, Second Edition Lowest new price: $59.00
Lowest used price: $37.45
List price: $82.95
Author: Susan Libes

Introduction to Marine Biogeochemistry focuses on the ocean's role in the biogeochemical cycling of selected elements and the impact of humans on the cycling of these elements. Among the topics covered are the chemical composition of seawater from the perspectives of elemental speciation and the impacts of solutes on water's physical behavior; biogeochemical phenomena which control accumulation and preservation of marine sediments; marine chemistry of radioactive and stable isotopes; and seawater pollution. The book contains many examples as well as steady-state models to aid readers in understanding this growing and complex science..

  • The focus of Introduction to Marine Biogeochemistry is the concept of the ocean as a system, linking land and atmospheric processes
  • The text integrates the most current research, allowing students to learn concepts in context
  • Includes detailed coverage of computational aspects

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Wastewater Hydraulics: Theory and Practice

Wastewater Hydraulics: Theory and Practice Lowest new price: $104.02
Lowest used price: $145.63
List price: $139.99
Author: Willi H. Hager

The second, enlarged edition of this established reference integrates many new insights into wastewater hydraulics. This work serves as a reference for researchers but also is a basis for practicing engineers. It can be used as a text book for graduate students, although it has the characteristics of a reference book. It addresses mainly the sewer hydraulician but also general hydraulic engineers who have to tackle many a problem in daily life, and who will not always find an appropriate solution. Each chapter is introduced with a summary to outline the contents. To illustrate application of the theory, examples are presented to explain the computational procedures. Further, to relate present knowledge to the history of hydraulics, some key dates on noteworthy hydraulicians are quoted. A historical note on the development of wastewater hydraulics is also added. References are given at the end of each chapter, and they are often helpful starting points for further reading. Each notation is defined when introduced, and listed alphabetically at the end of each chapter.

This new edition includes in particular sideweirs with throttling pipes, drop shafts with an account on the two-phase flow features, as well as conduit choking due to direct or undular hydraulic jumps.

Statistics for Environmental Engineers

Statistics for Environmental Engineers Lowest new price: $19.50
Lowest used price: $2.89
List price: $94.95
Author: Linfield C. Brown
Brand: Brand: CRC Press

Statistics for Environmental Engineers is a solution-oriented book that encourages environmental engineers to view statistics as a problem-solving tool. It presents a completely new approach to the practical use of statistics in environmental science and engineering. You will learn about extracting information from data and using efficient experimental designs to generate informative data. Written in an easy-to-understand style, Statistics for Environmental Engineers consists of more than 40 short chapters, each dealing with a particular environmental problem or statistical technique. Each chapter is organized around a specific case study, beginning with a brief discussion of the appropriate methodology, followed by an analysis of the case study example, and ending with a comment on the strengths and weaknesses of the approach.

This one-of-a-kind book belongs in the personal library of every environmental scientist and engineer and in the classroom as a perfect textbook for students. Whether the topic is displaying data, t-tests, confidence intervals, regression, or experimental design, the context is always environmentally familiar. Case studies are drawn from censored data, detection limits, regulatory standards, treatment plant performance, sampling and measurement errors, hazardous waste, and much more.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Diffusive Gradients in Thin-Films for Environmental Measurements (Cambridge Environmental Chemistry Series)

Diffusive Gradients in Thin-Films for Environmental Measurements (Cambridge Environmental Chemistry Series) Lowest new price: $130.99
Lowest used price: $130.89
List price: $131.00

The diffusive gradients in thin-films (DGT) technique is a means of measuring the concentration and speciation of metals in natural waters. Edited by one of the pioneers of the technique, this unique volume provides a complete and authoritative guide to the theory and applications of DGT. The book includes explanations of the fundamental principles of DGT, accessible to readers with a modest background in chemistry, as well as more advanced chapters that provide a thorough treatment of the physical and chemical dynamics of this technique and evaluate how well it mimics the biological uptake process. Chapters on natural waters, soils and sediments illustrate the applications of DGT, and detailed instructions are included on how to use DGT in practice. Combining the fundamentals of DGT with more advanced principles, this is an indispensable text for students, researchers and professional scientists interested in the chemistry of natural waters, soils and sediments.

The Amber Book: Ake Dahlstrom and Leif Brost

The Amber Book: Ake Dahlstrom and Leif Brost Lowest new price: $34.97
Lowest used price: $16.30
List price: $27.00
Author: Lief Brost
Brand: Brand: Distribution by Mountain Press Pub. Co



  • Used Book in Good Condition

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XRF Analysis of Ceramics, Minerals and Allied Materials

XRF Analysis of Ceramics, Minerals and Allied Materials Lowest new price: $238.22
Lowest used price: $134.96
List price: $298.00
Author: Harry Bennett
Brand: Brand: Wiley

An introduction and guide to the analysis of mineral type materials and products using the fused, cast bead technique. Coverage includes spectrometric parameters and the analytical procedures for a wide range of substances, essential laboratory equipment and its correct use, processes involved in ignition and decomposition loss by fusion and their chemistry.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

Large Igneous Provinces

Large Igneous Provinces Lowest new price: $76.47
Lowest used price: $116.92
List price: $108.00
Author: Richard E. Ernst

Large igneous provinces (LIPs) are intraplate magmatic events, involving volumes of mainly mafic magma upwards of 100,000 km3, and often above 1 million km3. They are linked to continental break-up, global environmental catastrophes, regional uplift and a variety of ore deposit types. In this up-to-date, fascinating book, leading expert Richard E. Ernst explores all aspects of LIPs, beginning by introducing their definition and essential characteristics. Topics covered include continental and oceanic LIPs; their origins, structures, and geochemistry; geological and environmental effects; association with silicic, carbonatite and kimberlite magmatism; and analogues of LIPs in the Archean, and on other planets. The book concludes with an assessment of LIPs' influence on natural resources such as mineral deposits, petroleum and aquifers. This is a one-stop resource for researchers and graduate students in a wide range of disciplines, including tectonics, igneous petrology, geochemistry, geophysics, Earth history, and planetary geology, and for mining industry professionals.

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Biogeochemistry of a Forested Ecosystem

Biogeochemistry of a Forested Ecosystem Lowest new price: $60.49
Lowest used price: $85.12
List price: $74.99
Author: Gene E. Likens

The goal of this Third Edition is to update long-term data presented in earlier editions and to generate new syntheses and conclusions about the biogeochemistry of the Hubbard Brook Valley based on these longer-term data. There have been many changes, revelations, and exciting new insights generated from the longer data records. For example, the impact of acid rain peaked during the period of the HBES and is now declining. The longer-term data also posed challenges in that very marked changes in fluxes occurred in some components, such as hydrogen ion and sulfate deposition, calcium and nitrate export in stream water and biomass accumulation, during the almost 50 years of record. Thus, presenting “mean” or “average” conditions for many components for such a long period, when change was so prominent, do not make sense. In some cases, pentads or decades of time are compared to show these changes in a more smoothed and rational way for this long period. In some cases, a single period, often during periods of rapid change, such as acidification, is used to illustrate the main point(s). And, for some elements a unique mass balance approach, allowing the calculation of the Net Ecosystem Flux (NEF), is shown on an annual basis throughout the study.

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