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Molecular Biology

Quantum Field Theory in Strongly Correlated Electronic Systems (Theoretical and Mathematical Physics)

Quantum Field Theory in Strongly Correlated Electronic Systems (Theoretical and Mathematical Physics) Lowest new price: $111.99
Lowest used price: $30.00
List price: $139.99
Author: Naoto Nagaosa

In this book the author extends the concepts introduced in his Quantum Field Theory in Condensed Matter Physics to situations in which the strong electronic correlations are crucial for the understanding of the observed phenomena. Starting from a model field theory to illustrate the basic ideas, more complex systems are analyzed in turn. A special chapter is devoted to the description of antiferromagnets, doped Mott insulators, and quantum Hall liquids from the point of view of gauge theory.

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The Genome of Drosophila Melanogaster

The Genome of Drosophila Melanogaster Lowest used price: $856.99
List price: $72.95
Author: Dan L. Lindsley

Dedicated to the memory of George Lefevre in recognition of his exhaustive cytogenetic analysis of the X chromosome, The Genome of Drosophila melanogaster is the complete compendium of what is known about the genes and chromosomes of this widely used model organism. The volume is an up-to-date revision of Lindsley and Grell's 1968 work, Genetic Variations of Drosophila melanogaster. The new edition contains complete descriptions of normal and mutant genes including phenotypic, cytological, molecular, and bibliographic information. In addition, it describes thousands of recorded chromosome rearrangements used in research on Drosophila. This handbook and its accompanying polytene chromosome maps, are sturdily bound into the book as foldouts and available as a separate set, are essential research tools for the Drosophila community.

  • Describes phenotype, cytology, and molecular biology of all recorded genes of Drosophila melanogaster, plus references to the literature
  • Describes normal chromosome complement, special chromosome constructs, transposable elements, departures from diploidy, satellite sequences, and nonchromosomal inheritance
  • Describes all recorded chromosome rearrangements of Drosophila melanogaster as of the end of 1989 Contains the cytogenetic map of all genes as of mid-1991
  • Contains the original polytene maps of C.B. Bridges, plus G. Lefevre's photographic equivalents, and the detailed maps of the chromosome arms produced by C.B. and P.M. Bridges
  • All maps are reprinted as high-quality foldouts sturdily bound into the volume
  • Maps may also be purchased separately in an eight-map packet, for laboratory and student use

Physical Biology: From Atoms to Medicine

Physical Biology: From Atoms to Medicine Lowest new price: $29.08
Lowest used price: $32.96
List price: $48.00

This is an avant-garde book edited by Nobel Laureate Ahmed Zewail with contributions from eminent scientists including four Nobel prize winners. The perspectives of these world leaders in physics, chemistry, and biology define potential new frontiers at the interface of disciplines and including physical, systems, and synthetic biology.This book brings about the confluence of concepts and tools, and that of different disciplines, to address significant problems of our time: visualization; theory and computation for complexity; macromolecular function, protein folding and misfolding; and systems integration from cells to consciousness. The scope of tools is wide-ranging, spanning imaging, crystallography, microfluidics, single-molecule spectroscopy, and synthetic probe targeting. Concepts such as dynamic self-assembly, molecular recognition, non-canonical amino acids, and others are covered in various chapters as they are cornerstones in building the trilogy description of behavior-structure, dynamics, and function.The volume is uniquely structured to provide overviews with historical perspectives on the evolution of ideas and on the future of physical biology and biological complexity, from atoms to medicine.

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Proteins: Structure and Function

Proteins: Structure and Function Lowest new price: $56.98
Lowest used price: $17.00
List price: $95.95
Author: David Whitford
Brand: imusti

Proteins: Structure and Function is a comprehensiveintroduction to the study of proteins and their importance tomodern biochemistry. Each chapter addresses the structure andfunction of proteins with a definitive theme designed to enhancestudent understanding. Opening with a brief historical overview ofthe subject the book moves on to discuss the ‘buildingblocks’ of proteins and their respective chemical andphysical properties. Later chapters explore experimental andcomputational methods of comparing proteins, methods of proteinpurification and protein folding and stability.

The latest developments in the field are included and keyconcepts introduced in a user-friendly way to ensure that studentsare able to grasp the essentials before moving on to more advancedstudy and analysis of proteins.

An invaluable resource for students of Biochemistry, MolecularBiology, Medicine and Chemistry providing a modern approach to thesubject of Proteins.


  • John Wiley Sons

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Applied Molecular Genetics

Applied Molecular Genetics Lowest new price: $59.30
Lowest used price: $2.34
List price: $143.95
Author: Roger L. Miesfeld

This text explains the key biochemical and cell biologicalprinciples behind some of today's most commonly used applicationsof molecular genetics, using clear terms and well-illustrated flowschemes. The book is divided into several sections and moves frombasic to advanced topics while providing a concise overview offundamental concepts in modern biotechnology. Each chapterconcludes with a Laboratory Practicum describing a hypotheticalresearch objective and the sequence of steps that are most oftenused to investigate biological questions using molecular geneticmethods. In addition, the book provides informative summaries ofthe latest advances in molecular genetics, using attractiveillustrations and a comprehensive reference list.

This text also introduces the use of Internet resources through theWorld Wide Web as a powerful new tool in molecular geneticresearch. Seven appendices are included in the book, providing aconvenient information resource for properties of nucleic acids,protein and restriction enzymes, a description of common E. coligenetic markers and gel electrophoresis parameters, as well as alist of useful Internet address sites.

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Medical Cell Biology (MEDICAL CELL BIOLOGY (GOODMAN)) Lowest new price: $25.00
Lowest used price: $13.15
List price: $41.95
Brand: imusti

Medical Cell Biology, Third Edition, focuses on the scientific aspects of cell biology important to medical students, dental students, veterinary students, and prehealth undergraduates. With its National Board-type questions, this book is specifically designed to prepare students for this exam.

The book maintains a concise focus on eukaryotic cell biology as it relates to human and animal disease, all within a manageable 300-page format. This is accomplished by explaining general cell biology principles in the context of organ systems and disease.

This updated version contains 60% new material and all new clinical cases. New topics include apoptosis and cell death from a neural perspective; signal transduction as it relates to normal and abnormal heart function; and cell cycle and cell division related to cancer biology.

  • 60% New Material!
  • New Topics include:
    • Apoptosis and cell dealth from a neural perspective
    • Signal transduction as it relates to normal and abnormal heart function
    • Cell cycle and cell division related to cancer biology
  • All new clinical cases
  • Serves as a prep guide to the National Medical Board Exam with sample board-style questions (using Exam Master(R) technology):
  • Focuses on eukaryotic cell biology as it related to human disease, thus making the subject more accessible to pre-med and pre-health students


  • Academic Press

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Molecular Biology of Assemblies and Machines

Molecular Biology of Assemblies and Machines Lowest new price: $93.36
Lowest used price: $110.07
List price: $165.00
Author: Alasdair Steven

Molecular Biology of Assemblies and Machines presents a comprehensive narrative describing the structures of macromolecular complexes and how they assemble and interact. Richly illustrated, it is written for advanced undergraduates, graduate students, and researchers in biochemistry, structural biology, molecular biology, biophysics, cell biology, and microbiology, and will also appeal to those in chemistry, immunology, and medicine.

Essentially all major biological activities are performed by assemblies of macromolecules (proteins, RNA, and DNA) acting in concert. These assemblies are dynamic and many are endowed with machine-like properties. This unique book explores the molecular mechanisms employed at the critical level between individual macromolecules and cells and organelles.

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Understanding DNA, Second Edition: The Molecule and How It Works

Lowest used price: $8.85
List price: $66.00
Author: Chris R. Calladine

The Second Edition of Understanding DNA has been entirely revised and updated, and expanded by more than 50% to cover new advances. The book explains step-by-step how DNA forms specific structures, the nature of these structures, and how they fundamentally affect the biological processes of transcription and replication.

The functional properties of any molecule are directly related to and affected by its structure; this is especially true for DNA, the molecule that carries the code for all life on earth. Written in a clear, concise, and at times lively fashion, Understanding DNA is essential reading for all molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics students, for newcomers to the field from such areas as physics or chemistry, and for even the most seasoned researchers who really want to understand DNA.

New edition, expanded by more than 50%
Completely revised and updated
Includes many additional and updated references
Summarizes the recent studies of DNA in disease and medicine
Contains more than 110 illustrations, some in full color
Describes the basic units of DNA and how these form the double helix
Characterizes the various types of DNA double helix that have been found
Explains how and why DNA twists and curves
Discusses the mechanisms of DNA supercoiling
Summarizes the assembly of DNA and proteins into chromosomes
Outlines the methods used to study DNA structure
Describes the latest work on protein–DNA complexes
Contains simple exercises and further reading at the end of each chapter

Human Blood Groups: Chemical and Biochemical Basis of Antigen Specificity

Human Blood Groups: Chemical and Biochemical Basis of Antigen Specificity Lowest new price: $104.84
Lowest used price: $25.33
List price: $349.99
Author: Helmut Schenkel-Brunner
Brand: Springer

This monograph covers the entire field of blood group serology, with its main emphasis on the chemical and biochemical basis of blood group specificity. Full consideration is given to molecular biology investigations, in particular to studies on the structure of blood group genes and the molecular biological basis of alleles and rare blood group variants, whereby relevant literature up to the year 2000 is covered. The text is supplemented by numerous illustrations and tables, and detailed reference lists.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

Developing Bioinformatics Computer Skills: An Introduction to Software Tools for Biological Applications

Developing Bioinformatics Computer Skills: An Introduction to Software Tools for Biological Applications Lowest new price: $17.95
Lowest used price: $1.99
List price: $44.99
Author: Cynthia Gibas
Brand: Brand: O'Reilly Media

Bioinformatics--the application of computational and analytical methods to biological problems--is a rapidly evolving scientific discipline. Genome sequencing projects are producing vast amounts of biological data for many different organisms, and, increasingly, storing these data in public databases. Such biological databases are growing exponentially, along with the biological literature. It's impossible for even the most zealous researcher to stay on top of necessary information in the field without the aid of computer-based tools. Bioinformatics is all about building these tools.Developing Bioinformatics Computer Skills is for scientists and students who are learning computational approaches to biology for the first time, as well as for experienced biology researchers who are just starting to use computers to handle their data. The book covers the Unix file system, building tools and databases for bioinformatics, computational approaches to biological problems, an introduction to Perl for bioinformatics, data mining, and data visualization.Written in a clear, engaging style, Developing Bioinformatics Computer Skills will help biologists develop a structured approach to biological data as well as the tools they'll need to analyze the data.


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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